How to segment your email list for more effectiveness

If you're not segmenting your email subscribers, you're ignoring a very powerful marketing technique. Learn how to segment your audience correctly.
Feb 6, 2020 • 6 minute read
Qasim Zulfiqar @BluLitmus
Technical Co-pilot
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Learn how you can segment your email lists to get maximum traction in your marketing campaigns 

If you’ve been running email marketing campaigns for a while, you would have likely heard the term "segmentation"

While most mature marketers are capable of creating great content, that content fails to perform in email campaigns. The reality is that oftentimes marketers forget to take into account the most important factor in marketing. The Audience!

No matter how good your marketing content is, it's irrelevant if it doesn't resonate with your audience. You might have a fantastic cat food marketing campaign featuring the most glamorous models, shot with a high class production crew, but you'll fail to make a single sale if you target dog owners.

This is why you should have a crystal clear understanding of who you should be targeting with your email campaigns.

This leads us to an important question.

What is email list segmentation?

Email list segmentation is the action of splitting up your email subscribers into different groups, or individual categorized lists.

When email lists are segmented, businesses can send the most relevant email campaigns to each list; content that they're most interested in.

This is a very powerful technique because not all of your subscribers are likely to be equally interested in a single topic.

Email segmentation is the most effective if you can identify the key interests of each of your subscriber segments, and then specifically tailor email campaigns to feed those interests.

Why should I segment my email list?

The simple reason is, laser targeted content.

The purpose of email segmentation is to increase the level of targeted emails being sent out. Having a segmented email list ensures that you are able to get a much higher level of response from your emails. 

Using generic content for you all your emails is not going to work in today’s world of laser targeted marketing. Businesses are now rapidly personalizing their email campaigns because they have a higher level of awareness about the personal behaviors of their readers. 

Email segmentation can also allow you to get a much better response to your sales campaigns. Subscribers are more likely to click on your call to action if the content resonates with their emotions.

It's important to understand that there are different kinds of psychological triggers that appeal to different audiences. You cannot get ideal results by sending out the same emails to your entire list. 

However, effective email segmentation is not as simple as simple gender-based classifiers. The development of tools and analytics today allows you to target your subscribers with more intricate variables which are derived from user behavior analysis. 

There are ready-made analytics solutions you can buy, or you can hire an engineer your own unique intelligent solutionss.

Important segmentation factors 

Here are some of the most effective factors to consider when segregating your general email list into sub-lists.

Geographic location

Geographic locations are a great way to categorize the general language of the people. By segmenting your email list on the basis of geographic location, you get to have the ability to customize your marketing content in multiple languages and reap the benefit. If you don't speak their language, you can hire a translator to help you.

Location-based targeting also allows you to use local and cultural holidays for your promotional activities. Such targeted emails are very warmly received by your readers.

On a micro-marketing level, you could leverage local sporting events to give you location centric campaigns a real kick. 

Local sporting eventings can also be leveraged for more micro-marketing location efforts.

Sporting events like the SuperBowl or other location-based activities have a great impact.

Thanks to the internet, a quick Google search will uncover any notable community events in any location.  

Financial history

Financial history is a great indicator of how deep the pockets are of your subscribers.

Their purchase history indicates what they can afford. Armed with this information, you can segment your subscribers into their respective levels of affordability and send each of them sales campaigns that align with their budgets.

Now that's smart marketing!

Low-affordability customer segments can offer low-value, entry-level products, to encourage them to venture into your sales funnel. Seasoned customers can be sent higher ticket sales campaigns.

By doing this you will maximize your profit margins.

Purchasing history

The purchase history of customers can be a great indicator of their future inclinations and preferences. These inclinations can then be targeted through sales campaigns.

You can segment your buyers into different product category lists, to represent the different types of products (or solutions) they are likely to buy.


Age is a very important segmentation factor. Different generations are interested in different things.

Customers below 25 are going to have much different affordability compared to customers above 25. 

People above 55 are much more likely to be less tech-literate which means you have to keep your campaigns simpler for them. 

A very important detail is to not stick to singular variables. Even though singular variables are decent classifiers, to make the most out of your marketing efforts, you need to mix and match multiple classifiers to segment your email list and get effective results. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment

No good marketer hits the jackpot on their first day. Effective marketing is always going to be a journey. Experimentation is important to discover the settings that get you the best results.

Here are some things that can make your experimentation much more effective.  

  • Split testing: Split testing is one of the best ways to devote a small budget towards testing the impact of minor visual and copy based changes. Effective split testing can really help you find the perfect unicorn for your email marketing. 

  • New segments: Make sure that you continue to explore new marketing segments on the basis of newly forming interests. Being the lookout for new trends is a great way to keep your response rate high and stay ahead of the game. 

  • Advanced analytics: Not benefitting from the advanced analytics available today is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Thanks to the continual improvements in third party software, you can achieve get deep insight into the effetiveness of your emails. Make sure that you’re always on top of your email analytics to use that data to your advantage. 

Proper experimentation will ensure that you are continuously improving your approach and adapting to the changing demands of the times. It will also help you have a much larger data pool to anticipate the demands of your customer groups.

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By having the right data in front, you can further use segmentation to get a selective pool of high-response customers. You can also separate low-response segments to form really high-quality email lists that can be a very valuable revenue-generating asset for you. 

At the end of the day, it's all about personalizing the experience for your customers. Remembering the events that are special to them and connecting with them on a deeper level. 

Whether that comes from sending emails in their native language or remembering their birthday, its all about improving user experience and email segmentation do exactly that. It would be silly not to benefit from the advantages it brings.

Benefit from qualified email marketing professionals to help you 

Establishing the right email segments is definitely not something you’ll learn in a day. It might take weeks or even months before you start segmenting your audience effectively.

Hiring an expert to help can definitely lessen the time it takes before you start seeing positive results.

Unfortunately, full-time email marketing experts can be very costly. Their availability is also limited due to the massive demand email marketing assistance. Freelance experts are a great way to get great support without having to worry about breaking your bank. 

Click the orange button below to speak with one of our recruiters about your email marketing requirements.

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