Bid Less, Win More.

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Bid less, win more.

If you have always wondered how you can spend less time bidding on projects and more time making money, then what you read next will be the most important thing you read all year.

The stats are in. We have spent countless hours trying to find out how a freelancer can win more bids, and the results are surprising. The test was simple. Take a sample of the most successful freelancers, the ones who win the most projects but do the least bidding, and see what they do differently. The best freelancers were bidding the same, but they invested a lot more time in a few other areas. Their profile photo, bio and portfolio are amazing. What do we mean by that? Let’s take a look.

1. Show your face

The number one thing that helped freelancers win more projects - an amazing photo. If this surprises you, you can imagine how we felt about it. How does something so simple make such a big difference?

Szymon Profile

People want to know who they're working with. You are both miles away from each other and you want as little friction as possible. You might sound like an expert, you might have 1,000 reviews, but a blurry photo will ruin all of it. In a day when everyone has access to high quality photos and cameras, it’s a minimum requirement. What is an amazing photo?

  1. Professionally done, or of high enough quality to look that way.

  2. Smiles and eyes. Having your eyes visible and a smile on your face goes a long way when you are communicating with someone.

  3. Be human.

For more about profile photos please read our article about how to make a profile photo that is better than the top 1% here :

A point about logos

There were many freelancers that chose to use a logo instead of their photo, these freelancers did the worst in our test. It turns out that if you do not have a corporate account, a logo will get you the least amount of projects. If you are set on using a logo, please check out our memberships page here if you want to upgrade.

If you are an individual, use a photo. If you are a company, and have a corporate account that confirms this, use a high quality logo. If you need a logo designed for you, I know just the place. Click here

2. An amazing bio

If this seems a little obvious, it's because it is. One of the most common things we found with the best freelancers was a nicely written, beautifully formatted and informative bio.

The bios of the top freelancers have a few key points in common. If you want to increase your earnings spend some time making sure your bio is perfect.

  • No grammar or spelling mistakes. Seems easy, but even the smallest mistake will ruin your chances of getting a project.

  • A list of the technologies or skills you possess in a very clear format.

  • A call to action to hire you, either asking to be awarded the project or hired directly.

  • Something compelling or interesting about you and your company.

  • Your working hours and timezone

  • Beautiful formating

Bid Less, Win More.  - Image 1

This step is such an important part of the process, that we wrote an entire article dedicated to it right here:

3. Portfolios

The client has seen your bid, has seen your professional photo, has read your amazing bio. What now? Now it's time to show off your work. There's a trick that the top freelancers on the website do to make their portfolios stand out and this is a secret available to you now.

  1. Curate and arrange your portfolio in such a way that the employer sees your best work first.

  2. Use templates to show your work in a more complete format.

  3. Build a consistent theme and brand in your portfolio.

  4. Remember that on your bid, an employer will only see 6 of your portfolios.

Bid Less, Win More.  - Image 2

Having an amazing profile gives a huge edge against the competition, and this is something that you can do overnight. By following our guidelines you are guaranteed to get better results today.

Need some more help? Follow these links to find out more about how to make your portfolio great - based on skill:




Game Development



Non-Visual skills 


4. Headlines

Who would you hire?

  • App Development and UX Expert

  • Designer, Writer and Passionate Storyteller

  • Freelancer for hire

The headline is the first piece of copy that a client might see on your profile and it's extremely important. First impressions are permanent.

How can you make a headline that stands out?

  1. Write for your target audience. What are they looking for? Can you tailor your headline so that when they see it, it answers their question of, "Is this the person who can do the work I need?” Explain what you do and who you are.

  2. Triple check your grammar and spelling.

  3. Get creative. Some of the best headlines don’t say what you do, but they stand out.

5. Background and experience.

If a client is really interested in you, they will eventually look through the education and experience portion of your profile.

  1. Make sure to put accurate information in this space. Exaggerating a bit might seem like a good idea, but it's also a great way to lose a long-term client.

  2. Write down some of the interesting projects you've been a part of. If you've only ever worked for yourself, then listing some of these will help a great deal.

  3. Did you do great in school? You should show off about this. People are hiring you for your experience and your background.


Bonus Tip: Add a review to your bid. If you have a real review that is no longer on your front page, display it in your bid to draw more attention to your profile. 


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