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I have a non-profit called Indivisible Idaho and part of what we do is to encourage people to vote, and be politically active. I want to video that follows a young girl as she grows up through the different stages of her life until she reaches adulthood and stops at a podium where she turns around and faces a crowd to address them as president.

I am looking for very basic animation to accompany a song and photos that I will overlay later. I want the video to essentially go in a straight line, with a simple cartoon image (white board style animation) of a young girl who passes by people as she ages in different scenes. At first, the girl will face a few people who bully or ignore her, perhaps, maybe call out to her and that discourages her, but as the animation progresses and she gets older, I want her to start reaching out to the people that she passes, and have some of them to begin following her, until the scenes progress and she reaches adulthood and a large crowd of people (her supporters) have assembled around her. At adulthood, she climbs a podium to face them, now as an adult, and turns to face them as the P.resident of the United States. As she turns to face the crowd, I want everyone in the crowd who had walked with her throughout the video, to hold up red, white, and blue signs, balloons, voting buttons - whatever is easiest to portray. The whole video needs to be around 2:30-3:30 minutes.

This story board can be condensed, but is what I have in mind. .

1:00 - Young girl - excited, bouncing around, carrying a balloon around, but is getting no reaction from anyone she passes. As she keeps walking, her head and shoulders start to slouch

2:00 - teenager - Still persistent, comes across a few more people, and as she continues to interact, some people begin to respond - to follow her. .

3:00 - adult, - She is starting to have a large crowd around her now, and her confidence is growing. She's speaking to people, passing out flyers, or buttons.

3:30 - reaches the stage to face the crowd, releases a balloon out into the crowd that another little girl catches

This is a political video, so I need the overall theme to reflect that. (i.e. red, white and blue stage at the end, American flag.) It doesn't need to be overly patriotic and Americana, but I just want to see that theme conveyed. The objective of this video is to inspire little girls that they could be president when they grow up.

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“Tinxie was the second freelancer to submit an entry for my contest, and immediately incorporated the feedback I have and resubmitted a second video while the contest was still running, taking every piece of feedback I gave into account. After I awarded the contest, Tinxie made additional changes until the original fuzzy storyboard image I had when I began this contest materialized into a professional and polished video. To say Tixie went above and beyond is a complete understatement. With my rambling ideas, and vague instructions, I ended up receiving a video that was exactly what I pictured in my mind and that to me says that Tinxie is an incredibly talented designer and freelancer. I couldn't be happier. ”

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  • tinxie
    • 6 años atrás

    working on it!

    • 6 años atrás
    1. tinxie
      • 6 años atrás

      Thank you for your comments and rating! I will be working on an updated version, which will be a bit longer and will follow your directions about introducing the little girl a bit better. I will also try to get the balloon right...Thanks again:)

      • 6 años atrás
    2. tinxie
      • 6 años atrás

      new version is uploaded, please check link in the comments to my entry

      • 6 años atrás

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