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    Expert AS400 & iSeries
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    Software engineer and Linux system Administrator. Expertise include: web scraping and data analysis, RESTful web service in Python (Tornado, Flask, etc), Common Lisp, Lava, Perl.

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    Team of S400 & iSeries Expert
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    A group of creative people with web and graphics background and more than 5 years of experience in the industry. Experts in web development, HTML website templates, and many more!

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    Hi, I am System Enginner with 24 years working in IT Industry, developer, analyst, from junior to senior and now like IT Manager Teams and Coach. Software Assembler for PC and Mainframes os390 Visual Studio (VB6, VC, VFoxpro) Cobol, for os390, zOS, Os400 C, C++, Pascal Oracle Hybrid Language Pro*C, Pro*Cobol G ...

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    S400 & iSeries Developer
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    Software and web development company with 20 years of experience in technologies such as: VB6, VB.Net, ASP/ASP.NET, PHP, Ajax, XML, JSON, Zend framework, etc.

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    With 7 years ruling the internet marketing industry, providing affordable rates and quick turnaround time. Specializes in SEO, social media presence and eCommerce development.

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    Me dedico a marketing digital. Mi equipo y yo desarrollamos proyectos (blog, página de servicios, tienda online, venta de suscripciones) generalmente para autónomos y pequeñas/medianas empresas. Nuestras ventajas competitivas son el diseño, funcionalidad, posicionamiento, análisis de trafico.


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What is the AS/400? The AS/400 is the new name for what was formerly called the “IBM iSeries”. The AS/400 is a midrange server built with small businesses in mind. The AS/400 is also ideal for use within specialized departments in larger corporations.

Organizations that implement that AS400 iSeries can choose from thousands of different applications that have been pre-written for easy iSeries access for Windows and other platforms. IBM has outlined several important uses for the AS 400 iSeries, including data warehousing, Java application development, web and e-commerce serving and corporate groupware services. With these tools, an experienced Java developer can get a business up and running in no time. Popular applications such as Domino and Notes come standard on IBM iSeries products, making these servers ready to hit the ground running.

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