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    Copywriting And Creative Writing Expert
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    Creative writer specializing in research writing. Employs a writing style that is clean, direct and easily comprehended. Specializes in historical and medical subjects.

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    Copywriter And Commercial Writing Expert
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    Skilled content writer specializing in commercial writing of almost any genre. Ensures error-free and engaging articles that stand out. Delivers quality work on time, every time.

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    Copywriting And Fiction Writing Expert
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    3 years experience working on press releases, science fiction stories, academic writing and product reviews. Versatile writer who can fulfill almost all types of writing demands.

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    Copywriting And Book Writing Specialist
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    Specialties include article writing, website content, eBook writing, and report writing. Skilled at thoroughly researching any topic and can write content based on any topic.

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    Copywriting And Editing Expert
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    Passionate for writing or editing and have worked with words for 3 years. Experienced in newspapers, publishing, freelance writing/publishing, and technical documentation.

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    Freelancer en Brooklyn, United States
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    I focus on creating the best content possible. I can work with several standards for managing all sorts of specific documents. Here is a few of the many types of documents that I can work with: • Academic reports • Articles • blogs • eBooks • Essays • Fictional and non-fictional e-books; these include books for...


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Great copywriting is vital for success in any media but finding a good freelance copywriter is not that difficult when you know where and how to look. Whether you need a copywriter to write content for your advertisements or need fresh website content or brochure content, professional and skilled copywriting stands out head and shoulders above anything you can do by yourself. It can mean the difference between a highly successful launch or promotion, or a costly flop. It’s all in the ability to write copy.

The best advertising copywriter may charge a great deal of money because he or she has the rare skill to choose the right words, in the optimum sequence, and with relevant triggers that result in a call to action. There are very famous copywriters in the history of sales copy, who generated millions of dollars for their clients off the back of a print advertisement. However, the majority of people who hire a freelance copywriter simply need someone competent to write copy that converts their message into writing that will hold the attention of readers and perhaps trigger a positive action.

Good website content copywriting starts with understanding the intended audience, and whether the objective requires long copy, snappy sales copy or simply a conversational and informative tone. A mainly business executive audience will expect different language from a mainly consumer audience. Speaking in the language of the audience being addressed is a fundamental rule every advertising copywriter has in the foremost of his or her mind at all times.

Copywriting is like art. It can be difficult to describe what you like, but you recognize the work of a good copywriter when you see it. How the components are chosen and assembled is the skill and art of the freelance copywriter.

When you need an expert to write copy, visit and quickly obtain bids from freelance copywriters who are available for hire. You can easily whittle it down to a manageable shortlist by looking for satisfactory feedback rates and also by perusing their portfolios. All copywriters will offer a portfolio of writing for various niches, such as marketing pieces, sales copy, long copy and the other requirements asked of freelance copywriters.

Be aware that not every copywriter has the same skills. For example, one may be superb at writing headlines and short AdWords copy, but another may be far better at writing marketing pieces aimed at C-level boardroom executives. Judge portfolio content by what you want to achieve from your freelance copywriter.

It is quite acceptable to ask freelance copywriting candidates to write a brief sample paragraph based on a topic you suggest. Composing a good piece of content is often a slow task but to write copy of just one paragraph is fast for anybody. Take time to prepare a project brief that outlines your message, including a brief description of your products or services, your intended medium and audience and some indication of the tone you desire. Agree on a total price for the content (not an hourly rate) and ensure that the freelance copywriter is happy to provide at least two revisions. Kickstart your next copywriting project today!