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    In short we are Linux, UNIX, Email Marketing and Networks experts but its not enough to explain our expertise. In Linux/UNIX side we have expertise in any flavor of Linux either RedHat family flavors like CentOS or Debian family like Ubuntu, Other than that FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris (on Sparc and Intel...

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    Specialist in Upgrading Existing Applications to be Faster, Better using the Newst Software. Reactiv Coding principels for more stable code. Editors: Sublime Text, Atom, MarkDown Versioning: GIT, SVN Languages: - Frontend: Cordova, JavaScript ES5/ES6 (NODE), HTML and HTML5, CSS v1/2/3/4, LESS, SASS, Stylus,...

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    Netmente is an IT company committed to providing our customers with cost effective services of the highest quality. Based in India, our dedicated team of IT professionals are here to assist your every need. Let us help you right from the start by developing your ideas into a plan and then building that plan into your...

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    Experienced Linux server Administrator looking to get hired.

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    He adquirido el compromiso de proporcionar soluciones competitivas a los clientes, asesorando en el aspecto legal 2.0, de protección de datos y social media, así como el cumplimiento normativo web y redacción de documentos legales de las webs y tiendas online.

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    Hello there! Thank you for visiting my profile. I'm very glad that you considered my service. I'm pretty sure that you won't regret it. I'm not going to talk about my skills, I'm in freelancer since 2012. I can do a lot of things, depending on your needs. To see what I can do, then please visit my reviews and...


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Berkeley Software Distribution or BSD is one of the most well-known distributions of the UNIX operating system, and for many years now, enterprises have depended on it for its reliability and the advanced features that it offers. When it comes to balancing enterprise security with functionality, BSD has always been in the top echelons. Though it is almost four decades old now, it is still actively developed and is a very highly used variant of UNIX in business establishments across the globe.

BSD is an open source operating system which features several advanced features like mandatory access control and privilege structure, storage encryption, network security and support for custom developed applications. Its continued development has ensured that it can easily run on most of the modern servers, desktops and even embedded platforms that are in use today. It is preferred over LINUX in many ways, and powers a large part of the Internet today.

Installation of BSD requires advanced technical expertise. Any misconfiguration can cause the server and even the entire network to malfunction, and even crash. Therefore, you will need BSD experts to do it for you. However, being a very advanced operating system, finding the right expert might not always be easy. So, you need an option where you get access to a global pool of experts who would do the job for you in the best possible way, and at a reasonable cost too.

This is where, a leading platform for hiring freelancers can help you. A large number of BSD experts from across the globe are registered on the platform, and are ever ready to help you out. They will ensure that your adoption of BSD does not get scrapped or delayed just because a professional (to install it for you) isn't available .

Where can you find these experts? The answer's simple -

These experts belong to various countries like India, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Philippines. They operate independently and work under a low cost structure. This ensures that you can get the installation done at a fraction of the cost a company would have charged. You can hire the freelancers for a single project, or on an ongoing hourly basis, depending on your needs.

Registration on is free and you can get started thereafter by posting a project stating your requirements. Top freelancers will bid for your project, stating how they plan to complete your project, their fees and the time they will require to complete your work. While shortlisting the freelancers, you can see the ratings that they have been awarded for previous projects completed, the number of projects completed and the repeat hire rate. This will enable you to make an informed decision.

All payments that you need to make to the freelancer can be done safely through itself. You can make payments as per milestones decided and negotiated with the freelancer you work with. Do not worry if you have a query or a clarification. The team is available 24/7 to assist you in whatever way they can. is a platform designed to kickstart your projects - big or small - in the most professional, and speedy way possible. Post a project today and find your BSD expert!