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    Degree in Information Technology - IFRS Formed in analysis and systems development - UFSM Partner capsule systems company.

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    I run my own small IT company. I am a system administrator, network architect, engineer and programmer with over 20 years of experience. I work with both Windows and Linux servers as well as routers, switches, proxy/firewall servers.I also have many other skills in the world of computers and electronics.

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    "Dame 1 Idea y moveré mi mundo" Profesionalidad y conocimiento en la resolución de tareas. No hay proyecto pequeño ni lo suficientemente grande para no poder llevarlo a cabo. A nivel online puedo llevar desde la conceptualización de tu Idea, Creatividad y Diseño, Maquetación, Desarrollo/Programación y Admin. de...

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    Welcome to my profile! Top Rank Preferred Freelancer in WordPress, Web Design & Graphic Design!! Web Design & Development | WordPress Developer White Hat SEO Best Affordable SEO Link Building Over 7 years experience in the following: ✓ WordPress, Shopify ✓ CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript ✓ phpMyAdmin, My SQL,...

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    programador web, apaixonado por web designer e mídias sociais, é ativamente pesquisador das últimas tendências em design digital e ideias de Internet da nova era participando ativamente do processo de produção de websites, tem em seu portfólio mais de 100 trabalhos realizados, entre logomarcas, websites e sistemas web.

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    We are a video producer company we make videos using Final Cut Pro X, Premiere, Illustrator, After Effects, Cinema 4D and Apple Motion Videos in 1080p and 4K We make motion graphic, animation 2D, editing and Color grading. Everything with production and creativity. Let's talk about your project? Skype ID:...


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DOS stands for disk operating systems and is one of the original operating systems that use a basic command line. A popular system in the early 1980’s to mid 1990’s; the system had a unique structure including the command line interface, directory structure and version information.

While early Microsoft Windows systems ran on DOS, there was a decline in use by PC users however there has been a continued use in systems such as FreeDOS, DR-DOS, ROM-DOS, PTS-DOS and REAL/32.

DOS commands a super simple to use and remember and it has over the years been a reliable and stable operating systems for users and developers. All modern versions of Windows use DOS as the underlying operating system, due to its reliable and simple to use functions and the lack of space required should individuals be working on a slow computer with limited memory space.

DOS commands cover common tasks that are built into the command bar, there are dozens of commands ranging from DIR to SORT, right through to TYPE and SET which are all used to provide clear commands for functions within the operating system.

Benefits of using DOS for business include:

  • The operating system will run on smaller systems and computers with limited memory
  • Provides direct control of all processes in the operating system
  • The system will boot faster than any Windows equivalent system
  • Simple to write commands that are easy to understand
  • Use older computer systems which fail to run on modern operating systems

DOS operating systems can be used for a range of business processes and is a suitable operating system for businesses and individuals who are looking for a straightforward and traditional system that focuses on simple commands without the full source code of modern operating systems.

While there are a range of shiny new operating systems that have taken the world by storm, sometime simple is best and there are a range of features for DOS that developers have outlined which benefit the user’s productivity.

Features for users of DOS include:

  • Limited graphical user interface allows more processing power and memory for the operating system and applications
  • Reduced safety mechanisms mean developers can write simple commands with ease
  • Due to the operating system being legacy software, there are plenty of compatible free software options for users
  • Simple processes with no ability to multitask, meaning that you don’t have dozens of windows open and programs running

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