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    Hola Subir B., observé tu perfil y me gustaría ofrecerte mi proyecto. Podemos conversar por chat acerca de los detalles.

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    Necesitamos la traducción de un contrato de franquicia escrito en inglés a español. Necesitamos un traductor nativo de habla hispana. Son 21 páginas (a una cara) y se adjunta el PDF a traducir. Solo las páginas 100 (empieza con "U-SAVE Autorent") a la página 121 (empieza con "Signature page"). Se entragará en word a una columna. Lo necesitamos tener el lunes antes de las 12 hora GMT

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    Hola Naveed U., vi tu perfil y me gustaría ofrecerte mi proyecto. Podemos conversar por chat acerca de los detalles.

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    Hola, estoy necesitando programar Outlook para que descargue y guarde en una carpeta automáticamente el archivo adjunto de cada Mail que ingrese ______________________________________________________ Hello, I am needing to program Outlook to automatically download and save the attachment of each Mail that I enter in a folder.

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    As part of an application in d...lines and polygons (geojson) and allow the user to select map background layers that they want to display, as well as the selection of coordinate points in a specific area (ideally using a polygon) in order to assign attributes on a form. When you save the form, you must generate a JSON format that delivers the captured information for each of the selected points. It is not necessary to make a saving of these, they can be printed by console. Your app must be able to synchronize the background map layers from internet-facing Azure Maps and save them to disk so that it can work offline in areas without coverage. Details and captures in the attachment The deliverable will be the source code of the project. Questions can be asked Spanish/Engl...

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    We have a digital signage system, where we can control several screens from the cloud (digital ocean) to be able to play advertising on televisions or smart TV with android system. The application was developed in native android. The entire system to reproduce advertising works only that it is presenting 2 problems: 1. The system can only be used to update that is connected by wifi, it is not possible to update via UTP cable. 2. The system sometimes stops working randomly. It should be noted that when connecting the TVs by utp, the system reports that this TV is on, it works excellent, it never fails, only it does not allow updating content. On one occasion, the services of a professional were hired where he is, he told us that the system was developed in native android TV but 3.6...

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    Actualmente junto con mi equipo nos encontramos en la fase final del desarrollo de una página web. Nos hemos encontrado con un problema muy concreto que no podemos solucionar. Necesitamos alguien que nos haga un trabajo puntual y es que nuestro iframe de video no se visualiza en móviles IOS cuando tiene poca batería o está en modo de ahorro de batería. Parece ser un tema de front relacionado con Java.

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    Hola, estoy buscando programador, ingeniero o developer full stack especialista en wordpress, php, Mysql, y servidores dedicados. Hello, I am looking for a programmer or full stack developer specializing in wordpress, php, Mysql, and dedicated servers + vps to optimize, configure and protect it (corresponding security) I have several websites on said servers (vps) but I have many problems due to bad configuration in the vps.

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    Hi! I need a programmer to help me in a project I have in Unreal Engine. I need the following: 1- The option to save the game, when the game is paused, and that I can load the save from the main menu, with everything the character has on when the main character dies, you can load the game. 2.I bought a dialogue programming package, I need it to work with the main character in this case pass the necessary information to (Player_Character), so it can generate a dialogue with other NPCs.(to have a dialog, the key assigned to interchange would be I ) these would be the two tasks to follow, if you think you can help me, write me :) Hola! necesito un programador que me ayude en un proyecto que tengo de Unreal Engine. Necesito lo siguiente: 1- La opción de guardar la part...

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    Hola, estoy buscando programador o developer full stack especialista en wordpress, php, Mysql, y servidores dedicados + vps para optimizar, configurar y protegerlo (seguridad correspondiente) tengo varios sitios web en dichos servidores (vps) pero tengo muchos problemas por mala configuración en el vps. Hello, I am looking for a programmer or fu...protegerlo (seguridad correspondiente) tengo varios sitios web en dichos servidores (vps) pero tengo muchos problemas por mala configuración en el vps. Hello, I am looking for a programmer or full stack developer specializing in wordpress, php, Mysql, and dedicated servers + vps to optimize, configure and protect it (corresponding security) I have several websites on said servers (vps) but I have many problems due to bad co...

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    ...páginas. Buscamos una persona que nos ayude a verificar la instalación, configuración y elimine los errores en el search console. Tambien nos ayude a verificar y optimizar todos los plugins de AMP for WP. We install AMP for WP on our website which is designed with Astra and Elementor Pro, we want to make a totally AMP site. We have had problems with the integration between Elementor and AMP for WP, we tried to change some pages with the AMP constructor. We have problems when validating the site in Google Search Console since it throws multiple errors on the pages. We are looking for a person to help us verify the installation, configuration and eliminate errors in the search console. Also help us to verify and optimize all AMP for WP plugins....

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    Tenemos problemas con un wordpress a nivel maquetación, y configuración interna. Queremos solo freelance que sepan español y que tengan disponibilidad en horario de españa para no tener problemas con la diferencia horaria. We have problems with a wordpress at the layout level, and internal configuration. We want only freelancers who know Spanish and have availability in Spanish time so as not to have problems with the time difference.

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    FEATURES OF REMOTE TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND COST March 13, 2018 The characteristics can be: You can do it and get informed at any time (flexible hours). You can solve the problems. They can give you personalized dialogue. It explains step by step what to do. Other questions can be resolved. Information such as audio, video, written lectures can be attached .. The remote technical support consists of an assistance to help the user to solve any type of problem with his computer over long distances through many types of contact; the most common is the phone line, most companies that sell hardware or software offer technical service by phone or other online forms such as e-mails or websites. Companies and institutions also generally have internal technical support for employees, students a...

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    ...encarge del mantenimiento cuando sea necesario. Gracias. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone, I would like to hire a professional to help me set up my technical Minecraft server (32GB hosted on Multicraft) because I have several problems and I cannot or do not have the necessary resources to resolve them. For example: "Server thread / WARN Can't keep up! Is the server overloaded? Running 2268ms or 45 ticks behind." A professional with experience in remotely hosted Minecraft servers is sought out to correctly configure the server and take care of maintenance when necessary. Thank you. ...

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    The Artcor. Finalizado left

    ...would: allow artists to upload a form with details and images about the artwork they want to exhibit and sell trough our website + a way to communicate with us on a daily basis. If you could add a payment method (PayPal) that will allow me to send them money and a receipt, that would be great , if not I think I can do that via paypal website. The collector member area would: allow collectors to save the artworks they are interested in, and a payment platform that will allow them to pay via PayPal once they accept the quote. Also a way to communicate with us. - I don’t really know how to edit the e-commerce part of the website. I bought a plungin called quote for woocommerce but it’s not working for some reason. I don’t want a “add to cart button” I ...

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    ...resolver estos problemas? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello. I am trying to install amp plugin free WordPress for my website but i am facing some problems: Plugin: 1. When i active the plugin and i switch versión AMP main menú doesnt work. 2. I dont know how to implement Google analitycs in plugin 3. I got some validations errors 4. Cookie Law Info doesnt work. • Could you solve this problems?...

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    ...creation of and a supervisor profile along with an inbox where he can approve or reject requests get into your inbox. It is created in Ionic 5, Angular 9 and Firebase Real Time, Typescript we are looking for a person who handles these technologies to be able to advance as quickly as possible. An important requirement is to communicate in Spanish, native language or that you understand it without problems....

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    ...having to load the numbers in an xml. Every time the WS is executed, it is responsible for seeing that SIMs are not busy. 2.- This application also contains a daemon called "goipcron" that is responsible, among other things, to check the DLR (Delivery report) of the SMS delivered to users. When the end user receives the SMS, this daemon updates a table as it has been received. We need to also save the date with which that table has been updated. I indicate different links that may be useful: Application developed by DBLtek for sending SMS: [login to view URL] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disponemos varios dipositivos GoIP que contienen varias tarjetas SIM por las que queremos enviar SMS...

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    I am completely new to Linux and Hadoop. I have a practice to do in Hadoop and I require an expert to do a video tutorial with me to review some items I must complete. Help me with some problems with Hadoop installation and clarify my doubts. I estimate that 1 to 2 hours of time will be spent explaining the details. I require someone good to explain and who with patience. The session will be by Zoom on November 5 at 8 PM GMT-6. Soy completamente nuevo en Linux y en Hadoop. Tengo una práctica que realizar en Hadoop y requiero de algún experto que haga conmigo una tutoría en video llamada para revisar una práctica que debo ejecutar. Ayude con algunos problemas que tengo a la hora de instalar Hadoop y me aclare dudas. Estimo que se invertirá de 1 a d...

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    ...a company that sells vehicle parts and parts, the development of a progressive web application (PWA) in PHP, Python or Firebase is required which must allow tracking the order through a unique identifier and also this app must include a landing page with a link to WhatsApp through its api to make product quotes. This application must obtain the order status through a sqlserver database and must save the states in a second MariaDB database or the one defined by the app in Firebase. Site map should consider: 1.-Landing page with carousel of img + menu (3 links) 2.-Link 1 -> Quote, page that contains a redirection link to the WhatsApp api 3.-Link 2 -> Order tracking, page that through a ticket number or RUT (customer identification) will look for the status of the items pendin...

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    Hi Roberto, Buenos dias, Necesito tu ayuda con el VBA code de este formulario de data entry. Es simple, solo que son varios campos de informacion. -Diseno- Hay que arreglar los filed y hacerlos que luzcan del mismo largo. -Los campos son nombres de items y viene primero la columna del monto y luego "cases" "que seria cajas (en decimales tambien) Un comando para save y otro para resent el formulario. Necesitaria el form cuando lo puedas tener listo. Gracias

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    ...must also be able to combine the data of the owner and not only those of the text of the article. 4. If the preview is correct, a function will allow me to combine the data and the article, resulting in several articles, as many as there are rows of data. To combine documents: - There should be the option to define in which category it saves them - There should be the option to define whether to save it as published or unpublished. - There should be the option to define where to insert the "read more" line (for example, at the first point of the text) and if the introduction text should be shown or hidden - It will also ask if I want an unpublish date to be inserted for those documents. - It will also ask if I want to insert a photo at the beginning of the combo item. ...

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    ...button in the first module, to create multiple invoices at the same time, based in the WSDL request from the lists mentioned in the first module, then download all those pdfs (links) and merge all those PDFs) in other words, we need to download all those URLs of the pdfs (as responses) and merge that's pdfs in one. the strategy is to use both simple modules and integrate his functionalities to save all values required from the list and generate all invoices at the same time. and use a library to merge pdfs. All new proposals are well received CPANEL php merge pdf library ------------------------------ Spanish: ------------------------------ Actualmente Tenemos dos desarrollos básicos (independientes) en PHP, uno de ellos proporciona una lista basada en una tabl...

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    ...the Batman COMICS, NOT movies, NOT series. - Use fonts according to the concept and purpose of the blog. - DO NOT use the traditional comic fonts. Focus on Batman. - DO NOT use fonts used for Batman movies, series or comic titles, we need creativity and professionalism. - Not mandatory: Logo variant for the store: BATZINGA COMICS Deliverables: - 100% Editable file in Illustrator Ver. CS6 or CorelDraw Ver. X8 - Fonts -------- ESPAÑOL Diseño de logo para blog-tienda de cómics de Batman BATZINGA es un blog enfocado en los cómics de Batman dirigido a fanáticos hardcore y principiantes. El objetivo es brindarle al usuario el catálogo más grande de reseñas, historia, guías de lectura, noticias y opiniones sobre los c&...

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    I need the logo of a corporation, this corporation is called "D to 2 Clinical Center", it is an institution that is dedicated to conducting psychological therapies for couples, both for problems, guides, aids, teachings, etc. Necesito el logo de una corporación, esta corporación se llama "D a 2 Centro Clínico", es una institución que se dedica a realizar terapias psicológicas de parejas, tanto de problemas, guías, ayudas, enseñanzas, etc.

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    ACIC PERU SAC (Actividades de Consultoría en Ingeniería y Construcción) El diseñador debe tener en cuenta los siguientes criterios: 1) La empresa se dedica a realizar diseños de ingeniería, ejecución de obras y servicios: Topografía, Carreteras, Edificaciones, Canales, Puentes, entre otros, por lo que el logo deberá representar al menos uno de dichos puntos. 2) El diseño deberá s...tipo combinado (imagotipo o isologo) 3) Se muestra un logo como referencia, el mismo que podrá ser mejorado por los diseñadores. 4) De proponer un nuevo diseño, este deberá ser original, fresco y formal. El freelancer deberá entregar: - Diferentes formatos (.ai - .jpg (alta calidad y versión w...

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    Consiste en crear 2 wallpapers automotrices de Autobus y Camión de gran impacto visual. Se adjuntan fotos originales y ejemplos del objetivo buscado. Cualquier técnica y libre creatividad es admitida. Se deben usar como base las fotografías adjuntas provistas (nombradas "PHZ.....JPG") Se deben entregar las imágenes en JPG y en formato de su programa de origen (Photoshop/Illustrator/CorelDraw).

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    Necesito tener una imagen para promocionar estuches para máscaras y cubrebocas, el proyecto es llamado Save Mask

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    Español debajo Program and Control System for sales, stock, payments divided into 2 different accounts ... I will try to explain what I want to do. I have developed and coded 32 eBooks in 32 PDF Docs An example of them; I want to "save" them stored somewhere on the Net or the cloud or wherever it is best. The eBooks are sold for € 5 each. I would like to be able to sell WHOLESALE, for example: 10,000 to € 2 each so that the Commercial Agent or Distributor can sell it online for € 5 and keep the profit of € 3 for each book they sell. Now the question is the following: HOW do I do so that the seller can sell directly and collect the € 5 from his client, at the same time pay me € 2… and that the client can be downloaded instantl...

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    I need to implement Google Ad Manager advertising on my site. Until 15 days ago, the ads were perfectly visible and they have stopped being seen without knowing the reason. I have other portals where I have it implemented and it works without problems. However in this one I am talking about the adserver code disappears. This occurs on all pages except the amp version. The portal is developed in Joomla! 3. I have tried in all the ways that the Ad Manager offers: with passback code in each ad position, with js code shared between template and ad position,… I do not get it. Necesito implementar la publicidad de Google Ad Manager en mi site. Hasta hace 15 días se veían perfectamente los anuncios y han dejado de verse sin que pueda saber cuál es el motivo. Te...

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    Hola!, Me presento. Soy un técnico en computación de Argentina. participe en varios proyectos freelancer fuera de la plataforma, tengo conocimientos de Photoshop, CorelDraw, Medibang Paint Pro, Vegas Pro y otros La mayoria de mis proyectos fueron de Logotipos y Ilustraciones(Tipo caricatura) Los idiomas en los que me manejo son Español/Ingles Si en puedo serte de ayuda en algún proyecto estaré encantado de trabajar con uds.

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    Quiero armar un webpage (y potencial app) que 1- permita hacer invitaciones (eventos, cumpleaños, etc), a través de WhatsApp / email / etc., 2- permita al invitado hacer un save the date en su calendario 3- Sugiera al invitado a, en lugar de llevar un regalo al evento, hacer una donación a alguna entidad de bien publico elegida por el anfitrión (generando un link) 4- que se vincule con la pagina de donaciones de la entidad de bien publico 5- que mantenga la estadística de la plata levantada 6- que envie un resumen de la "campaña" al anfitrión para que pueda reenviar a sus invitados.

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    Necesito ayuda en un entregable el lunes 22 de Junio a las 8:30 hora española. El entregable sera solucionar ejercicios de Estadística, probabilidad y ecuaciones diferenciales parciales. I need help in a "project" on Monday 22 of June at 8:30 Spanish time. This project contains Statistics, Probability and Partial differential equations problems.

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    crear un logotipo Finalizado left

    Quiero un Logotipo en Coreldraw, en vector, tengo la idea letra igual a esta de ORGANIC Y en vez de la palabra Store va la palabra blog, mi marca es Bisaludhoy y blog. Quiero los archivos editables en Corel, la letra asi negra parecida de ese mismo estilo

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    To create website for to generate content (like ) that will be possible: - view product integrated while you are reading an entry and can to buy it (the structure must to be in the next way): Text entry Product embed Text of the entry - Process buy easier possible, save user data bank and use it in next shopping time (like stripe or Amazon 1 click)

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    Jarvee expert Finalizado left

    Hi, I'm looking for a Jarvee expert to teach me in detail how to handle the tool expertly. I need adjustment guides for all types of clients and markets and the ones that work best for you. Also learn in depth VPS and on everything how to avoid crashes or how to fix it. Once learned, I will activate my business and I intend to take those instagram scores. I would like to pay this profes...detail how to handle the tool expertly. I need adjustment guides for all types of clients and markets and the ones that work best for you. Also learn in depth VPS and on everything how to avoid crashes or how to fix it. Once learned, I will activate my business and I intend to take those instagram scores. I would like to pay this professional a fixed price every month to have a support in case of <...

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    Busco Expertos en alguno de los siguientes software: Revit, Cinema 4D, Illustrator, VRay, Maya, Impresión 3D, Navisworks, SIG, Lumion, Project, Synchro, Arquimedes, Rhinoceros, Cype Estructuras, Lightroom Fotografía Arquitectura, Blender, 3DSMax, CorelDraw, Imovie, Cype Instalaciones, Wordpress, Revit, Presto, Rhinoceros, Cype Gestión de Obra, Fotogrametría, Premier Pro, Indesign, Vectorworks, Allplan, Solidworks, Archicad y Tasaciones y Valoraciones. El trabajo consistirá en la grabación de un curso de 5h de duración según un índice. Las lecciones serán únicamente grabaciones de pantalla donde el instructor explique el software. Posibilidad de continuidad en las colaboraciones.s antes de nada quiero agr...

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    Necesito que vectoricen las 5 imágenes y me regresen el archivo de los vectores ya será en Photoshop o en corelDraw

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    Goodmorning, I need to develop a program that passing parameters by request (example /your-image?width=300) resize that image and have some other function, for example crop. I was using ImageProcessor but the quality of the resized image didnt suddisfact me, now I was trying but I have problem to configure it. I would like dont save images but just cache them in the client browser to dont spend too much space on my server.

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    ...for SEO which we have problems when appearing in web searches. We need a writer to handle the concepts of Web Development, WordPress, VPS Hosting, Business Mail Servers, Remote Technical Support, etc. Currently our site has the following sections per language: + Home + Cloud hosting -VPS service -Site Monitoring -Zimbra Business Mail + Development -Online stores -Web systems -Maintenance of Sites + Meet us + Contact us And we want to add: + Remote Technical Support + Call Center services -Interpretation English, French, Spanish and Portuguese - Outsource Services: Billing, Retention, Sales and Support That means we need the writing about 10 -12 optimized for SEO articles It is important that the content needs to be fresh, new, without intellectual property problems o...

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    put some value on ruc, example: 20108346788 will provice an database of ruc to process: need to save on mysql table data contents: Número de RUC: 20108346788 - CEGNE JOSE CARLOS MARIATEGUI Tipo Contribuyente: UNIVERS. CENTROS EDUCAT. Y CULT. Nombre Comercial: JOSE CARLOS MARIATEGUI Fecha de Inscripción: 21/04/1993 Fecha de Inicio de Actividades: 01/03/1992 Estado del Contribuyente: SUSPENSION TEMPORAL Condición del Contribuyente: HABIDO Dirección del Domicilio Fiscal: NRO. MZ E INT. LT07 URB. LAS VIRREYNAS LIMA - LIMA - LURIN Sistema de Emisión de Comprobante: MANUAL Actividad de Comercio Exterior: SIN ACTIVIDAD Sistema de Contabilidad: MANUAL Actividad(es) Económica(s): Comprobantes de Pago c/aut. de impresión (F. 806 u 816): ...

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    Es una macro para CorelDraw (debe accederse desde una barra de tareas) Se selecciona una imagen. Tendrá que haber una función que te permita ingresar cuatro puntos que serán los nuevos cuatro ángulos de la imagen. Se trazan las líneas del punto A al punto B, Del B al C y del C al D, cerrando un cuadrilátero. Ese cuadrilátero, estará en una perspectiva que deberá ser corregida. En la configuración de la macro, debe estar ingresada la medida del punto A al punto B y del punto A al punto C. La imagen deberá quedar en esas medidas y aplanada. Una vez obtenida esta nueva imagen más pequeña que la original y aplanada, se debe realizar la detección de bordes que a su vez se pueda configurar c...

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    ...funciona correctamente. Adjuntamos un PDF con los problemas que habría que solucionar. Para el desarrollo del proyecto se entregaría todo el paquete SCORM. We are looking for a partner to check, debug and fix somre bugs in SCORM tracking of a Web course. The course is completely finished, it is only necessary to test the tracking to verify that everything works correctly. We attach a PDF with the problems that should be solved. For the development of the project the entire SCORM package would be delivered....

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    Macro para CorelDraw Finalizado left

    Necesito hacer una macro para CorelDraw. Debe cambiar perspectiva de imagen seleccionada. Se marcan cuatro puntos que serán los vertices de la nueva imagen aplanada en un tamaño tambien configurado. Se desecha lo que queda por fuera del cuadrilatero irregular que forman los 4 puntos y se genera el vector de el/los contornos encontrados en la nueva imagen. Eso es todo..

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    ...Google Cloud 1.4 Install the Odoo v 12 system 1.5 Configure Odoo v 12 community 1.5.1 Guatemalan taxes VAT Press buzzer 1.5.2 budgets modify the format to be the same as the current one 1.5.3 e-mails for all users 1.5.4 format-friendly logo 1.5.5 CRM module, Purchasing, Sales 1.5.6 configure inventory module 1.6 load the corrected information from the previous system 1.7 pre-delivery testing for problems it is important that the emails sent form the system doesn´t go to junk mail Deadline: 1 week....

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    ...ponen nuevas limitaciones. Quiero independizarme y comenzar con un servidor en google Cloud. Se como funciona todo el servicio de Google Cloud, solo que la configuracion me tiene un poco confundido... Requiero que quede todo configurado para usarlo como si fuese un Plan Reseller sin limitaciones. Gracias... English::: I currently have a purchased a "Hosting Reseller" plan, but it has constant problems and errors. and every time it adds new limitations. I want to become independent and start with a server in Google Cloud. I know how the whole Google Cloud service works, only that the configuration has me a little confused ... It requires that everything be configured to use it as if it were a Reseller Plan without limitations. Thank you ... Inicio inmediato, gracias.....

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    Necesitamos un especialista en PowerPoint para resolver problemas en nuestros desarrollos, también necesitamos nuevos programas en PowerPoint. Es muy importante conocer profundamente la programación de PowerPoint. También sería interesante crear un complemento de powerpoint. We need a PowerPoint specialist to solve problems in our developments, we also need new programs in PowerPoint. It is very important to know deeply the PowerPoint programming. It would also be interesting to create a powerpoint add-in.

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    11 ofertas already armed team but we are missing an SDK developer to complete the team. It is essential to speak in Spanish, have a good contact with the team on a daily basis, as well as respect our project manager to see what our team is developing, it is important that our new member understands that we have 30 minutes a day in the morning 10:30 AM (Argentina) where we talk about the progress and problems of the projects with the other team members. Spanish: Estoy en busqueda de un nuevo integrante de mi equipo en para poder hacer el desarrollo de aplicaciones moviles en android, es importante que indique la remuneracion pretendida, tenemos un equipo ya armado pero nos esta faltando un desarrollador SDK para completar el equipo. Es indispensable hablar en español, tener un ...

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    ...una url asignada, ejemplo; los lugares estarán asignados en el mapa con un punto rojo y cada vez que se visita cierta página web cambia de color a verde English: I need a map platform, that shows my vehicles with GPS in it, I also need to be able to register places and detect when they visit them. I need you to record the time it takes to make your route and return to the starting point, also save the data of visits to places with individual users Be able to assign routes and detect when they deviate more than 15 minutes from the route I also need you to register visually on the map with a green dot Every time you visit an assigned url, example; the places will be assigned on the map with a red dot and each time you visit a certain web page it changes color to...

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