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    Hello, We need a header graphic and a virtual ezine cover graphic for a forthcoming ezine called '7 Steps To Mental Mastery' The ezine will focus on topics like Memory, Concentration, Speed Reading, Goal Setting, etc. and will be targeted at an intelligent, up-market audience. The graphics should be your own work, original, creative,

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    This project is for an e-currency exchange site design plus php coding/cloning plus flash. Project has to be done in W3C standard ([iniciar sesión para ver URL]). If you can't comply to this please don't bid. Site/graphic design: My style? I like [iniciar sesión para ver URL] very much, the design is professional and attrac...

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    ...which is at The logo's main part is "IDEAmation" (where VENOM is on the example) followed by the word "Engineering" underneath a less dramatic graphic....similar to how they did the Venom logo. I particularly like the circuit board type background and the raised metallic look of the Graphical Lettering, as well ...

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    ...looking for a graphic designer WITH EXPERIENCE in .NET design to add finishing touches and make it commercial. Please do not bid unless you can show me at least 3 designs made specifically for .NET applications. I will list now the modifications I want made. Please read them carefully and explain how you plan to work. It's not very much to do, just

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    ...mouseover events doing a suble change in the navigation window. All other images can be as you choose. "Home" will have an emphasis on a decent looking graphic, we will define more in after the auction is complete. No real content, just a decent looking such that it looks like a professional company. TV Listing will simply display some content in a grid

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    I have recently started working on a online rpg using the baronsoft mmorpg engine. What i was looking for is to see how much you would offer in assistance to help me improve this engine. You will not be entirelally working alone for i can also program vb. But due to my workload i'm strained for time and would like help for this personal project. You

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    ...word to you since you started. And her from downstairs with the giant…er…anyway, a little more info on what you could be letting yourself in for… [iniciar sesión para ver URL] is the only independent career search, information and advice site dedicated entirely to the UK creative media industries. A niche resource in a generalist world, MediaDepartureLounge

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    ...thorough investigation of "off-the-shelf" security products, I am finding that most of the products meet MOST of my needs, but there is a particular feature that is important to me (explained in attached document) that is missing in most products. And the ones that do have it are either far too pricey or lack other needed features. I suspect that some

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    ...This project is a website design/graphic design for a movie website with optional site update work. NOTE: If you placed a bid on my other website design project for entertainment site, please note that this is similar but a different project. You are welcome to bid on this one again. This project consists of two parts. Part 1: Web design of a...

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    ...Programmers, This is for a ticket webpage (1 page) I need for an Ebay Store I am going to make. All I need is a one page website. An example of the webpage is attached. All I need is to make it nicer, add some graphics (of tickets). Please look at the example, and try and make it much nicer. I need someone who is also good at graphic des...

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    I have just put my website on the web. I am OK on the graphic design end. Did it in Macromedia MX. HOWEVER I don't know "didly" about how to make the form pages send me the input data via email, or to a MS Access database. None of the forms are currently working because I "just don't get it". Please quote to make all of the forms work (either ...

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    ...just want my business logo done. Nothing fancy just ten letters and two colours but have got only £50 to spend on this. So far i have been quoted hundreds to have it done which is really pushing the boat out for me right now, as i have recently just spent my money creating my database website. Seeing as its the festive season could someone be nice to

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    Tooltip Control Finalizado left

    I need a comprehensive Win32/WinXP based "ToolTip Control" to be developed. A brief of the technical design/requirement is as below :- Control Interface design requirements : --------------------------------------- Methods to be provided for in the Control - ------------------------------------------- 1. Show - This will be the primary method to display

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    In C++, or other low-mid level langauge, i need a textbox made, much like that in mIRC. It must support Color Codes, as well as the bold code, underline, reverse, and normal (original) code. Also, must be able to select text, and must be made into an ActiveX project, with all nessesary calls made so they can be accessed in VB. There must be something

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    ...instructions on how to get to my site and use it properly. I will provide more details on this to the high bidder. 3. Business stationary. 4. An 8x10 promo "slick" featuring the logo, company info, some kind of promotional text as well as a variety of images that can be found on our web site. This really has to be eye-catching. 5. A postcard design incorporating

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    PSC648267641561 PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267641561PSC648267...

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    ...are 288w x 166h pixels). By clicking on the card, the user is taken to a page with a transcript of an interview of this person. We currently paste these cards into a bland looking page (see attached) using Dreamweaver (we're novices). We want this page to be attractive. It shouldn't call much attention to itself, the attention should be on the cards

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    ...references in large GIFS. The reference doesn't have to be exact, just give me a right direction and a design line I can work with and I'll take care of the rest. I'm talking about a search engine site, which need to be fast! fast and light graphic, but not too light. I mean - it has to use efficently every KB in every GIF and resource that created him

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