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    I need an e commerce website similar to [login to view URL] functionalities.

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    Web Sites restyling I need to restily the following web sites (In Italian language) [login to view URL] I expect a proposal about how to restyle the web sites. Thanks, Andrea

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    I need 1 file with 12 identical sheets (January, February, etc...) for year 2018. Every sheet must work exclusively for that month, budget calculator must work separately for each sheet (month). Example: if I go to sheet "October", the monthly income, expenses and savings, must work separately from sheet "September" or "August". I must be able to

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    Build ma a identical wordpress website: - my website use a old theme - more functions not working corectly - seo not working corectly You need build a new website but need identic on my old website design. Thanks !

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    I want this sites capabilities duplicated

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    [login to view URL] KEYWORDS: ham...[login to view URL] KEYWORDS: tauranga pergola tauranga deck tauranga louvre [login to view URL] KEYWORDS: auckland pergola auckland deck auckland louvre all websites are identical except for slight text changes. What is your methodology? What is your project plan? What sites have you successfully completed seo for?

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    I have a 43 page scanned PDF that I need changed to an editable Word doc. I have used a conversion tool which has worked for about 50% of the document but I need someone to go through and make it identical to the original scan - some sections have tables in them so they have not been duplicated in the conversion well. I will also be providing a logo

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    I am a collector of Internet domain names that will be of use as brands and names fo...brands and names for companies, etc. I need a new website, made perhaps with WordPress, that is similar to [login to view URL], in that it will have the same functions - but not identical in appearance. I want an all-words (with some symbols) website but no photography,

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    I have 2 ADSL modem connections. each identical working with load balancing now. as you know this is not true bonding. I want to possibly use my pfsense router at the office (or build a linux router) and connect to my datacenter where i have 500Gbits of bandwidth and plenty of VMs on several VMWARE boxes. I want this to look like a seamless bonded transparent

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    have a blog for dental insurance that I need to post for other identical insurances. I need someone to rewrite my blog 3 different ways, so that it is not identical [login to view URL] is the link to the current blog that needs to be "copied but different" so that it isn't duplicate conten

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    Re-create this logo using - Jim Hart - as the name ... must be identical fonts please.

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    I need some changes to a few existing websites in wordpress

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    Two excels contain what should be identical information, with the exception of the second document containing additional rows that should be bypassed in the search. Using Python provide a script which will verify that all fields as appropriate are identical in the second document (Fees 2), if there contains an error in the second document (Fees2) (i

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    I have a presentation with v2 in PDF only, and an early version (v1) in PPT. I have lost the v2 Powerpoint. Therefore I need you to update the PPT to be EXACTLY the same as the PDF. Documents available on request.

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    [login to view URL] KEYWORDS: ham...[login to view URL] KEYWORDS: tauranga pergola tauranga deck tauranga louvre [login to view URL] KEYWORDS: auckland pergola auckland deck auckland louvre all websites are identical except for slight text changes. What is your methodology? What is your project plan? What sites have you successfully completed seo for?

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    Our Company provides Customer support service to our customers across the globe and recently we had a requirement where we need our own software on which we...service to our customers across the globe and recently we had a requirement where we need our own software on which we can handle the customers, the software should be identical to TeamViewer.

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    I have 11 websites in the senior housing industry that need SEO. They need local SEO as they service a relatively small area. They are all very similar so the same strategy will apply to all of them.

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    I Need 2 almost identical email autographs for apple mail with custom design. I have the design so it just needs to be coded. + add instructions for implementing in Apple mail!

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    ...wordpress. So i have a site XXXX on a wordpress install and it is using a theme called "Real Places". I need a template made that will make my the wordpress theme identical to the current/future old static site . The old static site main page has sliders and etc. Message me for static site url. I think it needs to be done in a child theme

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    Verify if two BST trees are identical coding given

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    we just write coding to Verify if two trees are identical? it is data structure project.

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    ...hire a doctor on salary. We now have a new URL which is [login to view URL] which allows people to join a group to start a community. The new site is nearly identical to the original - just a few minor changes in the code for the signup page and at the end. I have personally tried to transfer the first to the second. I made a new database

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    the project is for a that i like to create mods for and unfortunatly do not have the skill to make it ideally it would need to be made in blender

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    [login to view URL] needs to be on a secure website looking for a wordpress platform easy job

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    I need a banner for FB, LinkedIn and Twitter (they can all be the same banner, but in the correct sizes and ratios). This banner is to promote the service of a website named ITrequest. The website aims at assisting people with their IT issues/questions.

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    "Please Don't apply if you are not able to start the job immediately" I have a business where I buy items on eBay and sell them on Amazon. To do this I need to find items for sale on eBay and find a corresponding Amazon listing for the exact same item. Your task will be to review a listing on eBay and to confirm that the exact same item is for sale on Amazon. You will start with...

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    Hi, I would like you create a near identical site like sisense, In (using VB). this the website [login to view URL] or tableau [login to view URL] It a fully analytical based tool, with a complete dashboard Even if you achieve 60% of what it is offering, it would be great. Please mention your complete project cost

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    Hi, I need this logo attached to be vectorized (.eps) and for it to be vectorized identically. I have it both in PNG and PSD high resolution. Let me know if you can do it.

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    Hello Each day I get an update product & quantity spreadsheet. Here quantity change on a daily basis. (also new products are sometimes added) I need you to create a solution where I can see which products sell the best. Example: Day 1: Product A - QTY 100, Product B - QTY 50 Day 2: Product A - QTY 90, Product B - QTY 50 Day 3: Product A - QTY 85, Product B - QTY 30 At any giv...

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    I need an exact replica of the attached image to be able to print it to make it a painting in three panels just like the attachment but instead of canvas in acrylic.

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    - Build a new site identical to one other site. - The website is 80% completed so you can either work on it or you can build the template again so that it is same as the real one. - The website should also be for mobile usage. - We have two websites : one is [login to view URL] and the other [login to view URL]

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    To create Stripe looking like back end with the possibility of importing CSV files containing attached parameters.

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    I need data scraped off of [login to view URL] and Both these websites are almost identical the same method should work fine for both. 1. Individual equipment listing page does not need to be opened. All required data can be acquired from the category page. 2. Scraped Data should be placed in a database (mysql preferably)

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    Hello, i need make an identical website of other only 1 html5 and 1 css file, it has to be responsive, i make it becouse my web size and take more time that i need, i can pay 20 usd

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    convert existing layout of theme to identical format in wordpress

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    Design a logo identical to the one attached.

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    integrating 7 identical multiple indicators into single indicator

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    I have a wordpress site ([login to view URL] and a shopify website [login to view URL]) and I want to have the header and footer of my shopify store to look identical to the header and footer in my wordpress store. As my Wordpress website is responsive and behaves in a particular way on smartphones, I want these styles and behaviors to be copied across

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    I have my company logo design created in Illustrator and I need to create wallpapers for my PC, iPhone and iPad. Logo will need to be adjusted to kind of metallic looking 3D (keeping same colors).

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    I have 2 databases for my website : [login to view URL] and I want to keep [login to view URL] and delete [login to view URL], but i dont want to lose my data on the s2 database (there is data users) so i want to put this data on the 1st databases. Thanks

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    please can you re create my logo in all formats for hi res use. .ai .pdf .jpg. .psd I need this done in the next hour. I DONT have any other details beside what the logo is attached.

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    ***I will go with the cheapest and best offer*** I need someone to do identical fully functional website to you should have experience working on such a website.

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    I want to create a site where I will be curating lists of products on amazon based on certain parameters (e.g. Mens shavers under $50) and by category. Its basically exactly the same as I need someone to help me copy this site's template to use for my site. If you can make a logo for me thats also a nice bonus :) Thanks!

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    I to change this to anything else, and the effect stays exactly the same. Before I can award this job I will need to see an exact replica of this image, with any other word (or words) you choose so I can verify you can do it. (Obviously you can send this as a jpeg) If its good, job is awarded, you send across PSD and get paid. SIMPLE :)

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    We have a website at [login to view URL] It is done on Weebly. We want the SAME (meaning you must really design it and colours must match) but...award project tomorrow (Saturday) and hope you can start immediately. We put 250-750$ but you can bid lower if you want. We really want it very, very similar. If you can, IDENTICAL. It's only about 3 pages.

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    ...[login to view URL] So you see I don't want it to be PERFECTLY identical. Both are similar to eachother but not the same. For instance in the second image the antlers are different. I would like the antlers to be different as well, and some alterations to the bear so it is not identical. I assume there must be a copyright on it because it belongs to

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    Convert a 23 page locked pdf into a formatted ms word document. The document is all written script an no images. The end word document is to look identical to the pdf. Either use pdf conversion software or re-type and format the document.

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    I need these LED strips designed, with any suggestions you could make on how to wire the board. Are there better connectors then just the standard molex ones for wire? Is there any way to have a wire style connector on the *back* of the PCB board? Would that require multi-layers or something? I think they will need to be 4 series of 24 LEDs per strip, but you're the experts, so you sug...

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    ...Freelancer, I hope you are well! We are currently using the Megatron theme and the widget "Canvas Menu". We require to design our current menu in order for it to be identical to the one on the official Rolex page. Please use the links below to navigate to our menu & the desired design menu! In addition, you will notice that our menu has a black

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    i want the slider in the homepage to be created with layer slider because the one in homepage is created with pure html , i would like it to be created using pagebuilder layer slider . and idetntical to it .

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