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    I need an IIS ASP component that do the following: --A user sumbit a text in a webpage and the component do: --it transform the text to a speech audio file (using component form loquendo or other at your choice -italian version- You have to find the right component in evaluate version. I'll buy it in a second time when all done.) --encode it in mp3/swf (the? iis component has to convert it...

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    Photo Gallery Script Finalizado left

    I'm looking for someone to implement a photo gallery script into my site. I want it to look somewhat like webshots and have the capabilities to have other users have their own sections where they can upload their pictures, also like webshots. ## Deliverables 1) Complete working script that allows me to easily submit photos to a photo gallery script that will be completed by winner of bid r...

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    MUG partial redesign Finalizado left

    Partial redesign of [iniciar sesión para ver URL] site (take a look). This site is built around a shopping cart. We are looking for some creative ideas for redoing the areas of the home page listed below: Header redesign (looking for some creativity here). -Use existing colors -Use arial or eurostyle font for MUG/Men's Ultimate Grooming, as well text as buttons -Buttons alon...

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    header graphic Finalizado left

    Looking for a designer to make a HOT beautiful website header graphic without flash elements. Graphic width maximum 1080 Coder MUST submit examples of his/her work to be considered. I have several of these projects coming up - so I look forward to finding someone I can have an ongoing relationship with. Ability to do ebook covers too is a plus (submit examples of this as well IF you...

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    Convert ASP to ASP.Net Finalizado left

    Enclosed is an ASP page that should be converted to ASP.Net. I would like to allow the user to keep entering orders and hitting submit without showing any other screens. There should also be a method to call the page from another ASPX page with parameters. If it is better to write this as a function then that would be fine. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(...

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    email form submit Finalizado left

    Overview This is a short project for someone who is familiar with CGI scripting. World Acumen needs this type of project done on a regular basis and is looking for developers who are good and reliable. The project details are available at: [iniciar sesión para ver URL] NOTE: All communications must go through Rentacoder Project There are two HTML pages that require a script. An open s...

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    I have a web site that provides news and scores from several local sports teams. The teams submit their scores via a form on my site, the results are then sent to my e-mail; I then copy the results and post them on my web site. I need a way to automate this process so I don©t have to spend countless hours opening e-mails then copying the info to my web site. I©m looking for a script that...

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    Hello! I am working on a site for a client which requires the implementation of an internal linking structure based on mod_rewrite URLs instead of the current dynamic URLs. Below is some project info. Current pages: homepage: [iniciar sesión para ver URL] Vehicle list page : [iniciar sesión para ver URL] Vehicle detail page example: [iniciar sesión para ver URL] I woul...

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    The Compiere ERP package ([iniciar sesión para ver URL]) uses metadata to describe the windows and elements used within the application. They are role-specific. Currently Compiere has a Swing client interface and a web-based interface. We are not satisfied with either, and instead want a new interface based upon XUL ([iniciar sesión para ver URL]). The task we require is to create a ...

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    Voting Database A.L.S. Finalizado left

    Hello I am looking for a coder to help me finish an interactive database for a website called American Lifestyle Survey. [iniciar sesión para ver URL] The prototype is at. [iniciar sesión para ver URL] i have done some of the coding but have a few kinks i need to work. This bid is to help me finish with my 4 problems. we don't have a lot of money, but i don't ...

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    now here's my dilemma. i can code, but i don't want to code anymore. I was building a website for a webdesign company so i could sell websites to local businesses here in austin. it was something like 50+ pages. unfortunately, i was stupid and didn't backup and i've lost everything, except a couple basic pages with no content from about a week ago. i'm looking for som...

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    Page Generation Application I am looking to have an application developed that will take a list of keywords and builds pages - HTML or PHP? - that can be used to help with search engine rankings. The application would be similar to programs such as Traffic Equalizer, but with some different requirements. The application should do the following: * Import a long list of keywords (coul...

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    We are looking for somebody experience in writing report and ebooks to do some research about “Exporting To Iraq??. The writer have to be fluent in English. This is a long terms relationship, so please be professional. YOU ARE BIDDING FOR 1 REPORT OF 10-20 pages ONE of the following subjects: Exporting to IRAQ The content have to be ORIGINAL , NO COPY-PASTE work p...

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    Multiple Logos Finalizado left

    This bid request is simple. I require four logos and banners to be drafted and then finalized. You may bid on any combination of the below and I will select someone to complete each aspect if necessary. The four logos and banners are for three companies. The companies and there descriptions are as follows: Home Camp. Home Camp is a recreational land real estate company. I envision a...

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    I have a form on a page that contains fields. This already exists. I want to add a Browse button where you navigate to a file on your local PC. Select the file. Then click Submit. The form data gets sent to an email address. The file runs a script that uploads that file to a folder on the website. The upload process will show a progress bar. There is a freely available script for this found at [i...

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    ACCess SQL H/W Finalizado left

    I need a project completed using the access file created. This has to be one using Access 2000 SQL. I have already created the tables and the necessary records. I just need you to complete each weeks deliverable separtly and email all the files separtly. As far as the screen shots, just include a text file of the data of the design view of each query. If you have any questions just ask. I nee...

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    73307 event entry form Finalizado left

    I need a gymnastic meet sign up form with a multi part proccess: 1) an "administrative" form to create a header on another "main" form with the data the administrator enters, including- Meet Name, Meet Dates, Sanction (aau or usaa) 9 entry fees, one for each level 2 - 10 (these levels will be in a drop down and the form will need to be able to calculate the total fees based on...

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    I need a textfile from you, with alisting of FFA sites, how I can auto submit to them. I need the following fields: General info: - description - URL where to post posting info: - fieldname where I post the URL to - fieldname where I post the email address to - fieldname where I post the webiste title to - fieldname where I post the section to - fieldname where I post the decription to I would n...

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    When you got to [iniciar sesión para ver URL], you can search for anything and view the prices for completed items. I want a program that averages all of these prices that are displayed. I understand that the more specific your search query is the better the more exact average will be. There should also be a way to search only in a particular category. I want the program that you can e...

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    Product Logo Finalizado left

    Need a logo design design/redesign for a family of software products that will be launched in the next month. Both logo’s either need to use same/similar graphic or look like they are in a product family. 1 ??" Need a redesigned logo and new masthead for Mission Manager ([iniciar sesión para ver URL]). The tag line should be changed to “Strategic Project Management Softwar...

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    I am designing a project in which the system user needs to submit the data, online into EDI format (UN/EDIFACT). and also the system should able to receive the messages into edi format and needs to translate into MS SQL based database. also when the system is on and any response arises, then a message should pop up. The system is finished almost 25% by using .NET technology ASP .NET(VB .NET), ...

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    newwebsite Finalizado left

    Develop substantial web site following the owners© instructions on design and layout with the following features (1) two natural language search tools that search contents of html and/or pdf documents that are available on another website (may require creation of a database and automated transfer of public, non-copyrighted documents since the documents on the host web site are not accessible ...

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    Logo Design Finalizado left

    I'm looking for a logo design for a site that will be going live in the next few months. The site name is The site deals with high end mechandise at wholesale prices. I need someone to come up with a unique and professional logo. At he moment we do not have any concept of what the logo should look like. Ideally i would like designers to submit 1 or 2 conceptional design so t...

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    I need some help using single AND/OR double quotes in ASP. I have 3 pages, the first collects the info in a text box, the second page verifies that it is what the user wants and then passes it through hidden form fields to page 3 when the submit button is pressed. Page 3 will update a database (I DON'T need help with that). My problem is that I can use the "Replace" to either fix si...

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    Enclosed is the project for the paypal history information. No parsing is needed on this one (unless there is a hidden field needed). Currently, it logs into Paypal and obtains transactions. However, even though it puts in the different fields, it does not get the transactions for the time period needed. Currently it matches the included wrong paypal.htm. It needs to match the [iniciar sesió...

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    The project at hand is a stockphoto site similar to [[iniciar sesión para ver URL]][1]. I am almost looking to clone the site in a way. The overall functionality of this site will be a system which is based on credits. Users have the option to pay for credits to download stockphotos which are currently on the site and artists have the ability to submit their art work to the site. If the art...

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    Create a Sitemap Finalizado left

    I'm feeling lazy again, I'd like to hire someone to make me a sitemap for I'd like it to fit in the template you see there, in a table cell 483 pixels wide. Two columns would probbly look best. You need to just create a plain html listing of all the pages on [iniciar sesión para ver URL], with one big exception. The articles in the CMS, [iniciar sesi&oa...

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    Website programming and SEO ## Deliverables Full Spec available online at: [iniciar sesión para ver URL] Background I have personally developed [iniciar sesión para ver URL] utilising my knowledge of creating static sites with Dreamweaver MX. My plan is to outsource the future development requirements of the site allowing me to spend more time on managing and developing [in...

    $304 (Avg Bid)
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    Need a small set of GIF images created for an existing website. The style, colors and sizes of the graphics is defined. I only need a few graphics created with the existing style and new text. Samples of existing GIFs will be provided. ## Deliverables 1) Completed ".gif" files 2) All deliverables will be considered "work made for hire" under U.S. Copyright law. Buyer...

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    GOAL OF THIS PROJECT: We currently have a few customers hosting their website(s) on our machines. Each website has its own CMS installed. This seemed easy in the beginning but after having customers asking for features and bugfixes it's kind of tricky to update every single CMS each time when we'd like to do an update. The goal of this project is to centralize these CMS's into one. ...

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    - NO BIDS will be considered unless the bidder contacts me - Contact Information: AIM: imwillstein MSN: willstein123@[iniciar sesión para ver URL] --------------------------- Newsite Majority of Project due by end of February 2004 Requirements: Website built which is linked to articles Article Control --------------------------- The website will be simple. Display the most recently sub...

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    Shopping Cart Frontend Finalizado left

    I'm currently using a cart system that via html supplies the cart cgi with the info to add with price and options. so far i have tried it via html but realized that the code below will allow people to create their own scripts that could order shirts for nothing: <form name="frm" method=POST action="cgi-bin/[iniciar sesión para ver URL]"> <div align=&...

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    I need a person to look at adult galleries. Count pictures, decide what category they belong under and enter them into a web form. Please bid on a doing 500 of these.

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    Professional Logo Finalizado left

    A Pro Logo and Branding Idea. We sell Real Estate Investing Courses on the internet and eBay. Here are our web address and phone number: [iniciar sesión para ver URL] I'm thinking "new internet feel". Color scheme sort of drab with only one or two colors, at the most, other than white. The public NEEDS to remember how to get in touch with us after one view of...

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    Dating Sites Finalizado left

    there are actually 2 projects. [iniciar sesión para ver URL] (an adult dating site) look through [iniciar sesión para ver URL] to get the basis of the site...and [iniciar sesión para ver URL] (a [iniciar sesión para ver URL] clone with updates) both have the same basic sitemap...only difference is the way that socialfly's search criteria is done. if you'...

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    Two part Visual Basic 6.0 application uses several ActiveX components in the first client to receive files, upload them, download to second client allow modification, re-upload them, and then have then re-downloaded by the first client. Purpose is to allow branch offices to submit information to be processed by the home office and then returned to the branch. Application is complete except fo...

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    Hi A slightly different kind of bid so pls read **carefully.** We require 4 graphics a banner graphic about 700 x 150 - 200 pixels to go across the top of a vb form, an icon a splash screen graphic, approx 600x400 pixels and a square graphic 300x300 pixels. The graphics are for a program that simulates a 'Paperless Office' so the theme is paper being filed, a tidy office, clean...

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    2 page web site needed Finalizado left

    I would like 2 simple HTML pages. The attached zip file (a PowerPoint file) has an example of what I would roughly want pages 1 and 2 to do and look like, as well as some notes. Note: what I have is _very_ rough and ugly looking. I would like something a lot sexier. Page 1 ??" static HTML Page 2 ??" a questionnaire/form, the contents of which get sent to an email on the user hitting the ...

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    Banner Ads Finalizado left

    Need 68 banner ads created for my websites. I have three websites: [iniciar sesión para ver URL], [iniciar sesión para ver URL],[iniciar sesión para ver URL], and The designers should submit prior work done, with examples of the ads that show a theme, and relevant to the sites. I have a logo for [iniciar sesión para ver URL], but the rest can show examples,...

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    I am looking to develop modules or extend certain modules currently available under Rainbow portal. Please review Rainbow ([iniciar sesión para ver URL]) / IBuySpy portal kit and understand that we should be able to add your module under Rainbow. I have attached 1 module (zip file) developed for Rainbow. You can email me if you can’t download it and I will send file via email. The mod...

    $500 - $5000
    $500 - $5000
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    74994 submit form Finalizado left

    I need to submit two html forms to two different servers using one "Submit" button

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    **Urgent:** I had given this work to one of my most trusted coders. We had set a deadline of today. I have not heard from him in 4 days, and I am unable to reach him. At approximately 8 pm EST I will award this job to someone else if I have not heard from him. **You must have a proven track record here on RAC and be prepared to get the work done quickly**, as well as be able to communicate often u...

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    I have an HTML for that needs to send a thank you email and submit it's data to a MySQL db. at the same time, users need to be able to upload a .doc attachment to the server. I own the server so this shouldn't be a problem. At the moment, the form looks like this: [iniciar sesión para ver URL] The database will have one main table and 5 little tables. There will be fewer than...

    $100 (Avg Bid)
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    I am seeking a team of developers to propose an overhaul for my sites current p2p program listing. We have an existing system in place but need additional functionality to grow with market demands. Site is listed as the top destination for file sharing/p2p. Possible Development Includes: - Ability to Administer/Moderate programs - Ability for vistors to submit programs - Ability to p...

    $574 (Avg Bid)
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    My client site is a travel / tourism site based in Australia. I have done some design work for them in the past, and am now seeking a SERIOUS EXPERIENCED PROVEN search engine optimization consultant, preferably with an understanding of the specific challenges of the online travel category, although this is optional. NOTE ??" this project would ideally suit someone with other clients in o...

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    Our site is hosted at [iniciar sesión para ver URL] We have an online order process (<[iniciar sesión para ver URL]>) (login/pass = Rent/Rent) that needs a few changes and enhancements: 1) Wider field for property description that limits the # of characters that can be entered. 2) Auto Generate Paypal shopping cart from selections on order page. Right now users a...

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    We need someone to write ten pages of content for one of our websites Each page should be 300 - 500 words in length. We will supply ten keyword phrases which will form the basis for the content. You should have a good command of English and be able to research and write informative copy. You should aso be able to write to a deadline. We will ask the winning bidder to submit a paragraph of text on ...

    $39 (Avg Bid)
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    Small recruitment company requires PROFESSIONALLY DEVELOPED WEBSITE to enable jobseekers and clients to access areas of interest easily and effectively. Jobseekers should be able to seek quickly and effectively for specific roles and with advanced search options available. Have a look at [[iniciar sesión para ver URL]][1] I want my functionality of my jobseekers to be like that and I want m...

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    75729 PPC Banner Made Finalizado left

    I need a professional banner made for my site, must be 468 x 60 in size and be .jpg format. My site is [iniciar sesión para ver URL] (scriptlance - i do not wish to advertise my site, but i wish to see samples of a banner before choosing a winner) Please go to the site and design something that represents the content. One must is that, it must display "Earn 60% per click", and ...

    $20 (Avg Bid)
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    I need to find a SEO specialist for our new site, using the freelancer v 2.5 script. No access to server will be given - I will send you the header / footer file, and expect you to make the necessary modifications. I will pay by escrow, and release the escrow payments only when I actually see results. The task will be to provide optimized header / footer, and submit the site to the search engine...

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