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C# Programming is a widely-used, versatile, and powerful programming language that offers a range of possibilities for developing software applications. C# Programmers can create custom software solutions for clients, ranging from desktop and mobile apps to web-based applications and games. By hiring an expert C# Programmer on, clients can take their projects to new levels of efficiency, interactivity, and performance. Here's some projects that our expert C# Programmers made real:

  • Database synchronization tools for central server management
  • Augmented Reality integration for mobile and desktop applications
  • Card game development in Flutter
  • Setting up secure VPN connections via BlueStacks5 emulator
  • NinjaTrader 8 future trading strategy development
  • Windows application creation for various business needs
  • Web development using C# for robust web-based applications
  • Desktop software solutions for wholesale business goods accounting
  • Object Oriented Programming with Hash Dictionary in C#
  • Fuzz testing harness creation using AFL (American Fuzzy Lop) for Windows Services

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    Hola, tengo un script con planes me lo muestra tipo selector y lo quiero mejor visualmente. adjuto como lo muestra los planes y como quiero que lo muestre. La blanca es como se muestra y la azul como quiero que se vean, enviame mensaje con precio y tiempo

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    I'm in need of a desktop-based Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) Loan Management Software. The software should have the following primary features: - Customer Management: The software should enable me to manage customer details, track their loan information, and monitor their repayment status. - Loan Disbursement and Collection: It should automate the process of loan disbursement and collection, including interest calculation and payment reminders. - Reporting and Analytics: The software should have robust reporting capabilities, providing key insights on my loan portfolio, financial performance, and customer data. In addition to these core features, I'd like the software to have: - Document Management: A feature that allows me to store and manage necessary documents relate...

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    I have a backend system that needs tweaking. Specifically, I would like to make adjustments to the coin transaction feature. Currently, all transactions, regardless of the coin amount, are incurring fees. I want to change this so that transactions over a certain amount of coins are exempt from remittance fees. Key Requirements: - Adjust the backend system to exempt transactions over a certain coin amount from remittance fees - Implement the exemption based on a specific percentage reduction Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in C - Strong understanding of backend development and database management - Experience with transaction fee implementation and adjustment - Familiarity with cryptocurrency transactions would be a plus Your main deliverable will be a backend system that accurately exempts ...

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    I'm seeking an expert to refine our backend coin transaction feature with a specific focus on the transaction fee calculation aspect. Key Requirements: - **Transaction Fee Optimization**: The primary goal is to reduce the overall fees incurred by users during transactions. Your role will involve analyzing the existing fee calculation model, identifying inefficiencies, and proposing and implementing changes to lower the fees while ensuring they remain competitive within the market. Ideal Candidate: - **Past Work**: Please provide examples of previous projects where you've successfully optimized transaction fees. This project is suited for a developer with a strong backend and blockchain expertise, particularly in fee structures and optimization. The successful freelancer wil...

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    Hat Customiser/Simulator 6 días left

    I am seeking a skilled developer to further develop an existing hat customiser. This customiser has already been developed to some extent, and I now have a 3D designer who is creating new models and additional assets for the hats. The customiser is based on a woocommmerce website using unity (currently). Scope of Work: Integration of New Assets: Incorporate the new hat models and assets being designed by our 3D artist into the existing customiser. Ensure seamless integration and functionality with the existing assets and features. Enhancement of User Experience: Improve the overall user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to make the customiser intuitive and user-friendly. Ensure the customiser is responsive and works smoothly across various devices and browsers. Feature Developmen...

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    Help fix a Unity Android Project 6 días left

    I need help fixing a Unity Project. I have successfully connected the project to a FireBase Realtime Database and made the initial UI and setup. It works as it should in the editor, but when I export the APK and install it on my phone, it doesn't connect to firebase. It didn't use to be a problem so I can only assume that it's an issue with permissions or security on my new phone with a higher Android Version. I'm banging my head against the wall, so I thought I might as well get someone who knows more about it to show me what the problem is. I'm using a Samsung S23 Ultra with Android Version 14. I just need someone to either show me the issue over zoom or receive the project and fix it themselves and then tell me how to fix it in the future, as I have more p...

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    I have an ASP.NET Core web application that uses a free HTML5 library to read barcodes from a mobile camera. However, the quality of the barcode scanning is not satisfactory and I need to enhance it for better accuracy and efficiency. Key Requirements: - Improve the quality of barcode scanning - Implement auto zoom to select the barcode - Focus on Code 128 barcode type - Ensure the functionality works seamlessly in a web browser on a mobile device Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in ASP.NET Core - Experience with HTML5 - Proficient in barcode scanning technology - Ability to optimize camera quality for barcode reading - In-depth knowledge of Code 128 barcode type

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    MVC 6.0 to API Conversion Expert 6 días left

    I need an expert in MVC 6.0 to help convert an app to a Restful API, which will enable better system integration. The required functionalities are data retrieval, user authentication, and process automation tasks. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in C#/.NET framework - Extensive experience in converting MVC 6.0 applications to APIs - Solid understanding of data retrieval, user authentication, and process automation - Proven track record in scalable and secure system integrations. The ideal freelancer should demonstrate a broad knowledge base in MVC 6.0 to API conversion while operating within the C#/.NET framework. Having a solid track record in this area is vital.

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    I'm urgently in need of a highly skilled programmer with expertise in C++, C#, Flutter, as well as Canon EOS SDK for a project that has to be completed as soon as possible. To be an ideal candidate, you'll need: - Proficiency in C++, C#, and Flutter - Familiarity with Canon EOS SDK - Ability to deliver high-quality work swiftly Please detail your previous experiences in these specific programming languages and any relevant completed projects. Timely completion is crucial for this project.

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    I have a crucial 1-page issue that I need fixing on my MVC Core and DevExtreme project. The problem is that the page isn't loading at all - it's just a blank screen. I've checked, and there are no error messages to guide me on what's happening. I need a developer with significant experience working with MVC Core and DevExtreme to help me diagnose and resolve this issue. Your application should demonstrate your experience with similar projects and your skills in dealing with complex web development problems. Your proposal should clearly outline how you plan to tackle this issue. The successful freelancer will be able to troubleshoot and resolve the problem promptly, ensuring the page is loading and functioning correctly again.

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    We're looking to implement SharePoint to uplift our organizational efficiency by centralizing document storage and management. This project aims to integrate three main features: 1. Document Management: This remains the core feature where each document gets assigned unique identification, arranged, stored, and traced with ease. 2. Collaboration Tools: To smoothen and enhance the work ethic among our employees, a collaborative workspace is essential. The integrated tools should allow multitasking, document editing and sharing in real-time. 3. Workflow Automation: We aim to streamline our work processes by automating repetitive tasks, therefore, a successful SharePoint integration should facilitate this efficiently. This solution will be used by all our employees, therefore, it sh...

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    I'm looking for an experienced .NET Core developer focusing on web and API development. The specific tasks for this project are: - Developing a secure web application using .NET Core. - Implementing API development with data encryption. - Incorporating user authentication into both the web application and API. - Ensuring integration with third-party services. - The developed solution must be compatible with Linux. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in .NET Core, specifically in web development and API development. - Experienced in data encryption and user authentication. - Familiar with integrating third-party services. - Knowledgeable on Linux systems. Understanding of best practices for secure web and API development is a must. Prior experience with similar projects will be highly valu...

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    I need an .exe program to encrypt and protect my game mods from the decoding software ( kn5Converter ) that it is playable and that they cannot remove the fbx with content manager, nor modify the data.

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    I'm seeking a developer to create a simple and efficient shopping cart system using C# and SQL. The project involves the implementation of the following key functionalities: - **Add to Cart and Checkout**: The shopping cart should allow users to add items to their cart and proceed to a seamless checkout process. This includes processing orders and confirming successful payments. The desired user interface should be **minimalistic and clean**, providing a smooth and intuitive shopping experience. While no specific payment gateways are required to be integrated at this stage, any prior experience in handling payment systems within C# would be a bonus. Experience with SQL is also a must, as it will be the backbone of our data management. A strong portfolio in e-commerce or retail web...

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    I want to make a watch list of maybe a couple dozen tickers, such as QQQ, and simply run a daily report that offers the following information: 1 Day ATR value 5 Day ATR value 25 Day ATR value 1 Day Range value 2 Day Range value 3 Day Range value 4 Day Range value 5 Day Range value 6 Day Range value 7 Day Range value 8 Day Range value 9 Day Range value 10 Day Range value Lower Bollinger Band value (20 day) Upper Bollinger Band value (20 day) VIX value OHLC values OHLC 2 Days Prior values Price Closes Above High From 2 Days Ago: True/Not True Price Closes Below Low From 2 Days Ago: True/Not True Close in relation to current day range in percentage value: (example: .25 - meaning top 25% of daily range) Number of consecutive higher closes value (example: 2) Number of consecutive lower closes...

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    I'm looking for an experienced C# developer to build a simple online store website with SQL server and integrate credit card payment functionality.

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    I need to be able to validate addresses with Google Maps. If incorrect, show the error. And if it is correct: -Show it on the map. -Be able to obtain geolocation. I need the code in VB.Net

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    I am seeking a talented and experienced software developer to create an integrated software platform for a school management system and an English language lab. Your job will involve the following aspects: - **School Management Software:** While I haven't specified the main features, my expectations are that the software will efficiently manage attendance, gradebook, and timetable scheduling. - **Language Lab Software:** The language lab software should include specific functionalities such as pronunciation practice, listening exercises, and speaking exercises. - **Platform Compatibility:** It's essential that both the school management and language lab software are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Web (browser-based) platforms. Ideal candidates for this job will have: - P...

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    I have a M.V.C web app, it's working fine But Is suddenly gets down so I have to restart web server.

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    Restaurant POS for Windows 6 días left

    I am in need of a point-of-sale solution specifically designed for a restaurant environment. Key Features: - Compatibility with Windows/Andoid/IOS - Integration with Inventory Management System - Integration with Online Ordering Platform - Simple and user-friendly interface - Real-time data updates Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in developing Windows-compatible POS systems - Experience with integrating external systems - Familiarity with Inventory Management Systems and Online Ordering Platforms - Strong UI/UX design skills - Ability to implement real-time data synchronization Please note that the exact number of products to be managed in the inventory is not specified. It may vary but should be scalable for future expansion.

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    I need a Power Automate expert who can seamlessly automate the transfer of images from a SharePoint list into a Microsoft Word template. Specifically, this project requires: - Fetching the Image from SharePoint List - Incorporating these into a Microsoft Word template - Ensuring the image is isolated without any overlay Ideal candidates will have prior experience automating tasks with Power Automate, as well as a solid understanding of SharePoint and Microsoft Word's integration points. Proficiency in handling and formatting images within Word templates will also be advantageous.

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    I'm in search of a skilled AI developer who can create a set of advanced trading bots that can analyze historical market data and economic indicators, and execute trades accordingly. The bots are expected to integrate Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies to facilitate their trading decisions. Key Functions: - Automated Trading: The AI bots should be capable of executing trades on my behalf based on the data they process, without the need for manual intervention. - Risk Management: The system should include intelligent risk management strategies, to minimize potential losses.

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    I'm seeking a skilled software developer who can create an invoicing program compatible with Windows. The primary feature this software must have is payment processing capabilities. Key Requirements: - Windows Compatibility: The software must be designed to operate seamlessly on Windows OS. - Payment Processing: This is the core function of the software. It should be able to process payments efficiently. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Software Development: A strong background and experience in software development, particularly in Windows environment. - Payment Processing: Prior experience in developing software with payment processing capabilities. - Attention to Detail: The software must be meticulously designed to ensure it is user-friendly and bug-free.

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer who can design a control app in C# for a large monorail moving car and arduino. Key Requirements: - The monorail is more than 5 meters long, so the app should be able to handle the control and operation of a large vehicle. - The monorail needs to stop when a limit switch is pressed. This feature is crucial for safety and operational purposes. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in C# development - Experience with developing control apps for large industrial vehicles - Familiarity with integrating hardware components (limit switches) with software - Knowledge of safety protocols for large vehicles Kindly provide a few examples of your past projects that are relevant to this task. The deadline for this project is flexible.

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    I am kick-starting a new enterprise and need an adept software developer who can create a software version of an Excel sheet I've been using. The key functions to incorporate are: - Data management that precisely mimics the current flow of my Excel data handling. - Powerful calculation and analysis tools like those in Excel to assure no data processing power is lost during transition. - Reporting and visualization features to provide easy to understand data presentations and insights. - User-friendly interface that ensures easy navigation and usage. Being a Windows user, I need the software to be compatible with my operating system. The perfect freelancer for this project will have experience in Windows software development, Excel, calculation tools, visualization, and user interfac...

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    I'm seeking a developer capable of creating a parent window that will be used for managing numerous (11 or more) Ninja Trader chart windows. The software should function on the Windows operating system. Highlight features of the application should include: - The capability to minimize and maximize the parent window - The ability to resize the parent window as required - Icon visibility for easy navigation and access Developers applying for this project need to have experience in creating Windows-based applications and be familiar with Ninja Trader platform. Understanding the mechanism of chart windows will be highly beneficial in successfully completing this project. The aim is to create a functional, user-friendly application that improves the efficiency of managing multiple char...

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    I've developed a tide prediction application in .NET using C#. However, the results are not accurate due to an incorrect formula. The source code of a similar application in Fortran is available to help correct this issue. I'm looking for a freelancer with experience in Fortran to implement the tide calculation formula and accuracy enhancement algorithm from the Fortran application into my .NET application. Key Requirements: - Implementing Tide Calculation Formula: The candidate should be able to understand and rewrite the tide calculation formula present in the Fortran code. - Accuracy Enhancement Algorithm: The freelancer should implement the accuracy enhancement algorithm from the Fortran application into my .NET application. The successful freelancer should have: - Prior Ex...

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    Good morning!! I am looking for a programmer with extensive knowledge of the Sierra Chart trading platform as I would like to automate my trading strategy which will include a lot of coding as well as creating many parameters!! secondly, be able to create a copier that will be able to copy my live trades from Sierra Chart to the tradovate trading platform!! in order to duplicate them on tradovate!! I remain at your disposal to discuss it in more detail!! Please!! I am looking for a serious person because I am looking for someone for the long term!! THANK YOU!!

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    I am in need of experienced online trainers who are proficient in C# within the .NET framework and React for an advanced-level training sessions. The goal is to help attendees enhance their skills and understanding of these technologies. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in C# within the .NET framework - Strong understanding and experience in React - Prior experience in conducting advanced-level training sessions - Ability to deliver live, engaging and interactive online sessions The ideal candidate should have: - Proven track record of delivering high quality training on the mentioned technologies - Excellent communication skills and ability to engage with advanced learners - Up-to-date knowledge of the latest industry trends in C# and React - Tech-savvy with a passion for teaching and im...

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    I'm looking for a skilled Flutter developer who can help me integrate an SDK written in C# to my Flutter app Key requirements: - Integrate C# SDK: You will be responsible for integrating the existing C# SDK into the Flutter app. Ideal skills: - Proficient in Flutter: You should have a strong background in Flutter development. Experience with integrating third-party SDKs will be a plus. - Familiar with C#: Since the SDK is written in C#, you should be comfortable working with C# code. This project is time-sensitive, so I'm looking for someone who can take on the task and deliver within a reasonable timeframe.

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    I'm looking for an experienced Android app developer to create a comprehensive bills payment app. The app should encompass the following key features: - Bill Payments for Utilities: The app should allow users to seamlessly pay utility bills such as electricity, water, and more. - Mobile Recharge and Data Purchase: The app should also facilitate mobile recharge and data purchase for a variety of mobile networks. - Transaction History and Reports: Users should be able to view their transaction history and generate reports as needed. The app needs to be modeled after the app found at Furthermore, it should have API linking to I require the integration of Flutterwave as the preferred payment gateway. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Proficiency in Android app developme...

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    Wer kann mir Api Cam Schnittstelle von c h a u r b a t e auf server einstellen.

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    I'm seeking a skilled professional to integrate the Zatca Fatoora Portal Phase 2 with Dynamics AX 2009. Key Responsibilities: - Syncing Sales Orders: Ensure that sales orders are seamlessly synchronized between both systems, to streamline the sales process and data flow. - Invoice Generation: Implement a system that automatically generates invoices in Dynamics AX 2009 based on transactions in the Zatca Fatoora Portal Phase 2. Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience in integrating systems, especially with Dynamics AX 2009. - Previous successful projects working with Zatca Fatoora Portal Phase 2 integration. - Proficient in handling both Sales Orders and Invoice Generation. - Strong communication skills- should keep me updated through instant messaging. Please include your ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled MAUI Professional Developer to take on the backend development of my project. The primary focus of this job is on API development and its integration with cloud storage services. Key Responsibilities: - Develop, test, and maintain APIs for the MAUI application. - Integrate these APIs with cloud storage services, ensuring smooth and efficient data management. Ideal Candidate: As the ideal candidate, you should have a strong background in back-end development, specifically in API development. Experience in MAUI is a must. Knowledge of cloud storage services and their integration is highly desirable. Skills and Experience Needed: - Proven experience in API development - Proficient in backend development - MAUI development experience is a plus - Familiarity wi...

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    I'm looking for a C# and Angular expert to assist me with the completion of my final year college project. Library management system. The project is nearly completed and I need someone who can help me finalize it. Key Tasks: - Assist with the final stages of the project - Pair program with me to achieve efficiency - Ensure the project is completed to high standards - I want to modify the front end look - add two buittons in the library where a user can order a resource fromt eh library if availablke adn if not then tghey need to be able to reserve it and see it in a list on how long the wait is for the resource Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in .NET (C#) and Angular - Previous experience with collaborative programming - Strong problem-solving skills - Understanding of software deve...

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    I'm looking for a procurement consultant with expertise in identifying the best software solution that can support various operations in my business. This should include: - Inventory Management: The software should provide comprehensive inventory management for large scale operations with over 500 items. - Purchase Order Processing: A system that efficiently manages purchase orders is essential. - Supplier Management: The capability to maintain a streamlined process of handling multiple suppliers is critical. - Integrated Shipping Tracking: I need the solution to feature shipping tracking, ideally integrated with a real-time dashboard. My preference is for a cloud-based platform, with no specific operating system requirement. If you have a robust background in procurement, busine...

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer who can create a software that will automatically backup my IMAP email to EML format. Key Project Requirements: - Software Name: IMAP to EML Email Backup - The goal of the software is to backup emails from my IMAP server to a EML file. - The backup process should be fully automated, allowing me to set a specific schedule for when it should run. - Backup every X hours, days, weeks, adding the new e-mails into EML file - Each backup will append to existing eml file - The software should be robust and reliable, ensuring that all the data is backed up accurately and securely. - Ability to add as many e-mails as I need - E-mail me if any e-mail failed. - Fully Portable, EML Backup files in Backup, file name should be: - Be able to Add, Edit, Delete...

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    I'm looking to develop a cloud-based calendar and project management system for our construction company. This software will serve as a central hub for our construction team to collaborate and stay updated on project progress in real-time. Key Features: - Task Management: The software should allow users to create, assign, and track tasks. This feature will help us ensure that everyone is clear on their responsibilities and deadlines. - Document Sharing: The system should enable the uploading, storage, and sharing of documents among team members. We need to keep our files organized and accessible to those who need them. - Team Collaboration: An essential component of this software is its ability to facilitate team collaboration. This will allow our team members to work together effic...

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    I'm in need of a skilled software developer to create a web application. Key Requirements: - A web application that specializes in data analysis. This will involve handling and processing large volumes of data efficiently. - Compatibility with both Windows and MacOS operating systems. The application should run smoothly on both platforms. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in web development, particularly in creating user-friendly and intuitive web applications. - Strong background in data analysis and handling large data sets. - Experience in developing software that is compatible with multiple operating systems.

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    I am in need of a developer who is experienced with Go High Level API and can help integrate my custom Win Forms application with a SQL backend. The primary goal of this integration is to sync customer information between the two systems. This will include transferring fields such as Name, Email, Phone number, job cost,etc. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Go High Level API - Strong experience with Win Forms application development - Previous work with SQL backend integration - Understanding of customer data synchronization The project involves: - Configuring the API to fetch and update customer information - Mapping and transferring specific customer fields between the Win Forms application and the SQL backend - Ensuring the synchronization process is seamless and error-free - Testing to ...

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    I'm seeking a developer to create a POS software with a subscription-based model for my business. Requirements: - The software should be compatible with Android or Windows Desktop. - I expect freelancers to submit examples of their previous work. - Experience in developing POS software is highly preferred. Responsibilities: - Development of a user-friendly POS software. - Integration of necessary features for a subscription-based model. - Ensuring the software is bug-free and secure. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in software development for Windows and Android. - Previous work in the development of POS systems. - Ability to integrate secure payment gateways. Please provide examples of your past work in your application.

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    We need an MS Dynamics GP master developer to help maintain our 3rd party application integration. Our software Freight+ is already integrated with MS Dynamics GP but we have not brought forward out mods since 2018 and our old developer is MIA. We need a developer to bring forward the exiting mods to newer builds. Our product "Freight+ Shipping Manifest" is integrated with MS Dynamics GP (older builds). All the coding is done we need someone to migrate code to newer builds YOU NEED TO HAVE ACCESS MS DYNAMICS SOURCE CODE AND NEWER BUILDS Key Responsibilities: - Ensure the smooth integration of the 3rd party application with MS Dynamics GP Sales module - Implement feature updates as required Experience in the following will be essential: - Proficiency in MS Dynamics GP ...

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    We're a property rental company in Spain, seeking a full-stack developer to build a comprehensive database with a user-friendly front end for our employees. Key Features: - **User Management**: We need robust user registration and login capabilities with varying access levels. Beyond that, we require user profiles and permissions, as well as user activity tracking. - **Booking Management**: The system should facilitate guest onboarding and property management. This includes guest verification, payment of the fianza, and check-in/check-out processes. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Solid understanding of SQL for database management Full stack developer for front and back end - Proficient in front-end development for user-friendly interface - Experience with user management systems a...

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    I'm in need of an experienced developer who can create an addon for Autopsy, the open-source digital forensics platform. The addon should primarily focus on enhancing the search functionality and introducing data visualization tools. Key Requirements: - Compatibility: The addon should be compatible with both Windows and Linux operating systems. - Search Functionality: The addon should significantly improve the search capabilities of Autopsy, making it more efficient and user-friendly. - Data Visualization: The development of data visualization tools should aid in the interpretation and presentation of the results obtained through the software. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in C++, Python, and Java - Previous experience in digital forensics software development - Unde...

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    Description: Are you a talented developer with a passion for creating cutting-edge SaaS solutions? We are looking for an experienced developer to help us build the MVP for an innovative time tracking and timesheet management software aimed at agency employees. This is a unique opportunity to be part of an exciting project from the ground up and contribute to a tool that will make a significant impact in the industry. Project Overview: Type: MVP Development for a Time Tracking SaaS Overview: Develop core features for an innovative time tracking and timesheet management software tailored for agency employees. The MVP will focus on automation, integration with project management tools, data privacy, and user-friendly interface. Responsibilities: Develop and implement core features of th...

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    I'm in search of an experienced game developer to assist with the creation of a Survival Game (RPG) for PC. This project involves not only the development of the game itself but also the integration of multiplayer functionality. Key Project Details: - The design focus is an RPG theme; experience in this genre is a significant asset. - The game is intended to be multiplayer, so experience with multiplayer functionality is crucial. - This is not a mobile or console project, experience on PC game development is mandatory. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in popular game developing software and languages such as Unity, C#, C++, or the Unreal Engine. - Previous experience in developing multiplayer RPGs for PC is ideal. - Knowledge of PC game trends, mechanics, and the competitive lan...

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    I am seeking a proficient freelancer to develop an AI-Enhanced MRP and Production Planning System for my manufacturing business. This is a comprehensive project that goes beyond mere inventory management, sales forecasting, and work order management. It extends to dynamic aspects such as human planning, machine planning, production priorities, and even predictive maintenance in machinery planning. Key Features: - Inventory Management - Sales Forecasting - Work Order Management - Human and Machine Planning - Production Priorities - Material needs AI Integration: - Predictive Maintenance in Machinery Planning - Demand Forecasting in Sales and Production - Optimization in Production Priorities Preferred Skills & Experience: - Comprehensive understanding of MRP and Production Planning ...

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    I'm in need of a React Native developer to assist with making some changes to an existing project. Your primary task will be to change the package name and generate a release APK. Key Details: - You will need to work on my laptop: I will provide full access via AnyDesk, so you can work remotely. - Experience with React Native is a must. Previous experience with changing package names and generating release APKs is highly preferred. - The task shouldn't take long, but attention to detail is crucial to ensure the app isn't broken during the process. Please bid if you have the availability to work on this task promptly and have the relevant experience.

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    In this lab exercise, you will add ASP.NET Identity authentication to the existing ASP.NET Core MVC project created in the previous lab. Additionally, you will implement Single Sign-On (SSO) using GitHub accounts. Requirements: The ASP.NET Core MVC project created in the previous lab exercise. A GitHub account. Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code. Completed LAB01, and LAB02 Steps: Open the application created in LAB02 Add ASP.NET Identity to the project:Install the necessary NuGet packages for ASP.NET Identity:dotnet add package dotnet add package In the "" file, add the following code in the ConfigureServices() method to configure Identity:<IdentityUser>() .AddEntityFrameworkStores<ApplicationDbContext>(); Update the ApplicationDbContext class in the "Data&quo...

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