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Electrical Engineering is an engineering field that deals with the study and application of electricity, telecommunications, electronics, and certain components of electromagnetism. Electrical engineers are qualified and knowledgeable professionals who have an adept understanding of electricity, circuits, and electrical products to develop, design and operate electrical systems.

At we have a variety of Electrical Engineers that understand the complexities of the industry, who can help our clients in their projects. They can help them design, build and install the electrical system into their projects. They can identify potential issues in the design and could plan out problem-solving techniques to make sure the project is 100% up to industry standards.

Here's some projects that our expert Electrical Engineer made real:

  • Renewable energy projects
  • Repairs on wiring systems for homes and businesses
  • Projects involving electrical circuits and computer hardware
  • Projects involving testing, operating and maintaining equipment related to electricity
  • Troubleshooting electrical faults

Our experts in Electrical Engineering bring the highest level of precision to every project that they work on. They are equipped with the latest knowledge in the field along with extensive experience in research and development to develop innovative solutions.

When it comes to Electrical Engineering, we’ve got you covered! We would love for you to post your project on today so we can provide you with a wide range of experienced Electrical Engineers who can help you achieve the desired goal for your project.

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    I'm seeking a proficient Matlab programmer to help me in developing a code for a particular application.

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    I require a skilled electrical engineer to design a power supply and distribution system for a residential property. A successful candidate will be highly competent in creating efficient layouts for electrical systems in homes, with a proven track record in the industry. Your expertise should encompass: - Designing a comprehensive power supply and distribution system - Understanding, adhering to, and navigating residential electrical regulations - Prior experience with residential electrical systems, specifically power supply and distribution designs With your help, I anticipate an electrical design that ensures power is distributed effectively within a residential setting. Willingness to collaborate on this project and provide expert guidance is much appreciated. Looking forward to a d...

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    I'm in search of an expert engineer well-versed in SCADA ABB DCS automation specifically using the 800 XA system with the P13 controller. I require assistance with two main areas; programming and troubleshooting. Key Responsibilities: - Programming: The ideal candidate would be adept at programming on the SCADA ABB DCS automation 800 XA system. This task may involve creating new programs, updating existing ones, or optimizing them for better performance. - Troubleshooting: The engineer should be able to diagnose and resolve any issues that may arise while working with the system. This is especially true for data analysis and reporting, which I am currently facing problems with. Access to the System: I am able to provide both remote and physical access to the system, as needed...

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    I'm in need of an experienced engineer to create a highly sensitive Radio Frequency (RF) front end. The task involves listening to AM frequencies and UHF frequencies. To be more specific, we need to implement the Pseudo Doppler effect on the AM frequencies to determine direction. On the UHF side, we require decoding of Binary Phase Shift Keying (BPSK) data bursts. Specifics of the project include: - Development of a highly sensitive RF front end. - Implementation of Pseudo Doppler effect for direction determination. - Decoding of BPSK data bursts on UHF frequencies. Ideal applicants should have: - Proven experience in RF engineering, particularly with AM and UHF frequencies. - Proficiency in implementing signal processing techniques like Pseudo Doppler effect. - Prior experience i...

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    I'm on the lookout for a professional who can assist with the design of a Riser board. The primary objective of this board is to connect SATA to USB 3.0 Micro B. The riser board will plug into a normal SATA connector/s on a Motherboard and a normal USB 3.0 Micro B (External HDD/SSD) must plug into the riser board. Key Requirements: - The board must be able to handle up to 6 drives. Power Supply: - The Riser board is expected to make use of onboard power through the PC Power Supply. Ideal Skills: - Experience in designing Riser boards. - Proficiency in converting signals between SATA and USB 3.0 Micro B. - Understanding of the power requirements of a Riser board. - Ability to create a compact design that accommodates up to 6 drives.

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    I'm in need of an expert in drone design and manufacture. I'm looking to create an innovative Emergency Response Arial Drone (EMRAD) that can be used in critical situations. Key Features: - Capable of flying 200 miles from a ground remote pilot van station - Able to carry up to 230 pounds - Must fly at top speeds of 100 miles per hour - Have a battery life of at least 10 hours Essential Functions: - Real-time video streaming - Autonomous navigation - Weather resistance Communication System: - Long-range communication - Secure communication - Multi-channel communication The ideal candidate should have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing drones, especially with a focus on emergency response. A proven track record of creating drones with similar capabilities is h...

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    I need a skilled individual to design a control module that can operate the power steering of a small hobby vehicle. I'm wanting the design of a control module to operate a power steering assembly for a small hobby vehicle. The module is to power the strain gauge sensor(pictures), receive the feed-back signals, and amplify them to operate the actuator(pictures ) in proportion to the forces on the sensor. The module should have provision for adjusting the initial activation threshold as well as adjustment for the gain or sensitivity of the response. The units are to operate on normal 10 to 14.5 Volt DC automotive supply. Ideal candidates should have experience in electronic design and a strong understanding of control modules. Knowledge in vehicle operations, specifically power ste...

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    I'm looking for a seasoned PLC programmer with a flair for Panasonic. My requirement is to implement a PLC program to control a 24V DC magnetic lock powered by an embedded power supply. The magnetic lock needs to be coupled with a timer for a dry cabinet. Ideal freelancer for this role should have: - Experience with Panasonic PLCs. - A clear understanding of 24V DC magnetic locks with any recommended power supply. - Knowledge on interfacing magnetic locks with timers. - Excellence in debugging and testing. Let's discuss how you can help.

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer who can design a control app in C# for a large monorail moving car and arduino. Key Requirements: - The monorail is more than 5 meters long, so the app should be able to handle the control and operation of a large vehicle. - The monorail needs to stop when a limit switch is pressed. This feature is crucial for safety and operational purposes. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in C# development - Experience with developing control apps for large industrial vehicles - Familiarity with integrating hardware components (limit switches) with software - Knowledge of safety protocols for large vehicles Kindly provide a few examples of your past projects that are relevant to this task. The deadline for this project is flexible.

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    I'm looking for an experienced Arduino coder who can help me set up a heart rate monitoring and alert system. Here are the specifics of the project: - You will be working with an Arduino Nano. - The project involves interfacing with an XD-58C Pulse Sensor. - The heart rate should be displayed as a waveform graph on a 124x64 LCD display. - Additionally, a text alert should be displayed if the heart rate exceeds 100bpm. It will be ideal if you have prior experience with the following: 1. Coding for Arduino Nano. 2. Working with pulse sensors, specifically the XD-58C Pulse Sensor. 3. Displaying data on LCD screens. 4. Implementing alert systems. Those with expertise in health monitoring systems will be given priority. This should not be a complex setup for an experienced individual...

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    I'm in need of a professional with extensive experience in structural, engineering and electrical design for a 5kW - 10kW residential solar system in the state of Virginia. This project requires a PE stamp for the entire design and advanced automation for efficiency. Key Requirements: - Structural Design: You should be able to provide structural letters and PE stamps for the solar system. - Engineering Design: You're expected to provide a comprehensive engineering design for the solar system. - Electrical Design: You should be able to create an electrical design that complements the overall system. Compliance: - The project must adhere to Virginia state codes and regulations. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in residential solar system design. - Ability to provide PE...

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    I am in need of an expert in Matlab with a specialization in Control Systems within the electrical field. Key requirements include: - Expertise in Matlab: The candidate should have a profound knowledge of Matlab and be able to apply it effectively to solve problems related to control systems. - Background in Electrical Engineering: A strong foundation in electrical engineering is crucial for understanding the context and relevance of the control systems within the field. - Experience in Control Systems: Previous experience in working with control systems is essential to efficiently tackle the task at hand. Your responsibilities will include: - Understanding the scope of the project and the specific requirements related to control systems. - Applying Matlab to design, analyze or implem...

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    I am on the hunt for a keen RTL Designer who is highly proficient in VHDL and Verilog. Your main task will be creating VHDL/Verilog code for a thermal sensor-related project. The work will involve: - Developing VHDL/Verilog codes designed specifically for Xilinx FPGAs. - Accommodating advanced code complexities, with a focus on custom processors or complex IP cores. Skills and Experience: - Well-versed in digital design and RTL coding - Extensive experience in VHDL/Verilog - Deep knowledge of Xilinx FPGAs - Experience in implementing advanced, custom processors, and complex cores Please, your bid should reflect your experience level and capability to handle this advanced task. Be prepared to share previous relevant work examples. Can't wait to collaborate with you on this exciti...

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    I'm in need of a skilled individual to help develop a solar-powered surveillance system. Ideal Skills: - Experience in surveillance system development - Solar energy expertise - Creative problem-solving skills - Ability to work independently Key Project Requirements: - Develop a solar-powered surveillance system designed for long-term use - Ensure the system is weather-proof and able to operate in various conditions - Integrate a user-friendly interface for easy monitoring - Be open to potential adjustments based on feedback - Provide clear documentation for the system This project doesn't have a strict deadline, so I'm more concerned with finding the right person for the job. If you're confident in your skills and have a strong background in both surveillance tech...

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    For this project, we're looking to develop an IoT platform focused on monitoring Modbus RTU devices. Collaborating directly with a keen professional, we hope to achieve the following: - Connection Capability: The platform must be able to seamlessly connect with Modbus RTU devices, gathering and managing significant amounts of information consistently. - Data Acquisition: Moreover, the platform should be designed to collect specific types of data such as temperature readings, pressure readings, power kW, and digital inputs. - Monitoring Functions: Primarily, the platform should be used to collect and supervise device data, allowing us to monitor device performance and make data-driven decisions. Ideal skills and experience for this project would be a firm understanding and pro...

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    I'm dealing with a problematic lighting situation in my commercial building. Specifically, the LED lights aren't turning on. (Hyperion 1750 LED Grow Light). They previously functioned correctly and without issue, so I'm not sure what changed. I figure someone with expertise in electrical wiring and LED lighting systems will be best suited to resolve this problem quickly and efficiently. You'd be the right fit if: - You have experience troubleshooting and fixing LED lighting systems. - You’ve worked with commercial building electricals before. - You're able to assess, diagnose, and enact a solution promptly. Do reach out if your profile matches these requirements, I'm eager to get these lights operational again. Thanks!

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    We seek a skilled developer to create a highly efficient 220V AC to 220V DC conversion system. The system must manage power to 10 different outputs with minimized loss (no more than 10% accepted). This involves: - Designing a circuit for continuous 220V DC output. - Using IGBTs for fast and efficient switching. - Adaptation of our existing Arduino ESP32 application for IGBT. - Integrating nichrome/carbonium wires and avoiding the use of TRIAC due to power loss in past tests. - Supplying a working prototype made by JLCPCB for real testing. Candidates need advanced experience in electrical engineering and microcontroller programming. Prior work with power conversion circuits is essential.

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    I'm in need of a skilled PCB designer to support the development of a prototype that will serve a very specific purpose. This project will require skills in microcontroller integration and resistor and capacitor design. Key Project Features: - My primary need involves the design and development of a custom PCB that will implement the microcontrollers and resistors/capacitors. - An integral function of the prototype will be wireless connectivity, thus a sound understanding of wireless tech is essential. Ideal Experience: - Extensive PCB design skills - Expertise in microcontrollers and resistors/capacitors design. - Experience in wireless technology integration in PCBs. Success in this task is the delivery of a well-functional, prototype PCB that meets these specifications. Looking...

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    I'm in need of a proficient engineer or technologist to create a specific circuit board design. This circuit board needs to cut off power supply from a 6 volts DC battery when a push-pull solenoid is activated. The solenoid's primary function is controlling a mechanical device. Key Specifications: - The solenoid involved must be designed with a specific travel distance of 1-3 inches. - Comprehension of solenoid operation and circuit design is crucial. - Skills in designing electronics that interface with mechanical devices are a big plus. In your proposal, please highlight your experiences with solenoid control systems and tell me how they relate to this project. I look forward to hearing from you!

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    Looking for an expert in ESP32 with good expertise in Arduino Coding. I will share work details in chat

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    I'm seeking a comprehensive project on the uses and applications of Continuous-wave (CW) radar specifically for measuring object vibrations in an industrial context. The project should be academic unique (passes plagiarism test), detailed and highly informative, covering the following key areas: - Overview of CW Radar: A detailed introduction and explanation of Continuous-wave radar technology, including the underlying principles, functionality, and typical uses. - Industrial Monitoring Applications: I'm particularly interested in understanding how CW radar can be effectively deployed for industrial vibration monitoring. This should include real-world case studies if possible. - Frequency Range: The radar system's operation in the low frequency range of 1-10 GHz is a critic...

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    I am in search for a skilled and experienced auditor to conduct an energy audit for my facility. The primary purpose of this audit is to identify potential improvements for energy efficiency. Our facility primarily uses electrical and mechanical energy. The main focus should be on the major energy-consuming areas including lighting systems, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), and equipment and machinery. The ideal freelancer should: - Have prior experience in conducting energy audits - Demonstrate vast knowledge in electrical and mechanical energy - Show expertise in improving efficiency in lighting, HVAC systems, and machinery Your role will involve a detailed investigation of our current energy usage, followed by in-depth analysis and recommendations on how we can impr...

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    I'm on the lookout for an experienced professional who can provide ongoing solar and battery design services for off-grid solutions. The designs produced should be compliant with Australian standards and customized for residential use. Key Project Requirements: • Solar panel selection and placement • Battery sizing and selection • Off-grid system design The environmental condition to consider is high temperatures; hence, an understanding of how to mitigate the effects of heat on solar and battery systems is crucial. Ideal Skills & Experience: • Proven experience in off-grid solar system design • Strong knowledge of battery technologies and sizing • Familiarity with Australian standards for off-grid solar systems • Experience designing s...

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    Simple PCB Design -- 2 5 días left

    I need a PCB designed for a prototype project. The PCB should be single-sided and include components as shown in the attached document. Please Don't bid If your budget exceeds 800 INR. Please Don't bid If your delivery time exceeds 24 Hour. Please include in your proposal any relevant experience and a basic outline of your approach to this project. I'm open to discussing the specifics of the project further with the selected freelancer.

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    Motion Tracking Sensor Device 5 días left

    The goal is to create a small, robust sensor device that includes an IMU unit, accelerometer, gyroscope, battery management system, and Bluetooth connectivity, among other features. The device will store data locally and transmit it via Bluetooth, Support over-the-air (OTA) updates, and NFC pairing. Hardware Requirements --------------------- - IMU unit: Accelerometer and Gyroscope - Battery Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery: Long-lasting and compact, suitable for frequent recharging. Battery Management System (BMS): Ensures safe charging and discharging. Charging Port: USB-C for recharging. - LED indicator Status LED: Indicates power, connection status, and low battery. - Microcontroller Low-power Microcontroller: Manages sensor data processing and communication. **See if...

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    I'm in urgent need of a proficient firmware developer to work on our existing product. The key task is programming the PIC12F510 microcontroller for communication with external devices. Key Requirements: - Proficient in firmware development, specifically for PIC12F510 microcontroller - Solid knowledge and experience in designing communication protocols - Strong understanding of communication with external devices The project has a tight deadline, so I need someone who can commit to this and deliver exceptional results quickly. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please get in touch as soon as possible.

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    For my project, I need a professional who can design an electronic circuit for me that is capable of timing. I'm particularly interested in a circuit that can count up. Due to the nature of this project, I don't need any additional extras such as LED Displays or Alarm sounds, it's a straightforward count-up timer I'm after. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive knowledge and experience in electronic engineering - Expertise in timer circuit design - Excellent problem-solving skills - Experience with electronic circuit design software.

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    ALTAIR FLUX 5 días left

    Hallo ich brauche jemanden der mit Altair flux Erfahrung hat und mir weiterhilft und eventuell anschließend über die Basics Nachhilfe gibt.

    $9 - $33
    $9 - $33
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    I'm seeking a skilled engineer with a deep understanding of rooftop HVAC units to work on a commercial property. Specifically, I need report showing roof can handle the weight of the HVAC package unit or what support is needed Key qualifications and skills: * Knowledge of commercial-grade rooftop units * Understanding of weight-bearing considerations * Experience working on commercial properties Not only will you handle the rooftop unit's design and selection, you will also coordinate its installation to ensure everything is done to the highest standards.

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    As part of my ongoing project, I am currently seeking engineers with 5-10 years of professional experience focusing on high-speed digital signal processing through FPGAs. You will be implementing RF Modems, developing RF channelisers using Polyphase filters, and contributing to Radar signal processing. Main tasks: - Implement RF Modems. - Develop RF channelisers using Polyphase filters. - Perform Radar signal processing. Requirements: - Proven expertise in FPGA-based signal processing. - 5-10 years of relevant experience. - Experience in working on RF technologies would be beneficial. This project is currently in an advanced stage. Therefore, it is expected that you will adapt swiftly and start contributing significantly. Please share your past experiences and accomplishments in FPGA...

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    I'm looking for an experienced FPGA expert who can help me with a project that involves developing the architecture, implementing the logic, and ensuring that the functionality is correct. The main goals of this project are data processing, signal processing, and hardware acceleration. While I did not specify a language preference, experience with languages like VHDL, Verilog, and SystemVerilog would be a plus. Key requirements for this project include: - Develop the FPGA architecture - Implement the logic for data and signal processing - Ensure the FPGA functions as intended for hardware acceleration Please apply if you have a strong background in FPGA design and implementation, and are able to work with the specified languages.

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    I am looking to develop a frequency amplifier specifically designed to improve AM radio signals in an outdoor context. This system should be able to significantly enhance audio quality and strength of the signals. Skillsets & Experience: - Expertise in radio frequency (RF) engineering - Previous experience designing frequency amplifiers, especially for AM radio - Knowledge on outdoor environmental factors influencing AM signal - Ability to propose and implement solutions for signal interference in outdoor settings Automatic TX/RX switching TX Power 35 dBm (3.5W) RX gain 20 dB Max. Input TX Power 21 dBm Min. Input TX Power 6 dBm Max. Input RX Power -13 dBm Power supply +5V DC 700-1050 MGh І 2400-2485 MGh Deliverables: - A reliable frequency amplifier that boosts AM radio signal...

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    I'm searching for an experienced engineer specialized in impedance sensors design and integration with micro-controllers. I aim to build a sensor that specifically monitors low voltage electrical signals, ranging from 0-5V. Key Details: - The primary function of the designed impedance sensor would be to monitor electrical signals primarily, with a focus on low-voltage ranges (0-5V). - This sensor would need to be integrated with analog devices. - Possess strong background in Electrical Engineering or related fields - Solid experience with analog devices & low voltage impedance sensor design is a must. The ideal candidate should have proven experience in similar projects. Mastery of impedance sensor building, ability to work with micro-controllers is important. This is an exce...

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    I require an expert with experience in academic content development to generate educational materials based on a series of detailed instructions. The content is to be produced in a video format. Key deliverables: - Creation of a video that caters to an advanced level audience. - The video must be comprehensive, following the step by step explanation provided. Ideal experience: - Proven track record in creating educational content, particularly for an advanced level audience. - Familiarity with the subject matter of ALTAIR FLUX would be beneficial. - Excellent video production and editing skills. - Strong ability to follow provided instructions accurately. I already did the most part Just the last 8 pages missing

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    I'm looking for a talented developer who can assist me in creating a GPRS-based Android App that can communicate with a remote battery and display its key data. Key Features: - The app should display battery voltage and status, updating this information every minute. - It should have a user-friendly interface, with real-time graphs showing the battery data. - I want to incorporate push notifications for critical battery levels. This is crucial for immediate attention to low battery situations. - Additionally, I'd like a manual refresh button for the data - this will help users monitor the battery at their convenience. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Android App Development - Experience with GPRS technology and remote data communication - Strong understanding of real-ti...

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    I'm in need of a dual voltage power supply transformer for an existing business. Key Requirements: - The first transformer will be designed to work up to 5W. - The second transformer should be capable of switching on up to 4kW. - The first transformer must have the capability to switch off the second one. - This project needs to be completed within a month. Ideal Freelancer: - I am seeking a freelancer with prior experience in power supply transformer design. - The individual must be capable of designing transformers with varying power outputs. Your application should therefore focus on demonstrating your experience in this area.

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    VHDL Code Editing and Correction 4 días left

    I'm in need of a VHDL expert who can debug and correct my existing code. The goal of the code is to print only numbers on the command screen. Key Requirements: - Debug and correct existing VHDL code. - Ensure the output is only numerical. - Open to suggestions on how to improve the existing code. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in VHDL. - Prior experience in debugging and modifying VHDL code. - Familiarity with interfacing VHDL code with external hardware. - Strong problem-solving skills.

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    Please do not bid if you have no experience with arduino IDE or esptool. Developers who do not understand the documentation should not bid. New freelancers also do not bid. I am currently working with an ESP32-PICO-D4 board and utilizing the Arduino IDE for programming. However, I've been consistently experiencing issues when trying to upload the firmware onto the board.

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    I'm looking for an AutoCAD designer to update an existing SLD drawing with a focus on electrical conduits and wiring. Key details include: - Proficient in the use of AutoCAD for SLD drawings - Relevant experience in electrical conduits and wiring schematic updates - Excellent attention to detail I will provide the original native schematics for you to integrate into one SLD. The end result should be a similar schematic with an as-built circuit drawing included, reflecting the enhancements that have been made.

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    I'm seeking assistance to tackle some specific concepts in measurement and electronics. The areas I need to focus on include: - Fundamental concepts: I need help particularly in understanding circuit analysis, electronic components and measurement techniques. - Circuit analysis: I desire to delve deeper into Ohm's Law, Kirchhoff's Laws, and Transient Analysis. -An ideal candidate is someone skilled in Measurement & Electronics and can help me grasp these topics thoroughly. The task is to help me truly grasp these concepts and subsequently apply them to the solved exercise questions provided. Your application of knowledge should help me deeply understand these underlying principles.

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    For my forthcoming academic project that will be featured in various respected SCI/SCIE/UGC journals, I am in search of a highly skilled research paper writer with knowledge in the electrical field. Your task will be to focus on the development of an Efficient Wireless EV Charging System. - Topic of Interest: Your main focus will be on the Power Systems aspect of Electrical Engineering, specifically revolved around the EV charging. - Objective: The objective of this research paper is to address the efficiency of the wireless EV charging system, focusing on improving its charging infrastructure. Your paper must stress optimizing the efficiency. - Specific Aspects: The research paper should comprehensively cover the following areas: 1. Charging efficiency and effectiveness 2. Safet...

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    Hello, everyone. I have a PCB board designed by a PCB developer. However, currently firmware cannot be uploaded. My goal is to upload “Hello world” firmware. The chip is ttgo micro-32. The chip is currently recognized by Arduino IDE. This tells us that there is no problem with the hardware connection. I don't want to write firmware. The ideal developer should have extensive experience with the Arduino IDE and esptool. I will award the project to the developer who solves this problem. Thanks.

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    I'm experiencing supply voltage fluctuations in an RS485 circuit that I designed for an industrial automation project. Key Requirements: - Schematic Improvement: I need an expert to suggest a modified schematic that will effectively solve the supply voltage fluctuations. The new design should ensure a stable and reliable power supply for the entire RS485 network. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in RS485: Strong understanding and experience in working with RS485 networks is essential for this project. - Industrial Automation Background: Prior exposure to industrial automation projects will be highly beneficial, as this will help you understand the specific requirements and challenges in this context. - Schematic Design: Experience in circuit design and the ability to rewor...

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    We need an expert in the selection of high-current DC-DC converters for managing power in a robot. Do you have a lot of experience with DC DC Converters? I mean the chips come from TI or Infineon Product Specifications Power Supply Voltage: DC 24-52 V Output Voltage: DC 5 V, DC 12 V, DC 24 V, and 48 V Dimensions: TBC Weight: Approx. TBC Maximum Input Current: 200A Output Current: 2x 24VDC 40A, 1x 24VDC 20A, 1x 48VDC 40A, 1x 19VDC 10A, 1x 12VDC 20A, 1x 5VDC 10A, We developed it for our Robot Input is 0-60VDC 200A Some factors are required such as small size, high performance, absolute safety (Smart PCBA) What is a recommendation of the TI chip you would use? FYI: LM5170-Q1 is my research. It can not be working with high-current

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    I want to drive the power valve control system on KTM 125/250 SX motorcycle. The objective is to drive the power valve with another ECU, instead of the OEM one. The new system is based on MCU SAMD21G18. I need interface with LIN bus, since the motor controller has a MCU that communicate with LIN bus. The mcu of the controller is: So, the SAMD21 shall communicate with the controller MCU that is already programmed by KTM. The objective is know the LIN messages from host (SAMD21) to the controller and viceversa. Is required to know how to make a LIN bus on SAMD21. - Knowledge of LIN bus protocol on KTM motorcycles and what messages are fundamental for driving the motor valve. - Experience with KTM motorcycles, particularly the 125/250 SX - Expertise in power valve control systems Your p...

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    I'm seeking a skilled PLC and Servo programmer. Your expertise should cover Omron, Siemens, and Mitsubishi brands. Key Responsibilities: - Implementing programming for the PLC and servo systems - Ensuring smooth, efficient and accurate operation - Meeting project deadlines Skills and Experience: - Profound experience in PLC and servo programming - Familiarity with Omron, Siemens, and Mitsubishi brands - Ability to work effectively under time constraints I have the necessary equipment so your primary focus would be programming. This is an urgent project and I need it completed ASAP. Only apply if you're immediately available and possess the right expertise.

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    I'm looking for an expert in Mitsubishi GX2 Works software who can effectively modify certain features in our current system. Here’s what I need: * Change Output and PLC values within the software * Specific focus on PLC ladder logic values The main task will involve: * Modifying the conditions for operations within the PLC ladder logic values The ideal freelancer should have: * In-depth knowledge and experience with Mitsubishi GX2 Works software * Experience in working with PLC values, especially PLC ladder logic values * Ability to modify conditions for operations within the system * Strong problem-solving skills, with an attention to detail Please bid only if you meet these requirements and can confidently deliver the results within the agreed time frame.

    $220 (Avg Bid)
    $220 Oferta promedio
    29 ofertas

    I'm seeking an experienced engineer to modify an Openflexure microscope into a fluorescent microscope. The primary aim is to enable it to scan samples and capture photographs. Key Features & Modifications: - Addition of fluorescence filters and light source - Alteration of the microscope objective to accommodate fluorescence - Upgrade of the digital camera to a 20Mp camera - Integration of an autofocus system - Software development for automated operation Image Analysis Features: I'm also in need of a software with the following key image analysis features: - Cell counting - Measurement of fluorescence intensity - Automated focus adjustment during sample area scanning Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in microscope modification and integration of fluorescence co...

    $4237 (Avg Bid)
    $4237 Oferta promedio
    16 ofertas

    I require a skilled circuit designer to create a detailed schematic for a simplified game of black jack, ideal for professional circuit designers. The game is to be developed using: - buttons and levers - 7-segment LED display - 74HC193/2 (counter) - 74HC00/20/04/08 - 74HC85 - 74HC283 - 74HC74 - 74HC173 - 74HC148 - Connecting wires - A clock Deliverables: 1. Detailed Schematic: The schematic should include detailed component specifications, clearly showing the functionality of each component in the game. Ensure everything is labeled properly. 2. Operational explanation: Along with the schematic, provide a brief explanation of how the system operates. 3. Specific region: A clear indication of the purpose of a specific region, enabling another professional designer to understand and re...

    $111 (Avg Bid)
    $111 Oferta promedio
    20 ofertas

    I'm in need of customizing the Pixhawk4 bootloader to secure its firmware with tamperproof features. Here's what I'm looking for: - **Encryption:** The key focus of my requirement is on ensuring the firmware is encrypted. I'm looking for an Asymmetric-key encryption method. This should help to secure the firmware, making it difficult for unauthorized users to access and manipulate the code. Successful freelancers should have experience in Pixhawk bootloader customization and be able to demonstrate this through their past work. Please provide examples of similar projects you've worked on in your application.

    $299 (Avg Bid)
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