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Statistical Analysis refers to the science of analyzing numerical data relating to groups or experiments. It deals with the analysis and interpretation of such data such as those of survey results and experiments. Statistics analysts deal with probabilities, distribution, bell curves, etc. for analyzing statistical data. If your business involves conducting surveys, studies or other such market research, you will need statistics analysts to analyse and interpret the data. You can find freelancers who are able and willing to do statistical analysis for your business. Simply post a job today!

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    Se trataría de estudiar el mercado, realizar un plan de viabilidad, un plan de empresa y un plan de acción. Este proyecto seria para desarrollarlo a nivel mundial

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    Data Analyst 6 días left

    I am a Data Analyst by practice, using appropriate statistical softwares, I can help you discover facts from your pool of data. Also, I run both quantitative and qualitative analysis, professionally I use Ms-Excel, STATA, SPSS, Atlas Ti and Minitab Kindly contact me for ODK Programming, Data Analysis, Report Writing etc

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    i am looking for statician to find some analysis for my job more details i will share in the chat

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    i am looking for statician to find some analysis for my job more details i will share in the chat

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    Climate Model 6 días left

    Have a task that involves using Wolfram Mathematica software to create a conceptual climate change model. Various factors need to be included within this, so that we can vary the factors and observe the projected results. Factors we are thinking about just now include the damage that NOX gases can do in comparison to CO2, the devastation that could be caused by the ice sheet over the landmass in A...

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    In this project we want to solve the basic challenge we face daily is the connection of financial crime concepts with practical reality, including deciding how to use a variety of technology, tools, and processes. Parts of this are extremely difficult: (1) making the right decisions in accordance with risk, and (2) building processes that allow the business to grow and even help accelerate. You m...

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    text analytics in R.i will share more details in the chat below

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    I need someone who * has a Bloomberg account * knows how to create formulas in excel to pull information from a Bloomberg terminal OR knows to pull information from a Bloomberg terminal using the C# or Python apis * knows how to price options and calculate Greeks on options You will create a simple spreadsheet that downloads information to calculate the various Greeks for a portfolio of about 100...

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    I need to perform some statistical analysis for the data I have.

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    R code expert 5 días left

    we wish to predict the credit rating that would be assigned to each individual. Recall that data on 2500 customers have been collected, and credit rating for 1962 of them has been assessed as either A, B, or C, coded as 1, 2, or 3, respectively, with the remaining 538 needing to be classified with R code.

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    I need you to write some math based probs. Indians only. Should have extensive knowledge. price per problem is 10. Nee people expert on probability

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    Build a Markov's Decision Process (MDP) in Python, this is reinforcement learning problem that needs simulation

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    its a video task its a very simple task,and you have to send 15 second video for us to test the voice? If you can record it in a bright room, it will be great..more details will be given in the chat,

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    We need a expert in SPSS who can teach the modules listed below. The tutor needs to teach from the basics and explain each topic with an example that is simple and easy to understand. The tutor should teach on his/her own computer and record the training session using a screen recording software such as Camtasia ([iniciar sesión para ver URL]). We will provide the License Key for Camtasia a...

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    Für regelmäßige kleinere Projekte suche ich Studenten/Schüler mit entsprechenden Erfahrungen/Kenntnissen in sämtlichen mathematischen und naturwissenschaftlichen Bereichen. Bitte meldet euch mit einer kurzen Vorstellung und dem gewünschten Stundensatz.

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    Maths teacher 4 días left

    Maths lecturer for all stages with creative & smart explaining.

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    The major deliverable for this is really to automate a spreadsheet with formulas to analyze a sum total of how many hours my team spends working per month. You can get all this information in the “tables with categories. Worksheet” in the source document I will attach to you. Another analysis. Visualization is total by Q1, Q2,3, Q4. You can get all the data from the spreadsheet I worke...

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    Hi all , Looking for business model flow diagram. I will supply documentation for it. Thank you, PandaSec

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    Solve linear programming models using Excel. Apply OR techniques and LP models. Please place bid if you can start work right now.

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    Solve linear programming models using Excel. Apply OR techniques and LP models. Please place bid if you can start work right now.

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    ML theoretical questions 4 días left

    guidance and help in ML theoretical exercise

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    Sanitize CSV data and produce basic statistics

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    Consult re Statistics 4 días left

    I have some quick questions re a sample size I used and the degree of confidence, margin of error, and anything I can cite to backup my sample size as being substantial. Details: I am analyzing staffing at a facility that provided care for 13,788 patient days in a year. But I only have data to analyze for 6,810 patient days. I want to say this is a substantial sample size, but need someone with m...

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    I have a ecommerce site and ERP systems, and need someone who can develop ML model to determine many decisions for attracting more customers and big data handling, etc. Candidate must be an expert in AI, ML, python, all modules of python, BigData management, general db management, etc. It'll be long-term job for 5~6months. Don't bid if your hourly rate is higher than $30. And I will t...

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    Help with Python and R 4 días left

    Need somebody to help with Python and R Analysis

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    Support on Python 4 días left

    Hi All, I am looking for someone who is able to support me ongoing my job tasks which are including; - Python development (At basic level : Pulling data, merging different data sources, data cleansing...etc) - Data Visualization on Tableau - Some SQL Skills If you get me back we can discuss further details. Thanks,

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    Create Mathematics home work sheets. Minimum 50 questions and 5 study guide in one home work sheet. We are looking for multiple freelancers to meet the requirement of building 400 home work sheets of grades 4,5 and 7. We will start to work on two or three home work sheets to understand the quality of worksheets delivered and the easiness of working with you. Will extend it to further home work ...

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    Quantitative Finance and Statistics Expert Required. Latin American developers will be considered first.

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    Есть электронная рассылка писем из почты gmail, в письме есть ссылки на внешние сайты фирм. Нужно отследить статистику кликов, т.е. переходов на сайты каждой из этих фирм в Google Аналитика. Количество открытых и прочитанных писем мы в Google Аналитика видим, как событие open.

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    Math 3 easy problems for work 4 días left

    3 easy math questions : basic finance for work

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    I am looking for someone who knows the following: 1: R Language (R, RStudio, ggplot2, dplyr, related packages) 2: Various algorithms, eg, Linear Regression, Logistic regression, Random forest, KNN, Decision Trees, RMSE (Root Mean Square Error), ... 3: Stock market and Housing Market knowledge I am looking for someone who can help me with predicting a stock market.. I have a data that is properl...

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    data analysis excel project 3 días left

    excel project for data analysis

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    i have sets of data that require an analysis to find trends and relationships benchmarking required.

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    statistical analysis using spss 3 días left

    need help on this work based on the data given

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    *** GÉNERO *** Debes ser un hombre. *** PAÍS *** Debes vivir en cualquier lugar en Venezuela. *** CALIFICACIONES REQUERIDAS *** No me importa tu experiencia ni tu educación formal. *** CUALIDADES REQUERIDAS *** Estoy buscando un hombre con ***fuertes habilidades analíticas*** que pueda aprender como hacer el trabajo de manera innovadora, eficiente...

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    Download a PDF file and extract information onto an excel spreadsheet. Use formulas to add, subtract and calculate extracted information to choose the fastest runner in a particular race. Perform these calculating task on several races and tracks at one time.

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    Biostatistics analysis and solutions for general mental health research conducted by an acclaimed doctor and psychiatrist from Kuwait coming to Toronto next week. He is conducting mental health research and would need subsequent statistical analysis.

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    General Python and data analysis 3 días left

    Hello, I am looking for someone who could assist in general Python and data analysis. This is not a project but rather small sub project and questions in general.

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    Needs a day trader for 8 weeks for a project.

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    Would like professional such as physicist in performing math analysis with determining human push or pull force and lifting and stress on body. click on link below for scope of problem [iniciar sesión para ver URL] this is a fixed priced job but quoted in 1 hour work. Will consider all bids, even those above the ceiling rate Min qualifications Must have a bachelor degree or higher...

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    International Business Assignment 3 días left

    proofreading for assignment related to Globalization and MNEs

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    Quantitative methods assignment 3 días left

    All the data will be provided. Only a descriptive analysis of the data is required in 2000 words with proper introduction and conclusion. Harvard style referencing should be used. Table of contents and a reference section at end of the assignment is necessary. I need the assignment on the evening of 14 February or on early morning of 15 February. Its urgent

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    CDF (cumalative density function) for wages according to sex and race. I will provide complete information in chat.

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    I have surveyed 100 training doctors and 9 doctor trainers about the importance of nutrition, they have answered via a 5 point Likert scale. I would like help with statistical analysis to publish the study

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    I would like to build a predictive model for my data. It needs to be built using Python. I would like guidance in which type of predictive model to use. I need it to predict the number of clicks a keyword would get based on previous days clicks and ranking and would need to be able to loop through 1000s of different keywords. For example if: Rank = 1 and clicks = 500 (26/12/2010) Next day Rank...

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    Review/Watch 25 volleyball games(film), & record stats.

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    I need you to write some math based probs. Indians only. Should have extensive knowledge. price per problem is 10

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    Bank competition calculation 2 días left

    I need a help to calculate bank competition using Lerner index, Boone indicator , and H statistic

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    I need tutoring in learning project simulation for capsim. Preferably someone who has completed the Capsim simulation before. Looking to hire someone with business knowledge for 5-7 hours of their time. Would prefer someone who has taken the capsim simulation while at an American business school. Willing to pay $150.

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    human decision making 1 día left

    mini project on human decision making

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