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Statistics is the practice of collecting and analysing data and then interpreting it to draw conclusions or make predictions. A statistician is a professional who has expertise in this field and can help clients to meet their goals, from making data-driven decisions to gaining meaningful insights.

Statistics can bring clarity to different types of data which can range from marketing data to surveys, sales records to medical tests and more. With the help of an expert statistician, clients will be able to interpret their complex datasets in order to make sense of the results. A statistician will be able to provide detailed insights into a wide range of different topics.

Here's some projects that our expert Statistician made real:

  • Health economics analysis/prediction
  • Report generation and interpretation
  • Evaluating differences in roulette wheels and tables
  • Backtesting strategies with Python/Pinescript
  • Utilizing Excel for pricing comparisons or other data analysis
  • Calculating MAPE (Mean Absolute Percentage Error) with Python
  • Implementing control of the BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) to improve voltage stability in a microgrid
  • Computing with R, an open source programming language

Our stats expert can help clients with any project they have on their plate. With the right knowledge and experience, they can push your business forward. If you need several projects done or one particularly tricky project, our statisticians on are available for hire here and now. Hire an expert today to get your project underway!

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    Buen día, busco programador que genere un mapa de distribución de especies arboreas en aguazul CASANARE Colombia por medio de maxent, sacando los datos por medio de código R, utilizando Java script y Rstudio con una serie de variables específicas Los elementos que debería conocer el programador son: -mapas climáticos (temperatura, evapo transpiración,y precipitación etc.) -downscaling de datos por R - índice NDVI - sacar las clases de suelo (soilgeids por código ) Nota: ya hay un código existente incompleto, está la posibilidad de empezar de cero o de ajustar esté código. ¡Un saludo!

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    Please read carefully before bidding and only bid what you are willing to accept. I have a mixed regression model in R and I'm having trouble with my visualization. The primary task at hand is to ensure that the 95% confidence intervals are displayed correctly in the box plot. Key Requirements: - Expertise in R and data visualization - Experience in working with mixed regression models - Ability to manipulate box plots effectively I have fitted a model using lmer and buildmer to predict the time taken (seconds) to complete an item in a condition (). To correct for skewdness in the data I logged my time value. Here is the model formula: <- buildmer(log_time ~ + (1 + |Participant) + (1 + |Item) , data=PythonTime_no, buildmerControl=buildmerControl(args=list(control=lmerControl...

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    I'm seeking an experienced Power BI expert to create a comprehensive, advanced level video course on data modeling. The ideal candidate should: - Be an advanced level user of Power BI - Have a deep understanding of data modeling in Power BI - Be able to explain complex concepts in a clear and engaging manner - Have experience in creating educational content, particularly video courses The course should: - Be focused on Advanced Data Modeling techniques exclusively - Include real-world projects with generic datasets for practice - Cater to advanced users who are already familiar with basic and intermediate Power BI functions

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    I'm in search of an expert trading analyst with a particular skill set: - Experience: Proficient in working with the stock market, understanding its movements, trends, and key indicators. Familiarity with equity trading is a must. - Data Management: Deft at managing real-time trading data. The ideal person would be able to seamlessly navigate this fast-changing environment, swiftly analyzing incoming data. - Interpretation: Capable of converting the real-time data into buy/sell signals. The goal is to provide valuable insights that assist in making informed trading decisions. Experience doing this accurately and efficiently is crucial. Please get in touch if you are well-versed in these areas and can meet these requirements.

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    I have a dataset that contains both text and numerical values, and I need someone to help me analyze it. The text data is in plain text format and the main goal is to identify trends within the data. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in data analysis, especially with text and numerical data - Experience in identifying trends within datasets - Familiarity with plain text data format It would be a plus if you have experience with: - Cleaning and preprocessing data - Using data analysis tools or software

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    I need a professional writer with a background in finance to craft a comprehensive, long-form quantitative research project. The topics the project should cover are Investment analysis, Risk management, and ESG Integration with Technical analysis of stocks. The data analysis section should be particularly robust, with an advanced level of detail including complex statistical or mathematical models. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - A solid understanding of finance with a specialization in investment analysis, risk management, and ESG integration - Proven experience in writing long-form, quantitative research projects - Ability to conduct in-depth data analysis using complex statistical or mathematical models - Excellent writing skills with a keen eye for detail to ensur...

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    I need a skilled Excel expert who can help me keep and manage date and time data on a daily basis and also perform trend analysis when required. Key responsibilities include: - Regularly updating date & time data: The data will be inputted and updated on a daily basis. - Trend analysis: Generating insights from the data collected. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in Excel: Advanced knowledge of Excel, including creating formulas and pivot tables. - Date & Time handling: Experience with managing date and time data in Excel. - Analytical skills: Ability to perform trend analysis on the collected data. Please note that this is a long-term project. The successful candidate should be able to commit to daily updates and analyses.

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    I need a skilled Excel expert who can help me keep and manage date and time data on a daily basis and also perform trend analysis when required. Key responsibilities include: - Regularly updating date & time data: The data will be inputted and updated on a daily basis. - Trend analysis: Generating insights from the data collected. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in Excel: Advanced knowledge of Excel, including creating formulas and pivot tables. - Date & Time handling: Experience with managing date and time data in Excel. - Analytical skills: Ability to perform trend analysis on the collected data. Please note that this is a long-term project. The successful candidate should be able to commit to daily updates and analyses.

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    I have a PDF document that contains data I want to use for data analysis. I'm looking for someone who can help me convert this data into an Excel sheet. Key Points: - The purpose of the Excel sheet is for data analysis. - The Excel sheet needs to include formulas for automatic calculations. - The data analysis features I'm interested in are trend analysis, forecasting, and statistical analysis. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Excel and data analysis tools. - Experience in creating Excel templates for data analysis. - Ability to craft formulas for data calculation. - Strong understanding of statistical analysis and forecasting techniques would be a plus. The ideal candidate will be able to deliver the Excel sheet in a timely manner and will have a strong track ...

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    I'm seeking a skilled data analyst with experience in network monitoring to help me analyze WAN data. Responsibilities: - Conduct traffic analysis on our WAN to provide insights on usage patterns and potential bottlenecks. - Monitor bandwidth usage across our WAN and provide recommendations for optimization. - Assist in the detection and analysis of security incidents across the WAN. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficient in data analysis, including the ability to work with large datasets and derive meaningful insights. - Experience with network monitoring tools and methodologies. - Strong understanding of WAN architecture and protocols. - Prior experience in conducting traffic analysis, bandwidth monitoring, and security incident detection. - Excellent communication skills to...

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    Capestone Data Analysis Project 6 días left

    looking for a talented and experienced Data Analyst who is able to tackle a project with unspecified parameters. Key responsibilities: - Analyze data from a source that be revealed upon starting the project - Types of analysis needed will also be defined once the project starts Ideal Candidate Skills: - Proficiency in Python, R and SQL - Experience in exploratory data analysis, predictive modeling, and business intelligence reporting - Familiarity with data extraction from a multitude of sources, including but not limited to, Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, and databases - Adaptable and flexible to the needs of the project We encourage all qualified candidates, especially those who are comfortable with a higher degree of project ambiguity, to apply.

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    I have a medium-sized dataset ranging from 1000 to 100,000 samples and I'm looking for a skilled ML expert who's proficient in Python and Scikit-Learn. The primary task is to apply a classification model, with a particular focus on Random Forest models. Key Responsibilities: - Developing a Random Forest model for classification - Implementing data preprocessing and cleaning techniques - Feature engineering and feature selection. - Selecting and evaluating the most suitable ML model - Delivering a solution to resolve the current issues - Teaching and solving ML exercise Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Machine Learning using Python and Scikit-Learn - Demonstrated experience in classification models with a focus on Random Forest - Experienced in handling medium-sized datasets ...

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    I'm looking for a pro in Excel to develop an engaging online survey form for our church project. The idea is not just to collect data but to do so interactively and meaningfully. Key Requirements: - The form must effectively collect text responses. - Have the capacity to calculate scores, totals and more importantly, populate top categories based on gathered data. Sub-details: - I need the scoring to be a sum of individual question responses. - The top categories should be populated based on the highest scoring answers. Ideal Skills: - Advanced knowledge and practical experience in Microsoft Excel. - Proficiency in creating online forms. - Ability to create macros & formulas which summarize and interpret data outcomes. - An eye for detail. By spearheading this task, you'l...

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    ### Job Description: Affordable AI Tool Experts **Title:** Affordable AI Tool Experts Work Available ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Are you a talented AI professional looking for exciting opportunities? Join our dynamic team and contribute to cutting-edge projects in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. We are seeking experts across various AI disciplines to deliver innovative solutions for our clients. Whether you're an AI engineer, data scientist, or machine learning expert, we have the perfect opportunity for you. **Responsibilities:** - Develop, implement, and optimize AI algorithms and models. - Collaborate with cross-functional teams to design and deploy AI solutions. - Analyze large datasets to extract valuable insights and support decision-making. - Create scalable AI appli...

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    I am in need of a seasoned expert who can assist me with data analysis, market research, and trend forecasting in the Bitcoin futures market. This role requires thorough understanding and extensive experience in cryptocurrency and futures trading. Key Responsibilities: * Conducting deep data analysis. * Performing meticulous market research. * Accurate trend forecasting. * Determine accurate timings and positions of when to trade. The right candidate should be well-versed with: * Quantitative trading platforms. * Cryptocurrency trading platforms. * Technical Analysis. * Nano Bitcoin Futures on Coinbase. Your proficiency in these tools and platforms will be crucial in providing accurate, timely and actionable forecasts. Experience in futures trading, particularly Bitcoin futures, is a m...

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    Retail Data Analyst Needed 6 días left

    As a pharmacy, I'm seeking a skilled individual to help manage inventory and analyze sales data. Here's a breakdown of the responsibilities and requirements of the position: - **Inventory Management:** - You will be in charge of monitoring and maintaining appropriate stock levels. - Experience with inventory management software is a plus, but not a necessity. - **Sales Data Analysis:** - You will analyze our sales data using excel to gain insights and suggest improvements. - The initial task is a one-time analysis, though future engagements might involve monthly or quarterly evaluations. The ideal candidate should have a background in retail data analysis or pharmacy management and must be proficient with excel. A keen eye for detail, the ability to work in...

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    I'm seeking a data analyst with strong skills in financial data analysis and modelling. The primary goal of this project is to use multiple regression modelling and time series analysis to leverage our financial data effectively. Key responsibilities: - Analyze historical financial data to understand revenue streams. - Develop a multiple regression model that incorporates price and economic indicators. - Use this model to predict future trends and identify potential cost-saving opportunities. Ideal skills and experience for this project: KNOWLEDGE OF R LANGUAGE IS REQUIRED - Proven track record in financial data analysis and modelling. - Expertise in statistical analysis, particularly in multiple regression and time series analysis. - Strong understanding of economic indicators and ...

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    I'm in need of a Python expert who is experienced in machine learning, specifically in the area of natural language processing (NLP). The main data source for the project will be customer reviews. Key Requirements: - Proficient in Python - Strong background in machine learning - Extensive experience in NLP - Prior experience working with textual data, particularly customer reviews, would be a strong asset The ideal candidate will be able to apply their expertise to develop a predictive model based on the customer reviews. This may involve sentiment analysis, topic modeling, or other NLP techniques. A successful outcome would be a model that can automatically extract insights from the reviews, helping us better understand our customer's needs and preferences.

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    I'm in need of an advanced spreadsheet that I can use for the task of data analysis, specifically pertaining to sales data. The main function of this spreadsheet has to be the ability to break down and analyze sales performance by product. Some of the technical requirements and skills needed to tackle this project successfully include: - Strong skills in Excel or another equivalent data management software - Expertise in sales data analysis - Ability to design a spreadsheet that's user-friendly and easy to interpret In essence, the end product should help me show my clients the energy savings they can obtain in. I have attached a spreadsheet I would like to model mine around, almost identical. The difference will be the data in the assumptions sheet what i can obtain but fir...

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    I'm seeking an expert in Power BI, specifically one who excels in: - Data modeling - Visualizations and dashboards creation - Report generation Your task would mainly focus on managing data from Excel spreadsheets, and forming a moderate level data model with multiple tables and relationships. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Power BI's data modeling capabilities - Strong knowledge in Excel - Excellent in generating effective visualizations and dashboard - Experienced in creating comprehensive reports Experience dealing with moderate-complexity datasets would be a plus! Your ability to translate data into easily understandable visuals and reports is crucial for this task.

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    As an active trader primarily using Interactive Brokers, I'm seeking a qualified data analyst to assist in deciphering my trading activities. This includes: - Risk assessment: Analyzing trades to calculate the risk and potential rewards involved. - Pattern identification: Recognizing patterns in my trading behavior and market movements to inform future decisions. - Performance measurement: Calculating the performance of my trades and examining the factors contributing to success or failure. The end goal for this project is to streamline my trading decisions for stocks and increase my potential earnings. A freelancer with experience in both Interactive Brokers and stock trading would be ideal for this job. Understanding financial markets and possessing expertise in risk analysis, pat...

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    I need a skilled Excel data entry expert who is comfortable working with advanced features of Excel. You will not only be responsible for entering the data accurately but also for conducting advanced data analysis. Key requirements: - Accurate data entry: The primary task is to ensure that the data is entered without any errors. - Advanced Excel knowledge: You should be proficient in working with complex Excel features like macros and complex formulas. - Data analysis: I need someone who can perform advanced data analysis tasks using Excel. This includes creating pivot tables, and using functions like VLOOKUP. I am looking for someone detail-oriented and experienced in working with complex Excel tasks. The successful candidate should be able to deliver high-quality work within the speci...

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    As a client invested in finding the right fit for a complex Python assignment, I am in need of a candidate who possesses the following qualities: - Mastery of Python - Familiarity with advanced-level Python assignments - Experience in NumPy and TensorFlow libraries The task requires a detailed understanding of these tools and the capability to apply this knowledge in an advanced context. The successful completion of this task may lead to another assignment. I hope to establish a professional relationship with a Python expert who can reliably handle complex tasks with proficiency in NumPy and TensorFlow.

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    Numele meu este Mihai Elena și am colectat recent date pentru un proiect de evaluare teoretică. Caut un profesionist care să mă ajute cu analiza datelor și redactarea unui raport complet. Proiectul meu implică: - Analiza datelor colectate din chestionare - Efectuarea de analize statistice (de exemplu, t-testuri, ANOVA, regresii) - Crearea de tabele și grafice relevante - Redactarea unui raport final care să includă interpretările rezultatelor Am atașat un fișier cu datele colectate și o descriere detaliată a cerințelor proiectului. Vă rog să-mi comunicați disponibilitatea și oferta dvs. pentru acest proiect. Vă mulțumesc anticipat pentru ajutor!

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    I'm looking to predict what will happen to specific UK company share prices when they release news. I download the news releases daily at around 7am - this takes about 10 minutes which leaves about 40 minutes to analyse the release and predict whether the share price is likely to stay the same during the day or move up or down. I've got just over 900 news releases so far and the relevant daily price data (open, close, high, low) and that's obviously increasing daily. What I need is some kind of system that can analyse the news releases and give them a "score" (probably based on how that kind of news has historically reacted) This needs to happen fast - typically there are around 300 - 400 news releases per day. I'm open to how this is done - it could be t...

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    Need help with data analysis using python programming

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    I'm currently seeking an expert in Mathematics to help me with a considerable number of JEE level problems. - The work involves a total of around 40 problems. - This requires someone who is proficient in various topics in Mathematics. Key Topics: - Algebra - Calculus - Geometry - Statistics - Matrices and Determinants - Probability - Linear Programming Ideal skills: - Expertise in Mathematics covering the above topics - Previous experience in teaching or solving JEE level problems - Ability to clearly explain problem solutions.

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    I'm looking for a proficient mathematics solver who has good experience with JEE level math topics. Ideally, you should have a strong background in Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, Statistics, Probability, Linear Programming, Matrices and Determinants, and Vector. Key Responsibilities: - Solve complex problems based on JEE Level Math - Provide clear and easy-to-understand solutions.(40 questions) Delivery requirements: The solutions must be provided in a digital format, preferably typed. There's no need for any specific software usage. I would like these solutions to be sent directly via WhatsApp. Skills and experience needed: - Proficiency in a broad range of JEE level Mathematics - Strong problem-solving skills - Ability to explain complex concepts plainly.

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    I am looking for an expert in Power BI and Excel to create compelling visualizations and reports. Details of the specific type of data analysis and face of data to be examined are yet to be provided, but expect an opportunity to showcase your ability to interpret a variety of different datasets. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience with Excel - Comprehensive knowledge of Power BI - An ability to create insightful data visualizations and reports - Strong analytical skills - Good communication

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    I'm seeking an accomplished Data Analyst for an intricate project. I need a professional who can effectively analyze Sales, Customer and Financial data with the aim of helping my business score new heights. Key objectives include: - Aiding informed business decisions. - Unearthing any underlying trends and patterns. - Streamlining processes and honing strategies. The ideal candidate will have a wealth of experience in these specific data areas, and a demonstrable history of similar successful projects to bolster their credentials. Your application will be appreciated if you can share some of your past work that showcases your analytical prowess. Applicants with a robust understanding of data trends, pinpointing anomalous patterns, and strategic optimization will be decisively cons...

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    I'm looking for a professional expert who can help me with my college assignments. Key Points: - You will need to be well-versed in a variety of subjects, including Mathematics, English Literature, and Computer Science. - I need someone who can tackle different assignment lengths, from less than 500 words to more than 1000 words. Please get in touch if you have experience in these areas and can provide high-quality assistance with my college assignments.

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    I'm seeking a skilled and experienced trigonometry tutor to help me with college-level material, focusing especially on fundamental identities. In this role, you'll be expected to: - Conduct regular tutoring sessions via video calls. - Provide clear explanations and practical examples on fundamental identities. - Help me develop a solid understanding of the topic. Ideal candidates should have: - Proficiency in college-level trigonometry, particularly fundamental identities. - Previous experience in tutoring, especially through video calls. - Excellent communication skills and patience. - Ability to simplify complex topics and make them accessible. Help me master these concepts and achieve academic success!

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    I'm looking to hire an AI specialist to contribute to my startup company. The main goal of this project is to make data-driven decisions. Your tasks will mainly revolve around natural language processing and implementing machine learning algorithms. Ideal candidates for the Python and Django developer roles should have an expert level of experience. Key skills and experience required: - Experienced in natural language processing - Strong background in machine learning algorithms - Expertise in Python and Django - Ability to make data-driven decisions

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    I'm looking for a skilled data analyst to create a dataset and perform a range of analytical tasks. Key Responsibilities: - Create a dataset that includes customer demographics, sales transactions, and product inventory. - Perform descriptive analysis to understand the dataset's characteristics. - Generate insights through predictive analysis. - Suggest actionable recommendations with prescriptive analysis. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in data collection and dataset creation. - Strong experience in data analysis, particularly in customer demographics, sales transactions, and product inventory. - Previous work in descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analysis. - Ability to craft actionable recommendations based on data-driven insights. - Excellent communication and presentati...

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    I'm in need of expert assistance for analyzing less than 10 samples of skin shedding, in the field of pathology. Key Responsibilities: - Conducting detailed analysis on skin shedding samples - Providing accurate and insightful interpretations of the sample data Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in pathology, specifically in analyzing skin samples - Strong knowledge of skin shedding pathology - Ability to deliver comprehensive report on the analysis

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    I'm seeking a skilled professional to conduct analysis using Grad-Cam heatmaps on consumer product images. The primary aim of this analysis is to understand the feature importance within these images. The successful candidate will be required to deliver detailed PDF reports based on this analysis. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in using Grad-Cam heatmaps for image analysis - Extensive experience with consumer product image analysis - Ability to interpret and communicate results effectively in a comprehensive PDF report. The freelancer should be well-versed in the principles of image analysis and capable of drawing meaningful insights from the data. Experience in consumer product image analysis is highly desirable.

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    I need to generate Grad-CAM heatmaps for images using YOLOv7 and YOLOv8 models. The purpose of the heatmaps will be to visualize the model's attention. Key project requirements and expectations: - Usage of YOLOv7 and YOLOv8 models for the heatmap generation. - Application of the heatmaps on natural scene images. Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in working with YOLOv7 and YOLOv8 models. - Experience with creating Grad-CAM heatmaps for model attention visualization. - Familiarity with analyzing natural scene images.

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    As a Pro in the forex trading industry, I'm looking for a trader who can join our group and bring a unique, differentiated trading strategy to the table. This trader should specialize in scalping, which is the primary trading style we're currently interested in. Key Requirements: - Must be a beginner with a solid understanding of forex trading. - Proficient in scalping trading style. - Able to provide backtesting results in a summarized form, highlighting key performance metrics. The ideal candidate should not only have a keen interest in scalping but also a willingness to work collaboratively within a group setting. The ability to share performance results in an easy-to-understand, summarised format is crucial for a successful application.

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    I'm in need of an experienced German language assessor who can evaluate the language proficiency of a large group of participants (51 or more) at an advanced level. The assessment will cover writing proficiency, oral communication, and reading comprehension. Key Responsibilities: - Conducting a thorough evaluation of participants' German language skills - Providing detailed, constructive feedback on each participant's performance - Ensuring accuracy and consistency in assessment across all participants Ideal Candidate: - Native or near-native German speaker with proven language assessment experience - Strong background in teaching or assessing German at an advanced level - Familiarity with common language assessment tools and methodologies - Excellent communication skills ...

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    I'm seeking a skilled data analyst to visualize survey results data into easily understandable bar graphs. As a crucial part of this project: - You will be tasked with converting complicated survey data into intuitive, understandable bar graphs. Here are some skills and experience you should possess: - Expertise in data visualization tools and techniques. - Proven experience in interpreting and presenting survey results data. - Keen eye for aesthetics and details. - Ability to turn complex data into easy-to-understand visuals. Your ability to turn this survey results data into clear, accurate, and expertly presented bar graphs, is of utmost importance.

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    I'm seeking an experienced and advanced statistics tutor to guide me on plotting and statistical testing. The tutoring should be done online. Key Points: - Proficiency in advanced statistics is a must. - Tutoring should focus on the use of OriginPro, SysStat, SigmaPlot, and Veusz. - Previous experience in online teaching would be an advantage. Ideal Expertise: - Advanced level statistics knowledge. - Experience with the mentioned statistical software. - Online teaching experience. Looking forward to your proposals.

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    I am seeking a Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) specialist with an emphasis on financial analysis. This is a critical role in the strategic acquisition of another company. While the specific financial analysis technique hasn't been determined, you should be competent across various methods. Key Responsibilities: - Provide expertise in financial analysis integral to merger and acquisition processes - Participate in the planning and execution of the acquisition project Ideal Candidate: - Proficiency in financial analysis techniques - Extensive experience in M&A, particularly in company acquisition - Proven track record of successful acquisitions - Strong communication and collaboration skills are essential.

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    I'm in need of a freelancer with a solid background in data conversion. The job entails converting a set of data into Excel format for analysis and processing. The ideal candidate should have prior experience in data entry, particularly in the context of data conversion. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in data conversion - Experience in Excel - Ability to ensure data accuracy Please only apply if you can demonstrate relevant experience. A strong portfolio, along with an explanation of how your past projects have equipped you for this task, would be highly appreciated.

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    Excel Bar Graph for Education Data 4 días left

    I'm in need of an Excel expert who can help me visualize educational data in a bar graph. The core task is to create a bar graph in Excel that depicts educational information. In particular, I need the graph to represent various aspects of education, based on the data provided. Key Responsibilities: - Create a detailed bar graph in Excel, based on the educational data I provide. - Ensure the graph is visually appealing and easy to interpret. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Excel and data visualization. - Prior experience in creating bar graphs. - Understanding of educational data is a plus, but not mandatory. X Axis Baseline Mid Term (1) December Mid Term (2) July Y Axis C1 C1- B2+ B2 B2- A2+ A2 A2- A1+ A1 A1- PA1+ PA1 PA1- PH3 PH2 PH1

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    I'm seeking a highly skilled professional with prior experience to create an algorithm focused on day trading within the stock market. Critical aspects of this job include: - Integrating and basing decisions primarily on price trends. - Creating an algorithm capable of executing alternating calls and puts throughout the day. - Constructing a solution with a moderate risk tolerance. - Essentially the algorithm will eliminate the risk -Know how to interface with Charles Schwab The ideal candidate should have a firm understanding of financial markets, particularly the stock market, and must possess expertise in algorithm development especially in trading. A demonstrated ability to use algorithms to avoid risk is a crucial requirement. Please provide any relevant portfolio mater...

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    Math Homework for Google Classroom 4 días left

    I need a freelancer to create math homework assignments for Google Classroom. I'm looking for a freelancer who can create high-quality math homework assignments for students from Grades 7 - 9. The tasks will be uploaded to Google Classroom for ease of access and completion. The questions should contain match the following, fill in the blanks, multiple choice questions etc which could be done in Google Forms I'm open to discussing the specific details of the assignments and would appreciate a freelancer who can work collaboratively to create an effective and engaging learning experience for the students. It will be a long term project and for each topic of about 10 questions, i will pay $1. If you are not ok with the price, please DO NOT BID. Also type in "OK WITH $1&quo...

    $3 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $3 / hr Oferta promedio
    70 ofertas

    I'm in need of a deep learning expert who can help me implement VGG19 and ResNet-50 in my project. Key Points: - The primary goal of this project is feature extraction. - I have a dataset format ready for training the models, but I haven't specified it here. - The implementation should be done using Python. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in deep learning, especially with CNNs. - Experience with VGG19 and ResNet-50 specifically. - Strong background in feature extraction. - Familiarity with working with various dataset formats. - Expertise in Python. Please note that while I have not specified the dataset format here, knowledge of working with different formats will be an asset. The ability to adapt to various data structures and efficiently utilize them in the train...

    $288 (Avg Bid)
    $288 Oferta promedio
    33 ofertas

    I am looking for an experienced professional who can assist me in extracting economic forecast data from Bloomberg Terminal. The project involves retrieving historical data, individual forecasts, and calculating standard deviations using Bloomberg functions and templates. Project Details: Data Extraction: Economic Forecasts: US Real GDP YoY US Inflation Rate US Unemployment Rate US Federal Funds Rate US Consumer Price Index (CPI) US Producer Price Index (PPI) US Non-Farm Payrolls US Industrial Production US Retail Sales US Trade Balance Historical data should be retrieved for the longest period available. Standard Deviation Calculation: Utilize the XLTP XCEF template to pull individual forecasts by brokers. Create distribution charts and calculate standard deviations of these forecasts...

    $125 (Avg Bid)
    $125 Oferta promedio
    26 ofertas

    I'm in need of an experienced biostatistician to address some specific objectives through statistical analysis. Key tasks: - Investigate the relationship between two or more variables - Identify factors influencing a particular outcome - Compare treatment outcomes between different groups The analysis must consider: - Continuous data (measurements) - Categorical data (categories) - Time-to-event data (survival analysis) Desired methodologies include: - Regression analysis - Chi-square test - T-test - OR and RR Your experience in biostatistical analysis, especially with these methodologies, is crucial for this project. A thorough understanding of scientific research concepts and the ability to accurately interpret and report statistical results is essential. Background in medical o...

    $4 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $4 / hr Oferta promedio
    31 ofertas

    I'm after an Excel expert who can help me create a dynamic and easy-to-use pivot table and chart dashboard for material delivery forecasting. The project involves the following: - **Data Inclusions**: The dashboard should incorporate the following data - Delivery Dates, Quantity of materials, and Area Number. - **Organization**: The pivot table and chart should be organized primarily by Area Number. This will help in quickly identifying the material needs for different areas. - **Visualization**: I prefer a bar chart for visualizing the data. This chart should be well integrated into the pivot table to give a comprehensive view of the data. Ideal candidates for this project should have experience in creating dynamic and visually appealing dashboards in Excel, with a strong profic...

    $26 (Avg Bid)
    $26 Oferta promedio
    46 ofertas

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