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Automated funct. tests with selenium/phpunit for Joomla ext. - automated gathering of ping and telnet responses for a list of domains Automated generation of Flash Movie with equalizer effect - Automated GPS Site With Database Automated grabbing infos from a website - Automated Hold’em (Poker) Player Automated Horse Game Website - Automated Http Web Request Project Automated HTTPS form submission in VB6 - Automated Image Usage Search Via Google Automated import feed for classified ads - Automated Integration of Sales Spreadsheet to Quickbooks Online Automated Intelligent stock/forex trading platform - Automated IP Rotation for Email Marketing automated irrigation system using labview - Automated keyword generated blog Automated Keyword Input Search Software Needed - Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) AUTOMATED LIEN WAIVER - Automated links exchange system AUTOMATED Linux based iOS Data Erasure solution - Automated Local Business Directory Submission Tool Automated Local Classified Ad Website - Automated Lyrics Script Automated lyrics script - Automated Marketing System & CRM design & integration Automated Marketing Tool - automated met trader 4 strategy -- 2 Automated Microsoft Word Template - Automated music organizing page Automated Music Store - Player (Flash, or HTML5) - Automated Newsletter from Forum Content Automated Newsletter System. - Automated online payroll processing solution automated online photoalbum - Automated order routing system for VTTrader 2.0 (exclusive project for YuriyGulyayev) AUTOMATED ORDER SYSTEM - Automated page fetching cURL Automated page fetching PHP - Automated Payment System Automated payment system - Barclays EPDQ - Automated PDF to XLSX processing then email Automated PDF to XLSX processing then email - Automated phone unlock web server Automated phone unlock web server - automated php/html code generation Automated PHP/MySQL Script - Automated playtech casinos roulette bot. - Repost Automated playtech casinos roulette bot. - Repost - open to bidding - Automated Posting Ads for Craigslist Automated posting of car listings + mobile car photo app - Automated Press Release Submission Automated pressure Keypad - Automated processes at web site Automated processes inMac osx 10.6 - Automated Productivity App Automated Profile Spam Deleter - Automated Program to populate self employed cash flow income from tax returns automated program to post comment on a news site - Automated Publishing module bugs fix Automated publishing of car listing on car portals and more - Automated question paper generator from question bank Automated Quickbooks Data Export - Automated reboot + restart upon game not being detected after x time Automated Recaptcha OCR - Automated Registration Page Input -- 2 Automated Registration System - Automated Report using Google API Automated reportgeneraion - automated rim design using pro toolkit Automated Robot - Automated Sales Funnel Profeesional Automated Scan to PDF and email - Automated Screen Scrape from Websites Automated screen scraping script - Automated script for digital delivery via PayPal Automated script for keyword research using Google Keyword Planner - Automated script to fill text in autocad Automated Script to Pull Info from the web - Automated search and data export from a web portal Automated Search and Replace - Automated SEO Software Automated SEO Software Final Bid - Automated Shop Automated shopper - Automated Site Submission Script Automated Site with Networking - automated social media posting software automated social media posting software -- 2 - Automated software Automated Software - High Difficulty / Expert Coders Needed - Automated software needed Automated Software Needed for the Social Network Pinterest - Automated spinner and ticket purchase robot Automated Sponsored Links - automated stock and option trading Automated Stock buying program - automated stock trading systems Automated Stock Trading Website - Automated submission tool Automated submission tool for custom forms - Automated System - repost Automated system created for my site - Automated Task to Copy and Paste file from 1 folder to another FileShare Automated Task to Copy and Paste file from 1 folder to another FileShare - automated tesitng automated test case generation for object oriented programs - Automated testing automated testing - Automated Testing Tools Interview questions and answers Automated testing VB6 three days work - Automated Ticket Purchaser/Spinner -- 2214 Automated Ticket Purchaser/Spinner/Bot - Automated Ticket Purchaser/Spinner/Bot -- 67497 Automated Ticket Purchaser/Spinner/Bot -- 7 - Automated Tool for evaluation of Discussion Forums Automated Tool for gathering LinkedIn Data - Automated Tracking Platform Automated Trade Center - vBulletin Integrated - Automated Trading Application Automated Trading Application (GUI using Qt) - Automated Trading Robot Developing - Interactive Brokers API Automated trading scalping system currencies. - AUTOMATED TRADING SYSTEM Automated Trading System - Automated Trading System(repost) Automated trading systems - Automated Translations Management AUTOMATED TRAVEL SEARCH ENGINE 2,500,000 HOTELS, 600 AIRLINES - Automated Twitter Price Feed Automated Twitter Script - Automated Upload .dat file for store automated upload job for e-mal attachement - Automated Video Creation & Uploading Software Automated Video Creation Project... - Automated Voice Call Automated Voice Calling System Maintenance - automated Vpn service with affliate program automated Vpn service with affliate program -- 2 - Automated Web Based Booking Service Automated Web Browser - AutoMated Web Portal Automated Web Robot -- Fill Out Survey - Automated web site checker -search engine, keyword density, etc Automated web site creation (simple CMS system) - Automated Webscrape of University Sites -- 2
Automated Webscrape of University Sites -- 3 - automated website data mining program Automated website data retrieval. - Automated website screenshot when user visits. Automated website subumtion script or program. - Automated Windows Application and OS Details Collection and Comparison Automated Windows Imaging (Extend Clonezilla, sysprep OOBE, Windows scripts) - Automated Wordpress Poster Automated Wordpress Poster - Automated XML Inventory Feed to CLAD Genius Automated XML Inventory Feed to CLADG - Automated-testing with Selenium-Webdriver Automated/Algorithm Quant Trading Program for Stocks - Automatic products import, inventory, order, tracking number management for Magento Automatic products import, inventory, order, tracking number management for Magento - open to bidding - Automatic account creator Automatic Account Creator Software - Automatic Addons installer/uninstaller automatic adjusting mechanism - Automatic Affiliate Link Script automatic Affiliate Link Script for WordPress - Automatic Amazon Purchase with PhantomJS or CasperJS - Repost - open to bidding Automatic Amazon Purchasing Tool - Automatic article submission submitter automatic article submitter - Automatic backlink generator Automatic backlink software - Automatic bet placement program used through Betfair Automatic Bet Placer - Automatic betting software Automatic betting system - Automatic billing Cashiering system Automatic Billing Software - Automatic Blog Posting Software Automatic Blog Posting Software - Automatic Bot Automatic Bot Message to seller - Automatic buying script with proxy and robot catcha Automatic Buying System and Login and Register System Please - Automatic call using tts and sip protocol script - Repost Automatic call using tts and sip protocol script - Repost - open to bidding - Automatic card punching eqiupment Automatic Carde Emailier / Reminder. - Automatic Check Processing System Automatic check tracking shipping script (php/shell) - Automatic Client Analytics Reporting Automatic Clock-in/out of working documents - automatic computer protection system Automatic Computer Reboot - Automatic content on our Joomla page automatic content posting - Automatic Control system question solving Automatic conversion from solidedge 3d file to 3 or 6 different files - Automatic cpanel file duplicater script/software. Automatic Cpanel Subdomain Creator and file uploading. - Automatic Daily Backup from 1 Server to another required Automatic Daily Draw plugin for wordpress - Automatic Data posting filling of a form Urgent coder need Automatic data retrieval from website - Automatic delete of files after time Automatic Deletion of files - Automatic Detection & Image Processing Automatic DHCP renew on Mac - Automatic Distribution System (ADM) Automatic dll builder using fortran compiler - Automatic Download AUTOMATIC DOWNLOAD - Automatic DropShipping Module for Magento Automatic DST Adjustment - Automatic Ebook Delivery Website AUTOMATIC EC/TDS/PH CONTROL SYSTEM - Automatic Email Creation through WordPress Signups Automatic email distribution through QQ platform needed (QQ 2 QQ) - Automatic Email Printing Software Automatic Email Processing created from database data - Automatic Email system Automatic email to be sent when status is changed - Automatic Exchange Cryptocurrency, Sha-256 and Scrypt automatic exchange script - Automatic Facebook Fan Automatic facebook fan page posting system - Automatic FB Like when pressing on customize image automatic FB likes and followers adding software - Automatic file search, locate and copy to external drive Automatic File Searcher and Mover - Automatic Flash creator system (arabic) Automatic flash drive loader - automatic forex trading automatic forex trading - Automatic Form Submitter Automatic Form Submitter Tool - Automatic Forum Poster/Register/Finder Automatic forum posting script (php/mysql) - Automatic Free Bitcoin Faucet Generator Software Automatic Free Bitcoin Faucet Generator Software -- 2 - Automatic Generate Duplicate Wordpress Sites Automatic generate table for Roster page - Automatic Google Photos Sync automatic google product data feed repair - automatic homepage assignment feature + bugs fixing + corrections automatic hosting script - Automatic Image Compressor Automatic Image Creation Software - Automatic Import csv prestashop Automatic import ICEcat into Opencart - Automatic importing and updating product information for Magento website from data feeds each day - open to bidding automatic importing xml data in Indesign document - Automatic Internet Marketing Membership Site Automatic Internet Marketing Software - Automatic jobs posting site Automatic Joomla/Fabrik Member Approval - Automatic license plate detection through webcam then can detect atleast 5 different fonts using ocr - open to bidding automatic license plate reading - Automatic Likes by Other access tokens Automatic likes instantly in my pics - Automatic Linkedin group message posting Automatic Linking - Automatic Login /Search solution automatic login and query - automatic login to windows live messenger Automatic login tool - Automatic Magento Product Update automatic magento stock update - Automatic MCQ generation using OWL on Indian Mythology. AUTOMATIC MEAL PLAN GENERATOR - Automatic Mixer Automatic Mobile App Builder & Submitter - Automatic movie downloaded Automatic Movie maker for Mac and Windows - Automatic number plate recognition Automatic Number Plate Recognition Application - Automatic OCR typing Automatic Offer Generator Program - automatic order execution system software Automatic Order Generation Formate project for sale - Automatic page creation. Automatic Page Generator - Automatic Payment system for Bitcoin and Perfect Money ( to Bitcoin ) Automatic payments - Automatic Perspective Correction for Video with C++ using OpenCV AUTOMATIC PHONE CALL - automatic picture/photo email with different background automatic pill dispenser - Automatic Pneumatic Pressure Controller - repost automatic po creation from item assembly within quickbooks - Automatic Poker playing Software