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Add 'close' link on Fancybox (Wordpress) - Add 'kbc paypage' payment method to woocommerce (tutorial included) Add 'Load More' Button to post pages - Add ( paypal )direct payment for only one of our website service - 14/02/2017 23:50 EST Add ( paypal )direct payment for... only one of our website service - Add (Sleep Mode) Similar to IOS Do Not Disturb function to an existing app. Add (sub)categories option to ClipShare V4 - Add -on to previous work. Add -on to previous work. - open to bidding - Add .pdf upload ability to website Add .php - Add / Edit Current Wordpress Template Add / Edit our API for our admin panel - Add 0 byte in linux elf file Add 03 pages in Open Cart footer - add 1 feature webrtc voice conference and 1 fix to phpsunchat chat script add 1 feature webrtc voice conference and 1 fix to phpsunchat chat script -- 2 - Add 1 page in Wordpress Site + minor editing Add 1 page of content to Joomla page - Add 1 simple component from Wordpress Template onto live site Add 1 simple feature to current wordpress theme - Add 1,000 Likes to Alternate Lifestyle Facebook Page Add 1,000 Musicians to my Facebook page - Add 10 000 members to my facebook group Add 10 000 members to my facebook group (real users, no fake members). - Add 10 Profiles to Social Network Add 10 profiles to social network app - Add 10,000 Followers To My Twiter Accounts add 10,000 followers to your account at Twitter - add 100 article with high qulity asap Add 100 backlinks to my website - Add 100 listing to our databse Add 100 listings to database - Add 100 Products To BigCommerce Store Add 100 products to Ebay using Inkfrog - Add 100 Products to WooCommerce Store Add 100 simple virtual products to Magento website - Add 1000 + Targeted Facebook Fans Add 1000 Articles to on my website - Add 1000 likes in fb Add 1000 likes on Facebook - Add 1000 Products to Joomla Virtuemart Online Store Add 1000 Products to Magento Site - Add 1000 Tumblr Followers to my Tumblr blog Add 1000 Twitter Followers - Add 10000 Curated Wallpaper to my site Add 10000 Facebook Friends in Roughly 1 Mth - ADD 100k REAL USA Facebook Likes to my fan page ADD 100k REAL USA Facebook Likes to my fan page - add 11 features to php chat script urgent 1300 INR Add 11 images to a html/javascript web page gallery - Add 125 movie releases to wordpress Add 125 products to my site - Add 15 products to a shopping cart Add 15 sec video of IOS app preview to landing page! - add 150 product to a website Add 150 Products in a Joomla Store - Add 160 Products to our Online Store Add 17,000 Facebook USA Fans & 500 Votes For 4 Pages #81 - Add 1k restaurants to my site in a day -- 2 Add 1k restaurants to my site in a day -- 3 - Add 2 buttons with links to Home screen. correct News link url on home screen add 2 cakephp pages - Add 2 custom fields in email registrar module Add 2 Custom Modules to OSCOMMERCE Site / Shopping Cart - add 2 features in existing android app Add 2 features into exiting iPhone application (Report viewer) - Add 2 forms in Bootstrap PHP site Add 2 forms to a word press site - Add 2 in-app purchases to Android music app - repost Add 2 Input Buttons to A Website - Add 2 Logos Jan 25 2013 10:40:43 Add 2 logos with links to the existing website - add 2 new functions for email only for enable disable account templates are ready - teklif vermeye açık Add 2 New Images to Magento Slider - add 2 pages and tabs too forum Add 2 pages plus video screen - Add 2 plugin my website roulette csgo Add 2 points to a Site (5-6 hours max) - Add 2 simple page in Website add 2 simple pages to website. - Add 2 views to existing iOS application Add 2 way Relay email like on craigslist. CodeIgniter. Jquery. Java. Google Maps API - Add 2-way video chat to website Add 20 blog posts + confirm 190 links (click & smile) - Add 20,000 Facebook Photo Likes! I Want To Win This Contest! Add 20,000 friends to Myspace Account - Add 200 gallery images to a template Add 200 German celebrities to our database - Add 200 products to a website. Copy exisiting website. Add 200 products to an online store - Add 200 Restaurant Menus into Opencart store Add 200 simple products to Magento website - Add 2000 product pics to a wordpress site - Budget $20 fixed fee Add 2000 product pics to a wordpress site - Budget $20 fixed fee starts now - add 2000 words -- 2 Add 2000 words to my research proposal - Add 242 text posts to Wordpress site admin Add 24winner + rollover into AutoBot - Add 250 Listings To My Website Add 250 Pins to new pinboard website - Add 27,000 Myspace Members To My Group Add 270 Sub Categories + Logo to Wordpress Site - add 3 buttons Add 3 buttons (on 24 pages) to an Adobe PDF file - add 3 features and 19 enhancements to php/jquery chat script under budget 2200 INR only Add 3 features to a PHP upload script - Add 3 Fixed Icons Down Side of Wordpress Site Add 3 forms to the admin of our website and connect to MySQL database - Add 3 images to wordpress website Add 3 Javascript codes to Joomla site with CPanel - add 3 new languages to my open cart Add 3 new pages (listings) at - Add 3 pages to my website from PSD format to HTML and upload to FTP Add 3 pages to our Wordpress site from 3 PSDs and amend header - Add 3 Sub-Categories Add 3 subpages / sections to existing shopify webpage - Add 30 CPA firms from various US states in our online business directory Add 30 day trail to application - Add 300 Business Listings to my website. Add 300 domainnames as alias in Plesk Panel - Add 300,000 Facebook Fans Add 300-400 product images to Magento Store & SSL linking - add 301 redirect to Add 301 redirect to - add 3d design depth of field to current 1D design ADD 3D EFFECTS ONTO TEXT OF LOGO - Add 4 attributes to 472 woocommerce products Add 4 Backend Modules to a PHP Website - add 4 flex features to gyaro paying 5000inr only Add 4 footer links/pages to landing page of Magento site. - Add 4 new pages, make existing site google friendly add 4 new templates to a current wordpress theme - Add 4,000 friends to MySpace - List of profile IDs provided! Add 4,000 Products to My Magento Store - Add 4000 Facebook Fans to my Fanpage Add 4000 Facebook fans to my page. - Add 4400 Twitter users from website Add 449 variable products to my website (Woocommerce) - add 4pages to part 4 of auditing report Add 4th Column on Grid View layout, WooCommerce Grid / List toggle - Add 5 images to joomla image gallery Add 5 languages and translated content to a website - Add 5 tabs to my wordpress sidebar(repost) Add 5% surcharge for PayPal payment on Magento - Add 50 Facebook followers Add 50 Independent escort cms - Add 50 products to my store in next four hours.
Add 50 Products to Shopping Cart - add 50,000 Products manually to OpenCart!! Add 50,000 Quality Facebook Page Likes - Add 500 FB LIkes to 2 fan pages (1000 total likes) Add 500 friends per hour to The ShopO Group of Egypt - Add 500 products to an opencart site within 24 hours Add 500 products to an opencart site within 24 hours - Add 500 Youtube Likes for My 5 Videos Add 500-1000 Articles on my website through - add 5000 names and emails to our database must be done in 3 days Max! add 5000 names and emails to our database must be done in 3 days no more - Add 500k Facebook Fans and 500k Twitter Followers Add 500k Facebook Fans and 500k Twitter Followers - Add 57 products to VirtueMart e-commerce Add 5700 Real USA Facebook fans for 4 Pages #116 - add 6 images to word document Add 6 More IP's to Dedicated Server - Add 6000 Real USA Facebook fans for 2 Pages #118 Add 600k twitter followers - Add 7,500 Facebook friends to The ShopO Group of Albania in Two Days Add 7,500 words to Existing History Ebook - Add 8 products to store and do a few simple tasks Add 8 products to Woo Commerce - Add 90.000 images to Magento Add 900 names & addresses to a spreadsheet - Add \"Play\" button to beginning of Flash movie Add \"Request Invoice\" checkbox on PrestaShop checkout process - Add a "add credit card on file" to my website via stripe add a "book now" option to an existing website - Add a "Guest" access button to an existing app add a "How did you hear about us" to the register - Add a "Blog" page to a custom built Wordpress site Add a "Build Your Own Product" functionality to Virtuemart - Add a 'category' section in a photo app -- Add a 'follow' button functionality on Wordpress posts - Add a 3rd Column To 2 Column Wordpress Theme Add a 4 minute Scheduler to a WC_Payment_Gateway WooCommerce Custom Gateway Class - Add a Android to SQL uploader Add a Article crawler for my project - Add a Background Image to Website Footer Add a Background Music - Add a banner to header area of Wordpress website Add a banner to Lesti-FPC - Add a better layout to 2 powerpoint slides Add a BG music to a 1 minute video - Add a Blog on our website Add a blog page to a joomla website. - Add a blog to my opencart website Add a Blog to my site - ADD A BOOKING LINK (BOOKING WEB PAGE EXISTING) ON OUR ACTAL WEB SITE SO OUR CUSTOMER CAN BOOK ONLINE THREW ACTUAL SITE Add a booking page to my website - Add a bulletin board and a question & answer to my site Add a bunch of textboxes and html (no graphics) to page from a static .jpg. - Add a Button to a Popup to Create connection Add a button to a small application, SDK in C++ - Add a calc to a app - Load Add a calculation in google calendar (gadget or extension) - Add a callout to left column in Magento Add a capability to our existing MS Access Database - Add a car into a map - Unity3d Add a car to existing PSD print design - Add a chart and gauge to a EmonCMS Project - repost Add a chart and gauge to a EmonCMS Project - repost 2 - Add a Checkout, and 3d views to a website Add a child theme to my wordpress site - ADD A CODE IN WORDPRESS HOMEPAGE FOR IMAGE Add a code in wordpress post for each referred keywords - Add a column to IPB skin. add a column to my home page in wordpress - Add a confirmation prompt to single-action buttons in Workflow Extensions module D7 Add a contact email on AirBnb ad ! - Add a contact section to a page Add a content to existing website - add a coupen system and fix some problem from my website Add a couple conditional fields to web form, some javascript - Add a coupon box to my website if its the first time visiting Add a coupon code discount system to an existing E-Commerce site - Add a currency number slider to my Divi website Add a currency to my Shopify - Add a custom field to woocommerce Add a custom field to woocommerce 2 - Add a custom scrollbar to an existing android app Add a custom search bar to my website - add a customised landing page to facebook fan page add a customize to woocommerce wp plugin right now - Add a design for a project proposal Add a Design on a T-Shirt mockup - Add a directory of organizations to a Joomla Site Add a directory to an existing Joomla 3.6.x site - add a download (convert to mp3) button add a download button - Add a Drop-down menu for USA customers to select state Add a dropdown list in woocommerce checkout (not with plugins) - Add a Editable Calendar set by Admin Add a editable function to our page on our database - Add a facebook application function to existing site Add a facebook comments box - Add a favorites page to my site Add a feature (Plugin) to our existed website - - Add a feature on Moodle plugin Add a Feature on MYSQL Database - Add a feature to a Wordpress Plugin Add A Feature To A WordPress Plugin -To Enable Users of Native Email WordPRess Plugin To Import and Use Their Own HTML For Templates - Add a feature to an Facebook app php script Add a feature to an iPhone App - add a feature to my app Add a feature to my current iPhone app - Add a feature to Sendy Autoresponder Script Add a feature to shopify store theme - Add a Featured Slider/Player/Placeholder on React & Redux Homepage -- 2 Add a Featured Slider/Player/Placeholder on React & Redux Homepage -- 3 - Add a few features to a search/results page Add a few features to a wordpress site. - Add a Few Lines of Code to My Project (Swift) Add a Few Lines of Code to My Project (Swifti) - Add a few text input fields when a Paypal buy now button is clicked Add a few things to a custom plugin - Add a field to the existing CSV upload functionality of a wordpress site Add a field to the existing CSV upload functionality of a wordpress site -- 2 - Add a Fitness Module and a Dynamic Menu / Content System to our App Add a Fixed Header to an existing website - add a floating search box over a flash game Add a Flyout Menu to Yahoo Store - Add a Form to a Mobile App Add a Form To a Webpage (hosted on Free Hosting plan) - Add a form upload portal to my website Add a form/method that submits in Rails with AJAX - Add a Forums functionality to my existing PHP, HTML5, CSS3 website - ongoing work Add a fourm to my site using the same look as my site - Add a full width below header banner for a existing webpage. Add a funcitonal landing page & Some small features to an existing iOS & Android app - add a function to a java software Add a function to a JQuery script - Add a Function to my Android application Add a function to my CouchCMS website - Add a functionality of pdf creation & its sharing in an existing android & iOS App. Add a functionality on a specific template - Add a gallery system to my house Add a Gallery to phpBB3 - Add a Google search Engine Tool to my Website to call google engine Add a GPS with Estimate Time Arrival to implement into my software - Add a Header to a Website Add a header to a Woocommerce website - Add a Hover effect with 3 Images in my Website Add a hover image to my Woocommerce product table - Add a Inaktive Button for main prod and a PDF print report of data for main & sub product add a Interactive obituary to my joomla site - Add a join our newsletter section to website