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Adaptations for QT project - Adapted design of Arduino Mega. Remove USB and include Modbus circuit, Precision Clock with battery backup, SD storage, LAN and GPRS circuit. Details can be provided Adapted evaluation system, so students receive pdf with attestation - Adapter le CSS d'un prestashop 3-4 points Adapter le site mais localisé pour le Senegal. - Adaptieren von Theme Plugins Adapting and customizing already websites - Adapting an iOS app to new screen resolutions Adapting an old game to the iphone and the ipad - Adapting html template to TomatoCart Adapting iOS app to iOS 9 - adapting project for nayyer Adapting psd Layout (almost css colors) to ready responsive template - Adapting Zen Cart payment module Adaption checkout process / Wordpress / Woocommerce - Adaption of Samba VFS module Adaption of settop box software - Adaptiva OneSite Powerpoint Presentation Adaptive Paypal Intergration - Adaptive Design for Web Design / Development Outsourcing Company Adaptive Design for Web Design / Development Outsourcing Company (v2) - adaptive HTML coding adaptive huffman audio compression in visual basic - Adaptive Online Application form with user profile - mobile and desktop platform on AWS EC2 Adaptive Overlap-and-Add Technique in MB-OFDM based UWB Receiver Design - Adaptive Payments Paypal Marketplace -- 2 Adaptive payments w/ Paypal payments pro - Adaptive Valve Friction Compensation Adaptive Website - ADATA XPG Z1 32GB 2800MHz DDR4 Memory Kit Review Adatbevitel táblázatba - adaugare articole - open to bidding adaugare articole - open to bidding - ADB , Android, Linux, OSX experience needed ADB mode - AdBlock Plus modification AdBlock Plus modifications - Adbrite alike script need some modification adbrite auto-click - Adbrite Invideo Carosel Adbrite like campaign page - Clone Clone - adc smog sensor ADC to TCP/IP Socket with PIC24/ ds30 - Adchoice banners AdChoice icon alternative - ADCS Products Data Entry Add 2-image codes - Add conditional fields to JomSocial Registration - Repost add crypto to UCN for verok - Add Https to a Wordpress site Add hyperlinks to image in html for newsletter - Add new features to existing web platforms add new input for existing mt4 expert advisor - Add Subcategorie Tree in a web (script clone) ADD TEST DATA IN ACCESS 2002 TABLES - Add "change password" function to website Add "change view" option on search results page (Wordpress) - Add "Header Tags" addon to my heaviliy modified oscommerce site Add "Health Group" to Logo - add "print" functionality to a simple jquery calculator Add "Pro" sash to iTunes store listing - Add "Sort by Discount %" feature to Woocommerce Add "sorting by" in the table on the wordpress webpage. - Add "View All" or "Show All" option to our BIGCOMMERCE category pages Add "VIew English version" to my Wordpress site - Add & Edit toppings to pizza/product Add & Fix funtionality of Online Mall and create mobile app - Add "back" link to Lightroom gallery created via xslt / xml Add "blog" to our home page - add "In app Purchase" to my iphone/ipad app Add "lightbox" type effect on photos on my tumblr - Add "Submit" button to dropdown list Add "workbooks" and "tests" to my OsCommerce site - Add ''smartphone/tablet'' swipping motion to existing mobile website. Add ''sparkle'' effect to letters in flash file - Add 'contact us' to our website ADD 'coupon' feature to osCommerce Cart - Add 'Month Due' Column To SugarCRM Search Page Add 'password forgotten' functionality to PHP/MySQL Site - Add (4) android / iOS mobile forms. Add (4) features to test Instagram feed site - Add + logo add + to all numbers in excel file - add .aspx page on existing web app -- 2 add .aspx page on existing web app -- 3 - Add .png map to wordpress site and add links to the map (wordpress) Add .srt and .ass subtitle support to VideoJS Player - Add / Edit PHP page reading from MYSQL Also add filter on reproting -- 2 Add / edit Variants to a shopify store - Add 1 audio file to Dreamweaver page add 1 click Facebook sign in - Add 1 field to iPhone Sample Code Add 1 Field To PHP OsCommerce Invoice - Add 1 page to existing iPhone App Add 1 page to existing website - Add 1 small feature to existing VB program Add 1 small popup HTML page (WDLA) - Add 1,000 products to website(repost) Add 1,000 subscribers to my weight loss email list - Add 10 000 members to my facebook group(repost) Add 10 000 members to my facebook group. - Add 10 Slides to Flash Slideshow(repost) add 10 task to php chat script urgent full time freelancers onlys - Add 10,000 products from another Magento site onto mine Add 10,000 products to website(repost)(repost) - add 100 brokers information in my wordpress site form. - repost Add 100 Businesses to a database - ADD 100 PHOTOS TO MY WORDPRESS SITE add 100 postings to existing forum - Add 100 Products To My Opencart Shopping Website Add 100 products to my Prestashop Store - add 100 x business listings to my website Add 100's of products to an opencart website - Add 1000 Facebook Friends in India to The ShopO Group of India Add 1000 Facebook like and Twitter following - Add 1000 members to (real users, no fake persons). Add 1000 people to a Facebook group - Add 1000 Products to X-Cart Store add 1000 products wordpress site (woocommerce) - add 1000 USA real visitors like to Add 1000 word to a mobile report- - Add 100k *REAL* Fans To Facebook Page Add 100k facebook fans - Add 107 products to Virtuemart 2.x (Joomla) from Word document - repost Add 10k facebook fans - Add 12 Pages to Wordpress Site Add 12 Products to Magento + Attributes - Add 138 Products to WooCommerce on Wordpress website with variations add 14 fixes and features ($25) to php chat script for full time php freelancers who can complete work quickly - posting in detail. - Add 15,000 products to my website -- 2 Add 15,000+ Fans to my Facebook Fan Page - Add 150 products to our online store. Start immediately. Add 150 products to our online store. Start immediately. - Add 19 WooCommerce Products to Wordpress Add 190 movie releases to blog. - Add 2 Advertising - JS - Tags to our Template Add 2 api in 1 app - Add 2 Column to RS RDLC report - repost - Repost Add 2 columns to VB6 flexgrid and fix Error 30009 - add 2 factor authrnication on clients accouts Add 2 feature and solve 1 query Issue - Core PHP & MySQL - Add 2 Features to Existing Wordpress Plugin Add 2 Features To Flappy Bird Clone In Spritekit - Add 2 functions to PHP Search Script
add 2 functions to wordpress site - Add 2 languages for WordPress Page Add 2 languages to an existinmg website - Add 2 more features in my WordPress website Add 2 more features in WordPress site - Add 2 new scenes to corporate presentation in After Effects Add 2 new screens to a current Android Application, get data from an API and syncronize local DB - Add 2 Pages To Existing Website -- 2 add 2 pages to flash site - Add 2 scrollbars for zoom in / out and rotation of an element (image or text) - modification for an existing Wordpress plugin Add 2 scrollbars to flash.. - Add 2 steps form to a responsive html website add 2 tableadapters to dataset - Add 2 x Modules to OpenCart Add 2% fee to payment method in OScommerce site - Add 20 Products to eBay -- 2 Add 20 Products to eBay -- 3 - Add 200 products to the zen cart with the product details Add 200 articles (only copy + paste) in Wordpress - Add 200 Pinterest followers ADD 200 product from my amazon store into ebay - Add 200 products to the zen cart with the product details Add 200 products to the zen cart with the product details. - Add 2000 facebook friends Add 2000 followers of 80's Music \ Eurythmics to Twitter - Add 2000 products, image description, and price to osCommerce Website - Repost Add 2000 products, image description, and price to osCommerce Website - Repost - repost - add 20K youtube view to my video in 6h from now Add 2100 Votes and 1000 USA IP ADDRESS Fans For 4 Pages #80 - Add 25,000 followers to my twitter account Add 250 ads from website A to website B (Wordpress) - Add 250.000 Girl followers to 1 twitter aacount add 2500 auctions to my website - Add 2mm Bleed to this file Add 2nd featured image option - Add 3 dimension and mirror effect to book mark buttons on my website Add 3 dynamic pages to existing LAMP-based website - add 3 field contact form to website add 3 field form to checkout page of My Big Commerce site - Add 3 funtions to a website Add 3 HTML Codes to a Wordpress website. - Add 3 Mdules to Joomla Template Add 3 Modules To My Site - Add 3 page types to wordpress theme + little tweaks Add 3 pages and a few elements to wordpress website - Add 3 Scripts To Website Add 3 Seperate ICONTACT Signup Form HTML Code To Appropriate Website Optin Forms - Add 3-10 images per blog to 400 blogs every day Add 3-4 pages to existing Website - Add 30 Products to Woocommerce Site Add 30,000 facebookfollowers without admin acces - Add 300 products to wordpress in 2 days. add 300 real Facebook Likes or Twitter followers or subscribers - add 3000 products to prestashop 1.6 version online Add 3000 Products to Wordpress - Add 360 Code to Tribe Body Mobile Website Add 360 Degree Video Streaming to a Published Android Media App - Add 3d-style save option to magazine maker app Add 3K to a Romance Book Within the Next 12 Hours - add 4 features and fix small task -- 2 Add 4 features to our school management website (PHP) - Add 4 Missing Wordpress Theme Pages Add 4 new editable regions to the bottom of an existing Mailchimp Template - add 4 points read project Project Description: and make bid with good price Add 4 Redirect Rules to a htaccess file - add 400 facebook followers add 400 product to opencart from supplier website 2 -- 2 - ADD 40k Facebook Fans, 40k Twitter Followers from Kuwait Add 40k Quality Twitter followers - Add 47 Costumes to Excel file for Uploading to Website Add 47 short blog comments & ratings on a blog - Add 5 elements in my cms add 5 features in website - Add 5 Products to Amazon store Add 5 Products to WooCommerce Site - Add 50 Businesses to a database Add 50 cities news aggregation page to news site (1 page) - Add 50 products to my 1Shoppingcart account Add 50 Products to My Open Cart Website, and Design 4 banners - add 50,000 Products manually to OpenCart add 50,000 Products manually to OpenCart - Add 500 Facebook Likes to fanpage Add 500 Fans on Facebook hong kong only - by 2 weeks - Add 500 products manually to existing WordPress WooCommerce shop. Add 500 Products to Amazon Seller Central - add 500 votes to page Add 500 Youtube Like for My 5 Videos - Add 5000 legitimate users to a Facebook Group Add 5000 Malaysian Only Facebook Fan - Add 500k Facebook Fans and 500k Twitter Followers Add 500k Facebook Fans and 500k Twitter Followers - Add 55 products to Yahoo store Add 55 products to Yahoo store - repost - Add 6 hyperlinks to flash movie. Add 6 images - add 600 products to woocommerce website Add 6000 Facebook USA Fans For 2 Pages #68 - Add 7 products to Joomla 3.4.0 website Add 7 second overlay to slider image and logo - Add 75-80 destinations to an established wordpress website using the Nomad World Map plug in and write tutorial on how to add them. Add 7500 product with images to prestashop - Add 9 different layouts to PDF-Invoicing script Add 9 properties from old site to new site - Add \"Edit question\" option to Q&A website Add \"NetVideoHunter\" in Crawler (Check Description Easy Job) - Add a Process button to our competition website Add a similar drop down Calendar - Add a "getting started" page to my website - open to bidding Add a "Guest" access button to an existing app - Add a % variable to prices received via API. Add a "Blog" page to a custom built Wordpress site - Add a 'category' section in a photo app Add a 'category' section in a photo app -- - Add a 3d Cake Model in Augmented Reality awe.js Script Add a 3D retouch of a photo - Add a AI logo to AL file Add a alarm system to my site - Add a background image to pages (IMMEDIATELY) Add a Background image to POSTS only - Add a Banner Section in HTML Template converted from PDF Add a banner to a Prestashop website - Add a beautiful email list on my blog at wordpress Add a before&after price on featured image for posts - Add a blog function to my wordpress site Add a blog on my website - Add a blog to my existing website in footer Add a blog to my HTML site!! - Add A booking calendar to my website ADD A BOOKING LINK (BOOKING WEB PAGE EXISTING) ON OUR ACTAL WEB SITE SO OUR CUSTOMER CAN BOOK ONLINE THREW ACTUAL SITE - Add a bulk wallpapers upload feature Add a bulletin board and a question & answer to my site - Add a button to a small application, SDK in C++ Add a Button to existing magento website - Add a calculation in google calendar (gadget or extension) -- 2 Add a calculator App to Wordpress Home Page - Add a CAPTCHA Add a CAPTCHA Anti-Spam to existing Wordpress Site - Add a carrousel on the home page in Shopify add a cart functionality to be add on my website - Add a charts dropdown menu & ringtone page to website Add a chat box to an application - Add a christmas decoration to my wordpress website Add a CIC payment gateway to a wordpress donation plugin - Add a Code line to file