Directorio de proyectos : Add a Inaktive Button for main prod and a PDF print report of data for main & sub product - Add API's to my PPD site

Proyectos que comienzan con caracteres

Add a Inaktive Button for main prod and a PDF print report of data for main & sub product - Add a Job Scheduler to this SSRS Report viewer setup Add a join our newsletter section to website - Add a Jquery/Vector Map to WordPress site/template. -- 2 Add a Json Input/output to my App, currently on xml - Add a Left Grid to the DSR plus miscellaneous improvements Add a left navigation menu to my magento site - Add a link for a Blog Add a link for downloading csv - add a link to top of page using phpSound add a link to wordpress index page - add a live chat system so that my employees can talk to my users Add a live chat to a magento site - Add a login box to a rlash intro Add a login box to a website - Add a login with Facebook and Twitter Add a login with Facebook and Twitter and more - Add a logo to a OpenCart Website Add a logo to a PDF file - add a logo to this youtube video Add a logo to web page - Add a map with the ability to track vehicles and pull previous trips. add a Market Place feature to our community - Add a menu option to Firefox browser Add a menu option to Flipping Book Content - Add a minimum "per-horse" premium rating option to an online PHP/XML project. Add a mobile & tablet site to an existing website - Add a module in a existing PHP Project Add a module in magento 2 - Add a moving "Featured Products" slideshow on my html page add a moving .swf file to wordpress template - Add a MySQL database with search feature to a website(repost) add a mysql logging funcion to a unix C program. - Add a new Class to Minfiy Script from GitHub -- 2 Add a new Class to Minfiy Script from GitHub -- 3 - add a new feature to a website. Add a new feature to an Android application - Add A New Field to Oscommerce Addon Add a new field to PHP calendar - Add a new header and footer to existing PDF Flyers Add a New Header to a Real Estate Theme - add a new page in my website Add a new page on my current website. - Add a new page/product to our website Add a new panel to op in / out the customization option to each product in a store - Add a new project page to my (php) Real Estate Website + slight footer modification Add a new registry in 3dcart registry - Add a new tab and a downloads page to my website Add A new template - Add a news section in a sidebar in an existing wordpress site add a nice graphic menu to an existing Delphi application - Add a online shopping cart to my existing website Add a online store addition to a pre-existing one pager website plus design a landing page. - Add a page and navigation for a website Add a page and some text to an existent wordpress site. - Add a page to a lead management tool admin Add a page to a website - add a page to my forum (tab) vbulletin Add a Page to My Ios App - Add a page to our site template Add a page to our website, a nav tab, and an online form - Add a participation element in WP Courseware Pro Add a password page to my existing site - Add a payment gateway to an auction website Add a payment gateway to my site. - Add a payment page using Stripe API Add a payment page using Stripe API -- 2 - Add a percentage based preloader to our video player add a percentage to amount when checking out - Add a Photo Gallery to exitisng site [Elance Escrow Project] Add a photo gallery to my BigCommerce site - Add a php mailer installed on my server Add a php mailer installed on my server -- 2 - Add a Play button to 2 Flash animations Add a Play button to 2 Flash animations(repost) - add a pop up email subscribe type deal to my website add a pop up for my instruction site - Add a popup on Drupal site Add a popup page with T&C on current wordpress site - Add a pricing table to my wordpress template. Add a print button on pages - Add a product in my website Add a product manager to a home made plateform - Add a project management tool to WP Site Add a project/picture gallery on my site - Add a quick function to Wordpress Theme. Add a Quick Page to my Joomla Template - Add a record to a table using Ninja Forms Add a rectangle for my text with library gd - Add a report to website with a mysql backend Add a reporting print all statement to Current Invoice Billing System - Add a Rig to my 3d Player Model for use with Mecanim in Unity 3d Add a ringtone to a digital Christmas card - ADD A SALES PHONE NUMBER TO TOP OF WORDPRESS HOMEPAGE -- 2 Add a salesforce web2lead code to existing contact form 7 template in wordpress - Add A Script To Wordpress Website Add a Scroll Bar in HTML JS page - Add a search database to existing PHP website Add a search database to existing Wordpress site - Add a second Banner option to our CMS Add a second Banner option to our CMS - repost - Add a Section to Wordpress Blog(repost)(repost) Add a Section to Wordpress Blog(repost)(repost)(repost)(repost) - Add a setting to a script.stop trading if balance low Add a settings page, add reload button - Add a shopping cart to a Drupal site - no online payment needed - customer just places order online and customer pays picks up product at the store Add a shopping cart to a phpbb forum - Add a Sign in form to Website. Add a sign in with Linkedin verificiation feature to my PHP website - Add a simple calculator view in an existing iPhone app add a simple captcha copde to a website - Add a simple feature to Wordpress Website Add a Simple Feature to Working Website - Add a simple modification to a java program Add a simple mp3 player to an existing app - READ FIRST - Add a simple wp blog to html website Add a single additinal screen to the UI of an opensource C# project optikey - Add a slider and fix css add a slider in layerslider plugin - Add a slogan to existing logo Add a small captcha to our flash websites forms - Add a small patch Add a small rotating Image box on the header of my wordpress site - Add a special field to my lead pages add a special painting product to a OSC painting store - Add a still image to the begging of 3 45sec video ads Add a still image to the begging of 6 45sec video ads - Add a sub-domain name to amazon ec2 instance add a subcategory to boonex dolphin categories - Add a swf (movie) to and exiting swf file (page) reposted Add a switching image option to a BigCommerce website - Add a table to an existing form. (I do not want the freelancer to do any formatting/GUI on the form). The table will need to append to an existing table. - ongoing work Add a table to an existing form. (I do not want the freelancer to do any formatting/GUI on the form). The table will need to append to an existing table. - ongoing work - 09/01/2017 15:22 EST - Add a temporary newsticket / banner to home page Add a testimonial function - Add a thank you page to WP Landing Page and submit form input to download by excel -- 2 Add a the widget "Sidebar Left" on our Worpress theme - Add a tone to sound files Add a tone to sound files - repost - Add a transparent human torso to a Maya 3D Human Spine add a travel portal for - Add a unique image overlay to every listing for the WordPress template, change button color, remove link from the menu -- 2 Add a unitypackage asset on my unity 3D project and a button to activate it - add a user to a php script Add a user tracker to App - add a video on my wordpress website add a video player to my site - Add a video to the home page of a website
Add a video to the web service - Add a wave of water to this image Add a way to point to a specific URL in a cloaked URL - Add a Website Carousel Slider to shopify without using apps. Add a website link to my banner image on Shopify - Add a Wholesale page(repost) Add a Wholesale Section(repost) - add a winners tab Add a WinStreak Column to my Table - Add a wordpress blog to a website Add a wordpress blog to a website - repost - Add a wordpress template to a domain name Add a Tag Feature In a Blog - add ability for customers to use a code to get discount on my ecommerce site add ability for customers to use a code to get discount on my site - ADD ABILITY TO SPECIFIY EMAIL ADDRESS IN REDDIT CODE add ability to switch between - Add about 6 lines of coding to a max of 9 files, note it could be less. ( coding examples given) Add about 700 Downloads to a site - Add accordion style menu to HTML5 project Add accordion to sidebar woocomerce - Add achive mod to phpbb Add ACL to mean stack - Add active and non active window distinction to tracking of viewings of flash applet Add Active Class In Javascript - Add Ad Systems to a xcode project Add ad to a Mobile iphone/iPad project - Add additional button to product display page Add additional changes to an existing website - Add additional feature in Joomla admin panel Add additional feature to appointment booking application - Add Additional features to Gym mmebership software Add additional features to mobile application - Add additional floors to a 3D Building Animation Add Additional Fonts To Site - Add additional functionality to Ultimate Client Manager Job Task - Time Management Add additional functionality to WordPress Plugin - Add additional membership capabilities to website Add additional menu and additional functionality to web site - Add additional pages to Add additional payment gateway - (PAYFAST on WPJobster Theme) - Add additional sports betting sites Add Additional Tab Virtuemat Flypage - Add Addresses To Using a CSV file Add addresss to customer listing - Add admin funtion in escort directory script Add Admin in Url - Add AdMob ads and a link to privacy polocy on an Android App Add Admob ads directly to 3 apk games - Add Admob Banner&Interstitial to an android project Add admob banner/intersitial to an iOS (Swift) App - add admob native ads to my application add admob on app - add ads admob (lib7) add ads admob to application Android - Add ads to my app Add ads to my game developed with xamarin(mono for droid) and monogame. - Add Adsense Code And Google Analytic Add Adsense Code in the Wordpress Theme of my Website - add adsense to wordpress Add adsense to wordpress - Remove encrypted links - add advanced search option to script Add advanced search to left column of magento site - Add advertising column and pull down menu to Invision forums Add advertising SDK (supersonic & nativeX) for Unity3D game - Add ads Add AES encryption to MySQL database on website (for sybian phone app) - Add Affiliate Links to CSV File Add Affiliate Links to Existing Website - Add affiliates to my global network marketing business Add affiliates to website - Add age verification to my website Add Agent Announcement to Queue Dial Plan - Add Ajax Call to Template Page Add Ajax Chat to my OpenCart Website / Create Gambling Script with Store Credit - Add Ajax Login ( With social Connect options) & Size Chart Add AJAX Navigation to Wordpress Website - Add AJAX to python web app Add AJAX to sliders and toggle effect to tab - Add Album & List View to my music player Add Album Art Image to MP3 File on Mac OS X - Add alert to MT4 indicator Add Alert to My Existing Metatrader 4 Indicator - Add alipay for php script Add alipay integration in ios app - ADD ALL site modifications to MAIN theme, to child theme on YOUR local machine Add all the items from a website to my ebay account with all the details at double the price - Add Amazon Ads Add Amazon ads to the website and fix bugs - Add Amazon payment function on e-commerce system based on Symfony 1.x (Onsite in Hanoi, Vietnam) ADD AMAZON PAYMENT METHOD TO WEBSITE-Magento - Add AmazonS3 storage to php upload script Add AMCharts JS support to the sample Coldfusion templates - add an additional Access Control Level for in codeigniter Add an additional feature on WP plugin - Add an Affiliate Program to an osCommerce website Add an affiliate program to my current website - Add an app to my shopify store Add an Arabic option to an established opencart shop - add an e-commerce payment system to my landing page Add an easily editable gallery to my BigCommerce website - Add an Email Subscriber ListServ system to my Wordpress website Add an Email Subscriber ListServ system to my Wordpress website -- 2 - add an extension to root directory Add an extenstion to my Joomla website - Add an HTML page and design an HTML e-mail START NOW !!!! Add an HTML/CSS/JS files to a DNN Website - Add an image on the top of the website add an image on top of the age verification pop up - Add an Instant Messanger in my web community Add an interactive landing page to my Wordpress website - Add an Online Booking Form to WordPress Site Add an online calendar to website - Add an option box with price to PHP catalog script Add an option for users to register and sign in to my site - Add an QR scanner for my app Add an SDK to an existing code - Add an upload button to Tiny_MCE editor on Lotus Domino Add an upload image script/button to an existing website. - Add Analytics Tracking to 2 Joomla Sites Add Analytics tracking to jquery-powered system - Add and connect my mobile site to my wordpress website. Add and contact people through our designated LinkedIn profile - add and edit comment fields in wordpress Add and edit frontend to existing software - Add and import SDK to Android and IOS Game Add and install the following features to our site : - Add and Remove items in Magento Go Add and remove modules in smarty tpl built web cam script - Add and style text to existing website HTML pages - repost 2 Add and Sub in Directed numbers - Add android youtube app to existing app and make it play playlists instead add angelas and pauls backlinks to my websites - Add animated text, animated lines, and soundtrack to video Add animated/slider logo to website, responsive - Add Animation to Picture (non-flash) Add Animation to Static Image - Add Annotations Script to my installation of PDF.js Add Annotations to 122 YouTube Videos - Add another image onto other image SIMPLE JOB Add another image to a photo - Add another request/reponse to existing project add another scrape page to site - add api broker into c# application autobot Add API call to API Middleware Web App - Add API links to Wordpress eCommerce Site Add API or Elastic Search to UI - Add API's to my PPD site