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Add facebook friends from specified groups - Add Facebook Gamers 4 for Peregra Add facebook gift sending on Unity - Add Facebook Like and StumbleUpon buttons as iframes to joomla site Add Facebook Like and Twitter Followus Functionality on Site - Add Facebook Like Popup with timer to close popup in opencart vQmod Add Facebook Like Popup with timer to close the popup (in opencart vQmod) - Add Facebook Likes to a company profile on Facebook Add Facebook Likes to Two Pages - Add facebook login to an existing website Add Facebook Login to custom PHP site - Add Facebook Login/Sign Up to PHP Site Add Facebook logo, Instagram logo, Twitter logo and web site on a finshed logo - Add Facebook post api permission to script Add Facebook Post capability with callback on Success with Ionic Cordova - Add Facebook Sharing and Comments to a Site Add facebook sharing widget and modify one page of my Joomla website - Add Facebook, Pinterest and other bookmark sites to website Add Facebook, Twitter & Mi Website Icons - Add facility of upload product of supplier on magento Add Fade Effect to Text and Enable Touch / Swipe on Supersized Slider - Add fans Add fans - Facebook page - ADD FANS TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE Add Fans to my Facebook Page - Add favorites in classic asp - Rehire Add Favorites Link to Navbar (Super Easy) - Add FB Share to web pages & Posts with Excerpt to FB Add FB Share to web pages & Posts with Image Excerpt to FB - Add Feature Add feature - Add Feature For Saved Search (Apartment, House, Condo, etc.) & Foreclosure Bids Add feature for using acccerometer and gyroscope - Add feature on formbuilder Add feature on front and back end of Smarty PHP CMS - Add Feature to a phpBB3 MOD - phpBB Tracker Add feature to a python code - Add feature to available app Add feature to C++/Perl admin program - Add feature to existing Forex MT4 EA Add feature to existing IOS app - Add feature to iphone App Add feature to iPhone application - add feature to my dating app . add feature to my existing php script - Add feature to Perl IP binding script Add feature to PHP code - add feature to simple wordpress plugin Add Feature to Single Page App with AngularJS - Add feature to Wordpress plug in Add feature to wordpress plugin - Add featured image to slider Add featured Images on my Site - Add features Add features - Add features 2 Joomla Joombri Freelance extension Add features add 4 features to php sun chat script urgent work - Add features and fixes to public mxfactorial GitHub project Add features and improvements to a website - Add features game in unity 3D add features in iPhone application and push notifications - add features in my old script Add features in SlideShowPro Flash gallery - add features project for Tahir001 Add features to an android application - Bus Tracking - Add features to a existing small java swing application Add features to a existing website. - Add features to a PHP App Add features to a PHP based site - like scrolling news, fixing layout etc. - Add features to a semi-completed social media website project Add features to a semi-completed social media website project. - Add features to a wordpress site Add features to a Wordpress template - Add features to an Android app Add features to an Android application - add features to an existing app. Add features to an existing application - Add features to an existing PHP/MySQL Add features to an existing PHP/MySQL site - Add features to an iPhone application Add features to an online store - Add features to article builder WordPress plugin Add features to article builder WordPress plugin(repost) - ADD FEATURES TO CODEIGNITER SITE ADD FEATURES TO CODEIGNITER SITE -- 2 - Add Features to custom Drupal Services Module Add features to custom Joomla module - Add features to Existing Android Game Add Features to Existing Android Project and Fix Bug - Add Features to Existing iOS Objective-C/Cocoa Project Add features to existing iPad app - Add features to existing project Add features to existing project - Add features to existing Symfony2 project - repost Add features to existing web app - Add features to Firmware in Linux Embedded System in Consumer Product Add Features To Flash - add features to ionic app Add features to iOS and Android App - Add Features To Job Website Add features to Joomla Addfactory ads extention - Add Features to Music Sharing App add features to musicbox - Add Features to my Existing PHP Website - repost Add features to my existing Wordpress site - Add features to my web site and fix few bugs Add features to my website - add Features to Add features to new website - Add Features to OSCommerce Forums Module Add Features to oscommerce Website - Add Features to PHP Chat Application - repost Add Features to PHP invoice Script - Add features to phpBB. Add features to phpBB.(repost) - Add features to script Add features to script - Add features to search engine Add features to Sweet Home 3D - add features to VB app to automate file creation Add features to video player - Add features to website admin panel Add features to website and fix bugs - Add features to wordpress theme Add features to wordpress theme - Add features/fix up website, update chrome extension/create firefox extension Add features/make changes to C++ Application - Add feeds to twitter account Add Feet & Inch Calculations including Fractions to my PHP calcuator - add few features in vbulletin mod Add few features in website - Add few feture for homework project add few fields while adding product and fetch that on invoice also - Add few new features to Windows 8.1 app - repost Add few options in flash player - Add field search m2o on E-commerce Odoo add field CodeIgniter - Add field to form, Copy design of form add field to history order opencart 2 - Add field validation and nice image uploader to page Add field validation on 2 forms - add fields in stripe checkout add fields in the reservation page of phpscheduleit. - Add Fields to Custom CMS add fields to custom report in magento - Add fields to our ASP mail form Add fields to our web app and implement a password change functionality - Add Fields to Woocommerce Order Export Button Add Fields to WordPress Business Directory Plugin - Add file storage to our admin interface (PHP)
Add file structure management to Smultron - Add FILE UPLOAD support for webview android application for android smaller than 4.4 -- 2 Add FILE UPLOAD support to WebView for Android < 4.4 - Add files to be downloaded in com_seminarman Add files to my digital textbook - Add Filter Feature to XML Feed Add Filter for search extension - Add filters in JQUERY grids Add filters in Search Box in Wordpress site - Add final module to Java project - URGENT Add final touches to a webdesign company website, - Add first 100 products on website Magento Add First Data Donation page - add fixes and features to php/jquery chat script urgent Add fixes to content recommendations widget - Add flash animation to a couple of links Add Flash Animation to a Header - Add Flash Effects to Car Image Add flash effects to image - Add Flash Preloader to Existing .swf Add flash preloader to existing swf - Add flash upload to my site add flash video editor like in powtoon to joomla hwdmediashare component - Add Floating Action Bar library to project Add floating banner with countdown to bottom of site - Add Flurry to our iOS app Add Flurry, Admob &amp; Rating functionality to Titanium app - Add followers on twitter Add followers to a Google plus page - Add font/title to existing image Add fontawesome fonts to latex document - Add Footer row in RDLC report Add footer to a web page - Add form element button to Yootheme Zoo Products Add form error messages in an existing wordpress form (html form - not CF7) - Add form submission to scheduling plugin Add form to 2 pages of existing responsive site - Add form to request catalog Add form to select items - add forms and new fields on program build in Delphi without source code - repost Add Forms To 2 Pages W/ MySQL DB Access - Add forms, tabel and product comparison to a Wordpress website Add Formulário do Aweber Pop Over em um botão HTML - Add Forum to My Website Add forum to my Wordpress website - Add four javascript games to current web application Add four pages to Wordpress website with Visual Composer plugin - Add Free Shopping Cart to Web Site - Zen Cart - Mal's Add free Vendor sign up for Interspire Shopping Cart software, like Amazon. - Add friends 1,000 to my facebook and my space account Add Friends 2 Profile Function Completed - Add Friends to Facebook accounts ADD friends to facebook following - Add friends to Twitter Add friends.... facebook google+ tweet in my local area - Add ftp upload function to an already working php script ADD FTP Upload option to website for front end user and fix memory size limit - add full sticky post in home page Add full width banner to website - Add function "read from ldap server" to web application Add function - As low as : when have quantity discount . - add function of a web site Add function on my PHP - Add function to C++ dll to Display Text Box VS 2008/2010 Add function to Cartodb.js map - Add function to form Add function to Jquery Cycle (progress bar) - Add Function to VC++ DLL + Debug Project. add function to woocommerce - Add functionalities to an MVC with GDI Add functionalities to client server windowns based application - Add functionalities to WordPress website Add functionalities to WordPress website for Apexol - Add Functionality and Modify CSS online feedreader program Add functionality and screens to Android App - Add functionality of next/previous button in my existing iphone/ipad/android app Add functionality to your website - Add functionality to a web site. (Back end PHP, MySQL and some minor design changes)(repost) Add functionality to a web-based system for collaboration -- 2 - add functionality to add/manage user groups Add functionality to aggregator - Add functionality to an existing website Add functionality to an existing website - Add functionality to earlier created event system Add functionality to earlier created event system as discussed. - Add functionality to existing C#/.Net/embedded Firebird app Add Functionality to existing donor page, to allow incremental donations and tidy page to my specifications. - Add Functionality to existing Project Add functionality to Existing Project - Add Functionality to HTML/CSS Template Add functionality to iOS / Android applications - Add functionality to Magento as discussed Add functionality to MediaWiki Installation - Add functionality to OpenCart Add functionality to opencart store - Add Functionality To Script For Mechanical Turk Add functionality to Selenium project (Python) - add functionality to two small simple .NET projects - open to bidding Add functionality to Vacation Rental site using OpenRealty - Add Functionality to Wordpress Site Add Functionality to Wordpress Site - ADD FUNCTIONALOTY IN MY WORDPRESS ADD FUNCTIONALOTY IN MY WORDPRESS - deschis pentru plasarea ofertelor - Add functions for fedalal2 only add functions in a website - Add functions to a PHP mail application Add functions to a site using Dot Net, C# - add functions to delphi app add functions to Delphi backup software - Add functions to iPhone application and build database server on MAC OS Add functions to java program - Add functions to photo editing app Add functions to php script - add functions to website Add Functions to WordPress Backup plugin - Add functtioanlity and sql db to GUI Add fund on my panel - Add future and fix bug Add future on php online soft (quickly) - Add Galleriffic Jquery plugin to my site Add gallery - add gallery to joomla website add gallery to my site - Add games add Games on Portal with unique Description - Add GCM to existing Android app Add GCSE bar to site - Add Geo-location data to WordPress MU SiteMap Plugin Add geo-location feature in iOS Swift Project - Add German and French translation for just 5 words in a basic theme. Add German celebrities to our database - Add gGogle Cptcha in Wordpress Add Gif Animation to Jpg file - Add gifts to my website add git to django - Add glowing effect to logo - repost Add glowing effect to logo - repost 2 - Add Google Admob and scale game to fit any screen Add Google Ads - Add Google Adsense Codes to Our Website Add google adsense CRUD as discussed - add google analatics v4 to app add Google Analtytics to simple AS3 fla - Add Google Analytics Code Add google analytics code - Add Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking to Custom Shopping Cart Add Google Analytics event tracking to my site - Add google analytics on a simple website