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Add Google Sitemap Generator for WordPress v2 Final to my Wordpress Blog - add google translator add google translator short code in the below code - Add goole map to wordpress theme Add GoTo feature to iPad app - Add GPU stats to web based linux dashboard Add GPU Support for my Program (Use GPU To BruteForce) - Add Graphic to a Page Add Graphic to Cell Background Color - Add Graphics to Graphical Resume Add graphics to Jomla site - Add Greenwell Metro JS and Live Twitter / Tumblr feed Feed Add Greeting to Email Utility - Add Group Price to Manage Products Grid (Quick Task)--2 Add Group/Page/Fan page on Facebook - add gujarati language in ionic 1 Add H.264 support to linux/windows openwengo - Add header and background image to myspace band site add Header and Footer onto the Website - Add Header with links to pages/add 1 additional image to website Add Header/Footer Code To Template - Add hedge filters to my MT4 EA Add Hedge Grid to EA - Add highlights to a banner Add Hikashop Ecommerce Solution to Joomla 3 website - Add home page to drupal Web Site add home page to my wordpress website - add hotdeals to shopping cart Creloaded 6.2 add hotel booking feature to daily deal site running on magento - Add hover over color and border on all images and captions in lightbox -Wordpress Add hover underline to two links in Wordpress - Add HTML Code to site for instant messenger script Add HTML code to website - add html page [tib] Add HTML page in lightbox on wordpress site - add html theme to dropinn scipt Add html theme to wordpress Child theme - Add HTML5 Player to Page...Urgent Add HTML5 shoutcast player to webpage - Add human body (kids) to existing solid work 3D Model and Animate it Add Hungarian subtitles to 30 minutes of English video - Add hyperlinks to PDF using JAVA / iText Add hyperlinks to XML button AS3 - Add IAP and FB actions to app Add IAP and some tweaks to an existing iOS app - Add Icon to PhoneGap Project and Send APK Add Icon & Plug In | Wordpress - Add icon to site - spanish speakers Add Icon to Tray For NT Service When User Logs Into Windows - Add icons to vbulletin bulletin boards and whiten background Add icons to webpage - add iframe billing to exsisting magento project Add Iframe menu button, add banner code several pages, analy - Add Image and Teaser test in RSS Fee (DRUPAL 7) Add Image and Teaser text to incoming RSS FEED (DRUPAL 7) - Add image files to an iMessage sticker app template (replace old with new ones) add image funtionality - Add image Retail Box Cover content in online videogame store. Add Image rotator and rss feed content to a wp theme - Add image to PDF file add image to pixel script - Add Image to Wordpress site Add image to WordPress website - add images and add new features to wordpress website Add images and affiliates banners to my web site - Add images files to CDN and clear some other issues Add images from one website to another - Add images on the order page and print page. Add images slider and save as a copy button for aticle using seeblod in Joomla -- 2 - Add Images to Blogs-2 Add Images to Blogs-3 - Add Images to my food Items takeaway online shop Add images to news items - Add images to web pages add images to websit - Add images, logo to html page Add ImagesLoaded to Masonry Script by desandro - Add in 2 lines of code into existing APK file for $5. Code and instruction given -- 2 Add in 5 .net pages to company website - add in app purchase to iPhone App Add In App Purchase to remove advertising for Existing iOS Game - add in feature for existing website Add in features to existing code - Add in or plugin for website Add in page simple ecommerce product module - Add in wordpress system to existing website add in-app billing for free adroid app - Add in-app purchase to existing app - needed fast Add In-App Purchase to existing iPad app - Add in-app-purchase to a button where a view will be bought Add in-app-purchase to android app - Add Indexing for U.S. States Add Indian Friends to our Facebook Accounts - Add inertial scrolling on IPHONE to website Add Infinite Scoll to my Website - Add infinite scrolling to wordpress theme Add infinite slider - Add info to our forum - easy content creation Add info to website - add information to a magento invoice add information to a mysql database without leaving the page - Add input form page to existing website Add Input Form Product Attributes of oscommerce - Add Instagram and Periscope Icon to website add instagram counter to website - Add insurance values Add integral shopping basket to existing website - Add Interactivity functonalities to Hotel Reservation Plan Add Interactivity to Career Site - Add international countries to website -- 2 Add international countries to website -- 3 - Add into an existing upload script an video option Add Into and Otro to my video - Add Inventory Tracking Component to Existing HTML/PHP Website Add Inventory WooCommerce (Wordpress) - add invoicing and billings to kayako fusion Add Invoicing Functionality to PHP Website Backend - Add IP authentication to PERL simple socks 5 server script Add IP env_report function to Perl Order Form Suite - Add iPad TouchScreen swipe function to prettyPhoto image gallery Add iPad Universal to existing iOS iPhone (4/5) app - Add IPtables for my Dedicated Server Add IPTC info from database - Add ITBMS (taxes) calculation Add item descriptions off eBay listings onto spreadsheet - Add items Theme Add items to 3D Simulation. - Add items to my online store - Joomla based with virtue mart Add items to my oscommerce store - Add Items to Soft Menu and Make Header Picture Show Right Below Search Menu Add items to store - Add jar to coldfusion classpath and execute from code Add Jasper Report to Openbravo System - Add Javascript and CSS to page Add Javascript and Graphic to Existing Joomla site(repost) - add javascript functionality to webview apk add javascript help function - add javascript to Google Sites add javascript to joomla html5 slider - Add Jeans Threads to the fabric photo Add Jetpack Subscription signup code to Follow sticky button - Add jobs to a job board Add joint account directory - For latatestTech - Add joomla page item Add Joomla Rotating Header Image - Add jQuery (No Refresh) & PHP Print Image (With Graph) for Forum Share
Add Jquery 1.4.3 to Current Drupal Install - Add jQuery Effects To Landing Page Add jquery elements/add interaction to html/css website - Add jQuery plugin to website Add jquery plugin to wordpress site and php script - Add jquery to existing Bootstrap navbar form. Add JQuery to form - Add JS and CSS effects to Drupal Site Add JS and PHP validations to AjaxCRUD - Add Jstore to a Joomla website Add judges directory to my site - Add keyboard up/down/enter support to search field Add Keyword & Notify Post Titles - add keywords to my website add keywords to web articles for search engine optimization - Add Label to Site Origin Page Builder Add label to the empty bottle ASAP - Add language and more improvments Add Language Declaration to Website HTML / PHP Pages (CMS) - Add Language to Joomla websie Add language to Software - ADD LAPTOP SCREEN DATA TO A WORDPRESS WEBSITE Add Laravel "Authorization" to existing API routes and create login/register functions in AngularJS. - Add Launcher Icons to App and Remove Android Figure from Screens Add Launchrock widget to Wordpress page & style - Add Lazy Loader option to an existing WP slide Add LazyLoad - Add left and right arrows to slideshow Add Left and Right Margin Banners and Header Banner - add libs to my app Add LibVLC in my app - Add Light Box To Website and Upload To Server add light effects, particles, and etc. to commercial scenes! - Add lightbox to Creloaded 6.3 Pro Add lightbox to current gallery and add new images - Add Like button in my website add like facebook on page - add line breaks Add Line Chart - Add link image to CakePHP layout Add link in same page Wordpress - Add link to NSIS LICENSE PAGE Add Link to OsCommerce Page - Add linked buttons to slider images of wordpress website -- 2 Add linked buttons to slider images of wordpress website -- 3 - Add links (with clickTAG) to flash ad. Add Links and Dimensions to Excel - Add Links to Current Wiki Entries add links to existing webpage - Add links to our website for from various related websites Add links to page - Add links to web pages Add links to web pages(repost) - add listing Add listing and filtering features to an iPhone app using Parse services - Add listings to a local town discount site Add listings to a local town discount site - repost - Add listings to Real Estate Website Add listings to website - Add Live Help to Magento Website Add live inventory functionality to my existing website. - Add live video platform to a real estate site Add live video streaming capability to existing IOS and Android APP - Add Loading Animation to customized WP Dashboard Add loading bar to website - Add location detection on mobile to WPGroupBuy wordpress site - Add location map similar to Airbnb Add location feature to website in angular js - Add Log scales to perl chart code Add Log-In page and form page to Dreamweaver site - Add logic to a video download page to detect if visitor is a paying member (if not take away options) Add logic to Community Builder profile page. - Add Login Button and Few API integration Add Login button to WP site - Add login page and show menu based in user Add login page to site - Add Login Widget to WordPress theme Add login with databases to my site - Add login/sign up functionality in a pop up integrated to salesforce. -- 2 Add logins to an existing website, allow messaging between users and integrate e-Lecta virtual classroom into website - add logo and web address Add logo and white border to 6 styling pivtures - Add logo to a styling photo and add a white border to 16 pictures add logo to a video - Add logo to InDesign files and create PDF's add logo to index picture and main picture - Add Logo to Photo (with screenshots) Add Logo to Photo's - Add logo to videos Add Logo to Website - Add logos and install extension to Magento Add logos for Snapchat, Instagram, Vimeo and YouTube to our website font pack - Add Loud Sound To Our CraftySyntax Live Help Chat Add Loyalty Points Feature to Open Source Point of Sale - Add magazine title on magazine cover Add Magento 'Clone' Functionality to Create Another Configurable Product From an Existing Configurable Product - add magento stock inventory control to websites add magento stock inventory control to websites- - Add Mailchimp Newsletter to Single Page Add Mailchimp Newsletter to Single Webpage - Add maintenance page. AngularJS/JSP/Struts/MSSqlServer (Job Card Categories) - ongoing work add making - Add many features to my sample game using Unity Add many features to my sample game using Unity -- 2 - Add Marina to my Zajra Logo Add Marker to Android map app - Add Martingale System into my EA (HELP) Add martingale to EA - ADD MATERIALS TO AN EXISTING RESPONSIVE TEMPLATE TO MODIFY THE CONTENTS Add Math based security question to two generic sites - Add me 450 facebook fans every day for 2 weeks Add me 500 facebook friends - Add Me Fast Point add me fast points - ADD ME, contact me Add Measurement feature to range slider - wordpress - Add member login function to bookings website Add member profiles to dating site - Add members to site 3 Add members to site 4 - add membership that automatically bills and charges a wordpress using stripe Add membership to my php site - Add menu bar to the bottom of app screen Add Menu below header - Add menu structure in Wordpress website Add menu templates to restaurant web site - Add merchant processing to existing website Add Merchant Solutions Account - Add Meta Keywords and Description to Virtuemart Add meta tag to site for flippa listing - Add metadata to photos Add metadata to stock photos - Add mgid code on my site Add MICR E13 B Match font in our check system - Add Minor Functionality to Wordpress Theme - repost add minor functions to website - Add missing pages/dropdowns with missing text and images add missing pr0ducts to website - Add mobile functionality for a current website(repost) Add mobile functionality to current website, add additional functionality to interface with another site. - Add Mobile Phone verification using an API to existing C# .NET Website Add mobile photo uploading capability for mobile users who access my website (iPhone Users). - Add on a Couponic site Add on a Couponic site - Repost - Add Modification to phpBB forum