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Add Search and Filter in Table.... - Add search box in drop-down sub-menu on Wordpress site add search box on website - Add search design to Wordpress site. Also tweak a few things on site. Add Search Engine & Reference # - Add Search Form Feature Add Search Form Feature(repost) - Add Search in the header Add search option in exciting PHP website - Add Searchable Custom Field To Wordpress Add Searchable Custom Field To Wordpress -- 2 - add second language to our admin panel ... URGENT.. Add second language to Website - Add section to php download site plus minor changes Add sectioned table to iPhone app - Add Security and finish setup for ASTTP-Sendroid add security code to application - Add security to Checkout page of zen cart store. Add security to existing data base tubot - add selection box on each row of html table2 Add selection field with db on my existing website - Add send email to php script if script fails Add send option to my code (file transfer) - Add SEO titles on each tips ADD SEO TO 10 KEYWORDS - Add session variable to simple password javascript Add SetaPDF stamper and encription on Magento Store - add shadow to psd file Add shadow underneath gallery images (Wordpress site) - Add share image button to my android app Add share on facebook whatsapp twitter and google and login with google and facebook for my website - Add shipping and payment methods in OSC 2.3.1 - for SunrisePHP Add Shipping Attributes to Magento - Add shipping option to Opencart Add Shipping Options To Wordpress Plugin - add shop plugin in wordpress site Add shop to an existing website - Add Shopping Cart & Integrate it with Paypal Add Shopping Cart - Simple HTML and CSS Work - Add shopping cart and PSP integration to our CEMAP web site Add Shopping Cart and Revise some pages - Add Shopping Cart to Existing Site Add Shopping cart to existing website - Add shopping Cart to phpsound script Add shopping cart to Tesseract theme Wordpress like + connect to PayPal. - Add Shortlist and Contact Popup Buttons Add Shoutbox to my website - Add Sidebar to Wordpress theme Add sidebar to WordPress Theme - Add Sign-up hyperlink text to Andriod Add signal generation GUI from existing code - ADD SIGNUP AND LOGIN FORM TO MY SITE Add Signup Form Script to HTML Page - add simple application and minor maintnance for my site Add Simple AR function for an existed iOS app - Add Simple Description Graphics to 6 Images Add simple driving directions to existing google map - Add simple forum like functionality to existing PhoneGap/Cordova based application Add simple function to a script - add Simple Menu in the page Add simple message forum system to existing PHP/MySQL web site - Add Simple preloader with percentage bar to an existing sound file Add SIMPLE Private Messaging (PM) to our website RIGHT NOW - Add Simple Trade Entry Condition with User Input to My Simple EA Add Simple URL Validation to PHP form - Add Single Web page to Existing WordPress site Add SIP to OpenVBX - add site to dmoz Add Site to DMOZ directory - Add Sites ( Easy&Interesting Job) Add sites header & background to installed Gallery2 program - add size to oscommerce sites Add Sizes $ Colors To Spreadsheet for Monstercommerce Shopping Cart - Add skip silence feature on app -- 2 Add Skrill & Payza to site - Add slide function to website page Add Slide menu to my site! - Add slider to a created site Add slider to a HTML website - Add slides to a slider - only for antondilshan Add slides to Revolution Slider - add sliding function in plugin add sliding function into plugin - Add Small Effect to our Video Player Add small facebook logo to my site (CSS) - Add small features to the existing web application Add small features to the existing web application -- 2 - Add small things on my business card add small update to EA - Add sms feature to suite crm add sms functionallity to freeswitch - Add smth to my site Add smtp aplication in my vps, to send the php forms from my site to my email .. - Add SOAP API To PHP Webserver Add SOAP Extension to WHM - Add Social Icons to my Wordpress template Add social icons to wordpress header - Add Social Media Add Ons Add Social Media and Favicon to blog - Add social media features to my near me app Add social media features to my Wordpress website - detailed project info in description - Add Social Media Icons to Sidebar and Logo Bar Add social media ICONS to site for sharing and invite friends - Add social media sharing features to a Wordpress blog Add social media sharing features to blog - Add Social Network Icons and Fix Footer for Wordpress Site add social network link on wordpress header - Add Social Sharing and Analytics to iOS/Android Titanium App Add social sharing buttons to website - Add sold out banner to sold out products on website Add Solitaire Games to Card Hero - add some advertising on Add some adverts to our website and improve color choices - Add some BLE services / features to arduino code. RFDuino MCP required. Code base already written. Add some bleed to a PDF design - Add some code in ASP.NET Web Pages with Razor syntax add some code on it - add some codeline to a website - repost Add some codes - Add some content to existing menu Add some content to existing menu -- 2 - Add some custom homepage Modules to my Domain Add some custom homepage Modules to my Website - Add some design to a website wireframe Add some design to my blog - Add some extra features to a wordpress plugin Add some extra features to an exsiting app - add some feature on my existing app Add some feature on my social network - Add some features current game using GameSalad Add some features for my iphone app - Add some features on existing iOS app. Add some features on existing Magento website - add some features to a user area Add some features to a website - Add some features to an existing Android App Add some features to an existing contact form 7 (WP) 1. - Add some features to existing iOS Photo App Add some features to existing POP Mail Script - add some features to my joomla website add some features to my joomla website -- 2 - Add some features to our VB.NET Desktop Application Add some features to our VB.NET software - Add some features to Wordpress Add some features to Wordpress Tablepress table - Add some filters on the warehouse list Add some flames to a logo - Add some function to My AndroidApp add some function to my php script - add some functionality in existing website
Add some functionality in php page - Add some functionality to existing railsproject - ongoing work Add some functionality to existing site - Add some functions in existing PHP script add some functions into my codes.. - Add some functions to wordpress plugin Add some functions, implement Stripe payment and fix some bugs - Add some icons of flags on a website for multi-language support Add Some Idea's & function To Templaye WP - add some items to joomla shop Add some items to portfolio of my website and minor modifications - Add some kind of security on a tool which may prevent a ban Add some libpcap information to nginx as nginx variables - Add some malayalam sentance using Photoshop - Add some maps to my website - Add some motion blur on a specific image within the Live Video Add some motion blur on a specific image within the Live Video need work in vlc or ffmpg - add some new things on old build website Add some nice CSS styles to a comment area - Add some pages to a website add some pages to a website - Add some photos to a RSfrom Pro layout Add some PHP code - Add some products to a Magento website Add some products to a Magento website - Repost - Add some search terms to access database Add some service pages to my existing website. - add some small things in virtuemart add some software - Add some TEST information to website Add some TEST information to website - Add some text to PSD files Add some text to some images - add some very simple functions to my website Add some visual design to a powerpoint presentation to make it look really impressive in either Powerpoint, Keynote or Prezi - Add somes features on my website Add somes features to a Laravel framework based application - Add something to my website add something to my website - Add sort by color to C# DataGridView Add SORT BY on select boxes on Opencart based site - Add Sound Alert to Custom Indicator Add Sound Alert To Forex Indicator MT4 - Add Sound to a Swish Site Add sound to all buttons to existing universal iOS app - Add soundtrack to video in After effects Add spaces between words in data set - Add specfic google news feeds to my blogger blog add special attribute - Add Specific Instagram Users dependent on Hashtag Add specific slots + randomize right list DIVs in jQuery script (drag and drop) - Add Spider Feature to PHP website Add spider to existing Scrapy project - Add spreadsheet info to Wordpress Site add spring security to an application - Add SSL Certificate to a single domain wordpress site Add SSL Certificate to Linux Dedicate Server running Webmin - Add SSL Seal and BBB Seal to WHMCS header template Add SSL support on a existen imap server written in Qt5 - Add SSL/TLS support on a existen imap server written in Qt5 add staff pages and bios. - Add static banner on Magento Website Add static bar for images/content under categories on Magento site - Add status bar to a Windows GUI Application Add stdout and stdin to QEMU-IMG convert command - Add stocks to preexisting spreadsheet Add Stones to image to spell "THANK YOU" - Add Store Locator to Order From Function to Wordpress Site Add Store Locator to Wordpress website - Add strings & French Horns to a Slow song about 6 Min. Add stripe as a payment gateway to website - Add Stripe payment portal to the existing web site Add Stripe Payment Proccessor to custom PHP Website - Add studio system to camscripts Add Stuff to New site - Add sub menu color in joomla 1.5 + virtuemart with css Add Sub Menus to HTML Page - Add subdomain to website Add subfields to Mosets Tree Joomla Component. - Add Subroutine to Upload a Picture and store it in database Add subscribe popup and buttons on webpage and scheduled emails - Add subscription to android app created in titanium Add Subscription to Exiting HTML Site - Add subtitles on my website Add subtitles or scrolling narration to video - Add subtitles to video add subtitles to video, synchronize (already have subtitles) - Add support for BitFlow R64 framegrabber board to MatLab Image Acquisition Toolbox Add support for credit card (redirect) + module few changes - Add support to S/MIME to SMTP client (C++) Add Surcharge and Tax Feature - .Net Website - Add swipe functionality to a Lytebox gallery Add swipe gesture and connect data from dictionary - Add Tab Counter Add TAB in My Simple App Fix INR 100-150 - Add table in div Add table into existing template - Add tables to a database Add tables to Access2000 database - Add Tabs to Template & Adjust Header Add Tabs to Website from Ebay RSS Feed - Add tags to a series of images add tags to my blog - Add tax portion to (custom) e-commerce website Add tax to shipping in Wordpress - Add Technician Search by Postcode/Suburb functionality Add Technorati Tag Code In a PHP script - Add template to Main Site and Members Panel Add template to Main Site and Members Panel - Add terms&conditions to checkout on 2 shops (same checkout) Add Test For Hidden Form Field - Add text / Filter an image add text above page and add drop down effect - Add Text and Logo to existing business card template Add Text and Logo to existing business card template -- 2 - add text box, facebook like/activity button to my site Add text boxes (and arrows) to graphics in PowerPoint - Add Text Links to website add text links to wordpress template - Add text tags to PDF graphics Add Text That Fades In And Out to Web Page - Add text to a Poster using Photoshop Add text to a vector logo. Simple 2 minute job for someone who knows what they are doing - Add Text to Combobox API Add text to CS-Cart header - Add text to HTML theme Add Text to Image - Add text to logo. 10mins job Add text to logo/adjust colour - Add text to pictures to make printable labels - 19/09/2016 06:56 EDT Add Text to PowerPoint Presentations - Add text to website Add Text to Website Files - Add textbox to filter grid add textbox to Plone thing - Add texture coordinate (vt) processing and other features to existing OpenGL GLUT C++ code for Wavefront OBJ ( repost ) add texture mapping (Textile) to the custom software - Add the "Run as Administrator" property to the source code Add the ''.com'' to logo from .ai file - EASY MONEY - You need to have the font. - Add the best Help Desk Software possible Add the camera control code to a exiting app - Add the features Add the finishing touches to an existing drupal website - add the Id or name values on 2 editors add the images for the restaurants into my website - Add the Papyrus texture to the different corners (5) Add the Paypal BUY NOW button to products in CS CART - add the real estate search area - repost 2