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a pr practictioner who can relocate to singapore - A preliminary logo illustration logo design by Wednesday, October 09, 2013 A preload script for arcade gamesite - A presentation based on one of our work functions A presentation develop done on Prezi - A preset auto updating chat code A press realese for a new product being sold on Amazon - A prestashop module A prestashop module - A prezi presentation made for a Trump project a prgrammer needed for unlocking project - A print advert designed A print and design website with database - A private for Saif A private investor looking for possible investment opportunities - A private project for 3D animation A private project for Alisha1, DO NOT BID IF NOT ALISHA1 - A private project for Nadim, as agreed. A private project for Nicobus so do NOT bit unless you are Nicobus - A Private Project2 A private prolog tutor - A proactive Unity3D/Vuforia developer with good communication skills A probe leaving Earth, Flash+Avi/MPG Realistic animation - a processor simulator A procrastinator engineer - A Product Describer A Product Description - A product on eBay sold for me A product package box - a profesional website A Professinal Web site Designed Need - a professional banner A professional blogger who can provide high quality articles for our company blog - A professional directory, business networking and membership discounts portal A professional drawer to alter a portrait or a professional photoshop - a Professional high end magento freelancer for long term A professional in measuring and description the Statistical procedures in spss and Amos - A professional Logo for my business A professional logo for my company - A Professional MLM Recruiter A Professional needed - A professional Prezi presentation made A professional private school website ¦ on WordPress ¦ Will get hosting my self after the website is complete ¦ PRICE £20-30 - A professional touch to my already existing logo A professional translation from English to German - A Professional website -- 2 a professional website -- 2 - A professional wordpress layout that I can use to blog and add my portfolio A Professional Wordpress site. - a Professor needed to guide me through my research A Professor's Website - A profile A profile icon - a program a program - A program for comparing various clssification algorithms with and without encryption A program for comparing various clssification algorithms with and without encryption - repost - A Program In Unix C a program involving a gui interface - A program that can auto download not copywrite material from internet archives A program that can auto-make public Youtube unlisted videos in specific time - a program that controls the game mobile strike A Program that counts the number of files transfered through USB and the time of tranfer - A program that runs on Windows 7 to convert data file(s) A program that searches all files within a given directory for a set of keywords - A program that will express numbers in english - open to bidding a program that will graph the difference in volitility on a stock chart - a program to access ebay pages - open to bidding A program to aid and speed up quoting - A program to do some automatic tasks, like a bot a program to do the reserve in apple store - a program to manage calendar A program to manipulate Image files. - A program to scan inventory for JobGen/ Unitech HT630 - open to bidding a program to score and print out music - A program with a simple GUI that should do a simple task with a USB modem a program written - a programme A programme for customer to preview their customisable products. - a programmer A programmer (Visual Basic) - A programmer needed part time a programmer on perl or c - A programmer to work on our product development team for a custom remote monitoring product. We are looking at using the arduino platform. a programmer to write a program for heath data - A Programming Challenge (Algortihms) a Programming project . - A Project 10000words A Project 10000words - open to bidding - A project fir timid only A project for alenius only - A project for AleksanderJ88 A PROJECT FOR ALL FREELANCERS WHO ARE INTERESTED - a project for beepig A project for BenjeeBenjee only - A project for dartex A project for dartex (zentcart modification) - A project for dreamsweb only A project for dtoombs - A project for FTranslation only A project for Gamit - A project for idealkhulna only A project for Igor Kovacic only - A project for John a project for johnrocker ONLY*** - a project for LiaqatAlikhan786 A project for Linkbuild only - a project for mehveen a project for mehveen only - A PROJECT for New frelancers A project for niceclickptc! - A project for PriyasDesigns only a project for Prizoff - a project for RichardKibs only A project for RoyalCrownzy only - A project for shellywagar - 3 A project for shellywagar - 4 - A project for STEFANO A project for subhodipdas (others need not apply) - A project for TonuBerty only A project for Tristars - A project for whitebutterfly18 A project for witty2011 only - A project for you - FEMALES Only A project for you - open to bidding - A project in c++ A Project In Chennai, India - A project just for starx A Project Link Builder - A project of domestic and commercial painting services company A project of hiring me for a Facial Recognition Project - A PROJECT ON JSON A project on language system - A project only to US residents - easy cash A project only to US residents - fast cash - A project requiring a skilled person a project simiar to place finder - A project to be done in one day A project to be done using MEAN Stack (Node.js) - A project where I can work as a tester A Project which give me a chance to earn some money for me. - a Prom Dress website need a logo A Promo Postcard style handout (A5 Size) - A promoting website A promotion designed for our Facebook Page - A proof of concept application A Proof of Concept using Ultimate Member plugin for wordpress - A propos de votre transfert web
A propos de votre transfert web - open to bidding - A Proposal on a Technical Topic A Proposal on a Technical Topic - a propsal needed for PhD A prosal A prosal A prosal - a prototype for mobiles A prototype Java GUI using SWT - a provider needed A provider to write an Iphone and Android Mobile App. I have a retail website - A PSD for blog design. For posting Event content A psd From to Theme - A public relations exec a public voting site! - a pure testing project A pushbutton iPhone app for Japanese professionals. - A Python HTTP file saver A Python Image file explorer using PyQT - A Python script linked to Rhinoceros software. For Architectural Design. A python script needs to be developed for a task - A Qualified investor CFO/CEO operations management A qualified photographer - A quality report writer with experience in development of KA01 & KA02 A quality report writer with experience in development of KA01 & KA02 - a Query to get info from 3 tables (calculate Account Receivable) a quest - A question and answer site for veterinarians A question and answer type site - a quick 10 article writing job A quick 10cents! - A quick and very urgent Java Deployment Question A quick animation of a photo booth - A quick clustering analysis on SAS / equivalent a quick code fix on inter related apps - A QUICK FIX - ongoing work A quick fix for Parse private message system - A Quick Job A quick job - A quick Magento Fix A quick mailchimp integration with php application - a quick revision of a research paper A quick revision of the research paper - A quick transfer of files a quick turnaround illustrator - a quick, job OsCommerce customization a quickie - make layout 800x600 proof with css - A Quiz Theme Logo Design A Quiz website, only the experienced coders please!!! - A quote on an essay A quote on an essay - A raiser of money for a driverless trucks solution provider (per commission (5% of the investment)) A raisin in the sun - A Range Of UK Articles Needed (14) a range of WW2 scale vehicles - A rating mobile app A rating Website - A read only twitter client in IronPython A ready email database Netherlands, Germany or Sweden - A Real Estate Company website with Content Management System A Real Estate Company website with Content Management System -- 2 - A real life novel about the way it was going up in the 40's and the great adventures (very funny) that my friend Mickey and I had back then. I need a writer that can put to words the way it was. I believe this could be a best seller and possible a movie. A real magneto expert - A REAL video sharing script needed - not a worthless youtube clone A Real way to earn Money - A realistic model of a parking lot polulated with cars and video sequences A realistic model of a parking lot populated with cars. Rendering of video sequences - a really great wanelo saving job A really nice website that sets my surgical website far above all competitors - A reasonable Data Entry Work. - open to bidding a reasonable money offering job - a recorder software like 'COOLEDIT' anybody interesting? A Recording Artist Press Kit ( In need of design) - A redesign of my logo A redesign of the site and coordinated and arranged - A registration form and an FTP (HTML) application for direct file transfer a registration form for college test with payment gateway - A relatively simple ASP.Net website A relatively simple VBA script to cycle through financial data using several rules to isolate specific events. - A reliable writer required! A remainder module for zend framework2 - a replay to something a replica king aurthurs round table on a wooden round table provided - a report about 2 business uses the system - open to bidding A report about Bluetooth operation, Bluetooth hardware and Bluetooth security - A report based on a companys financial statements - open to bidding A Report based on National Statistics Data for 2 Cities - A report of 2500w based on 6 journals articles a report of 3000 words - A report on Consultation A report on environmental issues - A report on Shenzhen manufacturers, you have to be residing in Shenzhen A report on Shenzhen manufacturers, you have to be residing in Shenzhen - A report/ summary for MENA power conference. a reporter - a research about derivative markets a research about organisations and behaviour in business. - a research oriented project 1- repost 2 a research oriented project 1- repost 3 - A research paper - open to bidding A research paper - repost - A Research paper written about Romania A Research paper written about Romania - ongoing work - a research questions - open to bidding A research report related to Financial Market - 1500 Words - A residential property brochure A resistor color code calculator on j2me platform - A responsive HTML page that updates content automatically. a responsive html website design - A responsive website a responsive website - A restaurant App in Ionic framework with Backend CMS A restaurant app to order online - A RESTful API in Python for an invetory db A RESTful API in Python for an invetory db -- 2 - A retail ecommerce website that provides search capability and management portal A retail management solution - A review being written A review being written - open to bidding - A review on the effects of child poverty essay* A review page with full Tripadvisor API Integration - A REWARD SITE A rewards program for my wordpress themed website - A RISKLESS, LONG TERM BUSINESS A river logo - a robotic car controlled by sensors and a dcs motors A robotic project with C++ programming skills - a roof top A rope of sand - A Routing-Driven Elliptic Curve Cryptography Based Key Management Scheme for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks.In an olden research on sensor network security mainly considers homogeneous sensor networks, where all sensor nodes have the same capabilities. Res A Royal Affair - Logo Design - A Russian Sweet A Russian Transator - A Sales & Inventories Analysis & Prediction Prototype for Restaurant A sales and marketing personnel - A Sales Person A sales person - A sales/landing page within an existing website a salesgirl - A saleswoman A samll 1 page dental site - A Sample Flyer a sample for polo 0001-A - A sample report on resort performance a sample sales letter - A save the date card for my wedding which has a caricature of me and the bride. A save the date card illustrated - A Scheduler app