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An animation for a change - An animation of a script An animation of an alien - An animator An animator - An animator who can replicate charcoal/pencil/sketched style An animator who does Japanese style anime characters and landscapes - An Answer to my Question An answering service and allocated telkom number - An API connection between Walmart and Volo Commerce An API for Price Comparison of Various Product sold on various Ecommerce Websites - An app An app - an app and website made an app based on a children's book - An App developed An app Developed - An app developper in Cambodia an app finished - An App for both iOS and Android which has very specfic functions An App for business directory - an app for iOS and Android An App for IOS that organizes Work Batches - An app for kids to begin learning numbers, shapes, colors and the alphabet. An app for live stream training - An app for pictures An app for pictures - open to bidding - An app I want customize to my specifications. An App in Black Berry - An app like instagram with 3 versions. iPhone,Android and windows An App like Lyft - An app linked to a buy and sell facebook group. An App Linked YouTube Videos - An app modified to remove a trojan SMS from an existing app. -- 2 An app ported from iPhone to Blackberry - An app similar to uber and lyft an app similar to vine,keek,instagram etc. - An app that gathers info from other specific apps and displays it An app that has a website presence and operations can be carried out on both - an app that uses the camera and analyzes the photo - open to bidding An app that uses video to read words vocally - An app to block number for a time periode An app to block social media sites - an app to post my cooking recipes An app to read a list of packaged food ingredients with scanner - An app website made an app where a small business can advertise its specific products and its subscribers/users/customers can track the location of the small business' vehicle from their mobile devices. - An app with keyboard with new language An App with the functionalities of UBER - an Apple ID password - open to bidding An apple iphone app (game) - an application filled out An application for a new company - An application for creating fake members for Telegram An application for creating fake members for Telegram - An application for my product An application for retrieving data from live excel file - an application of bodybuilding lose weight and diets pro programmers An Application on AccessDB using Access forms - An application that shows folders/files from server through api an application that uses geofencing and 2 way SMS - An Application using BB84 Quantum Key Distribution Protocol An application using Cocoa for MAC - an Appointment Setting Website An Appointment Setting Website and Reminder Service if possibe - An Arabic apeaking voice over talent for a series of animation films An Arabic apeaking voice over talent for a series of animation films - ongoing work - an Architect an architect and engineer to build my house - An archive data range for SQL Express An arctile describing career advises needed - an art project an art related writing project - An article about 15 mobile phone gadgets in ARABIC An article about 3D Printer (Native Writer Only). - an article about Language & linguistic an article about Language & linguistic -- 2 - An article about the environment An article about the possible problems on Mac OS X Yosemite upgrade - an article for seasonal food research An article for - an article on Crm stratefgies adopted by orange uk an article on Crm stratefgies adopted by orange uk(repost) - an article project an article publilshed in a well know publication - An article Translate dutch to turkish An article under 1,000 words rewritten - An article written An article written about fowey regatta - An artist An artist - An artist skilled in drawing detailed (realistic) work with a cool vibe to it, for my Christian clothing line that is in process. An Artist statement for making lighted wine bottles for an art show. - An artist to help me develop art work for a puzzle project An artist to illustrate two childrens books - An artist with a mechanical engineering background An artist's rendering of two rooms of a home - An ASP form don't send correctly mail An ASP scrollable form with 20 sec timer and an Asp image upload resizer, renamer - an assigment within 7 hours an assigment within 7 hours - open to bidding - An assignment need to be done An assignment need to be done ASAP - An assignment regarding matlab and control systems An assignment solution on paper - an assistant for a lawyer an assistant for a wedding photographer - An Astrology. book typed with Coral draw An asynchronous module or handler completed while an asynchronous operation was still pending - An auction needs to be built An Auction Site - An audio/text bubble-based question-answer dialog coding. an audit - An Australian drivers licence altered.. (Created) An Australian online retailer looks for a full-time graphic designer, good pay - An autobiographical book An autobiography - An Automated car park An automated download website - An Automatic Cryptanalysis tool for Classical Ciphers in Jav an automatic dialler - An Autonomous Camera based Eye Controlled Wheelchair system using Raspberry-Pi an Autorun install project - An Awesome Trphy Design An awesome web app for product management - An Clickable Product Category (Tree) Using XML AJAX An Clickable Product Category (Tree) Using XML/AJAX - An die musik music arrangement for brass quintet An die musik music arrangement for brass quintet - An E- book about adventure racing An E-book - an E-Commerce Project from scratch an e-commerce site - An e-commerce website in Magento An e-commerce website in Magento - Detailed Requirements - An EA for MT4 an EA for mt4 decompiled into mq4 - An Easy Excel project using little VBA An easy excersize-function in c - An Easy joomla COMMUNITY page for An easy joomla site for my counterstrike 1.6 page, I hope to have it cheap, please help me. - an easy php website building an easy project for making games with a drag and drop engine - an easy tasks, copy an android app An easy Tinder-like app, with clear visual description of requirements and timeline. - an easy works for you an easy works for you - open to bidding - An eBook (Special Interests)
An eBook (Special Interests) - open to bidding - An ebook designer needed..... An ebook designer needed....... - An eBook on Hacking2 An ebook on health and fitness - An ebook written An ebooking (shopping) site with design. - An ecommerce store An eCommerce Store using Magento (Very Urgent!!) - an ecommerce website for only 10 products An ecommerce website must be with all products copied. - An Edit in a WordPress Business Directory An editable analog watch face theme for Tizen OS - An editor / writer An editor and proofreader for various texts - an editor to advise on a book on a comparative economic history of Canada & US in 1929 - 1934 An editor to be a second eye by proof reading my work. - An Educational Domain Project An educational ERP with Open source fedena as reference - An efficiency tracking wireless power transfer system. An Efficient and Serious Writer Required - An election portal an election post card designed - An electrical or biomedical engineer to work with medical equipments An electrical or biomedical engineer to work with medical equipments - An elegant logo An elegant logo - An email promoting our upcoming tryouts An email reader - An embedded systems project for real time audio file processing. An emblem for my Grand Theft Auto Crew made - An Employment Site -for german market An emplyee skills database created in MS Access - An engineer to aprove a site project An engineer to certify carport plans for council - an engineer who knows about air compressors and c02. An engineer with good Java Skills - AN ENGLISH CV An English disclaimer needs to be proofread - An English teacher to help write ghost write 200 word meanings for 10 year old kids An English typist with speed at least 90 wpm - an entire computer program developed utilising 3D scanning to generate a 3D model of scanned persons An entire website - an equipment plan/layout for a commercial kitchen An equity-based crowd-funding platform - an essay an essay - An essay about Obama care - 6 pages an Essay about peer-to-peer Freenet project - An essay in 5 paragraphs -- 2 an essay in italian about clothing - an essay on the adverse conditions of the weather and their effects on man's activity An essay on the topic of eyewitness reliability - an ethnic wear fashion designer An Etsy Style Wordpress/Woocommerce Website - An event manager/assistant with upbeat personality and excellent verbal and writing skills. Someone who love and appreciates music and motion picture scores. An event marketing plan for the Out of the Box festival for children - An events calendar and a full page mobile widget linked to website An Events Website - An example program of reading binary into a struct in c# An example/prototype Search Page - an excel formula an excel formula using if and dates - An excel spreadsheet An excel spreadsheet order form created - An Excellent Cake Php team required. An Excellent Cake Php team required.(repost) - an Excellist an excellist of data - An exe to auto accept jobs on Aesop An exe to create - an existing betting program that stopped working to make it work again and explain in print screens how to fix it myself in the future and how i can replace bookmakers and sport events for testing - repost An existing custom indicator and Expert Advisor tweaked - An existing Website modification An existing website needs edits made (instructions provided) - An Experienced Android Developer an experienced app developer who can develop a calendar based app for android phones - An experienced Graphic/Web designer An experienced Graphics designer is required to create brand homepage banners, newsletter banners, logo design based on the theme of existing website. - An experienced Quantity Surveyor / Estimator to assist our small shopfitting company with estimating work An experienced recording engineer who is proficient in ProTools. - An experienced web developer to build advanced reporting, tracking and progress on an existing PHP site using Laravel. An experienced web developer to conduct a lesson to managers about the basics of web development - An Expert Advisor (MT4) minor modify needed an expert android and ios developer is needed for quickblox app - An expert in AngularJS, HTML5 and SQL Server An expert in Asterisk - Java needed - An expert in marketing books through google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter An expert in mathematics is required. - An expert marketer and advertiser An expert needed to fix SEO related bug in Joomla - An expert resource on Ruby-on-Rails An expert review writer and blog writer - An Expert Web Designer Wanted - 1 @ $5000 An Expert Web Designer Wanted - 4 @ $5000 - An exploration of plagiarism: the perceptions of senior nurses in the context of professionalism and patient care an export in matrix 7 - an extra row adding to new products on my magento site An extraction program - An front end android app and back end system similar to Uber or Tripda An full experienced developer with Surge deploy - An Honest Opinion (testiomonial) For My Health And Dieting Ebook An hour job! Correct some Mistakes of a 12 page brochure - An HTML Custom Website An HTML expert to tweak/customize m my Tumblr Theme - an HYIP site that has instant deposit and withdrawal An HYP EXPERT - open to bidding - An id hacked. Need it retrieved. Asap An ID site where people can look up their "account" with an Identification number and see the status of their account (example processing, completed, waitlisted ect.). - An illistrator for the cover of my book an illistrator to illistartor a cartoon strip. To bring my ideas and Caricatures to life - An Illustration for a "Home Loan Guide" Content which is in a word document. An Illustration for a "Home Loan Guide" Content which is in a word document. - open to bidding - An illustration of a girl. An illustration of a group of around 15, mostly females, for a Christmas card - An illustration to represent me, for my beauty blog An illustration to use as a logo for my business - an illustrator an illustrator - An illustrator for a children's book An illustrator for a children's book - An illustrator for a childrens book. An illustrator for a documentary. - an illustrator of a short childrens book I have writen An illustrator that can provide finished art in vector format. - An Illustrator to Judge Children's Drawings For a Contest An illustrator to paint pictures for a collection of short stories - An ilustration/artwork for our wedding invitation an im application like 2go - An image jpg file that includes your slogan An image made for an A1 poster - An image that conveys a social concept an image to be draw - AN IMPLEMENTATION OF RECOVERY ALGORITHM FOR FAULT NODES IN A WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK An implementation of SkipLists and RedBlack trees in C# or Java - An independent short horror film. Which will be released on youtube. An Independent Travel Group Organizer Web site - An indicator for MT4 - repost 2 an indirect metrics calculating a Software Quality Model using a set of given direct metrics - An infographic 4 items with key features on each item An infographic about how our website works - An innovative IT company seeks Promoters and Marketing Associates An innovative mmorpg computer game - An Instagram BOT - repost 2 An Instagram Clone for Android - An integrated shipping software for FedEX, DHL, UPS, TNT, CanadaPost An integrated shopping cart, accounting, support CMS and CRM system - An intelligent website design company for a trendy web development required