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A salesman to sell my products - A Sample application A Sample application - repost - a sample letter of informing our superintendant of our Apartment building of . A sample made of my new design. And place an order after made - A sample WPF application that will popup (no matter what other window is open) A samurai or ninja themed art - A scale design for an en suite and walk in wardrobe A Scalping EA - A school level project A school Logo - A science fiction graphic novel. A science fiction graphic novel. - repost - a Scrabble game for ios, android, facebook application A scraper for Thomson Local, Yell and BT - A screensaver that filters through and displays trending topics on Twitter a screenwriter currently rep-ed by a major agency - A script for a short business video A script for an animated video for my website/advert - A Script in Hindi / Urdu A script in php - A script or software to automate what I do on Facebook Pages. Image attached. A script required to hide content on vBulletin from non facebook fans - A Script that takes a users text input from a website and sends it via ssh a script that will let me define an area and then click in the area - a script to get collection items at will from a flash based bingo game A script to help me semiauto bid at project periodically - a script to search through facebook groups A script to set a custom field to be featured image in Wordpress site - a script/website to restore all" Google drive" files modified on a certain date. a script/website to restore all" Google drive" files modified on a certain date. -- 2 - A search centre platform added onto my WP theme - please read full instructions! a search database for emails with tiny community - a search page A search page so users can find their representative based on state or country - A second langauage added to my Squarespace site a second office365 public sharepoint site for file sharing - a Secure PHP-Nuke Installation + nice template: Community Portal A secure website for classified advertisements - A selection of History of Britain articles for children A Selection of Poems - A seller is required -- 2 A Seller/partner needed who have or can make a Webshop ! - A sentence creating program that creates random sentences that are grammatically and semantically correct A sentence creating program that creates random sentences that are grammatically and semantically correct(repost) - A Seo Writer a seo writer is needed urgently - a series of articles a series of articles - open to bidding - A series of complicated Matab projects A Series of Dental Educational videos website - A Series of Lectures on In-Depth Reading in Taiwan A series of leisure clothing with an italian flare: T-shirts, pants and windbreakers (3 of each) - A seriese of short 60 second webisodes a serious adsense project. - A server on minecraft A Server side login system - A services contract for b2c e-commerce platforms A services contract for b2c e-commerce platforms - ongoing work - A set of banner A set of banner - repost - A set of logo's for use on websites and buisness cards. A set of matching graphics for some marketing material and new web site - A set of three Prezis each of which when zoomed out become a hand-out A set of three Prezis each of which when zoomed out become a hand-out - open to bidding - A shadow sculpture A shadow sculpture - repost - A SHIRT TAILORING WEBSITE A SHIRT TAILORING WEBSITE -- 2 - A shopify setup proposal A Shopify store which sells digital music. - A shopping cart that sells shopping carts A Shopping Cart to PayPal - A Shopping Hall/mall picture A Shopping Hall/mall picture - open to bidding - A short 1 minute video a short 1-2 mins worth of advertisement for our product - a short 5-10 minute cartoon a short 5-10 minute cartoon - A short animated web-series originally created by my friends and I along with anyone hired. A short animated wedding clip [3-5 minutes] - a short animation with 2 characters a short anime movie max 3min 30 seconds - A short cartoon animation for a wedding video (2 to 3 mins) A short cartoon series for real estate DL flyers - A short Document to be Translated in Italian, French, German, Dutch and Spanish Languages A short Document Translated into Russian and Arabic - a short film a short film - A short flash video for a website. A short form report on a broken laptop's exterior casing and seized lid hinge - A short introduction for Linkdin profile a short introductory clip (2-3min) - A short Proposal for the Installation of Networked Inventory Systems A Short Quick Catchy Email Marketing Campaign Designed - A short Speaker writeup A short Story - A short story where the main conflict occurs because of a cross-cultural misunderstanding. A short story where the main conflict occurs because of a cross-cultural misunderstanding. - repost - A short Undertaker / Kane animation A short Url with referral system and coins for clicks member ranking system - a short webisode animated (total of approximately 10 minutes); has 8 characters and can provide story boards if needed a short webisode animated (total of approximately 10 minutes); has 8 characters and can provide story boards if needed - open to bidding - A shorthand typist A shorthand typist - A sign-up system is for a network business A Signal Propagation, Loss, And Terrain analysis tool - A similar site A similar site like - A similar website script A similar website to - A Simple A Simple 3d Design - A Simple .NET App A simple .net query page in VB - A simple 2D animation A simple 2D game - a simple 3d game using c# xna A simple 3D graphic is needed - a Simple Access DB A Simple Account Login PHP Script - A simple agebraic job plotting a curve. A simple aircraft designed - A simple and short r function programming A simple and small case study - a simple android app A Simple Android App - A simple Android App to track movement using GPS A simple android app. - A simple Android integration with a function A simple android layout. - A simple animation of a cat - I have vector artwork for you to work with - open to bidding A simple API layer is needed for an existing web based application - A simple app using SDK for android A simple app where you record video with a song in the background - a simple application on mongoDb a simple application on MongoDb or sqlite - A Simple Assignment in SalesForce A simple assignment waiting for expert freelance with scientific background - A simple banner design a simple banner design for print - A simple blog A simple blog - open to bidding - A Simple business website A simple Business/Fashion Article Writing - A simple C function A simple C language code using Visual Studio - a simple C++ problem
A simple C++ Program - A simple calculator in Excel that needs to look good. A simple calculator webpage - A simple chatbot on IBM Watson set up to be plugged on Facebook Messenger A simple chatter bot with php or javascript - A simple CMS for Android A Simple CMS Project - A Simple Contact Manager with Css and Jquerry A simple content management system for online freight booking services - A simple Cron job A simple cronjob for a server database - a simple data driven website A simple Data editing project - A simple database with customer details and 3-4 order forms A simple database with GUI - a simple design work for a ios app A Simple Designer in WPF - a simple drawing A simple drawing - open to bidding - A simple EA based on Bollinger Bands a simple ea creation with indicators - A simple email processor, r2 A simple email processor, v2 - a simple ExpertAdvisor A simple expression parser - A simple FB app A simple feature added, Add funds - A simple fix A simple fix for backbone/node.js/mongodb single page app - A Simple Flash Presentation for 1minute or Less A simple Flash Project - A Simple form filling and data entry A simple form integration to Saleforce - A simple game design in C++ A simple game developement for student asignment work - A simple gaming project A Simple Genetic Algorithm - A Simple GUI Java Assignment a simple GUI java interface program - a simple html form a simple html form - A simple image site... A Simple improvement for an existing project - A Simple iOS Countdown Timer App User Interface Design A SIMPLE IOS GAME - A simple Iphone App for Teachers! A simple iphone app similar to GasBuddy - a simple java console project A Simple java CRUD and Print application - A Simple Java Programming Project A Simple Java Project - A simple job for all , complet offers a simple job for any javascript developer - A simple Kinect-based game for Windows A simple lab report - A simple List View Task A simple listing Web application - A simple logo A simple logo - A simple logo - repost 2 A simple logo animation . - a simple logo for my website A simple logo for my website. - A simple Management project ( Report + Presentation) A simple marketplace experiment - a simple memory game - open to bidding a simple menu driven program - a simple mobile chat application crossplatform A simple Mobile Game Application - A simple MS Access table and forms for a small finance broker a simple mt4 expert , - A simple note program running on Windows A simple number Facebook Game - A Simple Online Store. A simple OO program - A simple pain assessment Facebook App A Simple Patient Database - A Simple PHP + MySQL + XHTML Test to Help Us Find Programmers A simple PHP Application - TipsOtips - A Simple PHP Project A simple PHP project - A simple PHP WEBSITE A simple Php Website - A simple Poker website using REAL MONEY A simple pop-up for gathering email addresses - A simple proffessional website with 4 pages for information purposes A simple profile application - A simple program in python a simple program me using C++(linear regression) - A Simple Project for a PHP Guru A simple project for Android - A simple project with restrictions A simple project with software using design patterns - A simple query page A simple query program - a simple register 1 Page HTML-PHP site A Simple Registration Page - A simple Robot using V-rep simulator A Simple Roster/Schedule Program Needed - A simple script to generate unique random numbers and store them A Simple Script to grab Log and send them over the Email - a simple server plugin for the game unturned A simple service to change the way people search for web sites - A simple site selling photographic film a simple site that I can add offer different services and products and make regular changes myself - A Simple software A simple software - A simple static wordpress website is required for a hospital A simple statistical analysis and explanations - A Simple Task for Android developer - Remove action bar - New Freelancers Welcome to apply A simple task that needs to be done. Deleting images and adding some images. - A Simple Text based mobile game application to be developed on IOS + Android with a complete admin controlled backend and fully designed control panel A simple text based RPG app - A Simple Train Simulator using Java A simple translation from English to German - A simple typing job! A simple UI - A simple VB application for a Training Company A simple VB Project - A simple video game -- 2 A simple Video Motion Editor uses PS3 as controller - A simple warehousing system a simple way to capture current users' screen - A simple Web base shop A simple web based 'todo' list - a simple web page a simple web page addition - A simple web site to list items for sale and facility to receive payment A simple web system with control panel - Phase 1 - A Simple website A simple Website - A simple website A simple website - A simple website built that I can upload to my GoDaddy domain -- 2 a simple Website Clone Needed !! - A Simple website for adding pictures A simple website for an art gallery - a simple website of my business A simple website system for selling one single item - A Simple website with special layout A simple website with user registration - A Simple Wordpress Affiliate Website A simple wordpress based homepage customization project - a simple wordpress project A simple wordpress site - A simple Work Force App Development A simple work needs to be done in hybrid-windows mobile app made using PhoneGap. - A simple, bold B&W line version of a logo I have in photograph