Projects Directory : create python script for web scraping forum site en write to database 1 - create some character like human body, those basic projek of me. - open to bidding

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create python script for web scraping forum site en write to database 1 - Create Quadratic Equations Test Create QUALITY backlinks - CREATE QUERIES from an sql script Create Query Dashlet to be draged and droped into dashboard for dashboard presentation - Create questions for a triva game Create questions for banking/government job exams - Create quickbooks SDK VB.NET software UPDATE Create quickly new style of vbulletin 5 forum - Create quote pictures for social media Create Quote sheet in Word - Create Rasberry pi project Create Raspberry Pi backup server and media server - create ready to run image for Raspberry pi 2 Create ready-to-render scene with Blender together with a step by step tutorial - create realistic 3d images from 2D house plans Create realistic 3D images of a home - Create realistic test data Create realistic texture 3D room background - create recording for our IVR create recording software stream radio mp3 - Create Referral and loyalty reward site create referral campaign for our website - create registration page Create Registration Page and Credit Card Process Integration - Create relief videos Create relief videos - open to bidding - Create rentals website, cms Create rentals website/cms - Create report from Excel invoices Create report from Excel spreadsheet - Create reports (PHP MySQL) Create reports about different web hosting services - Create Reports Using SQL Reporting Services Create reports using Zoho Reports - Create response from audio input Create response templates for wvrelief - Create responsive design Create responsive design - Create Responsive HTML for 9 page mobile screens Create Responsive HTML for provided desgin - Create responsive Joomla website Create responsive Joomla/Virtuemart e-commerce template from PSD - Create responsive slider to specific design Create Responsive template - Create responsive webpages based on bootstrap Create Responsive Website - Create Responsive WordPress Theme from PSD Create Responsive Wordpress Theme in HTML5 - Create RESTful API's Create RESTful API's - Create retail website Create Retargeting Campaigns on AdRoll to Targret Visitors on Facebook and Entire Internet - create reward android apps Create Rewards (Points) program - Create Rockey Dongle Emulator For Window 7 To Make Software Work Create Rockumentary & DVD with Menus for Rock/Metal Band - Create RouletteHowToWin Website Create Round Mask from Rectangle image - Create rss feed from my db Create RSS Feed / Add SSL Certificate to website (we have already purchased SSL Cert just need it added to our code) / - create rss feed with thumbnail for site Create RSS Feeds - create rtp versoin of slotomania on ipad Create RTSP bot with proxies support for YouTube - Create safe permanent backlinks to 6 sites Create safe real spotify plays for my track. - Create Sales Letter Create Sales Letter - Create Sales Video (Urgent Project!) Create sales video based on my slides - create same site ( wordpress ) Create Same site like this With Functionality - Create sample macro for excel -- 2 Create Sample Mobile Apps (on a pre-build software) - Create Scan in NinjaTrader Market Analyzer for Support and Resistance indicator create schedule and create invoices extra button - Create Scrapebox Video Create scraper and email/text software - create screen to display thumbnail graphics for contest. Create screencam Videos - Create Script - Address Labels Create script / API for stock market company - Create Script for Emailing Form Create script for extracting pricing information from website's - Create script from Excel Spreadsheet calculation page Create script from medical video - Create script to assign jira tickets from a user in a PagerDuty Calendar Create script to assign jira tickets from a user in a PagerDuty Calendar - Repost - Create script to import product catalog into Magento eCommerce system Create script to index site directory - Create Script to Send Notification Android & iOS Create script to spider site, and create database of products for BizRate listings - Create scripts on FileMaker to parse information from the web Create scripts to read word file and enter data in to PHP Front End. - Create Search Bar create search bar html - Create Search Engine Using GOOGLE API Create Search facility + Google Chart - Create searchable Database cd Create searchable database for website designed on php - Create Secure Membership Access/adapt Joomla (repost) Create Secure Online Form - Create Selection screen and content pack installer in Flash Create Selenium test suite for an e-commerce website - Create SEO and Metatags for my site. Create SEO Articles - Create SEO Plan to get number 1 google ranking for our 18 keyword pairs targeted in Brazil create seo plugin - Create Separate Blender Objects for a blend application Create Separate Body Parts of a Cartoon Character (Circus Dog) in Photoshop - Create Server Code to Watermark MP3s and Then Identify Mark Create server for Website change detection alerts. Responsive Web UI(Angularjs), Admin portal (bootstrap), RESTful API, Update Daemon - Create Set of Small Vector Graphics create set top box to tv - Create several concept videos Create Several Custom Wordpress Templates - Create several website pages based on a spec and an existing site create several websites - Create shareable content Create shareable content - Create SharePoint GUI Query Builder Create SharePoint Install script to install Web part on WSS 3.0 - Create shipping calculator for website Create Shipping Calculator in Excel - Create shop section online for retailers and wholesalers create shop template fix image crop function - Create Shopify Theme / Template Create Shopify Theme Based off a current Site - create shopping list for rental equpiement with tree view Create Shopping Website for Selling Parts Products - Create short articles (350 words each) for a blog related to French products Create short CGI video explaining waterproof sock and brand intro. - Create short poems / quotations - 13/12 Create short poems / quotes - Create short video by scenario Create short video clips - Create shortcode wordpress Create shortcode, prestashop. - Create Siemens TIA Portal V13 code Create sIFR 2 & 3 Font from OpenType File - Create Silence Sound File! Create Silent Auto Login - Create similar design Create similar design for 728 x 90 banner - Create similar music piece Create Similar One Page with my Videos (youtube) - Create similar to AirBnB website and app
Create similar to an affiliate shopping website but with our code - Create similar website like Create similar website of - Create simple website for clothes store Create simple "clickable" graph tree in PHP / javascript - Create Simple 1D Image Report Covers Create Simple 1D Image/ Ebook Cover - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers FB Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers FICTION - Create simple 1D images/ eBook Cover Create Simple 1D Images/ Ebook Covers - Create simple 2D game using UNITY Create Simple 2D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple Access Database with Queries and Reports Create simple account registration form - Create simple android app to modify data from sqlite local database Create Simple Android App/Help with setup - create simple APNS php demo Create simple app - Create simple autoresponder graphic in Photoshop Create Simple B/W Illustrations for Infographic helping to explain 5 chemistry ideas - Create simple Blog Post, insert comment info into database Create Simple Blog Site - Create Simple CcS/HTML Template for Site Create Simple CD Interface - Create simple css layout color combos Create Simple CSS Template Page - CREATE SIMPLE EA BASED ON DONCHIAN CHANNEL INDICATOR Create Simple EA. - create simple facebook store - 29 products only! CREATE SIMPLE FB LANDING PAGE FOR KIDS FITNESS COMP IN AUS - create simple free online game site create simple FTP + FLV converter for Windows (any language) - Create simple GUI for fastcopy Create simple GUI for fastcopy - repost - Create simple html pages and PHP Scripts from Template Create simple html pages and PHP Scripts from Template 2nd - Create simple information site Create simple informational website for Android app - copywriting text, image and theme selection - Create Simple iPhone application that performs a basic multiplication function. Create Simple iPhone Game - Create Simple Layout in CSS, picture to guide you Create Simple Learning Management Software - Create simple map implementation Create Simple Marketing Banners for Popular Brands - Create simple MT4 strategy Create Simple Music Posting Website - Create Simple OSX Application to search google and display results Create simple overlay content over a PNG map - Create simple PHP script Create simple php script - Create Simple Programmer Generator Create Simple Promo Video - create simple review based videos Create Simple Review Video's - Create Simple Sentences Create simple SharePoint site and transfer contents between site collecions - Create simple SQL database Create Simple Static Mobile Landing Page - Create Simple UI mock up and icons for android app Create simple unicolor icons for Windows Phone - Create Simple Web App that Connects to Google Analytics Create simple web application - Create Simple Website Create Simple Website - Create simple website on Wordpress Create simple website template - Create simple Wix Website Create Simple Wordpress 4.1.8 Responsive Template - Create simple Wordpress/Magento plugin Create simple working Nginx Authentication - Create Simply Table WordPress Plugin Create Simply website for mobile phones - Create single inner page template for mainly text pages Create Single Landing Page - Create Single User Login from 3 seperate site templates (Joomla and Wordpress) Create Single Web Page ASAP - Create site and design create site and get ranking in - create Site from facebook,Twitter and youtube Create Site from JPG (ref. yurJD) - Create Site Map - Documentation/Organization/Writing create site map and submit it in google and bing - Create site similar to screenleap Create Site Similar to Shopify - Create Sitefinity Templates For a Single Website create sitelink for my web - create six graphic slides for a homepage image slider Create Six Lead Pages to website using - Create Skype Gateway Create Skype, and record Voice Message. - Create Slides for Fusion Slider in Wordpress Create Slides for slider - Create Slipstream Windows Disc Create Slogan - Create small API for my web app and use the API in a predeveloped Widget to communicate with the web app Create small Application and update component - Create small database with Reporting functionality create small db with an entry and edit form - Create Small Iphone App Create Small iPhone App - Create small program to map coordinates over an image create small project to manage small shop - Create small Windows app that records audio and segments clips Create small windows game in any language - Create smartphone app traffic light idea Create smartphone app using bluetooth - create smth like "link generator" when user send a link to a friends and then get score on his/her account - open to bidding Create SMTP Gateway in CakePHP Website - Create Soccer Engine Create soccer service - CREATE SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS CREATE SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS - Create Social Media for iOS and Android create social media headers ( facebook, twitter, youtube) - Create Social Media Profiles to reserve name Create social media profiles-2 - Create social network like Facebook with same features Create social network presence for a new care business - Create social register/login add-on for Magento Create social security card image (png) - Create Software Create software - Create software for .net Android and io5 Create software for 3D - create software in c++ Create Software learning videos - Create Software That Makes Accounts And Confirms Email Address, Uploads Bio Create software that plays a MMORPG - Create Software Tool For Facebook Emails To Real Emails Convertor Create Software Training/ Demonstration Videos (live screen captures) - create solidworks assembly from real parts Create SolidWorks CAD drawings of product using some existing CAD files and physical components for which no CAD drawings currently exist - Create some 2d game character with gif animation / sprite sheets Create some 2d sprite sheets for game character - Create some areas for my word press theme Create some areas for my word press theme - repost - Create some blogs Create some branded PowerPoint slide masters - create some character like human body, those basic projek of me. - open to bidding