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Create/ Clone and integrate Sites Create/ Design a Small Character in Photoshop. Then Create Various Frames of that Character create/ design a website Create/ edit a marketing Video Create/ enter Meta Data for 6600 pages - Title, descriptions, keywords Create/ Fix - Wordpress Donation Form with Create/ integrate's DPM api into my open cart along with few page changes Create/ Manage a PPC Campaign Create/ Manage a PPC Campaign Create/ Manage a PPC Campaign Create/ Modify Mailchimp templates Create/ Populate wordpress site Create/ Re-design E-book landing page/Sales letter Create/ Style custom contact form for WP Create/adapt a WordPress Template Create/adapt current theme (customized Omega subtheme) for mobile devices Create/Add 10 hotels, 10 tours - all with description
Create/Add Custom shipping methods in Magento Create/adjust a wordpress theme & create header Create/adjust adsense autoblogs earn $10-$15 day Create/adjust adsense autoblogs for $10-$15 day Create/Alter images for website (Company Specific) Create/Alter map-related software Create/alter some images Create/Alter some Images Create/Alter/Design Images Create/amend Joomla Gantry 5 website, MYSQL database with PHPmyAdmin, with new administration and search functions. Create/Approve Google Adword Account and Campaigns Create/Bind SPDataSource to Telerik RadRotator Create/build a custom wordpress plugin for my Tube website. Create/Build a website for my start up company Create/build a website using joomla template Create/Build an Online Directory Create/Burning CD in batch-auto mode (no GUI)