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Created a Wordpress Loan Calculator plugin - ongoing work - Created Mod for Dynamic CSS Horizontal Menu(repost) Created new pages for existing website - createe a marketing campaign brief createe email phishing page - creates a DOM-based Javascript game engine Creates a label design for the tea cans - createspace project createspace project - Creating a dll about drawing pie and bar chart for a web ap Creating A Mobile Version of my site - Creating & Improving algorithm Creating & Improving algorithm -- 2 - creating / updating form for filemaker - mac/ipad/iphone Creating / Uploading Ebay Store Listings, Ecommerce Data - Creating 15 images - 3d redndering of Home interior Creating 15 Mobile Verified Facebook Accounts - Creating 200 blog commenting back links with the Terms & Condition: Creating 200 blog commenting back links with the Terms & Conditions - Creating 30 Mini Sites / Micro sites Creating 30 templates with Bootstrap 3 with only 5 pages - Creating 3D models from architectural plans Creating 3D models from architectural plans - Creating 5 sets of IQ worksheets using PowerPoint Creating 5- minutes video blogs - Creating a 'Live coverage' web page that updates automatically Creating a 'Live coverage' web page that updates automatically -- 2 - Creating a 3D Game Creating a 3d girl character, website logo, and 3 exercises - Creating a android rom to run on a iphone 5 creating a android Voting application - Creating a banner for a plumber + a favicon Creating a banner for a webshop - Creating a Blocker for users with Ad-Blockers Creating a Blog - Creating a Book Repository using the Zend Framework Creating a boolean expression for XYZ using NAND gates, and making circuits. - Creating a business Directory with some special features Creating a Business Directory/ Deal Website - creating a cdr file with text creating a cehckers game - Creating a CMS and merging the classifieds, ecommerce scripts into it Creating a CMS for my website - Creating a complete Web 2.0 Standards) includes Xhtml /Css/ Drop Down Menus Web 2.0 DIV Base Creating a complete Website - Creating a CS: GO Counter Strike Jackpot Gambling page Creating a CS:GO Gaming Community With Steam - Creating a custom plugin that will change the title of the c Creating a custom plugin to allow to set a custom title for certain category pages - Creating a Dashboard on excel Creating A Data Base Of Nudists & Naturists in The USA - Creating a database using a specific website and work method Creating a database using a specific website and work method - creating a Dicounts and offers site Creating a Dieline and a Prototype That's Cut Out [US-Based Required] - Creating a Dress with Face Creating a drop down menu with HTML - Creating A Facebook Viral Application. Creating a fairly basic FileMaker Pro 14 Database skeleton - Creating a flash bumper/ leader/intro with our company logo Creating a Flash Demo for a product - Creating a Form that Can Populate Other Reports/Documents. Word Programming with VBA Creating a Form with Serach Criteria to filter a report and open the filtered report in preview mode in MS Access 2003 - Creating a game for iPhone Creating a game free - Creating a grayscale height map - open to bidding Creating a grayscale picture - Creating A html of e commerce site Creating a html site with a busines look - creating a job site filter Creating a job-sheet template - Creating a language switching mechanism in Squarespace site (1911767) Creating a large jotform - Creating A Loading Circle Creating a loading page from a design - Creating a logo for a news website creating a logo for a online jewelry store - Creating a macro Creating a macro in Excel - Creating a media player with minimum requirements Creating a MediaWiki powered site - Creating a Mobile Application - repost 2 Creating a mobile application compatible with any mobile platform - URGENT WILL PAY YOU GOOD MONEY NEED IT DONE ASAP - Creating a Multilingual Site on WIX Creating a multiplayer game room - Creating a new jobs board website using wordpress Creating a new layout for an existing financial Web site - Creating a new Webdesign Creating a new website - Creating a online portal for a library creating a online radio app for ios similar as the app you created for android - Creating a PDF Brochure Creating a PDF document - Creating a PHP script to send whatsapp bulk messages Creating a PHP script to send whatsapp bulk messages - Creating a plugin for creating lettering with include in Wordpress Woocommerce Shop Creating a Plugin for MT (moveabletype) and WP (wordpress) from our REST API - Creating a powerpoint presentation and writing it. @Bitcoin Creating a powerpoint presentation for company annual meeting. This will most likely be a two day meeting. We are a mid size lawn and landscape maintenance company. - Creating a product catalog (English only)and complete company stationery( English/Arabic) Creating a product catalog and company bundle of (official papers, ID cards , Files saver) - Creating a Professional Travel Website like, Creating a Professional Travel Website like, - Creating a program like RecAll-pro Creating a progress bar to a Flash interactive - Creating a quiz app with Google App Inventor CREATING A QUIZ WEBSITE - Creating a report using base excel data into creating a report with FPDF tool - Creating a scheduling website Creating a schema in ORM (Object relational mapping) for a specific scenario - Creating a search form on an existing WordPress theme Creating a sell sheet & infomercial - Creating a short video from articles creating a sign-in page and admin control - Creating a simple game in Unity 3D Creating a simple game similar to ZigZag (not cloning) - Creating a simple watch kit app , have some current ideas and sample codes close to what im working to just need someone to help me put them together. creating a simple web application - Creating a Siteblueprint + Keyword Research/Grouping x 5 Sites Creating a Skype Plugin - Creating a social time share website Creating a Softswitch, Configuring/Setting up voip's solutions (IPBX, calling card, call back, IP Centrex...) and customizing UI/AI - Creating a SQL query retrieving products without a specific product feature specified in Prestashop creating a sql query that will fit my needs - Creating a survey Creating a Survey which involves a Spider Chart that shows real time the participants assessment - Creating a template for clubmagazine Creating a template for CMS Page in an existing shop - Creating a Tool Hiring Database Creating a tool that transfer UDP traffic to TCP(Convert UDP to TCP) - Creating a unique website. - repost Creating a Unity Mobile Game - Creating a very basic video with basic effects from given slides Creating a very simple front website - Creating a video for google glass applications Creating a video for my website - Creating a visulizer for SQL database creating a voting android application - Creating a web page Creating a web page - Creating a webpage for me, qvalpro Creating a webpage using - Creating a website Creating a website - Creating a Website - using a drupal cms creating a website -teachers tutoring students on multiple subjects - Creating a website for phone repairs.
Creating a website for phone repairs. - Creating a website like MMM - open to bidding Creating a website logo - Creating a Website, hosting & domain name in one! Creating a website. - Creating a Whiteboard Software with Chat and Video included Creating a whiteboard video with custom voiceover - Creating a wordpress blog Creating a WordPress business website by customizing a pre-made WordPress theme - Creating a wordpress theme Creating a Wordpress Theme - creating a XCurrency with %25 premin Creating a xxx Webcam website - Creating accounts at "" Creating Accounts for dating sites with United States IP, long term work needed. - creating ads Creating ads for us on Craigslist - Creating an " All-In-One" Sneaker Auto Checkout Bot/Backdoor Links Creating an " All-In-One" Sneaker Auto Checkout Bot/Backdoor Links - Creating an Addon for Mozilla Firefox creating an admin and control panel for an auction site. - Creating an Android mobile app With backend integrating Exchange Server and Azure Active Directory Creating an android mobile application - Creating an API for a Twitter web application creating an API for movie showtime listings within the United States - Creating an app to host our mobile site creating an app to read columns from pdf and print - Creating an Company Information Video - Bitcoin Exchange Creating an Doc template (Tech Tickets) - Creating an Email List creating an email notifiaction for django project - creating an expert advisor using an custom indicator Creating an expert advisor using an custom indicator alerts - Creating an image using cards Creating an image with database information ( zend ) - Creating an invoice or detailed record from a .txt file Creating an invoice support portal - creating an online application form creating an online application form(repost) - creating an Operating system Creating an Operational Plan - Creating an video Flash for header. Creating an whmcs affiliate module - Creating and designing a website Creating and designing my site - Creating and Maintaining a Web app Creating and maintaining a website - long term job - CREATING AND STORING MUSIC NOTES IN EITHER MIDI OR WAVE FILE Creating and texturing 3D bathroom models. - Creating android package for Science Text Book Creating android remote control pad/Server program for game - Creating API for a game-bot by reading 3rd party game-memory (or open for discussion) Creating API function from Curl Init - Creating April Tags in Vector Format creating Arabic recruitment site - Creating auto forwarding mail program Creating auto forwarding mail program google script - Creating Back links to a site Creating back of linux server + local systems(windows) - creating banners Creating Banners / Photoshop some images to fit our brand.... - Creating Blog or Website Content Syndication Platform Creating Blog Page for Travel Blog - creating browser reader mode Creating Budget from Scratch - Creating campaigns & Tracking Creating Capture and Template for a Site that matches Farmers with Land - creating chat client using jms n rmi Creating cheap hand drawn or CAD logos - Creating Cluster for Mosquitto MQTT broker server for a mobile application Creating CMS Enabled Website - creating conference speaker promo Creating Configurable products using MAGENTO. "MAGENTO EXPERT REQUIRED" - Creating content rich website with internet survey Creating Content Search Engine Optimized SEO Webpages - Creating creative Terms of Service & Privacy Policy for my App Creating creative variations for a home page for A/B testing - Creating Custom Panel With in UNIFIED SERVICE DESK creating custom pictures with Photoshop - Creating CV as per the templelate Creating Cylinderical Subzones in Tecplot 360 2009 - creating database of Property owners in Montreal creating database on MySQL workbench and writing report - Creating Designer Pinterest Pins Creating designs for business cards, brochures, company logo - Creating donate plugin Creating Donate Plugin for the website allow vistors to donate money - Creating Dynamic website for a hypnotherapist Creating Dynamic Website to Automate - Creating effective landing pages Creating eflyer (html) - creating enquiry form Creating Entities for Symfony 2.3 from API calls. - Creating Excel form - open to bidding Creating Excel form - open to bidding - Creating Facebook application for our existing platform Creating Facebook apps with analyzing data of the user for website - creating few articles and pages Creating few blog videos for youtube - Creating flash game for casino Creating flash game page using php and maria db - Creating Forms Creating Forms - creating fritzing files Creating Front End User mobile App - Creating game app Creating Game Fansite including database (League of Legends) - Creating Google Play Developer Account Creating Google Play Developer Account- - Creating High Converting Sales Pages - open to bidding Creating High CTR Facebook Marketing Assets - creating HTML website Creating HTML Website from Fireworks Design - Creating Illustration for a woman shirt Creating illustrations for 9 Country cards - creating indesign-files from magazine pages (pdf) Creating index for the movie using QT for Java - Creating interactive transcripts for videos Creating interface for validation using MD5 and SHA1 - Creating IT Resume Creating IT Resume -- 2 - CREATING JPG TRAVEL AGENCY WEB SITE - EXAMPLE TEMPLATE PIC creating JSP pages and controllers for a MVC project - Creating Launch Sequences and Follow Up Email Creating layer image from Flat Image PSD - Creating list of Spyshops in your lanquage Creating list of Thai personnel recruitment companies - creating logo creating logo - Creating macro in excel for reports Creating macro in excel for reports data reports - Creating maps of countries Creating Maps Using Flash - Creating me a forum and one sale page in 3 hours / urgent Creating me a one sale page and in 3 hours - creating mindmap Creating mini profiles X50 - Creating modal with different link Creating model using R programming - Creating Ms Word Files creating ms word template - Creating my homepage , PSD file HTML , some particle JS work in slider. Creating my Moteino device to a wireless m-bus gateway with 868 mHz - Creating new EA Creating new feature like chat - Creating new pages