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code a small website - Repost - open to bidding - Code a Timeshare Calculator Code a Tool for Designing Text-based Videogames - Code a web app for smarter appointment scheduling Code a web Design from PSD to HTML - Code a Website from a PSD File I have already designed. There will be 7 different pages Code a website from a ready PSD - Code a Wordpress Template Code a Wordpress Theme - Code additions, changes code adjusting/error correction - code an Add In using the new MS Word 2016 JavaScript API Code an admin page - Code an Article, Directory and Classifieds mod for PHPIzabi &amp;amp; Flash Strip Code an ASP.NET program to verify some info at some website URLs with Captcha Breaking - Code an email signature in HTML -- 2 Code an Email Template - Code an Indicator for MT4 Code an indicator that brings together four indicators in MT4 that I am using now - Code an iPhone drawing app Code an iPhone Game - Code Analysis (.NET C# Academic Project, Filling Missing Blocks of Code) Code Analysis (Written) - Code and design enhancements code and design for not completed work - code and make full wordpress website - please read carefully code and make full wordpress website - please read carefully -- 2 - Code android app - universal printer+scanner program Code Android App - iPhone App into Android - Code Application to Import Data into MS SQL Server Code Architect - Code Base Cleanup & GIT Organization Code basic FBML Script - Code CAnyon Script Modificatioon Code canyon scripts to install - Code changes to the back and front end of our website Code Changes to WordPress Theme (repost) - code clean up - site upgrade code clean up / url optimization - Code cleanup exercise Code cleanup for codeigniter based system - Code Conversion Code Conversion - Code Conversion Java to C++ Code conversion Java to Python - Code created for MT4 Forex indicator or EA? Code creator - Code customization on Virtuemart code cut and paste, and contact form - code design of few WP pages, thumbnail posts with pictures, etc Code design template to HTML 5 / SASS using the Bootstrap 3 framework - Code driver updater software for windows Code Drupal Theme from PSD - code editing for airfare search form code editing for airfare search form(repost) - Code Email to auto send one day after form submission Code email-friendly emails from Photoshop PSD or Illustrator files - Code example for Two Way SSL HTTP POST - XML OVER HTTP Code example to update software listing on - Code Features into layout Code FFMPEG intergration in php melody - Code Fix on UPS API shipping Rate Code Fix On WP Theme - Code for 3 PHP pages and a table Code for 4 assignment questions - Code for an Evostream Server Code for an HTML email - code for case study Code for Clone - Code for embed Flash into site with transpancy Code for Embedded IMage - Code For Image Restoration by EKF CODE FOR imu - code for navigation menus for wordpress/atahualpa theme site Code for netburner SBL2e Dev Kit to send and receive packets - code for pop up calender - Repost code for pop up calender - Repost - open to bidding - Code for Sending TXT to Another Cell Phone Code for Sending TXT to Another Cell Phones - Code for Web Page Dropdown Menu Code for webpage live one-way microphone stream - Code frontend for mobile-responsive site with Materialize CSS Code fully headless paypal autocheckout with requests - Code Generator similar to Codecharge Code Generator Tool (VBeXpress Clone) - code hot spots/ hot points around 2 maps Code hotel reservation template - Code HTML/CSS for predesigned website Code HTML/CSS for predesigned website - Code Igniter - Site Completion Code Igniter - update a database record when page loads. - code Igniter expert to add more features and modify the current one Code Igniter Expert to do some research and connect with some API - Code igniter website CONCATENATE IN SQL DATABASE code igniter website development work. - Code Ignoter expert needed for a few hours for bug fixes 2 Code igntier expert to complete website. - Code in home, back and next buttons into Adobe Edge Animate CC project Code in HTML - Code Indicator for AB / NinjaTrader Code indicator for MT4 platform - Code integration and implememtation Code integration and implememtation - open to bidding - code Javascript function (fill <ul> with shuffled array) Code javascript to calculate distance with Google Maps API - code level customization of wordpress plugin Code Lexer and Parser in C for given requirements of a Compiler - Code Management and Redemption Site - v1 Functional Requirements Code Management and Redemption Site - v1 Functional Requirements (repost) - Code me some of my PHP website (mhhcrm) Code me very basic wordpress plugin - code modificatin Code Modification - Code modification to Rapidweaver theme (Mac Software) Code modification to Rapidweaver theme (Mac Software) - repost - Code my AI files for my website Code my algorithm - Code my HTML email signature code my html subscription ecommerce website and add user roles.. - CODE MY SITE Code my site - For Guru - CODE NAME: ANDROID STUDIO BLACK-OP RECRUITMENT Code name: finishing my books! 26 year-old, self made real-estate investor writes self growth book.. Need help filling in the blanks!. (Self growth- manifestation, Success book & a children's version 2nd) - Code needed to tie database to an Interactive graph Code needed to turn image into email sign up form for Mail Chimp (on WordPress) - Code obfuscation Code obsfucation - Code one CSS/HTML gallery page with tabs!!! Code one exciting new PHP page of my site (eshot) - Code one web drag & drop interface Code One Webpage From Image in Webplus - Code Optimized for Desktop / Mobile Use Code optimizing - Code Overview needed for pppoe and ms-chap80 Code page - Code Photoshop Templates Code PHP - jQuery Upload Form - Code Port: Java to Obj-C (NO AGENCIES) Code Porting - Code Project 02 Code Project 03 - Code PSD Files into HTML/CSS Design 2nd Code PSD files into HTML5/CSS - Code PSD To CSS (Project#5OkHpDes) Code PSD To CSS (Project#4Nig50) - Code PSD to Single Page xhtml & css website (horizontal scrolling) Code PSD to Themeforest WP Theme [ONLY THEME FOREST MEMBERS] - code python Code Quality Architect - Code refactoring of my Android app + update old libraries
Code Refinement Project for Custom Forms - Code required to update website postings Code Responsive Logo Using Html, CSS, jQuery, so that Google can see the text. - Code Review - Jasur Code Review - Micro Java Program - Code Review of a mobile app Code Review of an Objective C Object. - code rewriting Code router / firewall system in python, node.js or your choice of language - Code Signature into C++ Active X Code Signer - Code Simple Martingale Expert Advisor Code simple microsite from PSD - code site project CODE SITE TO HTML - ARIJIT POST - code snippet pig-latin code snippet required - mysql_datetime to RFC-822 format - Code some HTML Code some new PHP pages (hopsite) - Code some simple PHP pages to display/submit data Code some simple PHP submission (southusers) - Code SPI drivers for r/w to the external flash on MCU TI CC2541 Code SPI drivers for TI CC2541 to r/w from external flash and improve firmware - Code Testing and Installation Code Tetris Simply - Code the pages as instructed Code the pages as instructed - repost - Code to add ticked check boxes in PDF document code to auto post message - code to Convert .csv file to .bkp Code to convert data from source file to SQL table - Code to display different versions of website to different users code to display image in grayscale - code to hide UNLIKE button if the user like the website already. Code to html for web app (PhoneGap) - Code to Open Mobile SMS and Email Applications from Phones Browser Code to Open Mobile SMS and Email Applications from Phones Browser(repost) - Code to redirect site visitors based on origin (USA/not USA) Code to redirect unwanted page requests before they are served - - code to track mobile connection and redirect just mobile with 3G connection to another link Code to Track Packages - Code Translation Code translation - Code Two PHP Forms (ayb-form) Code Two PHP Forms (aybform) - Code up recurrence relation solver Code Up Site - Code Validation Code Validation - Code walkthrough code wanted to call rss feeds - Code Website Demo Code Website design for web &amp; mobile - Code website template and aplly to designs Code website to book (training) sessions - Code Wordpress PSD into static page CODE WORDPRESS RESOURCE ORDERING PLUGIN - Code work project Code work to go with redesign of coachsportfolio - code written code written -- 2 - Code-Lancer - Partner Needed Code-Lancer - Partner Needed - Repost - Code/program my isometric game Code/program the website for selling custom logos - CodeBlocks Codeblocks & PHP problems - Like Website Exactly CodeCave Hook with ASM Code, VB.NET - Codecs Codecs . Convtert File AnyThing - Coded WordPress User Registration Coded WP Templates - codeignator specialist to cusomized an existing script -- 2 CodeIgnator Theme have to complete within 1 day - codeignite website Codeignite Website Fix - Codeigniter & Integration Codeigniter & Boostrap website - Codeigniter + DOMPDF + PNG images fix (HTML to PDF) CodeIgniter + HMVC - Create a sample page - Codeigniter - Modificare platforma existenta Codeigniter - Modificare si adaugare functionalitati - codeigniter 1 week work Codeigniter 1.0 Cache Related issue - CODEIGNITER 2.2.Membership2&amp;3 Codeigniter 2.2.Registration.Ecommerce - Codeigniter and HTML/CSS Expert Needed CodeIgniter and HTML5 Expert - CODEIGNITER APPLICATION Fixes & Improvement Codeigniter application maintenance for Binsotec - codeigniter booking calendar with prices/reservations Codeigniter Booking System - CodeIgniter CMS Tasks Codeigniter CMS-Website design changes. - CodeIgniter Dashboard CodeIgniter Dashboard for displaying graphs of info from MySql DB - codeigniter developer Codeigniter developer -- 2 - codeigniter developer for small script creation Codeigniter Developer for Weekend work - CodeIgniter Developer Required CodeIgniter Developer Required - Codeigniter developer urgently needed Codeigniter developer wanted for some tweaks - CodeIgniter development fasttracked with ios and android dev next CODEIGNITER DEVELOPMENT NEEDED - CodeIgniter Expert CodeIgniter Expert - Codeigniter expert - PHP developer Codeigniter Expert - PHP errors etc. - Codeigniter expert need it. CodeIgniter expert need to add new functionality to existing site - Codeigniter expert needed URGENTLY to fix checkout! Codeigniter Expert needed! - Codeigniter Expert to create 2 modules/plugins for a Codeigniter App codeigniter expert to fix few issues - CodeIgniter Expert: To Remove Duplication from Already-created Files CodeIgniter Expert: To Remove Duplication from Already-created Files - repost - Codeigniter fixes - repost Codeigniter Fixes on existing website - CodeIgniter github integration Codeigniter Google Checkout Script with XML Api - codeigniter interface for existing voip softswitch codeigniter interface for existing voip softswitch - repost - CodeIgniter Membership CodeIgniter Membership + Online Payments - Codeigniter on heroku setup Codeigniter online airline ticketing system - CodeIgniter PHP Developer Codeigniter PHP developer - Codeigniter player database Codeigniter Plugin for Webscript - Codeigniter Programmer Needed to Create Report! CodeIgniter Programmer - Convert My Web App - Codeigniter Project - 80% finished final changes to complete CodeIgniter Project - CRM System - Codeigniter Report Needed! CodeIgniter Required for Paypal Button Function - Codeigniter simple project STEP 4 codeigniter simple site in Spanish - Codeigniter Specialist Codeigniter Specialist - Codeigniter to wordpress CodeIgniter Top Developers want to discuss your project "Implement Frontend to existing Backend, Bugtesr" - CodeIgniter Web Developer Needed Codeigniter web development - Codeigniter website