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Conversion of CSS website into wordpress! - conversion of ebooks into Audio Conversion of eBooks to ePub in 1 day - Conversion of existing PHP site to Drupal/CiviCRM Conversion of existing tourism website to Joomla CMS - Conversion of Fortran Application to C# Conversion of Forum Users & Posts from Toast to vBulletin - Conversion of HTML 1 Page Parallax to Wordpress Conversion of HTML Based Learning Module to Flash - Conversion of Ipad/iphone program to andriod Conversion of iPhone app to Android app - Conversion of Magento CE Template to Enterprise Edition Conversion of Magento CE Website to Enterprise Edition - Conversion of MS Word Conversion of MS Word files to e-books (PDF, mobi & epub) - conversion of PDF data into Excel sheets conversion of pdf document into editable document and rearrange document to a new layout - conversion of PDF to word document - ongoing work Conversion of PDF to Word Document - Repost - Conversion of presentation from one format to another (PPTX) Conversion of presentation into Pitch Deck, creation of visuals, charts and diagrams for investors - Conversion of PSD to HTML5 Conversion of PSD to Illustrator (Super Simple!) - conversion of shell extensions (Delphi -> C++) conversion of short matrix multiplication C program into fortran90 - Conversion of Template Website (repost) Conversion of Template Website to XSitePro - Conversion of umlauts to utf8 - PHP Conversion of unprofessional drawings to good looking ones - Conversion of webpages into suitable display for mobile CONVERSION OF WEBSITE - Conversion of Word Document to XMl conversion of word file to ebook, II - conversion optimizing setup in google analytics Conversion or addapter for Three Phase Industrial DIN RAIL Power Supply to run Single Phase - Conversion project VB 6.0 to VB 2005 .NET Conversion Project, Old Website to New .PSD templates, Total Conversion, Several Smaller Pojects Within, Final project to be fully functional and ready for deployment - Conversion Rate Optimization Conversion Rate Optimization & Split-Testing - Conversion Software Conversion Software ''URGETNS'' - Conversion to CakePHP Conversion to CSS - Conversion to PHP conversion to php and/or cf redo - Conversion Tool Conversion Tool - Conversion use cases to test cases - Java conversion using Java - Conversion/Squeeze page design Conversion: B2evo to Wordpress - Conversions - Proj 14/15 Conversions and Statistics - Converstion Tool Convert - Convert a VB.NET program to ASP.NET and upload it online Convert a VB.NET program web application and upload it online - Convert email signature to HTML convert ex4 file to source code - Convert macro in script for mt4 Convert macro in script for mt4 - ongoing work - convert PDF to flash flip book Convert Pdf to Illustrator - Convert PSD to HTML Convert PSD to HTML - Convert Template to Bootstrap HTML5 Convert template to responsive layout - Convert wordpress style.css from LTR to RTL convert wordpress site to php website (1 page website) - Convert & Seperate PDF into HTML - Repost - open to bidding Convert & Seperate PDF into HTML - Repost - open to bidding - Convert (1) PDFs to a CSV with proper field names and values. (Directory_MusicAttorneys_2015.pdf) Convert (15) PDFs to a CSV with proper field names and values. PDF's are below - convert (PDF to Excel Data Entry) convert (PDF to Excel Data Entry) - Convert +2 Tamilnadu Physics book to a interactive content Convert +48% More by Being Mobile Friendly Your customers are accessing your website on their mobile devices. Don't miss out on valuable mobile conversions by optimising your website's mobile - Convert .ai Logo in .dst Convert .ai logo to png and add blue background - Convert .bak to MySQL Convert .bas Basic program to VB - Convert .csv file from *simple* products to *configurable products* in Magento Convert .csv file from *simple* products to *configurable products* in Magento -- 2 - convert .docx file to regular .doc file Convert .docx to .doc - Convert .eps logo into .dst embroidery file Convert .EPS to .PNG - CONVERT .flv or .mov TO .swf $10 BUCKS Convert .flv to mp4 or any other html5 supported video format - Convert .jpg files to HTML / CSS Convert .JPG Form to .PSD Form - Convert .mdb to .exe Convert .mdb to mysql, update form handling scripts in php, sql server - Convert .NET c# form to Mono on Mac OSX
Convert .NET CF 3.5 app to PocketPC 3 - Convert .pcxm extension files to excel and also convert mutliple image file (jpg) to Excel - open to bidding Convert .pcxm to excel - Convert .PDF, .JPG, .PNG files into .AI vector files Convert .PDF, .JPG, .PNG files into .AI vector files - Convert .png or .psd file to .dst format Convert .png or .psd file to .dst format - Convert .psd files to SEO & Mobile friendly website. Convert .psd files to Wordpress website - Convert .psd to .pdf (three files) Convert .psd to 4 page html/css website - Convert .psd to WordPress Theme Convert .psd to WordPress Theme and add Features - Convert .SQL file into .RB rails migration file convert .sql file to csv - Convert .txt report to .html and fix up. Convert .txt to .csv - wordpress product feed in wordpress - Convert / Create Wordpress Template Convert / Enter PDF into Excel - Convert 1 hour audio .mp3 file to text - repost Convert 1 hour audio .mp3 file to word document - Convert 1 page from mySql to PDO convert 1 page from php to asp - Convert 1 Page PSD to HTML5 Responsive Convert 1 Page PSD to HTML5 Responsive Page - Convert 1 PSD page to Bootstrap Responsive HTML/CSS Convert 1 PSD Template to a CRELoaded Website!!! - Convert 1,235 SWF files to merged PDF Convert 1-Page 600-Line HTML from local hosting to CDN for jquery etc - Convert 10 page powerpoint deck to prezi slide show Convert 10 page PSD document to either Illustrator or InDesign (you must re-create it) - Convert 100 lines of perl to VBA convert 100 page doc to PDF - Convert 110v US powerplant to 240v UK Convert 114 page PDF to Excel - Convert 14 Page PDF document to 14 Page Word document Convert 14 Photoshop Files into HTML5 & CSS for Mobile Website - Convert 16 page PDF to Word Convert 16 page PDF to Word - Convert 19 webpage mockups (PSD format) into HTML/CSS Convert 19000 word novella to a industry standard shooting script. - convert 2 c++ projects into codeblocks IDE Convert 2 C++ string functions to VB6 - convert 2 existing WordPress websites to responsive WordPress websites Convert 2 file from word to phtml . simple term and condition - Convert 2 images to HTML/CSS - repost Convert 2 images to HTML/CSS - repost 3 - Convert 2 large Excel Spreadsheets to Zoho convert 2 large PDFs to excel and re-format the data - Convert 2 Pages HTML To Responsive Bootstrap HTML Convert 2 pages into 1 - convert 2 power point pages to 1 high res jpeg. I need page one of presentation put directly on top of page two, saved as a high res jpeg and returned to me ASAP as my adobe crashed. Convert 2 product labels from PSD to AI - Convert 2 PSD's to HTML Convert 2 PSDs Files to HTML - Convert 2 simple PSD to html Convert 2 simple psd's to vector ASAP - Convert 2 VB functions into PHP functions - repost Convert 2 videos to youtube and file - Convert 2-Page HTML Site to Responsive Convert 2-Page HTML Site to Responsive Website - Convert 200 vectors icons into a font file (TTF) Convert 2000 paper cards into CSV file (OCR) - CONVERT 250 PAGE/ 5 VOLUME SCREENPLAY INTO A NOVEL Convert 250 pagesof PDF images to Microsoft Word - Convert 2D Autocad model to a 3D 3ds Max model - repost Convert 2D Autocad Plans & Elevations to rendered 3D using Revit - Convert 2D Drawings into Printer Ready 3D Models Convert 2D drawings to 3D - Convert 2D drawings to AutoCAD Convert 2D DWG / DXF data of a mechanical part to a 3D autodesk inventor 2014 project file. - Convert 2D image to 3D solid with texture (Python) Convert 2D image to 3D solid with texture (Python) - CONVERT 2D TO 3D - open to bidding convert 2D to 3D and other related task - Convert 3 algorithms to java code. Algorithms will be given. Convert 3 ASPX scripts to PHP - Convert 3 JPG files to HTML (Simple Project) Convert 3 justinmind mockups into bootstrap website + create and integrate a small database of 5 clients - Convert 3 PDF files to Excel. Add latitude, longitude and altitude for one Excel file Convert 3 PDF Files to Microsoft Word using software. - Convert 3 PSDs into HTML Convert 3 PSDs into HTML! - Convert 3-Page MS Word File to HTML Convert 3-page WIX site to Dreamweaver HTML/CSS - Convert 310 Page PDF Document To Excel WITHIN 24 Hours convert 317 html tutorials to PDF - Convert 3d files from OBJ to STEP format Convert 3d files into solidworks - Convert 3D model to 2D for a lasercutter convert 3d model to solid object for 3d printing - convert 3ds model to ogre format using OgreMax, including shader development Convert 3DS or OBJ mesh file to Solid Part (IGES or SLDPRT) - Convert 4 ms dos scipts into perl or bash scripts and add small menu driven functionality Convert 4 near-identical fireworks PNG's to XHTML/CSS - Convert 4 PDF Docs to Word Convert 4 Pdf Document to HTML - Convert 4 PSD's to XHTML/CSS Convert 4 PSD/PNG to HTML/CSS/Bootstrap - Convert 40 PSD into HTML5 - urgent - Repost Convert 40 PSD into HTML5 - urgent - Repost - open to bidding - Convert 5 ebooks Convert 5 ebooks to word documents - Convert 5 pages from PSD into responsive HTML Convert 5 Pages from PSD to Functional Code - Convert 5 PSD to responsive design Convert 5 PSD to xhtml - Convert 50 lines of php to JSP Convert 50 logos into embroidery patches... - Convert 6 .PSDs into a WordPress Website Convert 6 audiocassettes to CDs, Less than 7 hours tapes. - Convert 6 PSD's to xhtml/CSS Convert 6 PSDs to 1 Wordpress Theme Template - Convert 6x JPG Simple Product Label Scans to Illustrator Convert 7 Adobe Illustrator graphics to keynote and powerpoint - Convert 701 AutoCAD (dwg) files to PDFs Convert 701 AutoCAD (dwg) files to PDFs - Repost - Convert 8 pdf files into one jpg Convert 8 Photoshop PSD Files into a Joomla website - convert 9 psd to html Convert 9 PSD-files into HTML/CSS Layouts - Convert a $ page Web Site from MVC to SPA(single Page application) Convert a ''Flash'' menu to html or javascript - Convert a .NET dll into a C++ library (client-server) Convert a .net mvc application to php - Convert a .stl (or .obj) file to an IGES (.IGS) file Convert a .STL/.max file made in polyface mesh to Nurbs solid format - Convert a 2 minute .mov into a format suitable for streaming Convert a 2 page document to an Electronic Form for ipad - Convert a 3 Arabic psd's to HTM5 Responsive design Convert a 3 page adobe table to EXCEL - Convert a 3DS Max file to FBX file Convert a 3gp video into list of bitmap images - Convert a Access Database into VB Convert a Access to VB - SQL Server Data - Convert a asp/html file to a PDF file Convert a ASPX service to PHP - Convert a Blog into an Ebook Convert a Blog into iOS / Android app - Convert a Bootstrap Template to a Jekyll Website Convert a Bootstrap Template to a Sitefinity Website - Convert a C Library to android Library.... Convert a C program to assembly language using TASM - Convert a C++ unix application to vs2003 Convert a C++ windows app to a web app - convert a cartoon character to 3D Modelling