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Convert Design to XHTML/CSS Convert design to xml Android Convert design using Foundation framework to responsive html/css. Clean code, make light and optimize Convert design website into html , css . Convert Design(html) to osCommerce convert design, add css new buttons Convert design/prototype to CSS/Smarty-PHP template Convert designed AI to Corel Draw file (pre print) Convert Designed layout to HTML Convert designed layouts to WordPress ecommerce site Convert Designed PSD to HTML Email Convert Designed PSDs to Validated HTML + Responsive Convert designed website in ( illustrator) to Ebay listing page and shop Convert Designs (3 Pages) to HTML. Convert Designs / Mockups to html/css Convert designs from low res to high res Convert Designs in to HTML/Word Press Templates Convert designs into HTML/CSS for our site
Convert designs into HTML/CSS3 - needed urgently - to start straight away. Convert designs into HTML5/CSS/jQuery Convert Designs into Responsive Bootstrap (Front End) Convert Designs into Web Page Convert designs into Wordpress & Build an Online Store with Woocommerce Convert designs to an HTML5 and WordPress Template Convert designs to CSS XHTML (lubos) Convert designs to CSS/XHTML Convert designs to functional websites Convert Designs to HTML assemble Content Convert Designs to HTML from PSD (MyFavBook) Convert Designs to HTML/CSS Convert designs to HTML/CSS Convert designs to html5/css3 and integrate flash game script to new templates Convert Designs to Magento theme Convert Designs to mobile/ipad/desktop Responsive Marketo Landing Page Templates Convert desktop .Net application to ASP.NET