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correct the bug and CRASHES file - 19/03/2017 01:22 EDT correct the captcha function in a joomla 2.6 (gavick theme) Correct the code Correct the code on my homepage so it loads within a reasonable time (ideally 10 secs) Correct the CSS correct the css for each module correct the CSS for IE Correct the CSS of the page Correct the drop down menu in zencart Correct the email function on my website correct the English language in the translated text Correct the english of my web site Correct the error in my android application + insert two buttons in the game. Correct the Error in my Magento Website and make website live again correct the error on the web site Correct the error. Module ManualMethodPg Correct the errors and rewritting of My English Web site
Correct the errors in my blog code Correct the errors in my blog code -- 2 Correct the existing component. correct the facebook Login code correct the function of payment gateway added to cakephp based script Correct the google search appearance of my Magento store Correct the grama of my book Correct the Grammar on Our Website Correct the Grammar on Our Website(repost) Correct the interface between Paypal and my website so that my product shows at correct price Correct the issue with multiple csv import Correct the IT-related text Correct the link to my facebook page from my website homepage Correct the links in a ebay template correct the location plugin and set listing expiry date Correct the menucard in Italian Correct the mistakes