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Create Create Hotel Managment system for my companys new hotel. Must have a databse. create a wordpress plugin Create Accounts create an Android App for wordpress website Create video and animation Flash Banners create " Unsubscribe" link for email marketing Create 1 Pure HTML5/CSS3/Responsive/Jquery from ecommerce/content design Create 1 script from 9 Scripts with unique login Create 10 instagram accounts Create 15 page CSS validated lawyer website: all text & layout already created Create 1D Images / eBook Covers Create 2 Minute Video of Website Create 2 Minute Video of Website create 2-3 minute slide show videos I have all the material Create 200 Videos and Upload them on YT create 2d animated video Create 2D Level Map GUI
Create 3 instances of MYSQL DB's on local machine. (teamviewer) Create 3 MYSQL databases on local machine. (teamviewer) Create 3D animation video around 40 sc. Create 3D Avatars Create 3d mockups with smart object for canvas in photoshop (product picture mockup) Create 3D Modelling Create 3vps KVM proxmox add install softward Create 4 Instagram 15 second videos Create 4 in existing program created and mody to work in store databases create 4 page theme for magento 1.9 rwd Create 5 Additional Magento Stores Create 5 minutes videos on Microsoft Excel Create 5 sample shirts with a design on each. Create 5-page modern design for new anime website. CREATE 500 USERNAMES AND MAKE 3 SPECIFIC POSTS EACH DAY Create 6 T-Shirt designs Create 7 html email newsletters for a website