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Create a 0Days exploit -- 7 - Create a 1 minute 3D animation video. Create a 1 minute and 30 second whiteboard explainer video - Create a 1 Page Bootstrap Template of an Existing Website Create a 1 page brochure for Banking Presidents - Create a 1 to 2 minutes long animated advertisement for my website Create a 1 to 2 minutes Video for my company - Create a 10 minute voice over demo Create a 10 minutes cartoon - Create a 10 seconds Animation Create a 10 seconds Video - Create a 13 page magazine Create a 13 seconds HIGH QUALITY animation - Create a 15 second Video intro for our you tube videos Create a 15 Second Video Ad for our App - Create a 1min long 2D Animated video Create a 1min Video Promo for a website - Create a 2 minute animation video Create a 2 Minute Company Introduction Animated Video - Create a 2 pages for Wordpress Template WPML compatible Create a 2 pages iPhone application. - Create a 2.5D animation with text Create a 2.5D Animation, with 5 specific moves each around 5-10 seconds *Loopable - Create a 250gms box type pouch design Create a 26 to 30 sec Video - Create a 2D Animation Create a 2D Animation (2 mins.) in After Effects - Create a 2D animation video create a 2d animation video - Create a 2D drwaing template in A4, A3, A2 and A1 Create a 2D explainer animated video for our company website. - Create a 2D Video Create a 2D Video - Create a 3 min Video Create a 3 min. video clip presentation of my site. - Create a 3 skyscraper ads Create a 3 step form with ruby on rail, with paypal - Create a 30 sec animation video Create a 30 sec Explainer Video for my Android App - Create a 30 second video advertisement for a construction Company create a 30 second video animation based on voice - Create a 30sec animation Create a 30sec app preview video - Create a 3D animated dog Create a 3D Animated Explainer Video with Voice-Over - Create a 3D Animation Create a 3D animation - Create a 3D animation/ stop motion Create a 3D Animations and export it as 2D Sprite Sheet - Create a 3D coin model Create a 3D company house - Create a 3D game app and submit for Android and IOS...must be able to use with VR, Please read entire description before submitting a quote Create a 3D game for Android and IOS phones and tablets - create a 3d logo Create a 3D Logo and Banner in different size - Create a 3D Model Animation to present an Architectural Project CREATE A 3D MODEL BASED ON 2D PLANS AND PICTURES - Create a 3d model of a cartoon trees low poly for games Create a 3D model of a chair - Create a 3D model on Sketchup from a 2D drawing of a house Create A 3D Model out of Physical Product - Create a 3D printable file of a simple broken plastic part Create a 3d printable Galaxy Note mobile phone case - Create a 3D Scene Create a 3D scene and place a sofa - deliver 3 colour variations of the scene - Create a 3D Video Create a 3D Video - Create a 3D-Glossy-Logo for Webservice website Create a 3D-Intro for a Fake TV Channel - Commercial Brake - Create a 4.5 hours Video Tutorial having Slideshow, Text, Infographics etc. Create a 4/5 page simple website for a cleaning company - Create a 5 Minute Cartoon Animation Video (Scribing/Whiteboard) Create a 5 Minute Cartoon Animation Video (Scribing/Whiteboard) - Create a 5 second animation in 2k resolution (2048 × 1080) Create a 5 second music and say our Brand name - Create a 5min Flash Video for a kickstarter project Create a 5mins Video with 3D tracking motion - Create a 60 second Product Explainer Video Create a 60 second video in Adobe After effects from a Template I will Provide - Create a 7 Pages Wordpress Website from PSD Create a 7 second animation in after effects - create a 90 second animation video for startup Create a 90 Second marketing video - Create a a design like the attached. I have attached all required files. Create a a field on website to apply coupon code - Create a Ad for the production -- 2 Create a ad video of an iOS app - Create a Adsense blog or site which earns minimum 10$ a day! Create a Adsense earning website Min 5-8 $ per day - Create a advertisment Video Create a affective campaign to raise funds for my new business Idea - Create a AlertPay Ad profit Share Script Create a all recharge online Website - Create a Android and IOS application - Like DeskSMS Create a Android and Ios Application and Web backend - Create a android mobile application for a financial credit union Create a Android Mobile Marketplace - Create a animated infographic Video using After Effects Create a animated landing page from PSD files - Create a Animated Video for invitation on Wedding and Engagement. Create a animated Video for on demand service - Create a animation for children's book Create a Animation for our chemical plant. - Create a antivirus / dashboard mobile app for android Create a Apache config file for multiple domains - create a app like whatsapp create a app like whatsapp - create a app like whatsapp - Repost - open to bidding create a app like whatsapp with audio, video, voice note, location, images sharing. group chat and other standard features. with the backend which is based on Server C++ or XMPP. for Android/iOS - Create a app pitch video Create a App Promo Video - create a AR APP for Android and IOS Create a ARABIC Wordpress CMS for awards website - Create a audio download function Create a audio download function -- 2 - Create a AWS lambda function to query postgres for API gateway Create a AWS lambda function to query postgres for API gateway [repost] - Create a backend using php as implementation language to support frontend API calls from an Android application. Create a backend website / front end App - Create a backlink verification tool Create a backlinks bot - Create a Banner Create a Banner - create a banner + logo create a banner - mockup needed before i award the project - Create a Banner for Law Firm Create a Banner for Law Firm - ongoing work - create a banner, need to see a mcokup in the next 3 hours create a banner, need to see a mcokup in the next 3 hours - Create a basic android app Create a basic android/iphone hybrid mobile app - Create a basic facebook type social website Create a basic fashion website from template - urgent - Create a basic mobile responsive myBB theme Create a Basic Mobile Website from Template - Create a basic video slideshow in Adobe AfterEffects Create a basic Video/Animated presentation - Create a batch file and integrate with Garmin Communicator Plugin Create a batch file for router restart - Create a beautiful graph using excel/illustrator - $20 project - SIMPLE. Create a beautiful Highcharts theme - Create a beauty spa site based on the WP platform. Create a beauty store on amazon - create a betting software - open to bidding Create a betting spreadhseet - Create a Big Data Project in PPT CREATE A BIG NAME FOR YOUR BUSINESS - create a bitcoin faucet + content website Create a Bitcoin faucet site - Create a Black Friday Banner Sale Discount
Create a BlackBerry OS 10 App - Create a blog Create a blog - Create a blog feed on my website Create a blog for a single page website - Create a blog link - See decribtion Create a blog list based on technorati - create a blog site create a blog site - Create a Blog with Create a blog within a blog - Create a blood spill animation Create a blueprint in AutoCAD - Create a book cover for me Create a book cover for my E-Book - Create a booking system with create a booking website and application - Create a bootstrap from Vectorial graphic elements Create a Bootstrap Joomla Template - Create a border for a region in leaflet maps Create a border for our titles on Wordpress Website - Create a bot for me Create a bot for me - Create a bot to play a game Create a bot to post back links and increase traffic - Create a BoxBillingTemplate Create a boxing arena that looks like the attached link - Create a Brand logo for Our Cloud storage Platform Create a Brand Logo Slider (Magento) - Create a brand video Create a brand video - Create a Brochure Create a brochure - Create a Brochure for the Caring Soul Series Create a Brochure from an Existing Powerpoint Presentaion - Create A Browser Like Google Chrome Create a browser macro to execute simple export functions - create a bulk mail server Create a bulk Majestic SEO statistics checker - Create a Business Card Create a business Card - Create a business card-- create a business card--- - Create a business logo for a quilting business Create a business logo for a quilting business - repost - Create a Business Plan for existing business create a business plan for my business - Create a Business Wikipedia Page that sticks. Create a business WordPress theme from Scratch! - create a buzz Create A Buzz - Hype this Up! - Create a C# executable utilizing restful API calls and AWS DynamoDB Create a c# library that can parse an Excel spreadsheet into an expression list - Create a C++ Server like -- 2 Create a C++ Server like -- 3 - create a calculation tool in Excel create a calculator - create a cam site Create a cam site integrator - Create a car cover on a car. 3D create a car cover on a car. Photoshop expert - create a caricature like an autioner Create a Caricature of family member wearing a pink poodle skirt - Create a cartoon based on my idea -- 2 create a cartoon character - Create a cartoon mascot for website Create a cartoon mascot for website - Create a cartoon-yet-clean style character from picture(s) Create a cartoon. - Create a catalog in indesign Create a catalog of all AWS permissions - Create a CCAVENUE Payment integration for Wordpress Plugin Create a CCS Project for CC2640 - Create a CGI Video for a thermometer Create a CGI-BIN Folder in a linux server - Create a Charicature from a Photo... create a charity website for charity - Create a Chat Room App Create a chat room for members of my site - Create a chegg Tutor account for me Create a Chemical Interaction for Urine, similar to how saliva interacts with litmus paper. It can either be a chemical or temperature interaction or both. - Create a Child Theme for Wordpress Site with extra functionality Create a child theme from purchased Wordpress template - Create a Christmas Lights Animation using custom software Create a Christmas themed banner for email - Create a Chrome extension for inputting keywords(tags) on Etsy listings. Create a chrome extension for photo collection sharing site - Create a Circular fade effect to a div (Jquery/CSS) Create a city and suburbs map - Create a class for Visual Composer Grid, Create a class for Visual Composer Grid--- - Create a classified website (kind of like Craglist) Create a classified website . - Create a clean and professional TRAVEL magazine Create a Clean Backlink Profile - Create a click-through app for Iphone from PSD files Create a Click-tracking and Email-open-tracking app - create a clip for youtube Create a Clip Using a Vido File - Create a clone of PDFCREATOR(repostt) Create a Clone of PHP website Required in two days No Weekend Considerd - Create a cloud based logo Create a cloud based SaaS application combined with a mobile application for Android - Create a CMS table in a WordPress website Create a CMS table in a WordPress website - maybe a plugin - Create a Code for Excel to Find the Best Partial Match - Repost - repost Create a code for Weebly mobile site - Create a Cold Call List (Contact Info) of Sales Managers for B2B Software Companies Create a cold email template for web development leads - Create a colourful Animation for children Create a Combo Box for WPF (c#) with the same functionality as the Winforms version. - Create a Coming Soon Website and other stuff - ongoing work Create a comma test in PHP / JavaScript - Create a commercial/profesional dating/social networking script Create a Commission sharing script for ads search engine - Create a company brochure and Expression of Interest Create a Company Business Video - Create a company logo Create a company logo - Create a Company Presentation Video Create a company presentation Video - Create a company website - Repost Create a company website - Repost - Create a compiled biography for Le Ho Create a compiled Lotus Notes form from selected documents - Create a complete website- Server side Create a complete Wordpress Theme for Pets - Create a composite landing page image of the New York financial skyline Create a Composite/ SuperEngine From existing Search Engine(from lars101010) on 7/19/2009 2:45:15 AM - Create a concierge SMS API Create a conclusion certificate template - Create a Construction Cost Calculator using XHTML, jQuery & jQuery-UI Create a Construction Cost Calculator using XHTML, jQuery & jQuery-UI - Create a contact form with file uploads Create a contact form with PHP on html/java site - Create a Content & Collaboration Solution for a Small Business Create a content based website (5 pages) - Create a controler solution that logs results of inputs Create a Controller - Create a cool new logo mascot for an existing business Create a cool ringtone in mp4a format - Create a copy of an image for basic website design Create a copy of an online store - Create a copy of website Create a Copy of Website in other Host. Please Read Requeriments!!! - Create a Corporate Animated Video Create a Corporate Animated Video to invest in Tanzania - Create a Corporate Identity