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Create 6 Banners (open exclusively to IMTHEZORRO) - Create 6 icons (PNG format) Create 6 icons representing levels of difficulty - create 6 sets of email templates on wordpress mymail1 Create 6 sets of emails - Create 6 wordpress blogs Create 6-10 page booklet about text marketing - Create 60 storey Hexagrid office building in sketchup Create 60 SVG images from jpeg to display in app - Create 7 banners for website Create 7 banners for website - create 7 x 3.333 image for store front sign Create 7 Youtube videos - Create 8 flash banners for Google adwords display network Create 8 flash banners for Google adwords display network - repost - Create 8 videos - British/American/Canadian/Australian natives only Create 8 Views in SQL Server - Create 86 banner ads. All the same dimensions. Create 86 Profiles For Online Dating Site - Create 9 x High Definition Photos for Marketing Purpose Create 90 (grade 9-10 level) problem Solving questions with Solutions - Create a Create a "how it works / Introduce video" - create a datafeed for my website Create a dating website in cms - create a logo form my sketch Create a Lyric Video - Create a promotional video for my academy create a psd design for a website - Create a Video Create a Video and image - Create a "Campaign Monitor" responsive email template from supplied PDF Create a "clean / Crisp" vector/layered version of an existing image - Create a "Mobile Friendly" Version of an Existing Website Create a "mobile-friendly" version & app of existing website - Create a "test your ingredients" web page Create a "Thank you page" wordpress - same page to be implemented on 2 sites - Create a ''What is twitter'' animation video Create a ''wireframe'' landing page for a Connected Device App. - Create a +/- 60 second explainer video Create a - FLIGHT SIMULATOR App ******** - create a .net function to post to Facebook programmeitly Create a .NET installer like - Create a .TXT file with a lot of "copy and past" Create a .xml document file! - Create a 1 minute 2D video Create a 1 minute 30 second Animation - Create a 1 minute video to create leads for an Self-paced Elearning course for corporate environment Create a 1 minutes Cartoon Type Animated Video - create a 1 page wordpress website with registration form Create a 1 to 1.5-minute Explainer Video (Animation) - Create a 10 additional Website Pages to existing Jomres Database Create a 10 Min Video - Create a 10 second Video with custom background music Create a 10 second video intro - Create a 12 screen e-card based on my instructions Create a 12 Second Video Intro Bumper - Create a 15 second Product Video / Infomercial for Google Video / Youtube Create a 15 second video - Create a 1min after effect animation Create a 1min intro video for a mobile app - Create a 2 minute Animated Video For Our Website Create a 2 minute animated video of my website... - Create a 2 page Wordpress site, similar to this example Create a 2 page wordpress template - Create a 2-minute explainer animation video for peacemaking website Create a 2-page website - Create a 25-30 second Video Create a 250 words script for a WhiteBoard animation out of existing data - Create a 2d Animation Create a 2D Animation - Create a 2D Animation vedio Create a 2D Animation vedio - Repost - Create a 2d Christmas TV Commercial Create a 2D controller scipt for a ship - Create A 2D RPG Game Create a 2D short video for youtube (comedy) - Create a 3 min 15 sec explainer Video Create a 3 Min 3d Animation video - Create a 3 page pdf Create a 3 page static website - Create a 30 minute presentation on Creating an Interactive PDF in InDesign Create a 30 sec - 1 min long VFX piece - Create a 30 second to 1 minute video animation to demostrate a product Create a 30 second to 1min Video ads of our Company -please see details below - Create a 300x100 banner ad animation for iPhone unlocking create a 300x250 banner ad - Create a 3D active HTML/CSS/JS object Create a 3D advertisement / commercial for a smartphone - Create a 3D Animation Create a 3D Animation - Create a 3d animation video for TV ad Create a 3D animation video in full hd - Create a 3D character ready to animate in 3DS Max Create a 3D character with animations - Create a 3D Floorplan from a 2D Floorplan Create a 3D Forensic Animation - Create a 3D Logo Create a 3d logo - Create a 3D model and render of a two storey house Create a 3D Model and Renderings of a Building - Create a 3D model of a carousel horse. Create a 3D model of a carousel horse. - Create a 3d model of the drinks display with can, bottle and ice (see attached) Create a 3D Model of the LOOP - Create a 3D preview on the fancey product designer Create a 3D Print model. - Create a 3D Ripple effect on my video Create a 3d robot Animation - Create a 3D video Create a 3d video - Create a 3D Visualizer in WebGL and three.js Create a 3D walkthrough Rendering for training centre. - Create a 4-page Mobile Website Create a 4-page website using a template in Freeway Pro - Create a 5 Minute 3D Walkthrough for a New Residential Township Project Create a 5 minute animation with music from some exciting big bands! - Create a 5 second Animation (gif or html5) Create a 5 second animation in 2k resolution (2048 × 1080) - Create a 5min Flash Video for a kickstarter project Create a 5mins Video with 3D tracking motion - Create a 60 second video in Adobe After effects from a Template I will Provide Create A 60 Second Video Of Luxury Lifestyle - create a 7 second custom intro with my logo Create a 7-10min video from GoPro footage - Create a 90 Second marketing video Create a 90 second Product Explainer Video - Create a A Forms Generator Create a a Jquery login box and Jquery tabbed form - Create a add on Microsoft Power Point Create a add on Microsoft Power Point -- 2 - create a adsense optimized Wordpress blog Create a Adsense site earning $20-25 /day - Create a affiliate marketing page for the website and create a sub-domain for the existing domian Create a affiliate marketing store - Create a alphabeth in vector (monocolor) for wallstickershop Create a altcoin - Create a Android and IOS launcher for Website url Create a Android and Ios smartphone game - Create a Android Player/Webview App create a android service to check for the incoming call into the blocked list numbers and if the number wont get matched then let the caller speak with the calle - Create a animated landing page from PSD files Create a animated loader - Create a Animated Video - Company and Services Intro Video Create a Animated Video for invitation on Wedding and Engagement. - Create a Animation for a Freight company
Create a Animation for a MacBook Gadget. - Create a anticheat for a game Create a antivirus / dashboard mobile app for android - create a app like whatsapp create a app like whatsapp - create a app like whatsapp with audio, video, voice note, location, images sharing. group chat and other standard features. with the backend which is based on Server C++ or XMPP. for Android/iOS create a app similar to watsapp - Create a App Promo Video Create a app similar as uber - Create a ARABIC Wordpress CMS for awards website Create a Arabic Ad Video with voice and animation - Create a audio download function -- 2 Create a Audio Video an AV with 100+ pictures of a baby for her 2nd birthday with nice back ground music - Create a AWS lambda function to query postgres for API gateway [repost] -- 2 Create a b o t to fetch tweets **((long term working))** - Create a backend, implement animation and create a provably-fair page -- 2 Create a backgammon bot that can interpret scenarios from a program and input them to a backgammon game. - Create a backtest module for Ninjatrader Platform that could utilize GPU as a processing resource Create a backtest module for Ninjatrader that would enable parallel computing (master and slave windows application) - Create a banner Create a banner - create a banner / need to see a mockup first Create a Banner 0904 - Create a banner for responsive landing page made with bootstrap. Create a banner for Revolution slider Wordpress for Moving Storage site - create a bar graph for ios using dummy json value ( objective c) Create a barcode generator program and printing by format - Create a basic app for beverage Industry Create A Basic App For A Gym - create a basic game for android and iphone - open to bidding Create a Basic Game in Java - Create a basic OTT platform Create a basic package for an online business - Create a basic web script Create a basic web site - Create a batch inventory adjustment tool for osCommerce Create a batch inventory adjustment tool for osCommerce -- 2 - Create a beautiful mascot in 5 variation (for KUBOGRAPHICS) Create a Beautiful Peacock Themed Wedding Invitation. - Create a bespoke CMS platform. Create a bespoke complex web form application - Create a beverage distribution plan Create a bew Wordpress Website Whooza Good Dog - Create a Bill of Landing Create a Billboard Advertising Concept (Campaign) - create a bitcoin miner client Create a Bitcoin Mobile Reload Script - Create a blank plaque with photos provided create a blast email campaign- using my 20,000 email addresses - create a blog Create a blog - Create a Blog for Existing Website Create a Blog for me - Create a blog on my php website Create a blog on the new Angular components released in Alfresco community 5.2 - Create a blog that accepts adsense Create a blog that earns $20 to $30 per day from google adsense - Create a Blog.. Create a Blog/Article Page with interactive ads - Create a Board Game Concept Create a board which will control our laser - Create a Book of nude females from around the world Create a book sales reporting dashboard in Wordpress - Create a Booklet / Catalogue - VERY EASY, QUICK WORK, ANYONE CAN DO Create a booklet from PPT - Create a Bootstrap site Create a bootstrap site from existing site - Create a bot Create a bot - Create A Bot Or Script To Login To Website & Fetch Data. Create a Bot Program - Create a Botox Article Create a Bottle Design - Create a brand and define colors, typography and design Create a Brand And Logo - CREATE A BRAND NAME AND A LOGO Create a brand name and design a logo - Create a Branded Video Streaming Service using Viddler API's Create a branding - Create a brochure create a brochure - Create a brochure similar to an existing one we have for another product line Create a brochure template for customers to add images and information then download - Create a bubble psd for me Create a BuddyPress extension from scratch. - Create a bulk sms script Create a bulk store - create a business card create a business card - Create a business directory website with given mock up Create a business email address - Create a business name Create a Business Name & Slogan - Create a Business Professional Resume Create a business proposal - Create a button "add photo" and "add video" in every steps of recipe Create a button (for pants) design - Create a C program that will display a food menu and take the users order. Everything is explained in the description create a c programming game - Create a C# Tutorial -- 2 Create a C# using libnfc - Create a Caching Solution for Prestashop Website Create a CAD animation of a product - Create a Calendar Create a Calendar - ongoing work - create a campaign fo Create a Campaign Monitor Template from responsive Email HTML - Create a Card Battle game for Mobile Create a card game App - Create a Cartoon Create a Cartoon - create a cartoon engagement poster Create a Cartoon Explainer Animation Video - Create a cartoon style character Create a cartoon style video - Create a Casino application for both iphone and android Create a Casino Carousel Plugin - Create a catchy graphic for startup Create a catchy name and slogan of a new business venture - Create a Cen Cart Layout and install it Create a CentOS and Windows 2012 Template in Virtuozzo - Create a Character Clip Art Create a character for a flyer - Create a Chase Bank Statement Template in Excel Create a chat / message extension for users - Create a chatroom for my site (spanish chatroom) CREATE A CHATROOM MODULE - Create a Chess Website Create a Chess-like game on Facebook - Create a Child Wordpress Theme Create a Child/Parent size variation for my Amazon ASIN's in the Cell Phone Wireless Category - Create a Chrome Extension Create a Chrome Extension - Create a chrome-extension to auto-like posts on facebook Create a chrome-extension to auto-like posts on facebook. - Create a Clarion TopSpeed datafile from Excel Spreadsheet Create a Clash of Clans Game for Android and Apple - Create a Classic Controller Enabler code for Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 Create a Classic Controller Enabler code for Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 -- 2 - Create a classifieds website Create a classifieds website - Create a clean, yet nice LOGO Create a cleaning services website with booking form in it - Create a Client List Create a Client List - Create a clone of a website