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Create a PSD Mockup - create a publisher account on and have it approved. create a publisher account on and have it approved. - Create a Python Dictionary Create a python function to multi- plot a CSV data - Create a QR code generator with customised fields Create a Qt Widget which holds a window from another application (CEFClient), and communicates with this application. - Create a Questionnaire Create a Questionnaire based WooCommerce Product Filter - Wordpress - Create a quickbook Export File from php Create a QuickBook report - Create a quotation and invoice form with Chronoforms (Joomla) create a quotation form for my company - create a random flash loader for advert on a website Create a random generated matrix and implement an algorithm in PHP - Create a readable chart from this data Create a reader that can view swf document offline - Create a real estate site with monthly cash peeling. Create a real estate site with wordpress theme - Create a realistic looking human face material for realtime engine (unity) for physically based shading Create a realistic looking medical connector with a cutout exposing embedded electronics - Create a recipe site - CREATE A RECIPE STIKER - Create a Referal and an Enquiry Page on a Facebook Page create a referal sistem - Create a Registration Form - repost "NEED IT IN ONE DAY" Create a registration form - Repost -- 2 - Create a remote mirror of Windows Server 2012 Create a render - Create a replica website Create a reply response - Create a Report: Marketing Program, Online Exposure - Insurance Website Create a Report: Marketing Program, Online Exposure - Insurance Website - repost - Create a responsiv table Create a responsive (ideally Wordpress) site from a simple html non responsive site. - Create a responsive design out of our existing Skadate Template Create a responsive design/template for a news website - Create a responsive html landing pahe Create a responsive HTML Page - create a responsive login page Create a responsive Magento Theme and Logo - Create a Responsive Replica website in wordpress Create a Responsive Replica website in wordpress . - Create a responsive website Create a responsive website - Create a Responsive Wordpress Landing Page Theme From PSD Create a Responsive Wordpress page - Create a responsive wordpress template from 2 AI files Create a Responsive Wordpress Template from a PSD design - Create a Responsive Wordpress Wallpaper Website Theme Create a responsive wordpress webpage - Create a restaurant website Create a Restaurant Website with online ordering functionality - Create a resume for me Create a resume sorting module for employers in wordpress - Create a REVIT V2014 model from an Autocad 2D architectural project of a 6 story building Create a revolution slider - Create a Robot spider to extract product informations Create a Robot spider to extract product informations 2 - Create a romantic village scene that is realistic looking Create a romantic village scene to be used as a visual menu - Create a rubber stamp in photoshop Create a Rubic Scoring Tool - Create a Sales Ebook Create a Sales funel from Facebook to website sales - Create a Sales Sheet into a PDF Create a Sales Sheet on Goformz - Create a sample 3D model of a sofa Create a sample addon SDK extension firefox (infact find a solution) - create a sample website for me Create a sample website using master page - create a schedule info page in php or similar language. Create a schedule interface - Create a scrape Create a scrape for Precious Metal Prices - Create a scrapper scrape all businesses from Create a scrapper you use scrapy I can run in scrappinghub - Create a screensaver that looks like the Matrix with custom words Create A Screensaver which runs an exe when it starts and terminates when not idle - Create a Script for Big commerce -- 2 create a script for both ios and android app for cpa offer wall - Create a script for winautomation for scraping a website Create a script for wordpress - Create a script that automatically (or provides instructions) configures windows IIS server to run classic asp applications. Create a script that automatically adds Tweets from a Twitter List into a Twitter collection - Create a script to add a lookup value to a mysql database table Create a Script to Add Custom Places To Google Maps API - Create a script to download videos Create a script to fetch emails from mailserver with PHP IMAP - Create a script to run my websitetranslator module (now it only runs manually selecting options and clicking button) Create a script to save to mongodb conversations of a facebook page - create a script with multiple server api for unlock create a script with multiple server api for unlock2 - Create a seamless A4 Report template in Microsoft Word Create a Seamless Pattern repeat with already made fabric swatch - Create a search for messenger Create a search for my site & Fix errors - Create a seat map website - repost Create a Seating Chart of a Hockey Arena - Create a secure reservation form that processes credit cards via Stripe Create a secure soap communication in C# - Create a semi complex bot for an existing online video game Create a semi-API based desktop application - Create a series of 5 emails for an email campaign Create a Series of Animated Actions - Create a series of short animations Create a series of short music clips - Create a Server Template Create a server to host an unreal engine game that can store user states location ect - Create a set of 8 Icons Create a set of animated gif web banners - Create a set of Photoshop Actions Create a set of pictographs I - Create a Share Link Create a Share, Like Counter plug in for wordpress - Create a Shipping by Province (& calculate shipping tax) Plugin for my Joomla website Create a Shipping by Province (and calculate shipping tax) Plugin in Joomla - Create a shopify app (Sharing App) Create a Shopify App extension - Create a Shopify Theme to match my Wordpress theme Create a Shopify Website - Create a shopping website Create a shopping website - Create a short 3 minute video. Create a short 30 sec video similar to the link provided - Create a Short Animated Video Create a short animated video - with audio - introducing Worksorted - Create a short but powerful 1 min video on a given social cause Create a short cartoon - Create a short how to animated youtube Create a short html page - Create A Short Sale Coarse for homeowners Create a short sales letter/advertorial ~200 words and autoresponder series - Create a Short Video (Documentary) Create a short video (modern) - Create a short video from video clips Create a short video in existing look and feel - Create a Shoutcast Audio Player Create a Shoutcast stream player using NAUDIO - Create a Sign-up Box Create a sign-up calendar and workflow for WordPress site - Create a similar flash game Create a similar game as Pokemon go - Create a similar site in WordPress Create a similar site in wordpress with different colors (I can provide mockups) - Create a similar website create a similar website - Create a similiar site
CREATE A SIMILIAR SITE - great job! - Create a simple (25 links max) similar website or mirror, including backend. Create a simple .net list webservice from my database for my android app - Create a simple 3 page wordprss website Create a simple 30 / 45 second edit - Create a simple admin where user can modify fields on a form Create a Simple Ads listing Portal like Quickr, OLX, Locanto - Create a Simple Android App (One Form) Create a simple Android App -- 2 - Create a simple animated video to showcase a new mobile phone app Create a simple animateed graphic - Create a simple app for android Create a simple app for both iOS AND Android - Create a simple asynchronous client-server UDP Multicast program using ACE Library version 5.5 + 6.0.2 Create a simple Atom Package that authenticates with Passport - Create a simple blog Create a simple blog - Create a simple C# project - repost create a simple C++ application, - Create a Simple Company Profile Website Create a simple Confluence plugin - Create a simple data entry program Create A Simple Database - Create a simple desktop automator with GUI. Create a simple digital signage for TV using Wordpress - Create a simple error message Create a simple event attendance responsive website - create a simple facebook header-- Create a simple Facebook Messenger Bot - Create a simple form in Microsoft Word 2007 create a simple form in php - Create a simple gif animation Create a simple gif animation for Ebay Checkout - Create a simple HTML Mailer Create a simple html page - Create A simple image filter effect - Emboss Create a simple image recognition app - Create a simple iPhone app for Curate LA create a simple iphone app for interfacing to my webapp - Create a simple Java program similar to Linux tail command ( -- 2 create a simple java program to read files - Create a simple landing page today. Create a simple landing page. - create a simple logo based on my idea Create a simple logo design - Create a Simple Map Create a Simple Media Player Based on an Open Source - create a simple multipage website for a travel agent Create a simple multiplayer cards game in Firebase - create a simple one page website Create a simple one page website with around 4-5 pages - Create a simple PDF with an image on each page Create a simple pencil drawn animation based on my storyboard. - Create a simple php script to retrieve a players position in an existing sql leaderboard. create a simple php script to scrap website - create a simple poster --- -- 2 create a simple poster ---- - create a simple poster---------------- create a simple poster------------------ - create a simple Qt GUI Create a simple quora like question/answer feed with - Create a simple restful api Create a Simple RESTful API using OAuth2 - Create a simple show create a simple simulated file system - Create a simple sport online store with wordpress Create a simple sport online store with wordpress - open to bidding - Create a simple template/form program or word plug-in Create a Simple Text Messenger Editer - Create a simple Unity 3D character with Inverse Kinematics Enabled Create a simple universal app using phonegap / titanium / corona - Create A Simple Visual Basic program Create a simple Visual Gantt Chart / Timeline - Create a simple web page Create a simple web page (repost) - Create a Simple Website Create a Simple Website - create a simple website based on a psd template create a simple website based on another website for my domain - Create a simple website from mockup create a simple website header based on a paint sketch - Create a simple website with register page and paygate Create a simple website without a payment gateway. - Create a simple wordpress blog that matches nav menu Create a Simple Wordpress Blog Theme - Create a simple WordPress Plugin with basic GUI Create a simple Wordpress plugin! - Create a Simple Wordpress Theme to Showcase Photos Create a Simple WordPress Website - Create A Simple Youtube Travel Ad create a simple youtube video from text i provide - Create a simular script as with a clear site! create a simular script as - Create a single line input tool for our reservation system and create pages. Create a single list of keywords from 18 individual Excel files - Create a single payline slot machine for android Create A Single Payment Page - Create a singleton php class in a file Create a SIP phone integrated to website - Create a site designed as phone create a site featuring translation services - Create a site like Create a site like a scriptlance or RAC - Create a site like: Create a Site Logo - create a site similar to directmirror Create a site similar to - Create a site that makes at least $10 daily adsense. Create a Site the earns £20 a day - Create a Sitemap for Google with SEO considerations Create a sitemap for MTDb - Movie Database website - Create a Sketchup model in terrain based on scanned drawings in millimeters. Create a SketchUp model of a house - Create a Slide show Create a slide show style video similar to another video - create a slider with embed code on my website Create a Slider/Carousel for Homepage - Create a slogan generator and insert on my site Create a slogan/tag-line for our company - Create a small Android app Create a small android app that calculate the tips of a waiter - Create a small clone of a classic game in Unity Create a small codeigniter script - Create a small functionality extension to existing Classic ASP print shop application Create a small game app for iPhone and Android - create a small mobile app ios and android create a small mobile application - Create a small presentation on PDF Create a small product launch video (30 sec.) - Create a small socket programming file with c++ on ubuntu Create a Small Software + DB - create a small website create a small website - Create a Smart Phone Application create a smart phone application - Create a SMS Spoofing Software or Script to Send Millions of SMS Messages - Repost Create a SMS, Bulk SMS, Text Messaging Service Website to Mobiles - Create a Social Bookmarking Site CREATE A SOCIAL CONTENT SITE WITH PHP FRAMEWORK - Create a social media site Create a Social media store - Create a social network site with coding like facebook. Create a social network site with my publishing system (no computer skills needed) and recruit people for that site. You will also receive banner and shop income - Create a Social Networking Website Create a Social Networking Website - Create a social site in Dolphin