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Create and launch a simple Wordpress website in 2 days - Create and maintain Weibo account for my business. Create and maintain Weibo account for my business. - Create and Manage a PPC Campaign Create and Manage a PPC Campaign - Create and manage Facebook polls, calendars and other entries Create and Manage Facebook PPC Ad Campaign - Create and manage PPC campaigns on Google adwords and Facebook - repost Create and manage PPC campaigns on Google adwords and Facebook - repost 2 - Create and modify listing template in Ebay Turbo lister Create and Modify Metagtags - Create and populate Excel file for clean ZOHO import Create and populate forum - Create and promote 5 polls Create and promote a new Bussiness Facebook/Twitter account - Create and Publish an Android and iOS application from Sex Life wordpress site Create and Publish an Android/iOS Application - Create and RSS Feed host Create and RSS/XML feed of html documents - Create and Set up own VPN on VPS Hosting Create and set up PHP tool - Create and Submit a Sitemap for my Website Create and submit a video sitemap to google - Create and Update New Function in my Web-Based System PHP (Codeigniter) Create and update packing design with ue of a step-by-ste guide - Create And Upload PDF, PPT to document sharing sites Create and upload Product csv Database to my eBay Store - Create and/or Alter Rear Window Graphics. Create and/or Alter Rear Window Graphics. - repost - Create android and ios app Create android and iOs app - integrated with prestashop - with push notifications - Create Android App Create Android App - Create Android App Create Android App - Create android app for my site Create android app for my website - Create Android app using Broadlink SDK (Preview App available from broadlink) Create Android App with 15 screens - Create android application (online music) create android application - open to bidding - Create android based messenger create android based safety app-1 - Create ANDROID game like a iOS game Create android game project - Create Android memory editor Create android mmo PLEASE READ No time wasted! - Create android version of flash game i saw her standing there Create Android Version of iOS Data Collection App - Create Android/Ios Apps with Seattleclouds - 50$ - 100$ --- Create Android/IOS radio app but with a twist. - Create animated 3D Model create animated 3d model of a snowman - Create Animated Explainer CREATE ANIMATED EXPLAINER VIDEO - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 12 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 13 - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 43 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 44 - Create Animated Logo Video Create animated marketing video for cell phone repair training 1-2 minutes duration - Create Animated Video Create Animated Video - Create animated videos Create animated videos - create animation Create Animation - Create animation for business idea Create Animation For Cancer Film - Create Animation from storyboard 30 seconds Create animation in Adobe edge - Create animation Sprites for Videogame 2D Create animation statestics - Create animation video to explain service Create Animation Video W/ Voice-over and Product Shots - Create animations for my projects Create Animations for Short Dialogs - create another android app Create another Animation - Create ANSI 5010 EDI Message Create Answer Key for MicroEconomic Problems - Create Apache Mod_Rewrite and RedirectMatch rules for old -> new site. Create Apache mod_rewrite rules for webserver - Create API documentation needed for IOS and Android APPs from the existing e-commerce website Create API documentation using Swagger - Create API Integration for my SMM Panel -- 3 Create API integration in getresponse autoresponder. - Create Apk of my Website. create apk streaming anime and manga reader - Create app android create app android + update previous - Create app for iOS and Android Create app for iOS and Android - Create APP for website create APP for website - Create app iphone for my siteweb streaming Create app launch images/background images for cute app similar to candy crush. - Create app splash screen Create app store video for company - Create App wats app style app.. - repost Create APP with a calculation tool in it. Also connect APP with website - Create Application Android create application blackberry/ipad/android/iphone - Create Application like TeamViewer/LogMeIn/Ammyy Admin [C++, PHP] Create Application like Whats App - iPhone, Android and server support - create appointment into someone elses shared calendar in exchange server from access Create appointment scheduler - create Arabic SWI-Prolog Application to save Questionnaires create Arabic SWI-Prolog Application to save Questionnaires - open to bidding - Create architectural structure documentation Create architectural(framing) design in autocad - Create Art for Business Sign Create Art Lesson Plans for Children aged 6 to 10 - create articles create articles -- 2 - Create Artistic and Creative YouTube Cover Pictures - Create artistic decorations, graphics for mugs, cups - Create AS3 code frame for a facebook application create AS3 flipbook viewer - Create mvc project Create ASP.NET MVC Razor Layout from a single PSD File - Create assets for an Android Game create association site - Create attractive html flyer from attached content Create attractive HTML/CSS widget and think out phrase - Create Auctions webbsite on Joomla. Create Auctions webbsite based on Joomla - Create audio server client app for joomla site Create Audio Visualizer with Logo (After Effects) - Create authenticate app for twitter Create authentication component for J2EE - Create auto generated pages Create Auto HTML Page from MySQL Data base with POD connection in PHP - create auto-login module Create Auto-responder - Create AutoCAD video TUTORIALS Create AutoCad/3D Model from picture - create automated script to convert xml feed to display on html page. Create automated Script to run on Ubuntu or Windows - Create Automation and Carry Out Encryption/Decryption of Existing Code/Script Create Automation BOT's for Youtube using uBot Studio - Create Avatar After Model Create avatar book cover (jpg) - Create awesome checkout page woocommerce Create awesome content for an Anti-Smoking Brochure - CREATE AZO DYE FREE LOGO FOR CLOTHING COMPANY Create Azure and Intranet Network - create back office / admin interfaces
create back office(admin+member) - Create backend in Laravel 5.3 Create backend in plain PHP+MySQL - Create Backlink Analysis Software Create backlink and Rank kewords - Create backlinks for my .de casino website Create backlinks for my .de casino website - repost 1 - Create backup create backup and restore page of DB2 Database - create bank statement temeplate for Chase create bank statement temeplate for chase - Create Bank Statement Template - Repost Create Bank Statement Template - repost - Create Banner Ads Create Banner Ads - create banner for Draw \'N Guess Create banner for Essay contest - Create Banner News Create Banner Photoshop Templates (27 sizes) - create banners create banners - Create banners for my website Create banners for new online store - Create Barcode Label - Bianco #1 Create Barcode Label - Milano - Create basic Animation for 1 image with text Create Basic animation for an Archer and a Zombie - create basic html5 with jquery site Create Basic images - Create basic OpenGL ES 2 rendering application for iOS Create Basic Oracle/SQL Database - Create Basic Website Promo Video Create basic website with about 3 or 4 static pages - Create Beach House Emblem Create beach cotton candy pattern - Create Behavioral & Personality Surveys - Very Challenging!! Create Behavioral Health Curriculm for Creative Therapy Group - Create bid on Dolphin (just an extra message) Create Bid to win Site - create billing system and kiosk software Create billion row CSV files - Create Bitcoin Pool Create Bitcoin Pool - repost - Create Blender / WebGL object Create Blender Animation! - Create blog at wordpress Create Blog Based Website, Graphics, Forms, SEO, etc.. - Create Blog Page Layout for Our Existing Wordpress Site Create Blog page on Wordpress Website - Create Blog Template Create Blog Template - Create Blogging Wordpress Theme create blogpost from different websites based on keyname to - Create Bold Font from existing TTF File -- 2 Create Bold Font from existing TTF File -- 3 - Create Booking Engine Tag etc for Sandos Hotels Facebook Fan Page Create Booking Engine Tag etc for Sandos Hotels Facebook Fan Page(repost) - Create Boostrap Admin Panel Create Boostrap Admin Panel -- 2 - create bot Create Bot / Script that can extract data from Flash File - Create bouncing basket ball Create box - Create brand for medical simulation retailer - open to bidding Create brand guidelines - Create branded spark client - and create the ability to Create Branding - Create Brochure Create Brochure - Create Brochure Presentation Create Brochure using Indesign CS3 or CS4 from Web Page example. - Create Buddypress child-theme using static HTML-sliced design Create Buddypress Custom Plugin, Install other buddy-press plugins and complete the site - Create bulk insert/update APIs Create Bulk Sending app or software - Create business card create business card + 3 flyers - Create business cards 2 Create Business cards and stationary from Logo Contest Winning Design - create business intro video (top and tails) Create business leads - Create Business Plan For Start Up NonProfit Business Create Business Plan for Technology Company - Create Button For Website Create Button Images - Create buzz in Dallas Texas Area for Shoes Create Buzzfeed Like Website - Create C# program for data entry and search to existing SQL Server DB Create C# program to cover the requirement in the description - Create c++ Zip/Unzip file Create C-ICAP plugin to send requests over MQTT. - Create CAD File out of kartesian coordinates via Python create CAD files - Create calculations using Macros in Power Point Create Calculator Plugin For Wordpress - Create Campaign Tracking Cookies on a Wordpress Site Create Campaignmonitor template - Create Captive Portal create captive portal pages for wifi hotspot - Create Caricature from Picture of Medical Equipment Create Caricature Logo - create cartoon character/images of soccer player Create Cartoon Characters - Create Cartoonish Website Banner/Logo for Chilidog Site Create Cartoonish Website Header/Logo - Create Catalog Cake Php Gmaps API Create Catalog Flie - create categories and subcategories in our opencart store Create categories and subcategories with PHP on template - Create CD / Video Menus, Autostart, Add Music & More(repost) Create CD / Video Menus, Autostart, Add Music & More - Create Central Database and Then Web Tool featuring convenient Search, Filter and Output Options create central MySQL database - Create Character Image Create character logo on my example - create chart/graph Create chart/map dashboard demo on Laravel Sximo CMS - Create chat room with feature parity to highly traffic'd Q&A site Create Chat System - Create Child Theme and Add Google Analytics Create Child theme and fix black box on mobile - create Chinese pages for my existing web site. Create Chinese questions for learners - Create chrome extension for website Create Chrome Extension Like EmailHunter - Create circular masks in photoshop and create 5 individual images Create Circus website and upload files to server/ test. - Create Classified posting Create Classified Website - Create clean website with price compare as main function Create cleanup script for removed videos (adult site) - Create Client Database create client email database - Create Clone of PHP website shown below - Best Selling eBay Auctions Create clone of Quosera Platform - Create Cloud provider overview website. (Cloud landscape) create cloud server - Create CMS Pages in Magento Create CMS shopping cart using Zen Cart - Create code for new providers using Existing code format Create code for pulsating UIButton - Create code to put in JCE Edit that will create a rounded border around text Create code to remove sidebar from Mobile - Create Collapsing Categories Wordpress Create Collateral - Create color scheme based on logo