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develop magento extension to limit products in cart by rules - Develop MailBox Message Cake PHP develop mailchimp template and email blast - Develop Marketing Strategy for Gossip Site develop marketing strategy for website - Develop Matrimony Site1 - open to bidding Develop Maze Game on Java OO design - develop medical related app Develop Mega File Hosting Script - Develop method of formatting excel file without excel installed Develop method to extract client name and contact info from online CRM for law firm into XML hotdocs file - Develop MMS SMS AT command control of device software program Develop mobile - Develop Mobile App - Capture Field info Develop Mobile App - Online Shopping - Develop Mobile App in Ionic Framework Develop Mobile App in Ionic Framework -- 2 - Develop mobile application Develop mobile application ( IOs & Android) - develop mobile apps android and ios Develop Mobile Apps using TokBox API / WebRTC - Develop Mobile sites from approved design Develop mobile sites version of desktop landing pages from approved designs - Develop module - Prestashop Develop module and plugin for JomSocial and Joomla - Develop Moodle Theme Develop more module for artvenue script - Develop MS-Word Template and rework tech bulletins Develop MSI project for an application using the Microsoft Speech SDK - Develop Music and Video player from scratch Develop music download site - Develop my database application Develop my database further - Develop my new mobile app Develop my newsletter in 30 minutes - Develop my web site. Develop my webshop in shopify ecommerce - Develop My Website Look on Mobile Phones and Tablets Develop my website using joomla - Develop native iOS Application Develop native iOS Business Application - develop new content for portal develop new corporate identity, logo and stationary - Develop New Highly Dynamic Website: .NET, MySql, CMS, HTML Develop New Highly Dynamic Website: AJAX, PHP, MySql, Linux, - Develop new or modify existing Wordpress plugin develop new OSC web site from existing site - Develop New Tracking System from ASP to ASP.NET Develop new user-facing features on actual Website (Checkout, Product Detail Page, etc) - Develop NEW website- TWO parts (2 levels) membership Develop New Wordpress Plugin - Develop NSQL Data Base Develop NSTextField subclass specialized for IP Address input/display. - Develop of Screen Shots and Procedures Develop OFDM(Wireless System) models using Simulink - Develop one module for android app develop one module in pproject for .net - develop one website like Develop onemap with arcgis api functions using javascript and c#.Net - Develop Online Farm Management Software Development with Partner Android App Develop online finance calulators - Develop online queuing system Develop online Quiz - Develop online training materials Develop online training website: portal, LMS, and Virtual Classroom - Develop Opencart Website for eccommerce Develop Opencv application for SIFT and SURF - Develop or redesign a cent auction platform like madbid Develop Oracle Apex Application - Develop Our Company Website Develop our CRM re-sellers network in Australia - Develop our website - Wordpress River theme develop out a wireless network simulator using html/javascript/canvas - Develop Parental Control Internet FILTER – K9 Clone develop Parental Control Software for PCs, Phones, Tablets - Develop Payment Portal for bulk sms application Develop Payment Processor wordpress plugin similar to Moneybookers - Develop personal development app for iOS - open to bidding Develop personal DNS server for streaming from Aus to NY. - Develop Photo frame Develop Photo Rating Website - Develop PHP fom Develop PHP form - develop PHP website Develop PHP Wordpress PSD of homepage redesign - Develop Platform web - repost Develop Platform Web III - Develop plugins for BuddyPress Develop plugins for CMS - Develop PostgreSQL Database Schema from Schema Map and PHP Script to Read Data from DB Develop power point presentation slides - develop prestashop image display Develop PrestaShop Module - Develop process to create Magazine Stand App from HTML5/CSS/JS files. Develop Process to Parse EDGAR Files - develop program develop program - открыт для заявок - Develop Project Requirements for Website Redesign in Joomla develop proof of concept - Develop Punchlisting iPad App Develop pure client-side HTML5 based phonegap app - Develop QR Code Develop QR Code Website - Develop Random Image Facebook Application Develop Random Numbers in Excel - develop really simple trading software develop Realtek RTL8188SU/8191/2 driver for Microchip PIC32MX695F512L - Develop Remote Support Web Application Develop Remove Access Program - Develop Requirements Documents for an existing web application Develop research proposal - scenario 2500 words - Develop responsive wordpress theme from wire diagram Develop Responsive, Mobile, Subscription payment, Wordpress site from Pre-Made PSD Wireframes - Develop RFP for Professional Webssite Bids Develop RFP+Technical Document - Develop running news feeder Develop running news feeder - repost - Develop SAP BPC solution for an international company Develop SAP connector to call SAP BAPI - Develop Screen Sharing/ Remote Support Software Develop Screen Sharing/ Remote Support Software 12/21 - Develop Scrollable Parallax Effect Website with opt-in form Develop Scrum/Kanban Board using Redmine Rest API - Develop seo Develop SEO contents for my new website - Develop services on demand app (Web app, Mobile app IOS, Andriod & Admin panel) Like Uber for X Develop services on demand app (Web app, Mobile app ios/andriod & Admin panel) Like Uber for X - Develop Sharepoint theme branding - repost Develop Sharepoint theme branding - repost 2 - Develop Similar Shopify Theme Develop similar site like - Develop simple AngularJs, MVC search customer Develop simple API - Develop Simple Facebook App Develop simple Facebook app - Develop simple iPhone App for 4 hours Develop Simple Iphone App, with Push notifications - Develop simple native app Develop Simple New Website - Develop Simple Shopify App In A Day Develop simple site - Develop Simple WordPress Plugin Develop simple wordpress plugin for us - develop site develop site (code only) from framework based on requirements (yii/zend/CodeIgnitr/Django/Symfony/etc) - Develop skeleton strategies for securing Google endpoints Develop sketchup model - develop small PYTHON based macro language with portable runtime Develop small SharePoint Control - Develop SMTP proxy server for e-mail archiving
Develop SMTP proxy server for e-mail archiving -- 2 - Develop Social Network Develop social network - Develop Software Develop Software - Develop software / MY SQL Database / ecommerce website Develop software about Hotels online payment - Develop software for extracting and comparing references from scholarly articles Develop software for gaining Instagram Views. Ready to pay for development or for ready made Program - Develop Software in C# & Webservices / APIs and provide consulting Develop software in Java - Develop software to be multi users to run in /multi touch/ multi mouses Develop software to be used in radiation oncology treatment planing - Develop software/strategy for ebay sales Develop software/web programming - Develop some parts of an iPhone Application Develop some parts of the website using skills listed - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop something like "Taskrabbit" for another industry Develop something on my Wordpress site - develop spider/crawler - repost Develop splash page from designs - Develop Static DNS Application for Android Develop Static DNS Application for Android - REPOST - Develop streaming website - Audio Develop streaming website - audio only - Develop Survey Questions Based On Best Practices Develop Survey Questions for Leadership Competencies - develop T-shirt website with XML API integration Develop T-SQL to Answer Questions from data in SQL Server DB - Develop technical requirement specification document Develop technical requirement specification document to new Website. - Develop Testimonial Videos Develop Testosterone Therapy Replacement Landing Page - Develop the back-end of a Market Place for a game (CSGO) Develop the back-end of the application - Develop the event artwork for the 2016 Hearts & Stars Gala develop the existing website - Develop the native application using Xamarin technology. Develop the next generation of this website (English & French) - develop the sportsbook betting website for me develop the sportsbook betting website for me -- 2 - Develop theme for Joomla! 3.1.5 Stable Develop Theme for Laravel(Aimeos) E-commerce website - Develop to convert existing code to be a PostNuke module Develop to fix ffmpg Video - Develop transaction specific value field. Develop translate function to database in website - Develop Twitter Game Develop Twitter Page - Develop two single page web sites Develop Two Sister Websites & A Structure for a network of Mini Sites - Develop unique art advanced website Develop Unique Hosting Website - Develop User Manual for a web application Develop User module for online course site - Develop very fast website for Amazon Product API Develop very simple android app - with Facebook connection - Develop Video Game for android Develop Video highlight from raw video - Develop Visual Composer Plugin - project for developsmith Develop Visual Editor similar to Mailchimp - Develop Develop Wallpaper Website Using Wordpress - Develop Web App / Backend using Dart / NoSQL Develop web app detail page within an Adobe Business Catalyst App using API v3 - Develop Web Application to Manage Customer's Information -- 2 Develop Web application using .net - Develop Web based Payroll System using ASP.NET Develop Web based Payroll System using ASP.NET - Develop Web Presence DEVELOP WEB SCRAPING PRODUCT MANAGEMENT MAGENTO UPLOAD PROGRAM - Develop web site back office Develop Web site based on existing designs - Develop Web-based Health Registry Develop Web-based Health Registry Database - Develop webpage to detect if a chrome/FF extension is installed combination of webpage + extensions -repost Develop webpage to transfer files from local computer to webserver in - Develop Website Develop Website - Develop website Develop website - develop website develop website - Develop website - Develop Website - open to bidding - Develop Website Based on My Provided Vision Develop website based on my PSD file - Develop website for freelancers projects. Develop Website for gamers - develop website for virtual stock market for college fest. develop website for webmoney exchanger service - develop website in wordpress Develop website inspired by Evite - Develop website like Develop website like - Develop website providing real-time reports for vulnerability scanning, malware scanning and malware removal instructions Develop Website Quickly - Develop Website Upload & Contacts page Develop website usign zend framwork - Develop Website with attractive interface Develop Website with attractive interface (Repost) - Develop Websites and Landing Pages DEVELOP WEBSITES IN JOOMLA - Develop Widgets and Facebook, Myspace and Hi5 Applications Develop widgets for PySide application - Develop windows mobile VoIP Dialer App Develop Windows OS Short Course Material - Develop WooCommerce plugin Develop Woocommerce plugin - Develop wordpress functions Develop WordPress Homepage - Develop Wordpress Plugin Develop Wordpress plugin - Develop WordPress Plugin to display Netflix library in Belgium Develop Wordpress Plugin to handle 200.000 + products for affiliate website - Develop wordpress site Develop wordpress site - Develop Wordpress Theme Develop Wordpress Theme - Develop Wordpress website Develop Wordpress website - Develop Workflow on Business Catalyst Website Develop Workflow System CRM - Develop WPF Application for Garment Shop Develop WPF Application using latest c#,.net,sql - develop youtube bot Develop YouTube Channel - develop, maintain an on line tutorial site Develop, Market and Brand website - develop/design an online store/website with shopping cart capabilities, online payments (linked to paypal a/c), provide the template to allow me to advertise/update products (CMS). Develop/Design CMS website to sell Tender Heart Songs CD - shopping cart NOT required - develop/modify auction addon for a cs-cart website Develop/Modify Existing App (function similar with the photo measure app) - Develope a Blackberry App Develope a brand (company name) and logo - Develope a coupon Website in php like Develope a course structure for social media and fashion - develope a iphone app - open to bidding Develope a knowledge share platform with in Office365, Teamsite - Develope a php website Develope a Platform up social media site - Develope a simple mobile game Develope a simple mobile social app - Develope a user interface for IOS drawing Develope a Very Simple & Small Desktop SEO Software Coded in Adobe Air to Work on Both Mac and PC Computers - Develope a website ! CMS base ! Please read ! (No indian) Develope a website - repost - Develope a website from regular to a metro style - Repost - open to bidding