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Develop HTML5 Mobile App - Then Convert to iOS, Android - Develop hypothesis and design test CRO Develop Hyprid Mobile Application for survey forms - develop imessage id filter for mac. use applescript or java Develop implementation of an XML difference engine in C# from a white-paper - Develop initial website DEVELOP INNER PAGE AND LISTING PAGE FOR VEHICLE WORDPRESS SITE - Develop Interactive Voice Response (IVR) using Asterisk on Amazon EC2 Develop interactive web site with data capture - Develop Invoice Automation Application using Spring MVC and History.js Develop Invoice Automation Application using Spring MVC and History.js -- 2 - Develop ios , andriod & web app Develop IOS / Android app ((Reward Chart)) - Develop iOS and Android Application for Event Develop IOS and Android Applications - Develop iOS app - have existing Android app Develop iOS app - repost - develop ios application (replica of an android app) Develop iOS application - Safe browser - Develop iOS Music App Develop iOS Music Player App - Develop IPad Application to fill out PDF forms Develop iPad document viewer (scroll) - Develop iphone and android app using phone gap Develop iPhone and Android Application - Develop Iphone app Develop iPhone App - Develop iPhone app Calendar DEVELOP IPHONE APP FOR 3D VIEWER - Develop iPhone application Develop iPhone application - Develop iphone game as shown in the attachment Develop iPhone Game NameThatArtist - Develop iphone/ipad app Develop iphone/ipad app - repost - Develop JAVA API fro Sharekhan Tradetiger Develop Java App for Mobile Phones & iOS - develop java web site and deployment Develop JavaFX screens - Develop Joomla 2.5/vituamart website Develop Joomla based Paypal pages And payment refunds in PHP - Develop jQuery Component - "Search List View" Develop jquery integration with Zoho recruiting api - Develop Landing Page develop landing page - develop lessonschool dot com GREAT POTENTIAL WEB FOR QUICK LESSONS STREAMING from zero concept similar to younow dot com Develop Let It Ride game - Develop little Javascript to notify Iframe after successful upload in Wordpress develop little sms server to integrate Goip ( Hyberton Device ) - Develop LOGO & Corporate Identity Develop Logo - ongoing work - Develop look alike Figure1 System Develop low level prototype(s) for either the range of programmes - Develop LPDS on CC3200 Develop LV special program - Develop Magento Base Project Develop Magento Category Upload Extension - Develop Magento Theme Develop Magento Theme - Develop marketing documents for a VOIP project Develop Marketing Materials - Develop Math Formula -- 2 Develop Math Problems Android App - Develop me a Software for our Milk Diary Develop me a website plugin. Please read below. Urgent - Develop Message Board - Writing Team Develop Messaging App for Android and IOS - Develop Microsoft Office addin for Word/Excel/Outlook Develop Microsoft Office Powerpoint Plugin (Expert Only) - Develop Mobile APP Develop Mobile App - Develop mobile APP for a M2M application develop mobile app for all operating systems - Develop Mobile App Including UI Design for Photos Captured on Mobile Devices for Dentistry develop mobile app ios android - Develop Mobile Application Develop Mobile Application - Develop mobile application using Appcelerator Develop Mobile application(s) - Develop mobile games on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile - Project #01 Develop mobile games on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile - Project #02 - Develop mobile, desktop web app with php Develop mobile-first landing page with form for lead capture - Develop module for PrestaShop for webshop to print service Develop module for Shopify - Develop movie website based on imdb and boxofficemojo Develop MP3 Download site - Develop Multi Site in Magento Develop Multi-Author Profile Page Wordpress Plugin - Develop MVP iPhone application using 3rd party oAuth (Facebook & Google Drive or Dropbox) and Firebase or Parse Develop MVP Marketing Software - Develop my database further Develop my database further - Develop my newsletter in 30 minutes Develop my online brand and sites - Develop my Unreal Engine 4 Game from the start Develop my Web app and Data entry DTP - Develop my website and adjust some things in the PSD files develop my website e.g : - Develop Native Android application (**Urgent** ) Develop Native App For IOS and android - Develop new algorithm develop new algorithm - Develop new features and add twitter bootstrap templates - Ruby on Rails develop new features for an existing application - Develop new Ipad Kids Application Develop new iPhone and Android Application (news reader) - develop new products like chargers and accessories for phones and tablets - open to bidding -- 2 Develop New Promotional Website/Long-Term Project Work - develop new web based service website usng PHP/MYSQL Develop New Web site - Develop New Wordpress website Develop new WORDPRESS website - Develop NT-service plus front-end control panel to communicate with a cloud service Develop Nurture Achieve - Develop of Screen Shots and Procedures Develop OFDM(Wireless System) models using Simulink - Develop One Flash Toy Develop One Flash Toy(repost) - DEVELOP ONE SOFTWARE for FILTER CONTENT Develop one SQL query in Prestashop to export products - Develop online course - Video tutorials Develop Online CRM for me. - Develop Online Messenger including IM /Audio / Video Call across devices Develop Online Ohm's Law Calculator & RANK #1 in Google - Develop online store Develop online store - develop opencart Develop OpenCart & Migration data from old website using mysql(not openCart ) - Develop or Adapt C+ Code for Server's Redundant System Slot Features(repost) DEVELOP OR BIULD A WEBSITE & MOB APPS WITH THE INTEGRATION OF KOLMISOFT (MOR) API - DEVELOP ORIGINAL WEBSITE AND CONTENT Develop OS & Andriod app - Develop our Global Market Develop our Global Net of Clients - Develop Out of School Hours Care Program for 5yr -12yr olds. Outline and Detail Develop Outlook 2010 Forms - Develop parental mobile monitoring software Develop Parking Permit System - develop payment plugin for wordpress Develop Payment Portal for bulk sms application - Develop PDF/HTML dashboard from PHP/MYSQL Develop pedestrian rekognition - OpenCv in Java Or Python - Develop PhoneGap Android/Iphone app Develop PhoneGap Android/Iphone application with Maps, Instant Messaging and more. - Develop php + FFmpeg php Script Develop PHP / MySQL site - Develop PHP Help Desk
Develop PHP Help Desk -- 2 - Develop PHP/Python Search Engine Parser Develop PHPFox module - Develop Plug Ins for Jomres in Joomla 2.5 Develop plug-in for IM Clients (Trillian, Adium, Pidgin, AIM, MSN, etc) - Develop plugins for BuddyPress Develop plugins for CMS - Develop POS system for Coffee Shop using iPad Develop Postcard - Develop presentation Develop Presentation in Powerpoint - Develop Private Advertising Plugin for bbPress Develop private app for shopify - interactive lookbook - Develop professional Responsive wordpress website + Onpage SEO Develop professional software Skin - Develop project - open to bidding develop project dashboard - Develop PSD TO HTML5 Develop PSD to responsive website today - Develop Python Script Develop Python script for Linux on EC2 - Develop QuickBooks Online App Develop Quiz - Develop Razer Keyboard Application - repost Develop Razer Keyboard Application - URGENT - Develop Recruiters email system/HS coaches add athlete Develop recruiting commission software or click and use spreadsheet - Develop Report for Oracle/Micros Opera PMS (Hospitality) -- 2 Develop Report in JDEdward - Develop Responsive E-commerce Website Develop responsive HTML email template - Develop Restaurant Mobile Application Develop Restaurant Search Engine for Iphone and Android - develop rocket chat custom windows application with electron Develop Roku and Xbox Live Application - Develop SaaS website (4 pages to implement) develop SACD on Marvell 3010 - Develop SAP B1 Addon Develop SAP BPC solution for an international company - Develop scraper in PHP to get opening hours of insurance company Develop Scraper Property Listing Website - DEVELOP SCRIPT OR ACTION IN PHOTOSHOP Develop script software to automate badminton court booking thru activesg platform - Develop second illustrated image. Develop second illustrated image. -- 2 - Develop seo tools website Develop SEO website analysis software - Develop several simple websites Develop several small features on a Drupal6 based site - develop shopify app for analytics Develop Shopify App with User and Membership Management - Develop similar website with features and user interface Develop simple "calculator" application to add to a website - Develop simple App Develop simple app for Androind and IOs - repost - Develop simple facebook application. Develop simple features - Develop Simple Iphone App, with Push notifications Develop simple iPhone application 2 - Develop simple multi platform application for a public voting (poll) Develop Simple Multiplayer Free-For-All game in Unity3D using SmartFoxServer - Develop Simple Prototype Native IOS app in PHP Develop simple proxy settings plugin for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari - DEVELOP SIMPLE WEBSITE Develop simple website - Attarctive Design needed for homepage & inner page - Develop single page with Google Maps and API interaction Develop Single Player Flash Casino Games - Develop site module DEVELOP SITE NOW - Develop small application in Mozilla/Firefox environment Develop small application using flash URGENT - Develop small website of 4-5 pages Develop small Wordpress site using our PSD files (cit) - Develop SNMP MIB file Develop SOAP API - Server/Client PHP - develop social network chat app develop social network chat app - repost - Develop Software Develop Software - Develop software about Hotels online payment Develop software and enter into long term relationship for ongoing work & support - Develop software for generate numbers Develop software for IPTV set top box - Develop Software in C# & Webservices / APIs and provide consulting Develop software in Java - Develop Software To Automatically Insert Adverts On Classified Section Develop software to be multi users to run in /multi touch/ multi mouses - Develop Software with the same functionality of Develop Software/ Desarrollar Software - Develop some icons develop some Images - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop Space rental Platform with Java Struts Develop Span Charts for solid verified timber in the New Zealand market - Develop SQL database and integrate with website Develop SQL database and integrate with website -- 2 - Develop statistical algorithm - pattern recognition, correlation of 2 big data sets, stock quotes Develop statistical algorithm - pattern recognition, correlation of 2 big data sets, stock quotes -- 2 - Develop stylesheet for existing website to serve to mobile clients Develop Styling to Google map in Ionic Framework - develop swift Develop Swift 3 application with Chat module - Develop Table Layout module of Restaurant POS Develop Table Layout module of Restaurant POS - DEVELOP TELEMEDICINE PLTAFORM Develop Telephone Answering Service Web App - develop Texas holdem software,like pokerstars develop Texas holdem software,like pokerstars - Develop the backoffice of our website in wordpress Develop the base for a 2D - Develop the External Authentication login with ASP.NET Identity for a Web site Develop the first stage of a project to put in production in 2 WEEKS - Develop the next generation of this website (English & French) Develop the next generation of this website on a LAMP stack - develop the software using c,c++,java. Develop the software/ template for website - Develop the WordPress Blog that I own Develop the wordpress site (end to end) - Develop Tile Puzzle Game Template on Unity Platform develop time & attendance application - Develop Traffic Exchange Viewer Like Hitleap for Develop Traffic management system with count of cars n categories - Develop Tuition Agency Site and Tutor Database - 10/08/2016 23:08 EDT Develop Tuition Agency Site and Tutor Database in ASP.NET - Develop two native iOS/Android Applications Develop two one page XML Feed pages - Develop UI for small iPhone / iPad application based on OS X app Develop UI for Web + App - Develop Unity Game Develop unity game - Develop USSD Plaftorm Develop utility to manage samples - Develop Very Simple SDK for banner Mobile Application Develop Very Simple SDK for showing promotional banners and videos in Application - Develop Video Intro with Adobe CS4 Develop video live stream capture and playback application for iPhone - Develop Vista training material Develop Visual Composer add-on (WP plugin) - Develop VS C# program to create EMAILS in Outlook 2003 Inbox develop vTiger file attachments to comments - Develop web and mobile application Develop web and mobile applications - Develop Web application for freelancer and project management