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Develop PHP Application - develop php pages Develop php printing sytem - Develop Pick and Place Game using Kinect Develop Picture Processing App for iOS - Develop plugin for Front Accounting Develop Plugin for Job and Store listings in Joomla 1.5 - Develop PockeyMoney iPhone App Develop Podcast Android & iOS App That Pull Content from WordPress Site - Develop PowerPoint presentation from hand drawn charts Develop PowerPoint slides as marketing collateral for property development projects - Develop Prestashop E-commerce web site to sell Tea. Also need to setup the servers for the site & integrate it to IPG develop prestashop image display - Develop Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 File Loader / Kitserver Develop Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 File Loader / Kitserver - Develop Program Develop program - Develop Project Plan for a Business (Hypothetical Project)(Small Project) -- 2 Develop Project Plan for a Hypothetical Business Idea - Develop pseudo-code to reflect the process developed in a scientific paper Develop pseudo-code to reflect the process developed in a scientific paper (Masgar) - Develop Python script to handle large XML file using SAX parser and load to MySQL tables Develop python utilities - Develop Quiz Plugin for Wordpress Develop Quiz Plugin for Wordpress - open to bidding - Develop Real Estate Website Develop real estate website & mobile application - Develop registration website Develop relationships within hospitality industry - Develop Reports in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Develop Reports in OFBiz (Apache OFBiz) - Develop Responsive Website develop Responsive website . - Develop Resume and Cover letter variations Develop resume parser for a specialized type of resumes - Develop Root for SM-J320YZ -- 2 Develop Roulette - a multiplayer Flash game that communicates with the remote server running php - repost - Develop Sales Materials For My Upcoming Service Develop Sales Quote Tracking - Develop Scanning Software That Counts Scanned Images Develop Scheduling and Membership Website and App - develop script Apr 2 2013 16:02:18 Develop script for advertisement site - Develop SDN network controller Develop Search categories within site - Develop SEO contents for my new website Develop SEO for my site - Develop services on demand app (Web app, Mobile app IOS, Andriod & Admin panel) Like Uber for X Develop services on demand app (Web app, Mobile app ios/andriod & Admin panel) Like Uber for X - Develop SharePoint Solution on 2010 and 2013 Develop Sharepoint theme branding - Develop short program Develop short videos for social media - Develop simple Android app Develop simple android app for online quick cash loan website - Develop Simple Cloud-based Sales Automation Develop simple CSS theme for website - Develop simple iOS APP (Swift2) based on existing Android APP (Android Studio project attached) develop simple iOS app that simply shows pages with info - Develop Simple Meta Trader MT4 EA Develop Simple Mobile App for Cardio Fitness - Develop simple Plug-In for Audacity - Simple Automatic labelling function with C++ (M.E) Develop simple plugin - Develop Simple Unity Game for Android Develop Simple Unity Game for Android - 23/03/2017 11:58 EDT - Develop simulation for pizza delivery drivers Develop simulation in Netlogo on Smart Parking - Develop Site for Jewelry Business develop site for web music label - develop skype equivalent Develop slider mechanism using SolidWorks - Develop small SharePoint Control develop small software that obtain the data from URL - Develop SMTP proxy server for e-mail archiving Develop SMTP proxy server for e-mail archiving -- 2 - Develop Social Network Develop social network - Develop Software Develop Software - Develop Software - Partly Developed Already Develop Software - repost - Develop software for extracting and comparing references from scholarly articles Develop Software for Gas Stations - Develop software HELP eBooks Develop Software in C# & Webservices / APIs and provide consulting - Develop Software To Automatically Insert Adverts On Classified Section Develop software to be multi users to run in /multi touch/ multi mouses - Develop Software/ Desarrollar Software Develop software/database for buffalo dairy farm management - Develop some iOS features Develop some javascript functions for checking formular textarea content - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop some Software Develop some software / program to indentify back links on a keyword - Develop specific code for a web application Develop specific code for Wordpress (BuddyPress) - Develop Squidoo Module Develop Srib like Joomla / Magento Website - Develop Stock Adjustment Web Application - connect Magento and Unleased Software via API develop stock scanner, analyzer - Develop subscription (PayPal) module for TheBeerHouse ASP.NET Starter Kit Develop Subscription Course Website on Rails 5 - Develop symptom checker and integrate with our app Develop system (Activity Sheet) (WEB + Mobile) - Develop Targeted AD Engine for us Develop Task Management System - Develop template for ecommerce site (HTML5 ,CSS3, JQuery) Develop template for end of month reports - Develop textbased game using the MEAN stack Develop TextPipe Engine Demo projects - Develop the business - open to bidding Develop the buying process for an ecommerce site in PHP - Develop the Frontend of our Project -- 2 Develop the function to outsource captcha server - Develop the paid membership aspect of my Drupal site Develop the's Anypic app for Android - Develop the visual basic windows of gui interface for windows 10 of imagecruncher v1.0 Develop the web application for online exam - Develop theme for Mozilla Thunderbird Develop theme in - develop to moddle theme ............ Develop tool to analyze 3D object data produced by PC games - Develop transaction specific value field. Develop translate function to database in website - Develop Twitter bot / Desarrollar bot para Twitter. Develop twitter engine on site (comment mechanism) - Develop two Similar Websites from an Existing Drupal Theme Develop two simple functions in Delphi, relating to installation of Windows - Develop UML Class Diagram develop understanding of children's interests and developmental needs - Develop Unreal Engine Real time collaboration plugin. Develop Updates for existing Apps - Develop VB Express 2010 .dll Plugin Develop VB interface to Virus scanner API - Develop video clip / live streaming content management system Develop Video clip site - Develop video player with JW Player Develop Video Plugin for CMS - Develop VOICE SMS reseller/ Mobile app for andoid Develop VoIP Android App - Develop Watsapp Messaging Solution Develop Waveform to integrate in existing app - Develop web app pages using HTML, CSS, and Javascript Develop Web App with Java, HTML5, NodeJS, Angular JS and Spring MVC - Develop web application using .net
Develop web application using .Net technlogy - Develop Web based Payroll System using ASP.NET Develop Web based Payroll System using ASP.NET - Develop web pages develop web pages using JavaScript, JQuery, Mustache js, Bootstrap, I Series(AS 400 or RPG ) - Develop web site Develop web site - Develop web using technologies required. develop web utility like facebook URL sharer ! - Develop WebGL or similar website for designing and pricing custom internal and external doors. Develop WebGL Slot Game Using Unity 3D - Develop Website Develop Website - Develop Website Develop Website - Develop website Develop website - Develop Website Develop Website - Develop Website and integrate SMS API Develop Website and Make a WordPress Theme to be Touch Compatible and Responsive - Develop website exactly like Develop website exactly similar in features as on wordpress - Develop website for Photo Agency Develop website for photo editor online - Develop website in .Net Technology (Mostly Static & Partially Dynamic) - Repost Develop website in .Net Technology (Mostly Static & Partially Dynamic) - Repost - open to bidding - develop website like pharmacy2u standard Develop Website like - Develop website like - Repost Develop website like - Repost - develop website repost Develop website scraping code - Develop website using codeigniter Develop website using codeigniter - Develop Website with ecomm and forums Develop Website with existing Theme and edits/customisation - Develop webview iOS app Develop Wedding membership website - Develop Widgets and Facebook, Myspace and Hi5 Applications Develop widgets for PySide application - Develop Windows Logon/off notification service Develop windows mobile app - develop womens & kids Develop Woocommerce API based productfeed editor software - Develop WordPress Assets and Website - March 2015 Develop Wordpress based website - Develop Wordpress Plugin Develop Wordpress Plugin - Develop Wordpress plugin for internet marketers Develop Wordpress plugin for Learndash - Develop wordpress Responsive theme. Develop Wordpress SEO Plguin - Develop WordPress Social Media News Feed - 07/02/2017 09:47 EST Develop Wordpress subscription based commerce site - Develop WordPress Theme from PSD develop wordpress theme... - Develop Wordpress website for us(PSD Design provided) Develop WordPress Website From Photoshop Layout - Develop world class school website - open to bidding Develop WP based site with small e-commerce module - Develop x3 outlook emails from designed templates Develop Xamarin App C# - Develop, a consultancy platform, with a reward policy and compensation plan like a financial network service Develop, deploy and maintain a website for the medical equipment company - Develop/ Customise UI for Mobile phone Develop/ design an app for model castings (fashion) - Develop/Design Mobile App for iOS and Android develop/design new website with Magento - develop/rebuild a website Develop/Redesign Website - Develope a brand name for my products Develope a Brand new site in wordpress and provide Content - Develope a CRM in vtiger Develope a custom Android app - develope a iphone app - open to bidding Develope a iPhone application - Develope A Ph Averaging Calculator/Tool For Website Develope a Php function that scrapes information from a site - develope a simple game Develope a Simple Graph Module - Develope a theme with woocommerce wordpress develope a tool with Perl : 5772 - develope a website develope a website - Develope a website with admin pannel Develope a Website with music mania and extra Fun - develope an anroid application Develope an API to get Airspace and Airports - Develope an Excell Program For Solar Estimates develope an i phone application - Develope an simulator of Cellular Metabolic Pathways. Develope an XSLT to translate XML to XSL-FO document then proccess it into a PDF - Develope Android e iOS App with Event Providers like Party, babyshowers, weddings, etc Develope Android Games - Develope business continuity plan for realestate agency develope cakephp website. - Develope custom addon/bridge WHMCS DEVELOPE CUSTOM ECOMMERCE SHOPPING CART - Develope General Stats, Site Visits, Regional Stats, Server Stats on the Metronic dashboard so the analytics work with our server and website Develope GENIbus Routines - Develope Log Reporting System develope lyrics site - Develope my WB Develope my website - Develope OpenMRS module and themes Develope our business Website - develope services - open to bidding Develope shop and homepage so it will work perfectly, some translation and make some good solutions. - Develope Ticket Simple System PHP MySQL Develope tool for Wordpress publishing - Develope Window Mobile Application Develope Windows Application - Developed Adsense site earning $5,000 pcm developed an android app - developed logo Developed many website - Developed Website for Job Portal Developed Website Needs Tweaking -- 2 - Developement of an application for daily shop billing and inventory in IOS as well as ANDROID Developement of an E learning Platform for ICARDA ( - Developement on customized J2.5 component "CBMailing" Developement on customized J2.5 component "Jongman" - Developer Developer - Developer Developer - developer developer - Developer & Project Manager BI developer & tech support for custom Wordpress site - Developer - Advanced PHP (Laravel) Expert Developer - AWS (Amazon), Symfony, Mysql, Less - Developer .NET Developer .NET - Developer / Team needed for Phase 1 of Workflow Website Developer 2 checkout Integtation With Order Management - Developer Account needed for GPlay Developer Account on google play - Developer and Designer needed for IOS Reskin Developer and Designer needed for IOS Reskin. - Developer API Logic developer api twitter - Developer Backend Developer Backend - open to bidding - Developer Brazil.