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Design 2 layouts/visuals for a Facebook Contest - repost 2 - Design 2 Logo's Design 2 Logo's - Design 2 Logos Design 2 logos - Design 2 logos Design 2 Logos + Brochure + Letterhead + Business card + envelope both types wide and tall - Design 2 Logos for both my companies as well as Bussiness cards Design 2 Logos for both my companies as well as Bussiness cards - Design 2 monthly news mails in html for email Design 2 More Banners - Design 2 Page V. Website Design 2 Page Website - Design 2 pages Landing Page Design 2 pages of a High Quality website - Design 2 posters private for philmakerz Design 2 Posters Tonight - Design 2 screens for a android application Design 2 screens for a mobile app - Design 2 simple forms for IT services company Design 2 simple glass buttons and add to flash menubar - Design 2 static pages, 1menu, a contact form and 1dynamic gallery Design 2 Static Website of 15 - 20 pages each - Design 2 Tshirt for upcoming Father's day Design 2 Tshirts - Design 2 web pages based on a sample website Design 2 web pages in both Chinese and English version - Design 2 websites - Classifieds and Jobs Portal Design 2 websites for ecommerce - Design 2 x LOGOS Design 2 x modern logo for mediastartup - Design 2-Page ML website(repost) Design 2-Page ML website(repost)(repost) - Design 20 Badges Design 20 Banner Ads - Design 20 product icons please Design 20 Simple Logos - Design 21 Different Banners in 3 Sizes Design 21 Images - Design 25 full-color cartoons/icons for themed app. Design 25 invitations - Design 2D city elements similar to the ones in the given photos Design 2D city elements similar to the ones in the given photos -- 2 - design 2x responsive real estate template Design 2x STL files of dog figures - Design 3 Arabic Landing pages using Unbounce Design 3 artwork for facebook ad image - design 3 banners Design 3 Banners - Design 3 Banners for our website sample included Design 3 Banners for printing website - Design 3 Business PSD Design 3 cafe menus - Design 3 D Architectural Plans DESIGN 3 D design for 7 Food cans & jars. Highe qualety inclusive 3 d logo on the food & drink jars. Hight qualey (pix) so we can make Big poster & and use it on our webdide as soon as posible - Design 3 email templates -- 2 Design 3 email templates -- 3 - Design 3 flyers/banners for coupon campaign Design 3 fold brochure - Design 3 Icons for Contact Page Design 3 Icons for our new website - Design 3 labels for our Products Design 3 landing page - Design 3 logos Design 3 logos - Design 3 Logos for companys - ongoing work Design 3 Logos for entertainment company - design 3 mockups for website Design 3 moderatly complex excel financial worksheets - Design 3 pages for a eCommerce website Design 3 pages for a pricelist - Design 3 Pokemon T-Shirt's That You Think People Will Be Passionate About! Design 3 postals and 1 leaflet - Design 3 PSD into HTML 5 Design 3 quick banner links on a website that fit with the theme. - Design 3 simple packages Design 3 simple packages - Design 3 static banners for use on Medium design 3 stickers - Design 3 very small, original Icons Design 3 Villas of 6 bedroom villa , 5 bedroom villa and 4 bedroom villa .Two options of villas should presented for each type of villa. - Design 3 Website Logos Design 3 Website Mockup - Design 3 x sets of 2 GIF adverts -- 2 Design 3 x Simple A4 Brochure (1 Page, 2 Sides) - Design 30 banners for each sub-category Design 30 Banners for FB - Design 30 simple Icons Design 30 small icon on mobile app - Design 35 Logo Design 35 Logos for a motor racing game - design 3d animal character for the handle of a kitchen tool Design 3d animation - Design 3D character Design 3D character can be used for Rally race - design 3d house Design 3D house models including 2D floor plans - Design 3D Max, 3D AutoCAD Design 3D Max, 3D AutoCAD -- 2 - Design 3D Models (of Turrets) for Unity Game Design 3D models bathroom plans - Design 3D printed part mould for casting Design 3D Printer - Design 3D/Model for 3D printing Design 3G dry cell GPS Mini Tracker - Design 4 Banner for African Handmade Shoes Design 4 Banner Images - Design 4 Banners for a site Design 4 banners for a site - Design 4 big banner for a webshop Design 4 blog templates - Design 4 Facebook Advertisements banners (Everything delivered) Design 4 facebook cover and change a logo from pdf to png - Design 4 Icons / symbols Design 4 Icons based on the sample design - Design 4 layers PCB Design 4 layers PCB - repost - Design 4 logos to choose from and make 1 into business card and letterhead as well for print design Design 4 Logos with .ai file - Design 4 pages and html Design 4 pages competition - Best one will be paid - Design 4 Product Logos/Icons - NEED NOW Design 4 Professional Wallpapers - Design 4 simple Tshirts design 4 slider images - design 4 vector spots Design 4 versions of my existing popup / coupon - Design 4 x A4 product brochures Design 4 x Banner Images for 2 OpenCart sites - Design 404 error page of a website Design 404 Page for internal session based site - Design 5 App Templates Design 5 apparels - Design 5 banners Design 5 banners - Design 5 Banners for Website Design 5 Banners for Website - Design 5 custom emoji Design 5 Custom PNG Images to use on a Website SLider - Design 5 Graphics - Simple Tables / Charts Design 5 graphics for T-shirts - Design 5 inner pages and pop table. Design 5 inner pages of a website - Design 5 Logos and 1 Banner - Creative and Professional Design 5 Logos for Bricks 4 Kidz Victoria - Design 5 pages from the home page
Design 5 pages of Reports WEB APP - Design 5 screens using PSD files for Android app Design 5 Second Intro Video for Udemy Online Courses - Design 5 T-shirts Design 5 T-Shirts For me - Design 5 websites Design 5 websites - Design 50 CSS Themes design 50 different and original rewarding badges in png - Design 55 Simple Icons Design 560 Logos - Design 6 banners (all 6 in 2 languages) Design 6 Banners for a software company website - Design 6 editable funeral program templates Design 6 editable funeral program templates -- 2 - Design 6 Magazines Design 6 Magazines. - design 6 small banners for website Design 6 Soda Can Labels (Simple Parodies) - Design 6-8 page Static HTML web site for writer (Less is more) design 6-page website for law firm - Design 7 Headers + 2 Logos Design 7 Icons - design 7 passport type stamps Design 7 simple app screens for me [URGENT MUST DONE IN 8 HOURS] - Design 8 Banners as discussed Design 8 banners in different sizes (together 46 files) - Design 8 New Resumes (with 5 color iterations -- 40 total) Design 8 New Resumes (with 5 color variations -- 40 total) - Design 8.5 x 11 Mailer Design 8.5 x 14" Brochure For Wellness Center - Design 9 ebook cover design 9 icons - Design : Graphical Elements for Website (Logo, button, sign up box,...) - open to bidding Design : Graphical Elements for Website (Logo, button, sign up box,...) - open to bidding - Design în Flash -Grafica pentru jocuri flash Design în Flash, Christmas short video - Design a animated logo design for my website Design a Banner - Design a Company Logo and products Design a Compplete Ux,UI , FB page , landing pages , 76 pages in total , Future prospect is to get hired full time when the project launches in Aug - Design a existing Logo in cdr file, Design a facebook B2B ads targeting proposal for us. - Design a HTML e-mail template in campaign monitor Design a html email - Design a Logo for an android app Design a Logo for my company, called Source Energy. - design a poster------ Design a Powerpoint - Design a store logo Design a Tablecloth Brochure - design a website psd only Design a website with logo - Design a "Google Presentation" template Design a "Home Page" for Video Sharing / Tube Website. - Design a "Flash like" human body Design a "Twitter Skins" site - Design a .gif christmas gift shop advertisement Design a .NET C# WPF XAML Desktop Software - Design a 1 Page Mock up Design a 1 page PDF Cheat Sheet Download - Design a 1-page style landing page for Lead Generation Design a 1-Page Survey Response Letter in Photoshop - Design a 10-12 page pitch deck.. Design a 10-15 sec intro in After Effects for a web tv show. - Design a 12 slide(digital) TV show DECK Design a 12-page tourism Brochure for presentation of nature lodges - Design a 16x16 pixel favicon based on an image Design a 18 foot wide by 2 foot high banner - Design a 2 Flyers Design a 2 for 1 promotional card. - Design a 2 Page Media Kit Brochure for a Travel Blog. Content is provided. Design a 2 page mobile application - Design a 2 sided colour A5 flyer Design a 2 sided DL Flyer - Design a 2-page website layout (coding separate) Design a 2-Page Wedding Web Template - Design a 25 Banner for website Design a 25 Banner for website -- 2 - Design a 2d platformer game on windows Design a 2D/3D character & a logo - Design a 3 Months Results Journal Design a 3 Page Advertising Brochure for digital advertising agency. - Design a 3-fold brochure for a German beer brand Design a 3-storey home using structural steel and bricks - Design a 3d model -- 2 Design a 3D 60 second Video Advertisement - Design a 3D futuristic city Design a 3d Game in unity 3d and publish to the app store - Design a 3D Logo Design a 3D Logo - Design a 3D Logo Animation Design a 3D logo for a tv channel - design a 3d model in .gif file Design a 3D model of a Birdfeeder - Design a 3D rendering video of high-rise condominium with exterior & interior views Design a 3D Representation of Our Product - Design a 4 front page Website Mockup Design a 4 Joomla site similar to this example - Design a 4 Simple Text-Based Logos Design a 4 x 4 inch advertisement using black and one spot color - Design a 486x60 animated banner Design a 48V 8A Lithium battery (CC-CV) charger - Design a 5 Page Website Mockup design a 5 page website psd - psd only - Design a 5X7 post card for mailing Design a 5x7 Postcard with the attached logo QUICKLY. - Design a 6x9 Postcard Mailer Design a 7 page Brochure - Design a 8.5 x 11 table sign Design a 8.5 x 5.5 Flyer for Contest - Design a A1 Poster Design a A1 poster for beauty spa promotion - Design a A4 Flyer Design a A4 Flyer - Design a A5 Birthday Invitation and Banner for Child Party Design a A5 Book Cover for a Management Book - Design a Activity booking minimalistic website design a ad - Design a advertisement Design a advertisement - Top The Lot Roofing - 137.5 x 210mm - Design a Airplane Company Logo Design a Airtravel website - Design a Android game with new character Design a Android Logo - Design a annimation Banner in GIF Design a Annual Report Book - Design a app Mockup Design a app Mockup (android +ios) - Design a article on 4 pages, the designerz Design a Artist Social Media - Design a awesome Logo Design a awesome Logo - Design a Baby Full Month gift box Design a baby shower invite - Design a Background Graphic and Matching Vectors Design a Background image and banner for a soccer website - Design a bad a$$ Microsoft Outlook Email Signature Design a badass logo for a Poker school - Design a balcony space Design a Bali villa & home stay - Design a Banner Design a Banner - Design a Banner Design a Banner - Design a Banner
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