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I need a new match function the one give me the same sequence of 4 digits hex numbers using the same variables but using the result as input for next round of execution.

Here are the original function:

'Here start the function inself

Call INT32_Set_XOR(Var_INT32_Tmp_1, Var_INT32_C, Var_INT32_E)

Call INT32_Set_Mas_Val(Var_INT32_Tmp_1, RAM(Var_Byte_A))

Call INT32_Set_XOR(Var_INT32_Tmp_2, Var_INT32_D, Var_INT32_F)

Call INT32_Set_Mas_Val(Var_INT32_Tmp_2, RAM(Var_Byte_A))

Call INT32_Set_Val(Var_INT32_Tmp_1, Int32_Mult_Exponencial(Var_INT32_B, Var_INT32_Tmp_1))

Call INT32_Set_Val(Var_INT32_Resto_B, Roto_y_Resto_A(INT32_Set_Val(Var_INT32_Roto_A, "0x0000FFFF"), Var_INT32_Tmp_1))

Call INT32_Set_Val(Var_INT32_Tmp_1, Roto_y_Resto_B(INT32_Set_Val(Var_INT32_Roto_B, "0x0000FFFF"), Var_INT32_Resto_B))

Call INT32_Set_Val(Var_INT32_Tmp_2, Int32_Mult_Exponencial(Var_INT32_B, Var_INT32_Tmp_2))

Call INT32_Set_Val(Var_INT32_Resto_B, Roto_y_Resto_A(INT32_Set_Val(Var_INT32_Roto_A, "0x0000FFFF"), Var_INT32_Tmp_2))

Call INT32_Set_Val(Var_INT32_Tmp_2, Roto_y_Resto_B(INT32_Set_Val(Var_INT32_Roto_B, "0x0000FFFF"), Var_INT32_Resto_B))

Call INT32_Set_XOR(Var_INT32_Out, Var_INT32_Tmp_1, Var_INT32_Tmp_2)

'here end the function

All the rest of the functions are made only to cud test the function, as you can see all the code use a RAM() Byte vector to emulate a microcontroller algorithm, are not too complicate to understand, even if you are not a programmer guy.

Download the [url removed, login to view] file, open the Visual Basic editor and search the "Sub Function_I_Need()" there have an explanation and there you need to complete the function.

I can pay up to US$300 to the first person how resolve it and send me the [url removed, login to view] with the algorithm working, to work need to give the same sequence of 4 hex digits numbers but don't use the 2 hex 4 digits variables E and F, it just use only 1 hex 4 digits E variable the one have to be the result of the last round of execution.

Please don't send quotations because you will lost your time, I will not accept any quotation, if you are a mathematics you can resolve it with your breakfast.

Once you have it send me the file, put US$300 as quotation and if work I send you the pay in the moment.

Habilidades: Matemáticas, Mathlab y Mathematica

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