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I am in need of a coder for the features below. In addition to the features below, I need a full directory clean up. This would require the chosen coder to view each file and check the coding (as close as possible) to see if there are non-used or duplicate codes.

Site will be given to coders on request. Once you receive the site, you will understand what I need.

1. Game play page - adding an "AJAX" scrolling area to show similar games and "latest games" on the site. Similar games must follow by the "meta keywords" to find. If other games do not have similar keywords, you could have it show games in similar category. latest games should just show latest added ones. Ajax to show 50x50 thumbnail and game title only.

2. Game play page - remove whole footer area and only keep the bottom half where the copyright is and the logo. The top half of the footer where the statistics, navigation, game categories, introduction, etc can be removed completely off game play page only. Input some links into the bottom half of the footer.

3. Remove underline on text in some areas of the site. This should not be charged as it is very simple, but I require help.

4. Prevent users on same IP (or even better if you can do for "same computer") from refreshing the game page too many times. There should be a limit I can edit in the admin backend to the number of refreshes an IP can have per 10seconds. Only on the SAME page refresh. If going to different pages, the limit should not affect. A pop-up dialog should pop-up saying "Please slow down and do not abuse the site. Your IP is tracked and will be banned if caught again. Thank you."

5. When members message "admin" from the main site, it does not show in admin backend. They are both separated, so please have the messages from the main site also show in the admin backend. However, it should say *FROM PM*, so the admin could know where the message came from. Should be fairly simple.

6. Game embed is allowed, but do NOT allow "hotlinking" directly to the .swf file. So the embed code must be a bit unique, where the script can know if the code is embedded on another site or if the .swf link is directly stolen.

7. Regards to #6 - Secure the "swf" folder as much as possible from having users use scripts to obtain all the games.

8. In admin backend for "managing games", I need an extra box to be added under the "game description". The box will be for "game controls/instructions". This should be fairly simple and should not be charged.

9. Comments on games should have a "exlamation mark ( ! )", so ONLY MEMBERS ONLY can report inappropriate/spam comments. The admin backend should have an area where I can monitor the reported comments, view the game page to see the comment, and delete it.

10. Embedding WORDPRESS blog into a directory for [url removed, login to view] . It should be embedded in the "categories" template like *site* . It should be perfect for when I add a new "post", it will show. In the admin area of *site*, I should be able to edit how many posts to show per page. Also place the wordpress "search box" in that area and a "archives link". All the wordpress functions should work within that portion of the template. Only need the main content area for the wordpress script. Everything else is not needed.

Wordpress itself has all the area to enter content, so all you have to do is implement it into the design.

*POSSIBLE FEATURE..MAY NOT NEED* - Ability to have developers submit games to *site* through a "special form". User can submit game title, 100x100 and 50x50 thumbnail, unique game description, and upload the .swf game file. I can "approve" or "deny" it in the admin backend, including editing all the details and TESTING the game before publishing to site. I can schedule set the time of week and time of day to publish the game.

This feature may not be needed depending on the "security" features. If coder can ensure that NO possible script injections,exploits,or viruses could be uploaded, then this feature will be ok.

Habilidades: AJAX, Varios, Edición, Diseño gráfico, Diseño de logotipos, PHP

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