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** **This bid request has been changed recently. If you have placed a bid before, please review the requirements again and alter your bid amount and/or comments. We are looking for experienced Joomla developers only.



Aedae International - [url removed, login to view]**

* * *

Top Menu

When opening the website you will find this menu at the upper most part on the left. At this moment the menu is placed in the template code itself in a static way. We wish to hake it a seperate module so that we can add, remove and change options/buttons at any time. The menu is not working as we wish at this moment. What we would like to see is the following:

By default (if no other choice is active) the grey button will be active (currently not shown). This represents all pages on the subdomain “www?? including the default ;landing page. Now, when a user decides to choose a specific main-category, he will be linked to the correct subdomain. The script should load the correct active menu option depending on the active subdomain. The following options will be used at this point:

***Descritive title Color Subdomain***

About us Grey www

Business solutions Orange business

Private solutions Blue private

Real estate Red realestate

Meadiatainment Yellow media

Healthcare Green health

Loaing the correct color within the template is handled by an existing extension, no coding work needs to be done for that. Next to the menu you will see the descriptive title. When a certain main-category is active this should show the correct descriptive text correcponding to the current active main-category. When the mouse moves over a button, the corresponding descriptive text should show as an overlaying title.


The localization for Joomla is not working properly and needs to be fixed. At the moment we wish to use the Joomla Plugin M17n. We wish to have this extension be transformed into a new extension with more features called “Globalizer??.

We want the plugin to have the following features:

• A selection module in which the user is able to select country, language and currency

• In article edit, the editor will be able to select the language (already implemented)

• The editor will also be able to select a country (optional) if the article is only meant for a specific country’s audience. He can select countriues using a selection list with checkboxes or select “all??. There will also be a option for “every country except??.

• It will be integrated into Joomla’s language functionality so that the chosen language will also be active as system language.

**MIN3 Real Estate - [url removed, login to view]**

* * *This subsite uses the template Themza, all design and coding related issues need to be applied to this template.

The website title is currently set to a hard-coded site name, we want this to be adjustable in the template setting in admin panel. We need to be able to enter the site-title for this template only. Additionally we have to be able to turn on/off the site title.

We need a different menu at the top which can be selected from the admin’s template options (in template settings we want to have an option for "select main menu". The style of the menu will also be modified, please refer to the attachement to see it. Upon acceptance we will send you the PSD files.

Underneath the header in the template you see four boxes containing different site-options. What we want is an modification to this. When the mouse moves over the title, each box should become bigger to overlap all other boxes. The other titles should still be visible. In the template’s options in admin back-end we should be able to enter content for each box’s three new positions (position1, 2, 3 and 4 instead of the current 1 position. Text-line 1, 2, 3, etc. Is no longer needed, we will just use one text-field to fill each position. For box 1 the default shown data is position 1, for box 2 position, etc. Additionally, also the styling of the boxes will need to be changed. Again you will find the correct styling in the attached zip-file. We will provide you with the PSD upon acceptance.


The following custom addon is needed for our OpenRealty system:

• Localization

This addon would allow us to use different currencies. When adding listings, the agent will be able to choose a certain currency to reflect the price in. In addition, the price needs to be converted automatically into the viewer’s currency which comes from the user’s Joomla localization settings. Additionally, we need agents to be able to select the country of the listing. Both currency and country options need to be implemented in search function as well.

**VirtualDomains extension modifications


* * *This extension is ubstalled and already very helpfull but doesn’t give us all the powerfull functions we want. The following is what we aim to accomplish:

* In administrator, you will see a bogus main admin menu at the very top. This is currently only an example. What we want is individual site administration per individual website within our Joomla installation. VirtualDomains allows us to have multiple Joomla sites within the same installation, but the administration becomes very chaotic this way. Look at the top menu, you see the item “Sites??. We want a drop-down here that shows allavailable (virtual) sites in this installation. Refer to VirtualDomains extension for this. Also, the first item before all sites is “Gloval??. Now, when Global is chosen, the normal admin menu and admin items are being used, nothing will change here. But when a specific site is chosen, certain items that are not specifically used for that specific site will be left out. This includes menu-items, articles, extensions/components, sections, categories, etc. To accomplish this I think we need to give each item a new additional parameter field. When we edit the settings of articles, menus, components etc we will be able to select a specific site (or choose “all??).

* In VirtualDomains extension settings, the template selection will be removed/disabled. Instead, we will select the template directly from the Template Manager of the specific virtual site’s admin panel. This would also allow us to choose template-specific options such as color, style suffix etc.

**Website wizard extension


* * *This extension makes use of the TransIP API. TransIP is a Dutch domain registrar ([url removed, login to view]). The extension will also need to connect to the localhost's Cpanel/WHM. Additionally it requires a function that will install Joomla fully automated with a user-defined template. Note: We already have an extension installed that handles some of these things (JH Host Manager). We think it would be best to modify and add new features to this extension as it saves a lot of effort and time. All other features already included in JH Host Manager can remain unchanged for the time being.

Menu module

This menu will have two links:

• Create a new website

• Manage existing website(s)

Create new website module

-> Select Domain Name

This section will display a domain search box. The user will enter the domain name, select the TLD and clicks on “Check??. Now, we will search the TransIP whois service for availability. If available, the domain is show with available and a checkbox will appear in front to select it. If not available no checkbox appears. Instead it will show “Unavailable??.

-> Select Hosting Package

This section will make a connection to WHM. It will lookup and show the available hosting packahes of which the user can select one by ticking the correct radio-box.

-> Select Website Template

In this section the user will see a button which opens a dynamic layer. Inside of this screen a table will appear with left all the available template names (located in a specified directory on the server, the image file name is also he template name (*.jpg)). Right, the user will see the image of the selected template. When the user wants to proceed with a specific template he clicks on the “Use this template?? button. The dynamic layer will disappear and the template name is shown together with the specified image.

-> Create

When clicked on the “create?? button, the user will see a progress bar. Now everything comes together. First, an account on the server is created by using a WHM connection. The account details (email, password) will be the same as the user’s Joomla details. Now, their Joomla website will be installed with the specified template. The Joomla site must be installed in a way that the site is ready to use.

Manage existing website module

This page will show a list of all previously created websites with two buttons next to it: “manage?? and “discontinue??.

When clicked on the manage button, a dynamic layer will be opened in which the user can manage their website. This window will contain a table with left the options:

• Add add-on

• Show add-ons

• Change template

These function will not be active at this time. In a later update of this extension we will address them as well as other functions.


** **Various


* * *Create an extension that will do the following:

* In a search box visitors will be able to enter a search-question. These search-questions are pre-defined. Example "I want to go to a theater in New York" or "I want to drive to Miami from Washington". When the user types a part of the sentence, the available search-sentences are showed in a list just like the Google Search method, when entering more words, the list shortens until the full sentence appears.

* There is no submit button, instead the user selects the sentence he wants from the list, and upon selecting the answer will appear underneath the search box in a box.

* In the admin back-end we must be able to add new search-sentences and answers. These will be stored in the database.

Habilidades: CSS, Ingeniería, JavaScript, Joomla, MySQL, PHP, Gestión de proyectos, Arquitectura de software, Verificación de software, Web Hosting, Gestión de páginas web, Verificación de páginas web

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