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VBA macro for search and filtering

Purpose is to build a macro that returns data based on a search string.

1 Search Sheet

1 Data Sheet.

Example Fields : Company, Name, Sirname, Phone, Email, Comments

1/ In a cell af Search sheet, input strings to be searched.

2/ Search all cells of line 1 of the Data sheet for the searched strings

If string is found in any cell of Line 1 of Data sheet


Return the Data in Search sheet


Search all cells of line 2


until end of data in Data sheet

Specials :

1. Macro must allow for multiple string search with boolean operators

(example : Robert + John will search each cell and return the data for all the Roberts and Johns of the Data Sheet)

2. Macro must allow for a large number of fields in the Data Sheet. Its fine if this needs the user to modify the source code a little

3. Macro must allow for a selected number of fields to be returned in the Search sheet. Example : only return names and phone numbers. Also fine if this requires the user to modify the code a little.

4. We want the returned data to be coded in form Cell (r, c) in Search Sheet = Cell (a,b) of Data Sheet. ie we don't want the code to be in a form "if data found in a line of Data Sheet, just copy paste line in Result Sheet). This will allow us to return just the few required fileds if needed and be returned in another relative position if need be.

5. Coding is clean, with lines of comment

5. Code is accessible to view, modify and re-use

We are reasonnably VBA litterate and aware that this is very simple coding (10 to 20 lines or so / 1 or 2 hrs work) for any one mastering VBA. Hence bids are expected to be in line.

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