Short Translation English > Spanish

Task: Translation English > Spanish (Spain)

Text Type: User guide, manual

Domain: Photo equipment

Word count: approx.500, but it will be confirmed once we receive the text

The text will be available to you on Tuesday, 3rd March 2020; around 5pm CET

Deadline: Wednesday, 4th Mar 2020; 5pm CET

Please let us know if you own a Trados licence and/or if you can process Trados packages, as well as your rate per source word. The price will be adjusted based on the word count.

Sample text:

Congratulations on your new binoculars!

• Never look at the sun, as this will cause damage to your eyes.

• Never leave the binoculars in the sun, as the light beam through the binoculars may cause a fire.

Your binoculars comprise the following parts, see page 3

1. Focusing knob (center)

2. Folding eye protection (eyepieces)

3. Eyepiece lens

4. Optical compensation ring (dioptre ring)

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