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_**WARNING:**_ This is a resubmission of this project due to the fact that some bidders did not take the time to read the project description and ended up wasting my time with irrelevant links to their previous work, which bore no relevance to the current project requirements.

As the project title **CLEARLY** says, I am looking for a **Twitter Bootstrap** designer for this project. I want to see your previous production sites built using Twitter bootstrap, so I can determine your eye for detail and design. If you send me a link to a site that does not use bootstrap (I will check the page source). I will eliminate you from the bidding process and report you for not having read the brief, wasting my time and sending spam.

Please show me only your best production sites done using the Twitter bootstrap framework - although I am not a designer myself, I can always spot the work of a good designer. I want someone who can produce consistent and professional looking pages, using the Twitter bootstrap framework.

I am particularly interested in working with a designer with a good eye for detail, taking attention to things like clever use of whitespace and colors/fonts that work well together. I am looking for an individual or a team who will do the front end design work for my various projects - so I want to select the very best, so I can work exclusively with them on many successful projects in the future.

_Project Overview_

This project involves creating 7 distinct (i.e. visually different) pages, using the Twitter bootstrap framework. Some of the unique pages may have 1 or more links to either:

i. A minimalistic page (e.g. same template, [i.e. header/footer] but a single sign in form placed on the right hand side of the blank page)

ii. A copy of the original page, with a section (i.e. HTML snippet/fragment) in the original page changed. Typically, this snippet will be a line item used in a display list.

Details follow in next section.

## Deliverables

Details of the seven distinct pages to be created are as follows:

_**Page Name Description**_

Home Based on 'Hero' bootstrap example with minor modifications

(for example, top menu change and register form on right

hand side of page). Has link that displays a slightly modified

starter-template (example) page.

Signup Simple registration form display, based on starter-template


Sitemap Simple page based on grid template

CategoryList Simple tab page. The list items displayed in the displayed

tab page will be comprised of a repeating HTML snippet.

There is a category and sub category chooser on the top

of the page. You will have to decide the most user friendly

way to allow a user to choose a category/subcategory.

Some possible ideas are (lavalamp style buttons, selector

list etc).

There will be several copies of this page, each copy with a

of the page will use a different snippet for the list item,

thus showing how different items will render in the list


Admin This is a page based on the "fluid" page in the bootstrap


Wizard This is three step wizard. This can be delivered as three

static pages (if you are a pure designer and do not do

any jQuery/js coding) or it can be a dynamic wizard that

allows a user to step through the pages.

In both cases, there are Next, Previous and Finish buttons.

In step1, only Next button is enabled

In step 2, only Next, Previous buttons are enabled

In step 3, only Previous and finish buttons are enabled.

Profile A profile page inspired by this one:

<[url removed, login to view]>

Some minor differences exist - for example use of tabs

in the displayed information.

All of the pages above (and any link they may point to), will use exactly the same header and footer as defined in the homepage - so that there is a consistency in look and feel across all of the site pages.

For the competition, the page to be developed is the wizard page, which happens to be the most challenging. The other pages are trivial in comparison, so it is the ideal one to test the skill and competence of bidders.

If anything is not clear, please ask for clarification.


**1.** If possible, all styling used on all of the pages should come from the stylesheets provided by bootstrap. If additional styles are required, all the additional style sheets should be placed in one separate style sheet.

**2.** Note: These are pages for a single website, so consistency and continuity in the look and feel across the pages developed in this project is very important.

**3.** I have static versions of the pages already available. The pages created in this project will be inspired from the static HTML pages that I provide the winning bidder with.

Habilidades: CSS, Arquitectura de software, Verificación de software, Web Hosting, Gestión de páginas web, Verificación de páginas web, XML

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