Bid Limit and Replenishment

You get a certain number of bids every month depending on your membership. Your bids are given periodically at a set interval according to your membership plan. To put it simply, the higher your membership is, the more bids you get; and the sooner it is replenished for you to use. Check out the table below:

This is done this way — as opposed to topping it up at the start of the membership — to prevent missing out on projects that may be posted at a later time.

Another thing, you will get one (1) additional bid when the following occurs:

  • A project you bid on is unawarded and closed or deleted within the 7-day bidding period or expires without the employer awarding it within 30 days.

  • If you are on a paid membership, you will receive 1 bid for every review you have. This applies to a maximum of 50 reviews.

  • If you are on a paid membership, you will get additional bids based on your My Rewards level.

We would like to demonstrate how bids are added into your account when you change your membership plan, and the simplest way to explain it is with an example:

For example, a free member has 2/8 bids left. When they upgrade to Plus Membership (100 bids), their bid count will not top up to 100 right away. Instead, they can get their available number of bids by subtracting the full bid count of the current plan [free membership - 8] from the full bid count of the higher plan [Plus membership - 100]. Then, add to that the bids that were left from the previous membership (2). The user should see 94/100 on their bid count.

100 (Plus) - 8 (Free) = 92 bids

92 + 2 (bids left from Free) = 94 bids

After that, they will continue receiving 100 bids per month at a rate of 1 bid every 7.5 hours.

To check your remaining bids and the time left before you receive the next bid, scroll down to the lower right side of your Dashboard to view this:

To get a higher bid limit, you can upgrade to any of our paid membership plans here.

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