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I have worked within the web development industry for over 6 years -- In these 6 years I programmed several websites for clients as well as creating and running my own projects. I also acquired a Bachelor's degree in IT Engineering. My experience in the industry in conjunction with my studies allowed me to master many programming languages permitting me to become a competent website developer. As I progressed through my career, I worked with many people, and I met all kinds of characters within the industry. The variety of people I came across enabled me to mold a collective of highly qualified individuals, specialists in their sector -- CodeEcho. CodeEcho is a team of three professional programmers and three creative designers. In our years of existence we have satisfied many clients, by carrying out their requests to the highest standard. Our group is full of like minded professionals, who are extremely passionate and enthusiastic about web development, and we will strive

$40 USD / hora