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Migrating once of the customers website onto Wordpress powered website. Customer wanted to add products in to the shop. Track / manage orders new and existing orders. Ability to control products without need to call to webmaster.

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## BIO Digital Marketer. Improving your online presence for better rankings on search engines. I analyze your website for errors that has a negative impact on ranking. Anything like a too many redirects to home page might penalize website, markup errors, excessive links in sitemap, too many <H1> tags, short or too long description of a page. All violations found on website, will be recorded, explained to you and suggestions on how to fix them. Additionally, I look into your onsite and offsite website perfomance. Onsite: everything that makes up your website, from images and css files, to graphics and user experience. Offsite: everyting from outbound and inbounds links, to activity on social media websites and your connection with the customer/user. To find how exactly I can help to improve your website online presence and rankings, send me project details. ## Area of Expertise Digital Marketing Technical SEO WordPress WooCommerce Google Cloud Amazon AWS

$40 USD / hora