Replenishment Macro

por PerryJenkins
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This is a file that I built in order to collect and compile supplemental data for my replenishment duties. The data I've included: sales data, ship data, exceptions (rules). This macro really proved to be beneficial throughout the replenishment process.

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My name is Perry Jenkins. I am a proud graduate of Aquinas College in Grand Rapids. I graduated in 2008 and earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Upon graduating, I was fortunate to start work with Neal Mast Greenhouses in February 2009. Shortly after being hired, I was rewarded with a promotion to become a Replenishment Analyst. Now I am the sole Analyst and primary account contact for the Lowe's national sales account, responsible for approximately $15 million in sales orders. In my current position it is important to be both analytical and diligent. I both analyze daily sales data and overlook the internal processes of the production team. Information is constantly passing through my hands and it is important to verify information is authentic before I sign off on it as accurate. I have contributed to completing budget finalizations, built responsible store orders, scripted and generated purchase orders, and clearly communicated all information with relevant departments throughout the process. Aside from my primary sales duties, I have also worked on a broad range of tasks and projects with departments other than my own. I have helped implement new procedures, improved existing processes, increased company efficiency, and helped introduce new software. My willingness to learn and never fall behind fuels my strong work ethic. I am able to take the initiative and commit to my decisions. I have a high level of maturity and communicate clearly and effectively.

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