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thalawatugoda, sri lanka
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thalawatugoda, sri lanka
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Sample Daily Complaint Analysis With compared to the previous report dealing with approximately first two months of the post- relocation (18/12/2008 - 15/02/2009), the numbers of complaints have drastically reduced. As against the 28 complaints per day in December, since February complaint rate has decreased to an equilibrium 7 - 12 per day and maintain consistently. Yet inherent adverse weather conditions in Dhuvaafaru such as high rain with gust has enabled to unravel defective workmanship, not complying with setout standards, in roofs, gutters, leveling etc., triggering huge spikes up to 25 - 30 complaints per such day. As predicted faulty door locks remain the main source of concern, accumulating to 33% of defects reported as against the 41% in the first two months. Inferior quality of the door locks is undeniable as per the records on site and LBA is expected to replace doors that has been damaged due to forced opening that may have resulted due to non availability of LBA staff on time or elapse of office hours. By analyzing the defects recorded in past three months, trend is expected to remain unaltered during the course of time in future maintaining the current level of complaint influx in respective categories. (ref : graph 01) graph 01 Response Time At the present context most defects were attended to within 24 hours due to lower Number of defects recorded. In some urgent instances & rough climatic conditions, rapid action was taken within few hours in a commendable manner. In contrast with March and April, in May LBA was not available for about 12% of rectifications forwarded. Expecting more cooperation and commitment in that regard in future. Genuineness of Claims Around 20% of claims dealing with damaged doors and flush tanks are ambiguous where we have to rely on the verbal statements house owner make, such cases are scrutinized and assessed by Mohammad Ali, Aye Kyaw and myself and come to a collective agreement on how it to be dealt. Dealing with damages caused by Defects Despite probable deceptive claims which account for ~10%, inferior quality of locks (actually a small part in the lock as I have pointed out in the previous report) & doors is undisputable and the doors damaged as a consequence of such locks has to be repaired or replaced. In some cases LBA has refuted remediation citing they are only responsible for rectification of primary defect, not the damages resulted. Defects List Forwarded by the Island Administration As per the decisions made in containment of the situation risen due to heavy rains on 06/04/2009, Island office has compiled a defects list and handed over to DRU. ~43% of defects recorded such as water penetration through vents were not dealt, as they cannot be enforced under the provisions of the Defect Liability Period. Roof Leaks were rectified with the conventional method of sealing with Silicon. RECOMMENDATIONS & ISSUES TO BE ADDRESSED 1. STELCO approved Electric meters (5 nos.) that has been installed by LBA is not functioning. The issue has been raised in several instances since February where verbal pledges by LBA to replace them never materialized. Replacement with non-approved electric meters is not acceptable in accordance the rules & regulations of MEA. 2. As most of the verbal agreements were not respected, I am expecting to have a documented email based communication with LBA DLP In-Charge in Dhuvaafaru. Yet LBA is not cooperative with that regard by intentionally refraining from divulging requested information and explanations, impeding the smooth progress of the DLP. (ref : May 14, 2009 at 9:17 AM, “Responses for the Emails” ) 3. Wall cracks that are present in most of the houses may not adversely affect the structural integrity of housing units, yet such cracks has contributed to water seepage into houses in many instances. Hence it is expected to start taking remediation measures (weather shield paint coats (2) over the filled V-notch), which has been postponing for five months citing engagement in immediately rectifiable defects. Since it is apparent that current rate of defect influx is persistent, partly due to inferior quality of materials & workmanship, it is advised to attend to above specified rectification work with immediate effect without affecting the rectification of urgent defects. (Refer : Image 01) 4. During May number of non-attended complaints has drastically increased (Ex. 49.09, 28.04, 13.04 etc to name a few out of 32). Much more responsibility and commitment is expected with this regard. 5. All the cracked ceramicware by the time of relocation should be replaced despite the crack size or positioning of the crack. 6. LBA is refraining from rectifying most of the damaged flushtank buttons citing functionality of “one flushtank button is sufficient”, (in most instances only half flush is left) which is objected by DRU. 7. LBA DLP In-Charge’s dependence on Ong Poh Lai in decision making is in question. Unwarranted interference & influence by a general employee is not acceptable. 8. An assessment is required with regarding the structural compatibility for another floor – number of queries has been received with this regard.

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