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    44 detect firewall trabajados encontrados, precios en USD models to detect flight path-detections. You will be provided a series of waypoints and altitudes and speed. Examples: 1) Detect if a flying object is about to engage in a "dive bomb" pattern over a target 2) Detect if two flying objects are approaching from different originations, but following similar paths 3) Detect if a flying object

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    We have problem with open, edit and save text file. This file have (we think) fake extention .dkr but it is text file. When we open this file in common text editors we see text but not only. They are problem with undefined chars and after save file (in php script or text editor) this file not working. This file have saved state of form. When we load this file on web page where that file was create...

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    Custom iOS Keyboard 6 días left

    ...predictive text as well as offer suggestions for misspelled words. This application must work with any device running iOS 10.0 and above. -App Behavior- When launched, the app will detect if the specialized keyboard has been properly installed. If it has not, the user will be presented with step-by-step instructions on how to install the specialized keyboard

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    ...application so I can see how it is done in C# Visual Studio 2017 It will need to connect 16 feet LED strip and then turn sections on and off with colors. Ideally dynamic and detect how many LEDs and then control them Example LED 1 to 10 Red Example LED 11 to 20 Blue Example LED 21 to 30 Green Example LED 31 to 40 Blue Example LED 81 to 90 Red Example

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    the setup should work according to my config. Routing between offices. Hotspot log in and walled garden rules. Firewall rules. Also blocking certain windows update sites $120

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    The project briefly, is about using Deep Neural Network (DNN) to detect sleep apnea and then classify the severity of this syndrome depending on one of the polysomnography (PSG) signals, which is the SpO2 in order to reduce the cost of diagnosis using the standard method. (Using Python language). The idea is nearly same like the one in the attached

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    I want you to detect plagiarism

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    I want a deep learning based project which can detect road cracks from a video recorded by a vehicle I want it in python

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    Given an OpenWRT device that is a DHCP client (not server) and has wireguard installed and connected. Setup firewall rules such that all traffic arriving on the box is routed over the Wireguard interface. I've already got an Orange Pi Zero Plus device running OpenWRT inside my LAN. It's doing ARP spoofing so I can redirect local traffic to my device

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed using Java.

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    I would like to find a guy who can develop my python project which is to detect some objects from image. It would be run locally.

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    ...good Inbox-We are doing Marketing in Europe (Germany) - Inbox (mostly on free Mails B2C like GMX or [iniciar sesión para ver URL]) must have a high rate - The Server should be with Security and a Firewall - With Cron Job - We pay every week due to many bad experiences. IMPORTANT: The amount is divided by 4 Weeks and paid on time every week. Or as discussed. We are CAN-SPAM

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    Need a First person/hand detection in videos project to [iniciar sesión para ver URL] to detect hands key points of the person who wearing the camera.(sample video link attached/need to be detected) .in first step out put should be a skeleton in the video and the key points data Something related to python is preferred.(OpenPose , OpenCV etc..).Can use any existing

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    Hi. My project is related on Passenger Detection from images. You need to detect passengers from images and count them. The problem is that the program works fast enough in real time. If you have good experience, please contact me. Thank you.

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    If you could optimize for this service for a wordpress website uses: nginx (1.17.8,), PHP 7.4.2, MariaDB 10.4.12, Fail2Ban. For the firewall use iptables-persistent. For performance optimization: opcache + redis. Optimize Nginx (cache + gzip and more if you can). And also put me thes php extensions: bcmath, dom, fileinfo, gd, http, xsl, zip, imap

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    Wordpress website 4 días left
    VERIFICADO (8g dedicated server). Suddenly and with no prior issues the load of the server went rocket high and the website went down. I have activated caching service from securi firewall and the website is working fine and the load is minimal, the problem is that whenever we update our content i must clear the cache or disable the caching service in order

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    Linux expert - iptables 3 días left

    I am looking for a Linux expert, for advice and assistance. Your area of expertise is iptables, Linux, firewall. Need to upgrade the bash script. Please answer if you are confident in your abilities and you are an expert. This project is approximately 1-5 hours depending on your knowledge. Budget is $250.

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    videojs javascript detect click and change source

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    Hi. I am a student who study the behavior of fish. My goal is to build robotic arm with ...continuously chasing the fish. I will take video from above the aquarium and move the robotic arm X and Y axis. Here is the list of what I need 1. a python script that can detect the location of object and chase the object continuously 2. annotated python script

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    ...function wich detects all translatable strings in full site to can edit the .po files from admin panel to each language. When new translatable strings are added the script have to detect it. - Optimice a javacript file. - Add a log/debug function to a php function. This function process lot of data per second, we need log all data that this function process

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    ...allows to make injections on userspace, hooks, hijack DLL. Various protections against debugging. Obfuscated of the executable code. Use own packer, there are no signatures that detect it. Compiled for MSVC17. It is an embedded browser, CEF (Chrome Engine Framework) version 78.0.3904.108 All connections to the server are via HTTPS. The installer for testing

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    8 ofertas into froala editor instance, click into button on to text and hit enter. It duplicates span and button. So I need to either; 1) disable enter key for active 'A' link 2) detect when link edit popup opens so I can call a function on this popup event. (text will be wrapped in span with contenteditable = false) Ref: [iniciar sesión para ver URL]

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    ...Required. [iniciar sesión para ver URL] and Blogger both can write the Blogs. [iniciar sesión para ver URL] Designed User/Blogger's Dashboard required- Password change, Blog Post, Best Blog Editor required which can easily Detect wrong words, Interlink, Grammar ( as like WordPress or Quora have ) just make easy to write a Blog quickly. [iniciar sesión para ve...

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    ...your performance) JOB REQUIRES: Fluent English High Speed Internet Headset 2 screens helpful (but not required) Mouse helpful (but not required) Willingness to turn off firewall while working (it's a limitation of our current calling software) Openness to being coached on a regular basis Reliability to show up as scheduled and perform consistently

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    Linux Server Administration 2 días left

    I'm looking for someone with following sysadmin skills to engage with us on long term basis. Ce...Configuration MySQL setup & performance monitoring Nginx, Apache Performance & Log Monitoring API Management & Monitoring Platform Linux Service Monitoring Docker Management + UI Firewall Configuration CSF QNAP Visualization Center, Networking TOMCAT SSL

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    58 ofertas many whatsapp every day or every hour 2. Let me upload the contact list via csv or excel 3. You can detect and detect the phone number from the contacts list for sms or whatsapp (if you have whatsapp use whatsapp) the system should detect whatsapp whatsapp, if so, whatsapp. 4. report interface shows how many phone numbers have whatsapp, how many

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    Database Specialist Freelancer 2 días left

    ...Server agar dapat menghasilkan kinerja yang terbaik serta terdokumentasi dengan lengkap. 5. Berbagi pengetahuan terkini terkait dengan kinerja DB termasuk jaringan, keamanan (firewall dll), caching, replikasi, dan mirroring data Kandidat yang dibutuhkan: 1. Pria atau wanita diatas 30 tahun 2. Warga Negara Indonesia dan berdomisili di Jakarta 3. Memiliki

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    I have a small task of choese object inside a list of product by give to it coordanite (x , y , width , hieght, when select it must select the object and mark it please check attached image for that

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    ...development to make a game that allows the user to practise marshalling aircraft. Here are the requirements: - Track the hand movements of the person doing the marshalling and detect what signal they are doing. - Make the aircraft move in response to the signal of the marshalling person. For example - if the marshalling person gives a 'stop' signal - the

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    HI I need to implement an item detector mean it will detect item inside a list of item in static way like (x,y,width , height) and when click it will remark it

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    We are going to build an APP that can detect the customers action. So a customer move with phone, app will calculate how many he walks. If the customer push up the phone over his head, then app will detect the highest. Looking for a senior developer

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    Server Installation 1 día left

    Dear ...Any server installation will include any structure like Active Directory 2- 4 win 10 client will connecting to server 3- Some group configuratıons over actıve dırectory 4- Firewall software will required to install Give me price full included , for hardwares , for softwares for all of them. I want to see detailed list for all. Regards,

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    I need someone to do security assessment of Cisco Firewall's and topology design.

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    Compilation [iniciar sesión para ver URL] Customized logo and name ( Dool Color) Functions - - Detect color in CIE LAB (80% center of image) - Show value on screen according to the following attached table - Calibration button: Perform a calibration with 1M1 value - Save settings so that the other values are adjusted according to calibration

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    Hi We need a solution for a small office where we can collect user log via ipfix/netflow protocol. Also need a custom gui to monitor the log. We do not want to use Firewall based log by packet capturing as it increases cpu load. We are thinking to use protocol so that router forward all details to a server where we process the required log and view

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    The project briefly, is about using Deep Neural Network (DNN) to detect sleep apnea and then classify the severity of this syndrome depending on one of the polysomnography (PSG) signals, which is the SpO2 in order to reduce the cost of diagnosis using the standard method. (Using Python language). The idea is nearly same like the one in the attached

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    We have a drone for which we need a software which can handle drone automatically and detect objects and do given specific action.

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    looking for a freelancer with quality experience in IT, network, Support. I need you to create a virtual machine for firewall. I'll provide the link to Ubuntu Server. Professional freelancers are encouraged to apply.

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    Hi I need to implement just the fetures of select product from offer image like in video these sample of images maybe you use to make this task and this app contain this feture [iniciar sesión para ver URL]

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    ...also camera attached to the glasses or chest to capture signs and convert them to speech by attached speaker i need the software part the code must have detector which can detect the sign (from the hand) without need to adjust the hand in green box the final project will be the same as google glass i want to make the mic with switch so the deaf person

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    There are two tasks: 1) Create routing method to detect size of client screen If < 480px use [iniciar sesión para ver URL] If > 480px and < 720 use [iniciar sesión para ver URL] [iniciar sesión para ver URL] If > 720px use [iniciar sesión para ver URL] The width numbers might change 2) Integrate Orchard CMS core with our website [iniciar sesión...

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    hi I need a freelqncer to create a new virtual machine for the firewall. Virtual machine must have 3 vNICs (i.e. have three Network Adapters) Professional freelancers are encouraged to apply.

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    ...via email and eventually chat in order to solve incidents, doubts and provide information. Main responsibilities of the position: - Customer assistance using all channels. -Detect causes that could generate disagreement in customers, proposing solutions for the prevention of complaints. -Make suggestions for solutions, analyze possible processes that

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    I am a stream owner in this website [iniciar sesión para ver URL] and now I want a browser extension with following functionalities. - When ...extension with following functionalities. - When open stream(only my own streams or all ones), make the player autoplay. - and needs play it in fullscreen mode bonus if you can detect the cam freezes. Thanks.

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